A to Z of Anti-Feminism

‘All Men Are Rapists’ – infamous quote attributed to feminist author Marilyn French (spoken by a character in one of her novels).

Angry HarryProbably the most popular and linked to of MRAs and one of the founders of the online men’s rights movement. Harry writes on most of the topics that concern men’s rights but is particularly cogent on false rape accusations and the abuse industry. Also excellent when discussing strategies and tactics that the movement should adopt.


Debates within the Men’s Rights Community – MRAs are a politically diverse group of people. Whilst most would probably lean towards conservatism, it is by no means a settled question as to whether this or any other conventional political ‘allegiance’ should be intrinisic to men’s rights. Neil Lyndon, author of the first important men’s rights publication since the second wave, constructed his argument using a largely Marxian framework. More typically though, men’s rights activists usually see opposition to feminism as tied up with a libertarian dislike of an interfering and overpowering state. A huge and related issue within men’s rights is the interpretation of the historical relationship between the sexes and whether or not ‘patriarchy’, in terms of men having power in society, ever really existed. To be ‘conservative’ is not identical with wishing a return to an alleged state of male power over women, and the latter is certainly not men’s rights. Other key debates within men’s rights include the sensitive subject of ‘misogyny’. Many are fervent in their desire to see ‘misogynists’ rooted out of the movement, whilst others argue that men have a right to be angry with women and that we should work to either more fairly define the word ‘misogny’ or even to destigmatise it and thus render a key feminist weapon of shaming language redundant.


Hypergamy – practice of seeking a spouse of equal or higher socioeconomic status than oneself – a term usually applied to the ubiquitous female expression of this behaviour, whether in primitive tribal societies or in today’s developed world.

Mangina– a male who allows himself to be used as a tool of the opposite sex, even to the extent of supporting his own oppression and exploitation via the ‘chivalrous’ defending of feminism and/or misandry.

Misandry – the hatred of males.

MRA – Men’s Rights Activist.

No More Sex War (1992)– Classic work by British Men’s Rights pioneer Neil Lyndon. Argues that second wave feminism was merely an intellectual dressing to deterministic social changes driven by the needs of the labour market. One of the first authors to systematically question misandry and feminist assumptions regarding the likes of domestic violence and pay inequality. Lyndon’s career as a successful journalist was curtailed as a result of the backlash against his heretical work.

Pussy Pass – the ability to gain preferential treatment simply on account of being female.

Sistaria Law– A reference to Islamic/Feminist shared attitudes towards sexual behaviour and the need for it to be strictly regulated – particularly with regard to pornography, male adultory, prostitution, and public displays of sexuality by (beautiful young) females.

The Spearhead – multi-author men’s rights site, one of the most important hubs for news and discussion in the movement.

White Knight – a chivalrous male who sees defending the opposite sex as a duty to be performed by himself as a man.

vajazzlethe act of adorning a vagina with shiny crystals.