83 Year Old Broadcaster Stuart Hall Vows to Clear Name


Veteran BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall today vowed to fight sex offence allegations and “regain my honour”, saying he had been through a “living nightmare” since the charges were brought.

Speaking outside Preston Magistrates’ Court, the 83-year-old former It’s A Knockout presenter said: “The last two months of my life have been a living nightmare. I have never gone through so much stress in my life.”

He thanked his “very loving family” for their support and said that without it he might have considered taking his own life.

He also questioned why the allegations had taken so long to surface.

And he said he would like to survive “another couple of years” and hoped to “regain my honour, reputation and my life”.

Hall was charged by Lancashire Police last month with one count of rape allegedly committed in 1976 against a 22-year-old woman and 14 offences of indecent assault against 10 girls aged between nine and 16, which allegedly took place between 1967 and 1986.

One of those alleged ‘indecent assaults’ apparently consisted of Hall kissing a 13 year old girl on the lips in the 1970’s.  If this is true, then it’s just one of a number of ways that Operation Re-Write History Yewtree is breaking the law, in this case the EU charter of citizen’s fundamental rights, which forbids the punishing of a person for a crime that would not have attracted the same punishment when committed : http://www.europarl.europa.eu/charter/pdf/text_en.pdf

Article 49
Principles of legality and proportionality of criminal offences and penalties
1. No one shall be held guilty of any criminal offence on account of any act or omission which did
not constitute a criminal offence under national law or international law at the time when it was
committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than that which was applicable at the time the
criminal offence was committed. If, subsequent to the commission of a criminal offence, the law
provides for a lighter penalty, that penalty shall be applicable.



13 thoughts on “83 Year Old Broadcaster Stuart Hall Vows to Clear Name”

  1. in this case the EU charter of citizen’s fundamental rights, which forbids the punishing of a person for a crime that would not have attracted the same punishment when committed

    pfft… we’ve seen many other fundamental “rights” go right out the window in recent years.

    A BBC documentary about the history of the British judiciary system just recently hailed a defendant’s right to confront their accuser as a milestone in legal history. Well, you no longer have that right if you’re accused of sexual offenses. Not just against children, but also if a woman merely claims you raped her.

    The presumption of innocence, also a “milestone” in the legal history of civilized countries, has also long been axed. Just take Jimmy Savile. Virtually every single allegation that has surfaced, however far-fetched and unprovable, has been taken to be irrefutably true. And the living nowadays, however unfounded the accusations, get the “perp walk” and are being paraded in front of hungry masses of tabloid journalists all the way from the police precinct to prison and to the courtroom.

    Many other rights like these have been willfully eroded, like a defendant’s right to privacy and due process of law, most of them at the behest of the sexual abuse industry and in relation to alleged sexual abuse offenses.

  2. Agreed. But who knows – if the met police and feminist sex abuse industry can hound 83 year old men for kissing girls on the lips half a century ago, perhaps in 50 years time a different kind of society can hunt down and prosecute the police officers and NSPCC rad fems who are responsible for breaking the law, and all standards of human decency and mercy, now. So it’s useful to state as a historical record at least, in the hope that civilised values may be restored decades hence and these people will one day face justice.

  3. Many issues of rape are really issues of kafa’a. That is, who has sex with the women of whom. We should distinguish between raep, forced sex, and kafsheria, infringement on the sexual possessions of other men.

  4. Not to mention the law against double jeopardy was abolished in 2005, also retrospectively. For 800 years people in the UK were protected against being tried twice for the same crime, but not anymore. So no one is safe even if acquitted by a jury in the past. They retry old acquitted murderers already, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they start dredging up old rape and abuse cases soon too so not-guilty verdicts can be revised according to feminist sensibilities.

    The whole “justice” system is just a joke, really, since it is accountable to none of the principles of justice we used to know.

  5. Eivind, it seems Norway has a double standard when it comes to the ethnic background of the sex offenders. That is what I meant with kafa’a.
    Saudi-Arabia has a law that allows Saudi men to marry e.g. Pakistani women, but not the other way around. As to be expected, Pakistani men and women have very different opinions about Saudi-Arabia. To charge matters, Saudi women are better educated than Pakistani women, and have careers, while Pakistan has nukes.

  6. Eivind:
    You’ve probably heard that President Obama’s husband Barack has covertly ordered that American nationals can be exectuted by US soldiers without a trial on mere suspicion of connection to terrorism.

    I wonder if the feminisation of the military over here has anything to do with that? I’m guessing that it will only be a matter of time before some chest-thumping paedocrite like Bill O’Reilly proclaims: ‘Why stop at terrorists? Our children are greater risk from sexual exploitation!’

    The whole of the Anglosphere is plunging into barbarism at blinding speed. I hope that you can stop it in Scandanavia!

  7. As a side note, if anybody is interested, the troll Clarence, still reeling from his exposure, is trying desperately to save face over at Eivind’s and Emma’s. He’s even dedicated a song in my honor. LOL now I KNOW he’s a feminist: no MAN could have taste in music that bad! LOL

  8. Antifeminist:
    This case has a lot of parallels to the ‘sex abuse’ scandal at Pennsylvania State University. The alleged perpetrator—a former NFL player and assistant coach is now on suicide watch serving a 46 year prison sentence for what was basically some locker-room horseplay with some guys—all of whom were in their teens.

    Joe Paterno, the head coach, was also in his 80s like Staurt Hall, and was hounded to his grave by the media. Paterno’s whole crime was reporting the allegations, then NOT following up when the University took no action.

    Nonetheless, all monuments to Paterno at the university have been taken down, and his grave vandalized. He was head coach there for 42 years and winner of several national college football championships.

  9. And of course compare the way the principles of justice are flaunted in these witch hunts with the nonsensical way the letter of the law ‘had to be’ obeyed in the previous case I highlighted – the man who couldn’t get his computers back from the police. Yet Airport security have been cleared to produce ‘child porn’ every day (if we’re adhering to the letter of the law) with their x-ray scanners that photograph millions of under 18s.

  10. Shocking. We live in a mad house. Now we have a “kiss”, indecent touch, and repented-sex-35-years-later hysteria in Britain.

    Looks similar to recovered memory child abuse hysteria.

    I am surprised they don’t arrest the top musicians from the top top bands of the 70ies.

    They all had underage groupies. Are they afraid to mess with the Rolling Stones, Beatles and the likes?

  11. Antifeminist:
    You have those scanners over there too? No wonder you hate flying. I haven’t been to an airport since they were installed here.

    BTW, the former head of the US Department of Homeland Security, Michael Cherthoff, now heads the company that makes those. He directed the paedohysterical FLDS raid in 2007, and also played a role in the 1993 Waco Massacre.

  12. Congratulations for your digging up that article 49 from the European charter.

    There might have been laws on the book against sex with 13 year olds. But, rarely mentioned: in the not so remote past, the laws were about penetrative SEX acts that would interfere with virginity. Kissing and I think even non-penetrative petting was not criminalized. Talking, grooming, inviting, meeting was much less criminalized.

    Any comments about this?

  13. There might have been laws on the book against sex with 13 year olds. But, rarely mentioned: in the not so remote past, the laws were about penetrative SEX acts that would interfere with virginity. Kissing and I think even non-penetrative petting was not criminalized. Talking, grooming, inviting, meeting was much less criminalized.

    I only became aware recently that in the UK things are now so bad that even hugging a person under 16 is against the law (unless it is a relative, and even then I guess there are dangers of it being interpreted ‘sexually’).

    Everywhere in Europe now you will see young teenage girls and boys holding placards saying ‘free hugs and kisses’ inviting every passing stranger to a free hug and a kiss on the cheek. It’s been something of a craze for a few years. I see this nearly every day in London with foreign schoolgroups – never of course with British teenagers, who have been taught now from birth to run a mile whenever an adult male comes within 5 square miles of them.

    Unbelievably what these well-meaning youngsters are offering is illegal ‘sexual activity’ with a child (themsleves) – in the psychopathic UK, probably the only country in the world that has so far criminalized the mere hugging or cuddling of a ‘child’ of 15.

    Meanwhile I was sitting in a square in a Spanish city on my recent travels, and a group of 13 and 14 year old girls were offering ‘free hugs’ to everybody, to which even old Spanish men were delighted to recieve. In the Uk, only the women dare accept – men politely decline, or in the case of local British men, walk on by very fast eyes averted. With good reason, actually. (probably go home and fap off to the latest Jimmy Savile revlation).

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