Manosphere Classics : Roosh – ‘She Was 17 Years Old’.

Classic sanity restoring article from Roosh, father of the manosphere.

Growing up in America, it was hammered into my mind that 18 was the cutoff to have sexual relations with a girl. Even if the age of consent was 16, pursuing a girl so young was sure to prompt “jailbait” comments from well-intentioned friends who also warned about ambiguous statutory rape laws that require a lawyer to decipher. Once you add in the pedo shaming of older man and younger girl pairings, it’s no surprise that you almost never hear stories of men in their 20’s or beyond getting with high school girls.

There are fewer laws and shame in having such relations in Europe and South America, but my American-washed brain prevented me from pursuing all girls under 18, in spite of living on these two continents for years. The fear of imprisonment stayed with me far from the hands of the feminist-dominated American judicial system.

Somewhere in Europe, I met a 17 year old on the street. Normally I’d end the conversation without trying to get her number, but this time I pursued, and we had a brief date. It didn’t result in a kiss, but I felt the seal was broken, and my mind was prepared to go farther the next time around.

Heartiste, a Manospherian of Integrity

As I mentioned here a couple of days ago, it’s becoming a disturbing obsession amongst notable members of the conservative mansophere, including the likes of Roosh and Matt Forney (formerly of, to claim that the legalization of paedophilia is imminent, and that this is the logical outcome of a feminist ‘progressive’ society.

Living in the UK as I do (or having one reluctant foot remaining there) and witnessing the padohysteric madness that is taking place in that cuntry, where dead men are dug out of their graves and put on trial for witchcraft ‘padophilia’, and dying old men who have led distinguished lives are openly branded child rapists and even child murderers on the evidence only of one or two obviously crazed fantasists, this manosphere treachery is quite hard to stomach. Particularly when it comes from figures who have been brave enough to formerly question the feminist narrative on ‘paedophilia’ and the grotesque inflation and abuse of the term that has successfully been forced upon society. Matt Forney, for example, always supported this site, as well as Jay Hammers when he was being attacked by Paul Elam as a ‘paedophile apologist’ over his age of consent article. Now that he is no longer ‘Ferdinand Bardemu’ and writing under his public persona, it’s understandable that he doesn’t want to venture into these topics, but to actively push the view that any questioning of paedohysteria represents a ‘progressive’ agenda to legalize sex with kids is an absolute betrayal. As Ludwig Wittgenstein once said, ‘that which we cannot speak of, we must shut the fuck up about’. Similarly, Roosh, whose courage clearly cannot be questioned, once dared to admit in a matter of fact manner that he was lucky enough to bang a 17 year old. Now he pushes the view that we are on a slippery slope of relaxing attitudes and laws on ‘paedophilia’, something which apparently is inevitable once we allow feminists to start tolerating male sodomy and gender switching transvestites.

Given that paedohysteria is largely the result of feminist and ‘progressive’ activism, this is absurd, as I made clear the other day. It’s also one thing to expose the frequent and disgusting hypocrisy (paedocrisy) of the left, such as David Futrelle and ‘Sarah’ Nyberg, and another thing entirely to push the ridiculous view that feminists and SJWs are actually seeking a ‘pro-paedophilia’ agenda.

The utter nonsense of this view was perfectly summed up in the tweet I published here of ‘Zelcorpian’, who linked to the most conservative newspaper in the UK, the Telegraph, over their objection of the destruction of a sex offender’s acclaimed art on the orders of a feminist judge. In the UK, even conservatives are now beginning to see the madness of feminist paedohysteria, as of course, they should. In the American manosphere, conservatives apparently see a feminist plot to stop the demonization and criminalization of hundreds of thousands or millions of men, to stop the further erosion of male authority, and to stop the creation of a generational apartheid that hurts men and children, fathers and their sons and their daughters. Doh!!!

But thankfully, not Heartiste, one of the few senior manosphere figures with genuine integrity, as well as courage.

A man was in a Massachusetts park, holding a camera and taking a stroll. A woman got the vapors from this horrible sight, and called the cops to tell them there was a pedophile stalking children. SIX cops surrounded the man and questioned him for twenty minutes, before letting him go. He wrote an open letter to the fevered bitch who wanted to criminalize his existence.

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Who Will Smash Donatello’s ‘David’ First – Feminists or Isis?

Several years ago when the Taliban were blowing up culturally priceless ancient Buddhist statues, I predicted that it would only be a matter of time before feminists would be doing similar things here.  Unfortunately, I’ve now been proven correct, even sooner than I imagined.

What is not being mentioned in most reports of the court ordered destruction of ‘paedophile artist’ Graham Ovenden’s work is that the feminist judge – Elizabeth Roscoe – also ordered the destruction of works by the 19th century photographer, poet, and movie pioneer Pierre Louys, as well as artworks by Wilhelm von Pluschow.

A judge who recognized she was “risking the wrath of the art world” has ordered works from the collection of artist Graham Ovenden to be destroyed, according to Victoria Ward in The Telegraph. Ovenden was imprisoned for twenty-seven months for sex offenses against children in 2013. His photos and drawings aren’t the only works being destroyed: so are about forty photographs of young girls by Pierre Louys and artworks by Wilhelm von Pluschow found in Ovenden’s studio.

But the judge, Elizabeth Roscoe, spared a couple of pieces, including a painting commissioned by Princess Diana that shows a young girl with a bare bottom. “Simple nudity is not to be equated with indecency,” she said, adding that she was not concerned with “historical importance or value.”

Pointing out that Louys was a friend of Oscar Wilde and a figure of cultural importance, Ovenden told court authorities: “You are going to be looked on as the assholes of the world.”

Elizabeth Roscoe is the same judge who jailed a man for tweeting his opinion that a feminist M.P was a ‘witch’.

Now that this terrible prescedent has been set, it can only be a matter of time before other more cherished works of art fall victim to the destructive rage of feminists.  Donatello’s David and other Italian Rennaisance masterpieces have already been threatened with ruin by ISIS, the fact that most of them (along with our modern post-medieval civilization) were created by ‘paedophiles’,  and even depict naked adolescents in a huge number of cases, must surely mean that it’s an open wager as to who will get to them first – the femihags or the Islamist monkeys.

Perhaps renaissance art will be saved from the philistine hags because it usually depicts young boys rather than girls, and as we know, this doesn’t provoke feminist jealous rage nearly so much.  But one can’t be sure, and there still remains hundreds of invaluable works from all periods of Europe’s glorious art history that either depict adolescent girls naked or in a sensous fashion, from the Athenian ‘Three Graces’ to the paintings of Egon Schiele.

Feminists will likely not limit themselves to visual works either.  We have already seen how the music of ‘paedophile’ pop stars has been virtually banned, it can only be a matter of time before works such as Beethoven’s famous ‘Moonlight Sonata’, a middle-aged man’s musical ode of love to his 16 year old sweetheart, have their manuscripts publicly burned before the pedo cleansing mob.

I also need to bring up the unfortunate fact that the conservative manosphere seems increasingly obsessed with the abusrd idea that the ‘legalization of paedophilia’ is the next logical step for the left now that homosexuality and even transgender rights have been won.

The cretin above holds this view despite his example linking to the most conservative newspaper in the UK (The Telegraph) who have spoken out against this primitive destruction of politically incorrect art, a destruction ordered by a feminist female judge.

It still perplexes to me as to what level of stupidity, or perhaps rather paedocrisy, it must take for a ‘conservative’, especially those conected to the cause of anti-feminism and men’s rights, to actually believe that paedohysteria is justified and that maintaining it helps men or society.

Feminists and ‘social justice warriors’ are driving paedohysteria, and only promote homosexuality and transgender rights as a means to demonize normal male heterosexuality, blur gender distinctions, and maintain the mask of ‘sexual tolerance’ while they embark upon a virtual holocaust against male sexuality, which includes inflating the definition of paedophilia to encompass the healthy attraction towards fertile adolescent teenage girls.

Paedohystria demonizes all men, criminalizes hundreds of thousands, gives destructive power to rebellious teenagers (including boys), weakens the family unit and bond between father and child and prevents normal interaction between generations.

Sarah Nyberg – Paedocrite of the Month September 2015

Whilst it’s always disheartning, if not downright nauseating, to witness the Left and Right throwing absurd labels of ‘paedophile apologists’ at each other, there’s no doubt that conservative homo Milo Yiannopolous was justified in exposing the astonishing paedocrisy of the (real) paedophile and ‘transgender’ activist ‘Sara Nyberg’ (formerly Nicholas Nyberg).

Leaked chat logs from the Final Fantasy Shrine (FFshrine) forums, a website then owned by Nyberg, show how she condoned consensual sex between adults and children as young as age 6, openly fantasised about sex play with underage girls (including Alice) and shared pictures which others referred to as child porn….

…If you look at Sarah Nyberg’s comments on Twitter these days, they seem totally at odds with her history. Despite describing herself as a pedophile just nine years ago, she has posted streams of Tweets attacking the imageboard 8chan for their alleged failure to tackle child porn on their site.

Of course Breitbart’s intention is not so much to expose sickening paedocrisy, but rather to label the ‘progressive’ left as being one step away from legalizing paedophilia, something that as we know here is about as far from the truth as it gets.

Sarah Nyberg’s hardcore paedocrisy does, however, fit a pattern of transvestite male feminists attacking the manosphere as being full of ‘paedophile oh sorry ephebophile apologists’ whilst themselves openly exhibiting a love of hardcore manga child preteen porn and even violent and sadistic fantasies involving women and children.  Disturbingly, it does seem that the transgender community is being flooded with (real) male paedophiles who pose as both feminists and ‘transgenders’ in the hope that their identity as women and as feminists will allow them to pursue their sadistic and perverted sexual tastes under the radar of the authorities.

Many of these freaks are to be found amongst the readers of disgraced blogger and child scat torture porn apologist David Futrelle.  Indeed, Sarah Nyberg is a reader of Fraudtrelle’s site and has often retweeted Futrelle’s attacks on the manosphere, although it is believed ‘she’ comments there under another name.

david-futrelle (2)Although Futrelle didn’t do enough himself to win the award for September, the master paedocrite maintained his impressive 2015 performance in the ignoble art, steadily piling up the points to seemingly guarantee that he will win the end of year grand title and reclaim his cherished crown as the world’s most disgusting paedocrite.  The notorious gay child porn apologist again refused to denounce his depraved transvestite reader ralmcg, the moderator of a sickening bdsm forum in which fellow perverts share fantasies of crucifying, raping, and torturing women and schoolgirls.

Perhaps the sickening thing is not Nyberg’s or Futrelle’s paedocrisy, but that NOBODY on the progressive left has condemned either of them. In fact, a number of media personalities publicly offered support to Nyberg,  and one, astonishingly, even tweeted a picture of his own preteen daughter to ‘cheer her up’.  Similarly, not one feminist has condemned Futrelle for his defence of the sale of Salo in a gay sex shop, a film which contains nothing but graphic images of real children being raped, forced to eat shit, tortured, and then murdered OR for his year long support for a transvestite commentator at his site who publicly runs a forum dedicated to fantasies of raping, torturing, and murdering young women and girls.  Indeed, Futrelle is still being invited onto media shows as an ‘expert’ on the ‘misogyny’ of the men’s rights movement.

These are the same ‘Social Justice Warriors’ who regularly leave comments here describing how they would love to torture us slowly to death for merely admitting that teenage girls are sexually attractive.  I think what they would really want is for us to dress up as preteen schoolboys first…

Femihag Outrage at Ukranian Petrol Station that Offers Free Gas to Girls in Bikinis

Promotion turns Kyiv fuel station into a virtual beachfront.

One petrol station in the Ukranian capital had a very beachfront feel about it on September 26 when dozens of women dressed in their bikinis turned up to take advantage of the latest promotion.