Irishman Gets 7 Year Sentence for Consensual Sex with a 16 Year Old Girl

Even MHRAs might feel a little sense of injustice at this.

A former fireman with an “unblemished” 30 years serving with Dublin Fire Brigade has been sentenced to seven years for having a sexual relationship with a child.

Ron Tulie (57) met his victim while teaching a first aid and fire safety course in 2008, when she was 16-years-old.

Garda Declan Sherlock told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that the teenager, who had felt in love with Tulie, suffered severe long-term psychological effects from the incidents.

Judge Desmond Hogan ruled that Tulie’s position of authority over the girl was an aggravating factor in the defilement.

Tulie, a father-of-four of Pinevalley Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin pleaded guilty to four counts of having sexual intercourse with a child under 17 years at the Dublin Mountains between June 1st and July 27th, 2008. He has no previous convictions.

Tulie held his head in his hands and wept as the judge handed down the sentence. Judge Hogan noted that Tulie will be registered as a sex offender, named in the media and has lost the support of his family.

Speaks for itself really. 7 years in prison, disowned by his family, his name as a ‘child molestor’ at the top of Google forever, all for something that is only a crime in two other EU countries – Malta (who are currently reviewing their age of consent laws) and Cyprus.

This inhuman punishment clearly breaks the EU’s Fundamental Charter of Citizen Rights which forbids sentencing that exceeds the gravity of the offence. If this isn’t even an offense almost anywhere else in Europe, and involves consensual sex with a ‘child’ only just under the extremely high age of consent in Ireland, 7 years in prison clearly exceeds the gravity of the offence.

The most barbaric sentencing and attitudes to sex with girls this age only exist in those backward countries, such as Ireland, Turkey, and of course the USA, which are unfortunate enough to be bedevilled by both crackpot religion AND ‘liberal’ feminism. As the growing power of Islam intersects with the feminist sex cartel all over Europe, we can increasingly expect to see such sentences (or worse) handed out in Germany, France, the UK.. And if a man can be sentenced to 7 years of anal rape and beatings for consensual sex with a 16 year old, is it really so difficult to imagine feminists and Islamists succeeding in raising the age of consent to 21 or beyond?

Garda Declan Sherlock told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that the teenager, who had felt in love with Tulie, suffered severe long-term psychological effects from the incidents

Well no shit Sherlock. Shame that Mr Sherlock hasn’t the common sense to understand that if you label a 16 year old as an abuse victim, force her to undergo ‘therapy’ and tell her again and again that she’ll be fucked up for life, and then force her to testify against her lover in court which leads him to being anally raped and beaten for 7 years and his entire life destroyed, then yes, she’s going to be well and truly fucked up. What’s the average IQ in Ireland again?

No doubt the paedocrite judge – Desmond Hogan – handed down such a particularly harsh sentence because of the man’s age (57), jealous at Ron Tulie’s impressive feat, and knowing that he himself could never get lucky with a nubile 16 year old at any age.

More insight into David Futrelle’s ‘Classic’ Child Torture Porn Movie ‘Salo’

Here’s an intresting (and extremely disturbing) IMDB bio of one of the underage cast of 1975 child sexploitation torture porn movie Salo, made by the notorious pederast director Pasolini, often described as the most sickening and depraved film ever made, and a video that David Futrelle thinks is suitable to be rented out in gay sex shops.

Franco Merli was born on October 31, 1956 in Rome, Italy. In 1973, famous Italian poet and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini discovered the youngster. The 16-year-old was working as a gas station attendant at that time (as Ninetto Davoli, a friend of Pasolini and actor in most of his films, recounts). Pasolini was searching for a young man to play the lead in his upcoming feature Arabian Nights (Arabian Nights (1974)). The director immediately knew that Franco Merli, with his small but muscular physique, dark Mediterranean looks, and ready smile, was the perfect choice for the role of Nur Ed Din.

Arabian Nights was an international success and Merli got a taste for the film business. Following his debut he appeared (his hair dyed blond) in La collegiale (1975), a rather stupid soft-sex-comedy that did little for his reputation other than showing that he was able to play an unsympathetic character, as well.

In 1975 Pasolini hired him once again, for the role of one of the male victims in his infamous Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975) or the 120 Days of Sodom (Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma). In this film, Merli was, like the other non-professional actors, addressed by his real first name, Franco. The director chose Merli once again, not only because he embodied the “Pasolini-type” to a fault but also because the young actor had already proven in Arabian Nights that he was perfectly comfortable appearing nude in front of a camera. In a way, Salò made Franco’s face immortal since one of the most highly publicised images of the film was the close-up of young Merli as his tongue is cut out in the final torture scenes. Another famous still (from the scene where the victims are forced to pose as dogs) prominently showed Franco naked, on all fours, only ‘wearing’ a dog collar – a fact that didn’t help further his career.

In 1976, Merli appeared on-screen as Fernando, the son of Nino Manfredi, who earns his money as a transvestite prostitute in Down and Dirty (Ugly, Dirty and Bad (1976)). This brilliant social satire by Italian director Ettore Scola was also (but for a small part in Il malato immaginario (1979)) Franco Merli’s swan song as an actor. Incidently, it is probable that he secured the role of Fernando thanks to his connection with Pasolini, since the director not only was a friend of Scola but also had been supposed to write a foreword to the film – but Pasolini was murdered before this came to pass.

Since Merli’s mentor had died and his choice of roles (or perhaps the ones he got offered) had been a rather off-beat one, he soon didn’t find work in the industry anymore, even though he had shown himself to be a versatile actor with a range from pure innocence to debauchery. And the fact that, as said above, he had become the “face” and “body” of Salò probably didn’t help, either.

Although it has been documented on several sites that the cast of torture victims in Salo were aged 14 – 18, it’s difficult to track down their actual birthdates on English language websites and the IMDB only lists several.

As Franco Merli, the actor described above, was born in late 1956, and Salo was filmed in 1974 (and released in 1975), it’s almost certain that he would have been under 18 during filming.

Sergio Fascetti, another male cast member subjected to sickening acts of perversion and torture during the film, was born on July 04 1958.
At most, he would have been 16 during filming, and possibly 15. Sergio killed himself at only 31 years of age, presumably haunted at the thought of thousands of gay middle-aged men continuing to fap away at the torture of his naked child’s body.

Another of the cast – Antiniska Nemour – was born in May 1957, thus again HAD TO BE under 18 at the time she was filmed naked eating shit by the pervert Pasolini.

The Director of the sick movie – Pasolini – began his career as a school teacher but was quickly banned from teaching after being caught multiple times molesting the children under his care. Later, he was caught and charged for indecency with children 16 and under :

A small scandal broke out during a local festival in Ramuscello (September 1949). “A public voice”, someone who overheard comments, informed Cordovado, the local sergeant of the carabinieri, on sexual conduct (masturbation) shown by Pasolini with three youngsters aged 16 and younger after dancing and drinking.[10] Cordovado went on to summon the boys’ parents, who hesitated, but did not file any lawsuit, despite Cordovado’s enthusiasm. However, the sergeant drew up a report, and the informer elaborated publicly on his accusations, sparking a public uproar. The judge of San Vito al Tagliamento charged Pasolini with “corruption of minors and obscene acts in public places”[11][12] Not only him, but the 16 year-old involved was also indicted.[13]

In 1966, at the age of 44, he openly took a 15 year old boy actor as his lover, who he had cast in one of his films in order to ‘groom’.

Not his most well known but a very important movie in PIER PAOLO PASOLINI’s oeuvre as it is his first starring his young lover, the 15 year old Nino (Ninetto) Davoli who became the love of his life, raising so many controversies.

This guy was a worse child abuser than Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter, and Sadowski combined, yet David Futrelle, who makes a career out of trying to criminalize the notion that teenage boys experience a lack of rights in society, believes that a film of his containing nothing but graphic images of children (mainly boys) being raped and tortured to death is suitable for gay sex shops. Futrelle’s defence of Salo as gay sex shop material is shared by the vast majority of his transvestite followers.

Disturbing – the real face of David Futrelle

Perhaps even more disturbing than Futrelle’s support for Salo, is his quite staggering show of loyalty for a perverted transvestite reader of his (one of many) who moderates a forum devoted to sharing fantasies of crucifying, raping, torturing, and murdering women and schoolgirls. Not only did Futrelle refuse to condemn him after I revealed what ‘RalMCG’ was, he publicly threatened to have ME murdered. Ralmcg STILL commentates at Futrelle’s site.

Despite many of Futrelle’s cult like followers being paedophile sadists who openly fantasize over the sexual murder of women and children, Futrelle continues to encourage them to doxx his opponents, including last week the 6 year old daughter of a leading MRA. He also recently allowed a link in his comments section that led to a blog run by one of his transvestite sadists that contained the real identity of the female mra ‘JudgyBitch’.  Futrelle is currently under investigation by the FBI for this.

MHRAs – you really need to address this. This isn’t just about showing that you care about boys, it’s about protecting your own children and families from these sadistic freaks.

Femihag Fury at Male Masturbator that ‘Ecourages Rape and Paedophilia’

Femihag outrage won again this week, as the sellers of a popular male sex toy called the ‘Virgin Palm Pal’ were forced to remove the product from their online store after femihag activisits launched a campaign shaming the company for ‘promoting rape culture and paedophilia’.
The masturbator is marketed as being ‘tight as a virgin and with a realistic hymen just waiting to be popped’. One feminist – ‘Amy the Great’ – tweeted in outrage that there was ‘nothing like a disembodied vagina to remind us that female objectification is alive and well’. It’s not clear what her thoughts are on the castrated male cocks that sell to women in their thousands every day, and whether they represent the objectification of men or more likely in her eyes, ‘female sexual independence’.

Chemist Warehouse has come under fire for selling a hand-held ‘virgin’ sex toy on their website that critics claim was ‘enabling and encouraging rape culture and paedophilia’.
The product, that removed from the retailer’s website on Wednesday afternoon, is called the ‘Virgin P**** Palm Pal’, and is described as ‘tight as a virgin and with a realistic hymen just waiting to be popped’.
The campaign group against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls Collective Shout were notified of the product this morning, and encouraged their supporters to contact Chemist Warehouse.

Whilst ‘Amy the Great’ thinks that a rubber sex toy promotes child abuse and proves all men are rapists, she feels that women should be proud of killing their unborn children :

Five Things I Hate About PUA

‘It’s a glorified numbers game’/PUAs are really ‘rejection artists’

I’m not a ‘game denialist’ per se, but it’s widely accepted that even the best PUAs can ‘only’ ever achieve success ratios of around 4 or 5%. PUAs might experience occasional runs where they score notches at a more frequent rate than that, but it appears that in the long term, there is almost some kind of gravitational like natural law at work – call it the ‘Krauserian Limit’ – that always succeeds in pulling down even the most impressive ratios to a more Earthy <5%. Now you might say there is a big difference between a ratio of 0% and 5% - it's the difference between not getting laid and getting laid frequently (if you approach enough women). This is very true. But I suspect that the zero percenters are quite rare, and most often have some fundamental flaw, either a physical deformity, aspergers or, perhaps most typically, crippling social anxiety. 'Game' as a complex set of behaviours designed to 'manipulate' a female's psychology into turning from a state of non-attraction into one of attraction, is likely not going to transform a zero percenter into somebody who can close the very occasional but inevitable 'down to fuck' girl who anybody without a severe deformity would come across eventually through hitting on dozens of females a week. Basic social anxiety training, however, might (and this is why Johnny Berba, despite the ridicule he recieves in the PUA community, has probably gotten more men laid than most PUA gurus).

Once you have enough basic social skills and confidence to get laid occasionally from PUA, then there is a rapidly diminishing law of returns when it comes to ratio improvements. If you add in the very basic and almost intuitive micro improvements that simply come with the experience of making hundreds of approaches – such as recognizing which type of girls are more likely to be receptive, using initial lines that hook, body language, fashion etc, then it’s clear that complex Game is about improving ratios of 1 or 2% to 3 or 4%. I’m not saying it isn’t worth the effort, and I would certainly recommend those seriously into Daygame as a pursuit to purchase ‘advanced manuals’ such as those of Krauser, but the fact remains that if you see an attractive girl in the street, the odds are very low that approaching her will lead to fucking her, and no amount of ‘Game mastery’ can significantly change that.

Given the low chance of success for each individual approach, and the limited scope for improving those odds, it’s clear that even the best PUAs are getting rejected far more than they are scoring with HBs, and that learning to handle rejection in order to pursue the numbers game is far more important than maximizing ‘Game’. Whatever these Alphas may tell themselves otherwise, getting rejected over and over again in public isn’t something that the male psyche has evolved to deal easily with. This is why approaching random women during the day has now become almost a ritualized street perfomance, epitomized by the ‘YAD Stop’, the most ‘effective’ way of stopping your target according to most leading PUAs (it involves running in front of the girl, stopping her, and immediately complimenting her). The YAD Stop is such an act of public pussy pedalization, that most women, evil and cruel as they are, simply wouldn’t have the heart to add to your shame by blowing you out harshly. I expect soon that the YAD Stop will evolve into the ‘Walter Raleigh Stop’, where PUAs will unfurl a velvet cloak at the feet of their potential bangs whilst genuflecting. The YAD Stop is not about improving your lay to approach ratio, but about reducing your psychologically scarring blowout to approach ratio, enabling you to continue approaching x number of females that day in a reasonable state of mind, and letting the law of averages do the rest.

PUAs have become so ubiquitous, especially in the major East European cities, that every attractive young woman has likely been stopped a dozen times or more by a British/American man running in front of them and stopping them with the words ‘this is really random, but…blah blah blah neg neg push pull’, as will have all of their decent looking friends. It’s getting so bad that during a recent month spent working in Latvia, I noticed when walking to my local supermarket to pick up groceries, young women passing in my direction were actually swerving away from me or would suddenly pretend to be engrossed with their smartphone, fearing the Yad Stop. And this isn’t just fugly old me – even Krauser admitted he experienced it in Belgrade recently. There is no ‘natural’ way to approach women during the day anymore. There is no alternative but to accept that you are a ‘PUA’, it’s understood that she knows that you are a ‘one of those English PUAs’, and that from the moment you approach her, it is pure street theater with you as the performing clown.

PUAs who think they are morally better than the average Manosphere blogger

You’ll get this a lot reading PUA blogs and forums – PUAs who claim to dislike the ‘misogyny’ of the manosphere. Yea, right. Dedicating your life to scoring notches with HB8s and 9s under 25 means you ‘love women’. No you don’t. You love banging hot young women. Or perhaps even more, you love thinking that you are better than other men for banging more hot young women than other men. And that’s fair enough.

Then there’s the out and out self-righteous paedocrites. The type of PUAs who will openly boast about using manipulative psychological tricks such as ‘negging’ (which involves lowering a female’s self-esteem in order to get her into bed) on 18 year old virgins (and even secretly record themselves doing so and publish the results on their blogs), and yet will oddly make a point of calling men who would like to have caring relationships with 17 year olds or younger as ‘paedophiles’ or ‘abusers’.

Of course, as I’ve highlighted here, a lot of PUAs are not paedocrites, and many of the leading PUAs are amongst the bravest non-paedocrites in the manosphere (or in some cases once were).. But if you go on many PUA boards then even talking about approaching 17 year old girls is taboo and will automatically generate the ‘pedo’ accusastions, especially from American PUAs. Hopefully they’re not the same American PUAs to be observed in Eastern Europe cities dressed up in clown’s costumes (I exaggerate only a little) high fiving and then ‘negging’ every 16 year old Slavic blonde within a square mile radius.

PUA really does teach you the true nature of most women

PUAs can have more social interactions with women in a week than many men have in their entire lives. Even if the majority of these interactions are brief, even if they are superficial or unnatural interactions that lead nowhere, and even or especially if they are blow outs, not many men on Earth can claim to have socially interacted with thousands of women as experienced PUAs can. And, of course, despite the low ratios, most PUAs do end up banging more women than the vast majority of ordinary men, and go on countless more dates and have text messaging/Facebok relationships than most men.

And talking to thousands of women, especially in a sexual or potentially sexual context, does lead a man to see something of the true nature of most women, and it’s not sugar and spice. You discover, and are repeatedly reminded of the fact, that if you have no sexual value for a woman than she is at best indifferent to you, but more often, sees you simply as a subhuman, whose only value is to be the object of a petty act of sadistic creep shaming that might temporarily lift her spirits or alleviate her boredom. And when you start having a little more sucess in PUA, and go on dates and exchange text messages, you quickly discover that perhaps the majority of young women, in any country in Europe, appear to a greater or lesser degree to be suffering from some form of mental illness.

One thing I’ve come to observe from approaching hundreds of women is that the ability to Post Facto re-interpret her reality is very much an actual feminine attribute. This came especially in my early days as a very poor PUA and the mundane but repeated experience of apporaching women, who intially were very receptive and obviously ‘up for it’, and within minutes re-interpreting their reality to see me as a ‘creepy predator’ for having approached them.

PUAs who claim to love women often openly admit that ‘loving women’ is the only way to maintain their above average ratios. In other words, it is not a claim to any objective description of reality, but merely a pragmatic and selfishly held belief system. They might also convince themselves that they love women for the same reason many are paedocrites – out of guilt.

Of course, approaching hundreds of women does inevitably lead to meeting some very nice women, whether or not you end up having sex with them. PUA has led me to generalizing about women rather less. When even the simple act of stopping a woman in the street can lead to such wildly different reactions and outcomes, then it’s hard to lump the entire female gender into one homogenous mass. There are an awful lot of nasty cunts out there, but there is also a minority of truly beautiful and kind women as well.

PUA is a form of pussy pedalization.

I’m not 100% convinced of this, but I can’t help feeling that PUA is a form of pussy pedalization, and that every approach I make is a self-debasing act of giving power to a random pussy to publicly humiliate and reject me. Then again, you could say the same about looking at young attractive women and the creep shaming scowls that it inevitably results in, especially as you get older, and I’m never going to stop looking at fertile young women. As Roosh said once (or something along these lines), ‘if you look at women (as all men do) you may as well approach them’. At least you might get sex out it.

And you can set yourself rules to limit the extent of your pussy pedalization. For example, I only approach girls 16 to 25, and never less than a HB7. In fact, if it wasn’t for HB8s scarcity, even in Eastern Europe, and the fact that it’s essential to build momentum in Daygame, I probably wouldn’t even bother with HB7s.

But there’s also the ‘advanced techniques’ apparently needed to turn 1% ratios into 4%, which essentially involve changing who you are into something that you are not but which makes the ‘gina tingle – something that most of the manosphere agrees is acting like a cocky street thug.

Perhaps this isn’t being fair either. If the idea is to work on your ‘alpha’ masculinity – working out at the gym, assertive body language, decisive and confident behaviour – then it’s clearly a good thing and something that will pay dividends in most areas of life that have little to do with pussy chasing. And even the likes of Good Looking Loser and Krauser PUA want to project the ‘independent rebel’ persona rather than psychopathic thug.

I hate PUA because despite the above reasons, it’s still worth it

I can get blown out a dozen times in succession, but when a pretty young lady is typing her contact details into my smartphone with those around looking on in amazement, it’s still a wonderful feeling that makes it seem as though it’s all worthwhile. When you approach a beautiful model on the street who blushes as you chat to her and then messages you nearly every day for a year, then it’s worth it. When you’re sitting in a cafe with a HB9 teenage Russian girl only you had the balls to stop in the street, and all the men (and women) are giving envious or admiring glances, then it’s worth it. When you’re sitting in your apartment on your own in your home cuntry on Christmas Day refelecting upon approaching 50 years of age and the beautiful 16 year old Serbian girl you met on the streets of summertime Belgrade messages you with heart symbols because she knows you’re on your own, then it feels worth it. These things shouldn’t really be possible in today’s femihag world of ugliness and spite.

Notice I haven’t said anything about banging hot babes, because I’m not going to lie – I haven’t. But I know that I could have, through PUA. And when I do, it will be worth it.