Round up 2016 October 25th

Cunts raise money for false-rape accusing cunt in an impressive show of cunt solidarity for the right of slutty cunts to falsely accuse men of rape

A blogger raising money for the woman who footballer Ched Evans was accused of raping says the campaign is intended to show her “love and support”.
Jean Hatchet, who writes under a pseudonym, told the Victoria Derbyshire programme she was asked to start fundraising by other women.
Mr Evans’s 2012 rape conviction was quashed in April, and he was cleared last week of raping the 19-year-old.

Sexbots conference banned from Muslim Asia finds new home in London

Malaysia blew a fuse over a conference on robot sex– so the show is moving to London.

The two-day December symposium on “sex bots” is set for east London’s Goldsmiths University after the second annual event was banned in Asia, it was reported Saturday.

The International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots will tackle subjects such as the use of “teledildonics,” or cyber sex toys, to human like robots that can achieve orgasm.

“I think robots could become our lovers in the future,” Goldsmith’s Kate Devlin told the Daily Star of Britain. “Does love have to be reciprocated to be valid?”

She wrote an essay last year titled, “In Defense of Sex Robots.”

Paedo-finder General Jim Gamble calls for funding for a ‘paedocrite army’ to hunt down other ‘paedophiles’.

Jim Gamble, one of the most notorious paedo-finder generals in the UK, has urged the government to create an army of vigilante ‘paedo hunters’ in the style of wife beating child abusing paedocrite and lover of underage looking girls Stinson Hunter.

HALF of all criminal charges in the UK now are sex abuse charges

Half of all the criminal cases going before juries in the Crown Courts now involve sex abuse charges, senior lawyers said today.
They said there has been a boom in sexual cases since the Jimmy Savile scandal broke and warned that trials of historic sex charges are ‘fraught with legal and practical difficulties’.
They called for a time limit on historic sex abuse cases so that no allegations based on events more than 12 years ago – or 20 years in the case of children – can be the basis for criminal charges.

*This was predicted by myself many times here. Within a decade or two, the vast majority of the prison population will be composed of ‘sex offenders’. This actually presents an opportunity for the politicization of such a growing ‘community’ (by a non-paedocrite men’s rights movement) – just as the growth in the muslim prison population is feeding Islamic radicalism. Meanwhile, it appears that virtual reality is a whole new lucrative field for the sex abuse industry….

Feminist nutter claims to have been sexually assaulted in virtual reality

Belamire who goes by a pseudonym to protect her privacy, was playing a game called QuiVr on her brother-in-law’s HTC Vive VR system. She was shooting zombies with strangers in QuiVr’s multiplayer mode when another player began to virtually rub her chest.
“I’ve been groped in real life, once in a Starbucks in broad daylight. I know what it’s like to happen in person,” Belamire, 30, told CNNMoney. “The shock and disgust I felt [in QuiVr] was not too far off from that.”

Finally, a cute video of Kim Kardashian taken in 1994 when she was only 13…judge for yourself is she looked better then.