Kieran Parsons (Stinson Hunter) Accused of Abuse by Former Teenage Lover

Self-proclaimed ‘paedophile hunter’ Kieran Parsons (‘Stinson Hunter’)  has been accused of abuse by his girlfriend and appears to have fled the country.  The girl, who was a vulnerable and extremely young looking teen when Parsons exploited his ‘fame’ and apparently initiated the grooming process by contacting her uninvited on Twitter, claims that the convicted arsonist controlled and manipulated her immediately.  It’s also claimed that the delinquent Parsons, who spends entire days role-playing as a schoolchild in online teenage chatrooms and has a conviction for burning down a school, recently filmed himself urinating on the girl’s underwear and clothes. There are fears that Parsons could be hiding out in France (age of consent 15), Germany (age of consent 14), or Italy (age of consent 14) – countries in which girls who look almost as young as his alleged abuse victim are legal. Well at least as long as you don’t slap them up, control them, upload videos of yourself pissing on their lingerie etc.

Kieran Parsons relaxing after a hard day spent inside teen chatrooms roleplaying as a naughty schoolgirl, obviously hoping to find perverted men interested in teenage girls. *Although his teenage lover looks around 12 in this photo, she had apparently started puberty and was (barely) legal when Parsons began the alleged abuse

This is what the defender of the nation’s jailbait does when a Christmas Tree arrives for his barely legal girlfriend’s little son :

Bookmakers have refused to take further bets on Kieran Parsons/Stinson Hunter being voted the 2016 David Fraudtrelle paedocrite of the year. It is believed the only person who can stop Parsons winning the crown of turds this year is the master paedocrite himself, and International Business Times writer, David Futrelle. Futrelle is a child snuff porn apologist and victim blaming abuse advocate who stayed loyal to a depraved reader of his caught openly running a forum sharing fantasies of raping, crucifying and murdering women and girls.

Why do Feminists Create Global Witch Hunts Against Supposed ‘Rape Advocates’ Like Roosh, Yet Remain Silent On the Real ‘Rape Culture’ Created by the Refugee Crisis?

In the midst of the ongoing global witch hunt against Roosh V, it’s been vainly noted by a few Manosphere commentators that the same feminists and their MSM servants attacking Roosh have been almost completely silent over the mass rapes and assaults that took place against women and young girls in Cologne and elsewhere, committed almost certainly by ‘refugees’ to Europe.

Sometimes this contrast in attention given respectively to Roosh – a blogger – on the one hand, and the ‘Rapefugees’ on the other, and the very real ‘rape culture’ present in much of the muslim community in Europe, both established and recent, is almost beyond ironic. For example, the feminist politician who first demanded Roosh be banned from entering the UK happens to be the Member of Parliament for Rotherham – the ‘English’ city in which over 1,000 underage white teens were raped by networks of Muslim men. The MP before her had been noneother than Simon Danczuk, the ‘anti-paedophile campaigner’ who specialized in digging up dead white males from their graves and accusing them of ‘historic child abuse’, including the spanking of children, and yet who threatened to have anyone who focused on the fact that the Rotherham abusers were Muslim arrested on ‘hate speech’ grounds. Danczuk was recently caught texting a minor and asking her to let him spank her naughty schoolgirl ass cheeks. In Germany, the same media which deliberately tried to cover up the mass assaults in Cologne, went out of their way to stir up feminist and white knight lynch mobs against any anti-feminist men who dared to meet-up to discuss masculinity :

However, the Manosphere commentators who raise this startlingly obvious point over the media double standard seem shy themselves of stating explicitly why they think it is happening. Or perhaps they think that the answer is so clear, it doesn’t need spelling out. Feminists are simply batshit insane harpies. They certainly don’t really care about stopping rape, that much is clear. Perhaps the subtext which most manosphere readers are expected to already understand is the idea that feminists are simply the result of ‘Cultural Marxism’. Ultimately, the reason why feminists try to have a writer such as Roosh beaten to death for questioning female sexual behaviour and ‘rape culture’, and yet stay silent or indeed proclaim ‘refugees welcome’ when it comes to importing millions of single young Third World muslim men into Europe who will and have already spiked the sex crime rate, is because Jewish intellectuals, particularly in the mid 20th century, wanted to destroy the moral fabric of white European civilisation that they detested. Feminism (and mass immigration) is simply the tool of these Jewish intellectuals. Dont expect a logical intellectually coherent movement when feminism is simply a poison invented to destroy the West.

Hmmmm, well o.k. But isn’t there an alternative explanation that is even more fucking obvious and less ‘Elders of Zion’ conspiracy like? I put it to you that there is, one that fits in with the entire Three Wave history of feminism, and of course, my readers will already be aware of it.

Feminists don’t care about rape and child sexual abuse in the slightest. What they do care about is preserving the price of pussy, especially feminist (aging/ugly) low SMV pussy. They do this by, in fact, inventing the myth of ‘rape culture’ (and creating ‘paedohysteria’) and discouraging promiscuous behaviour, especially among the young, through the unrealistic fear of being raped (and the realistic fear of being falsely accused of rape), and finally through the consequent passing of draconian anti-sex laws and widening legal definitions of rape and abuse that this atmosphere of fear permits.

However, ‘rape culture’ has increasingly been questioned, particularly of course, by the ‘manosphere’. The creation of a real rape culture through the mass importation of virtual entire Islamic 7th century societies into the heart of Europe will work much better than any previous fake hysterias over rape and child abuse. Already German politicans are advising women and girls not to go out alone, to avoid talking to men in the street, to avoid ‘provoking’ refugees by dressing in mini-skirts etc. At the same time, what better way to distract attention from what is really happening in Europe, with regards to the refugee rape crisis and its feminist supported consequences, than to create an absurd hysteria over the man who led the movement that was questioning the feminist false rape hysteria, as well as teaching men how to ‘pick up’ attractive young women – Roosh V?