3D Printers Already Producing Justin Bieber Vibrators

Well it didn’t take long did it?  No sooner are 3D printers starting to make their way into the homes of suburban American families, and while Dad’s at work, Mom and daughter are using the damn things to print out vibrators and dildos shaped in the exact 3D scanned dimensions of barely legal Justin Bieber’s head.  I’m sure Justin is happy having his head downloaded and shoved into the vaginas of countless aging female paedophiles, but I’m not sure what could count as any worse sexual objectification than that.  Ah well.  In another 20 years these things will be printing out ultra-realistic Miley Cyrus sex bots (replicas of her pole-dancing 17 year old self, not her future one as a drug and alcohol ravaged cougar wreck).



6 thoughts on “3D Printers Already Producing Justin Bieber Vibrators”

  1. And as all the ‘scientific research’ shows, every time Justine’s plastic likeness in shoved up some middle aged hatchet faced horror’s vag, the REAL Mr Bieber suffers shocking permanent psychological damage. Voodoo Doll paedohysteria science can confirm this. Oh silly me – it only applies to men doesn’t it.

  2. Judith Levine is a sex-positive feminist who could be a very valuable ally. She wrote “Harmful to Minors”, where she rips through paedohysteria.

    I haven’t heard a peep from Judith Levine about paedohysteria or the age of consent since she wrote that book in the 90’s. Perhaps I’m doing her a disservice, but for all we know she might regret her ‘youthful idealism’, and come to see that teenagers are children who need to be protected from sexual exploitation. In other words, she might be a bitter hag now.

    At the same time as Judith Levine was writing ‘Harmful to Minors’, she was working alongside David Futrelle at Salon magazine, while he was writing articles claiming that the age of consent was raised from 12 to ‘control the sexuality of young girls’ (and all the other things I listed in the article today).

    The one thing sex positive feminists have in common today is that they tend to be young and reasonably attractive (certainly by feminist standards). Also a singular inability to influence mainstream feminism in the slightest.

    Having said all that, it is a disgrace that when I post an article such as the one on the middle-aged son and his elderly mother jumping to their deaths after he was arrested for looking at pictures, it gets upovted at r/sexpositive, but downvoted or even banned at r/mensrights.

  3. @theantifeminist
    24 Feb 13 at 9:49 am

    Very interesting, answering my question regarding Judith Levine. Maybe we should lower the age for guns, as well as voting rights, and maybe a guaranteed minimum income. That way we strengthen the position of young people, like the sex-positive feminists, and we remove the fear that we want to exploit their vulnerability.

    The reaction on the article of the middle-aged son and his elderly mother was to be expected. The hatred men have for ‘lesser’ men is more fierce than that of women.

    But if that middle-aged son was well versed with internet, and into taboo subjects, it is very strange that he wasn’t aware of White Nationalism, or the Cultural “Marxist” critiques thereof. Being reasonably intelligent. he could discover the law of kto kogo.

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