Age of Consent Should Be 13 Says Prominent Barrister

A prominent barrister specialising in reproductive rights has called for the age of consent to be lowered to 13.

Barbara Hewson said in an interview that the move was necessary in the wake of the Savile scandal to end the "persecution of old men".

She also said that complainants should no longer receive anonymity.

The NSPCC called her views "outdated and simply ill-informed" and said to hear them "from a highly experienced barrister simply beggars belief".

Her remarks come after a number of high-profile arrests from Operation Yewtree, the police investigation into historic sexual abuse following the Savile scandal.

The arrests have included Max Clifford, Stuart Hall and Gary Glitter among others.

Isn't it shameful that a female barrister can make such a plea, and yet when myself and my readers - all men's rights supporters - argue that issues surrounding the age of consent should at least be discussed in the context of men's rights, in order to stop the barbaric persecution of old men, we are effectively kicked out of the movement?

The Men's Human Rights Movement, however, would rather get into bed with the devils in the NSPCC - a collection of pure and utter evil radical feminists, interested only in enriching themselves whilst soothing their own psycho-sexual jealousies through the persecution of old men for decades old 'crimes', and the promotion of medieval hysteria that leaves millions of men demonised and in fear of ruin.

63 thoughts on “Age of Consent Should Be 13 Says Prominent Barrister

  1. theantifeminist

    Post author


    AVoiceForMen writers, including Dean Esmay and TyphonBlue, have supported raising the age of consent to 21 based on the assertion (backed only by femijunk child abuse ngo funded 'science') that adolescents engaging in willing sex with older partners will inevitably be emotionally scarred, as well as more likely to become 'child sex predators' themselves (a bit like werewolves).

    Paul Elam himself has stated that he finds the idea of a man finding teenage girls attractive to be 'nauseous'. In others words, the leader of the world's men's human rights movement thinks all men are subhuman paedophiles. He also strictly forbids any discussion, even in the comments section at AVfMen, of anything related to the age of consent (unless it is demands from puritan peabrained paedocrites to have it raised - in order to protect boys rights!).

    Meanwhile, from the BBC website today :

  2. jack

    A growing number of children are being sexually abused by other children, say charities.

    Wow! You might think this will divert attention from us presumed middle-aged paedos. It might, but at the same time I suspect what child-protection entities want is to broaden their range of prey. They are themselves the main abusers and by targeting children both as victims and doers they’ll double their quarry.

  3. Jack

    Here's a poem by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, where a young woman is addressing a much older man with whom she is in love. A poem complete with genitalia and hand-job! Let us petition the education minister to have such filth banned from the literature curriculum!

    Ancient Person, for whom I
    All the flattering youth defy,
    Long be it e'er thou grow old,
    Aching, shaking, crazy cold;
    But still continue as thou art,
    Ancient Person of my heart.

    On thy withered lips and dry,
    Which like barren furrows lie,
    Brooding kisses I will pour,
    Shall thy youthful heart restore,


    Thy nobler parts, which but to name
    In our sex would be counted shame,
    By ages frozen grasp possest,
    From their ice shall be released,
    And, soothed by my reviving hand,
    In former warmth and vigour stand.


    Yet still I love thee without art,
    Ancient Person of my heart.

  4. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Thanks Jack, that's a beautiful poem.

    I had never heard of this guy before, but he sounds an interesting character.

    Johnny Depp, the oldest teenage heartthrob in the world, played him in 'The Libertine' :

    According to his wikipedia entry, he was friends with a 'Henry Savile'...hahaha (Savile is quite a rare surname).

  5. theantifeminist

    Post author

    I don’t know if you saw this while on vacation, but some deeply troubling news out of Norway:

    However much I regard Eivind as a hero for standing up for the sexual criminalization of men, and being one of only a very small handful of mras with the balls and integrity to do so, I totally and unreservedly dissociate myself from his statements inciting 'cop killing'.

    I mean Jesus Christ, we've got less than 5 men's rights bloggers who even can see that the feminist criminalization of male sexuality is a men's rights issue, and Eivind thinks that calling for cops to be killed is going to do anything but :

    1/ Turn every police force and police officer in the world a resolute unflinching enemy of the men's rights movement and a firm ally of feminists.
    2/ Ensure that every men's rights site in Europe is closely monitored by the authorities with the intention of taking us offline and off the streets at the earliest opportunity.
    3/ Provide an excuse for feminists to have any criticism of feminism defined as hate speech in Scandinavia and possibly the rest of Europe.
    4/ Personally have him (Eivind) locked up for years as an insane terrorist and other men's rights activists arrested.

    All this, as I said, when our numbers currently stand at about..ooh..four or five people? And despite our lack of numbers, and against the odds, we are having some influence in slowly establishing these sex law issues as valid men's rights issues, the men's rights movement arguably being the fastest growing political rights movement in the western world? I say against the odds, but obviously feminists criminalising millions of men, eventually all men, is clearly a fundamental men's rights issue, but we do need to establish that, and slowly but surely, we are. Eivind getting locked up, getting the nascent men's rights movement closely monitored, scrutinised, or outright banned, isn't to my mind a great achievement, or makes much tactical sense.

    In other words, I guess what I'm trying to say is, however courageous, heroic, intelligent, and educated Eivind is, tactically speaking, I don't think he's all there (and I would add to that his use of soundbites such as 'men and boys can't be raped', which although having a sound argument and point behind them, are just going to switch off 99% of men's rights supporters).

  6. Alan Vaughn


    Eivind getting locked up, getting the nascent men’s rights movement closely monitored, scrutinised, or outright banned, isn’t to my mind a great achievement, or makes much tactical sense.

    I must agree - he's not doing us (or anyone else) including himself, any favours.
    It's very disappointing that he being such a cool, clear thinking and rational man otherwise, can allow such stupid thoughts, let alone hatred: destroy all the great work he's been doing.
    If he only focused on what really matters, (and what he so effectively advocates regarding feminist male sexuality laws etc.), some of those cops might even eventually, wake up to what's going on and how they especially, have been used and abused by feminists, but there's scant chance of that happening now...

  7. jack

    All the more so since what he had advocated at the time was to kill cops who came to arrest him for breaking misandric laws. This is not the same as advocating cop killing out of context. Don't forget though we can only read the English in his article. He seems to be making a point regarding Norwegian law more than anything else.

    Also, Eivind sees the police as the enforcement arm of misandry. He may be an embarrassment to the MRM right now, but when feminism turns really violent we may look back upon his eccentricities as being a visionary's.

  8. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Also, Eivind sees the police as the enforcement arm of misandry. He may be an embarrassment to the MRM right now, but when feminism turns really violent we may look back upon his eccentricities as being a visionary’s.

    if he doesn't get us all banned/arrested first. Otherwise, history may judge him differently...if it judges or remembers him (and us) at all, given that if the men's rights movement is killed in the womb feminists could probably wipe out a good 5 or 10% of the male population, or at least imprison that number of men for life, and nobody will have an inkling of any sense of injustice (and the few who do will be too afraid to speak out).

    It also puzzles me why offending women's feelings, who en masse vote for or otherwise franchise the feminists who make these laws, is ethically wrong and yet advocating for the killing of police for doing their job and upholding these laws, laws which even 90% of the men's rights movement do not appear to have any or much problem with, is a view we should at least 'understand'. Hell, we even debate here whether it is ethical to upset the feelings of the femihags themselves by calling them femihags, even though they are the ones actually making these laws, and making these laws simply because they are bitter at being old femihags.

    Well, to be honest, reading statements such as :

    'I said killing cops is the right thing to do for MRAs as activism against misandric sex laws.'

    makes me think that, really, despite the fact that Eivind is currently only one of a handful of MRAs on our side in criticising sex laws, it is prudent and ethical for myself, and certainly for any hope of a men's rights movement to survive long enough to grow sufficiently powerful to resist the feminist rape of the male, to publicly and fully dissociate myself from him, and to remove his link from my blogroll.

  9. Eric

    You might when the first case Eivind broke out, I raised the question on the Spearhead about the suspicious timing between that and the SPLC attacks on the MRM. That drew a rather unconvincing rebuttal from Fat-troll himself, who devoted a whole post to denying what I'd only hinted at.

    Just about two days before Lex Berge was enacted, Arthur Goldwag, Futrelle's henchman at the SPLC, was running blog posts about the MRM in a similar vein.

    All this leads me to suspect that Eivind is being used, unwittingly as a cat's paw in this whole anti-MRM campaign. That's why I advised him to take the high road here and concentrate on exposing the wire-pullers behind such laws.

  10. Eric

    "When feminism turns really violent, we might regard his eccentricities as visionary."

    I would argue that given the ease with which I've observed white-knights and paedocrites to be incited to violent action within the Anglosphere, the proper course of action would be to expat as soon as possible if all the barriers restraining them finally came down.

    If they decided to go on a full-fledged witch hunt, killing cops over here would be like throwing gasoline on the fire. Look at the recent case of Chris Dorner: the American cops don't take prisoners when cops are killed to make a political statement.

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