‘All Feminists Are Rapists’ meme redux

WIth regards to those readers who still doubt the possible effectiveness of this meme, I wonder how they explain that ‘All Men Are Rapists’ is the most famous, or infamous, meme of all the feminist statements and claims of the last 50 years (with the possible exception I guess of ‘like a fish needs a bicycle’)?

The statement ‘All Men Are Rapists’ was itself an Orwellian style masking of the truth through inversion.  It is the Big Lie in the form of a meme. Just as in 1984, ‘War is Peace’, in the world of feminists, ‘All Men are Rapists’, when in fact the opposite would be far closer to the truth.

However, my true version of the meme is far more conservative.  It does not claim that all women are rapists (although as most women support and benefit from feminism, this might be true), it simply states the manifest reality that all feminists are rapists..

What better way is there to capture the idea central to Sexual Trade Union theory that feminists are trying to co-erce men into sex through repressive anti-male choice legislation (banning porn, discouraging college promiscuity through rape hysteria, raising the age of consent, criminilizing paying for sex etc)?

What better way is there to highlight the truth that the feminist legislative creep that is leading inevitably to a sexual holocaust against men, has nothing to do with protecting women or young girls, but everything to do with artificially raising the sexual market value of feminists and the women who support them?

It is taking the most famous and viral feminist meme ever created, turning it around, and using it against them.

There can be surely nothing more potent as a weapon against feminists than using their own rape fixation and turning it against them, especially given that this is exactly what feminists are – rapists.

Most people probably never had a clue what Marilyn French meant by ‘all men are rapists’, apart from as a classic expression of feminist hatred of men. However, surely there must be some kind of capacity, albeit currently repressed, for men to understand that feminists locking up men for looking at porn, locking up men for visiting prostitutes, locking up old men for having sex with teenage sluts half-a-century ago, has something to do with coercing men into sex (with them), through the elimination of sexual alternatives?

My meme hijacks one of the most viral soundbites of the 20th century and uses it to shame with potentially devastating effect the 21st century incarnations of the monsters who originally produced it.

All feminists are rapists, and that’s all they are.



5 thoughts on “‘All Feminists Are Rapists’ meme redux”

  1. “the exact opposite would be more true”…

    It is called “projective analysis”. Yes, go ahead and cringe – that term comes from psychology – but hey – even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    If you look at what the radical feminists said about men, and observe carefully people in general – you’ll see that it is the exact opposite.

    That is because the feminists of old (and new too) are simply projecting their attitudes and beliefs onto men.

    Yeah – sorry, it also applies to the MHRA’s and even some MRA’s too.

    Observe them, and keep that in mind.

  2. “My meme hijacks one of the most viral soundbites of the 20th century and uses it to shame with potentially devastating effect the 21st century incarnations of the monsters who originally produced it.”
    And bravo to you, brother.
    By the way, I am disappointed that President Obama has decided to up the ante, and declare a war on men (shame on him):

    ‘How College Sex Became Obama’s War on Men’


  3. I’d say you’re absolutely spot on. I’ve thought much the same for some time now – the shaming, demonization and then criminalization of male sexuality in a bid to try to force men into shacking up with ugly, old, obese, revolting man-hating femi-hags. Problem is, it’s not going to work, because I for one – and I dare say most men – would rather be celibate and sexless for life than go anywhere near any of them.

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