Social Media and Tinder are Leading to A Rise in STDs

Rhode Island is currently experiencing what health experts are calling an “epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases”—and hookup apps may be partially to blame, officials said.

From 2013 to 2014, infections of syphilis increased 79%, gonorrhea cases went up 30% and new HIV cases increased by about 33%, according to data released by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

The agency noted that the uptick could be sparked by better medical testing and more people having their STDs checked out and reported. However, the agency also acknowledged the role of high-risk behaviors, including “using social media to arrange casual and often anonymous sexual encounters, having sex without a condom, having multiple sex partners, and having sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” the agency wrote in a health alert.

I should make clear that I’m NOT highlighting this story in order that Manosophere conservatives can tut tut at another sign of civilizational decline at the hands of feminists. Feminists did not cause the sexual revolution, feminists did not invent the pill, and they did not invent Facebook or Tinder. Feminists are, however, leading a brutal effort to turn back the tide of cheap and easy sex for men that new technology is increasingly giving us, a futile but ever more desperate backlash that might ultimately even lead to a Sexual Holocaust. That is unless a ‘Red Pill’ movement arises that is truly positive about sex, the male desire for sex with multiple partners, and that has a willingness to fight anti-sex feminist puritans.

British School Bans Girls From Wearing Skirts Because It ‘Makes Male Teachers Uncomfortable’


Ms Pashley said: “We have a very simple school uniform, which we enforce strictly.

“On one occasion when a male member of staff challenged a female student on her skirt length, she retorted, ‘You shouldn’t be looking at my legs’.

“The male member of staff was understandably uncomfortable with this and reported it to me immediately. Male staff asked me to share this incident with the governing body when uniform was reviewed.”

But the parents of some of the jailbait schoolgirls aren’t too happy and have complained of double standards :

Another parent claimed that female staff at the school fail to set a good example. She said: “Some female staff wear high heels, short skirts and low-cut blouses.

Are they going to be wearing trousers?” The online protest petition says parents should have the right to buy school trousers or skirts without logos from whichever retailer they see fit.

Some parents even claim that preventing girls wearing skirts is a breach of their human rights.

KRAUSER PUA – Feel Entitled to Younger, Hotter, Tighter

I’ve just returned to my apartment alone after 8 hours in the pleasant company of a 20 year old, admittedly young looking Russian cutie that I’d stopped in the street two days ago. Despite numerous IOIs and strong hints that she wanted to sleep with me, including her telling me that I could stay at her place in Moscow if I visit that city later this year, I couldn’t pull the trigger and ask her to come home with me. Why? Because we’d been creep shamed and commented on all day, and I’m only human. We walked by a herd of repulsive fat Ameriskanks and one of them remarked loudly ‘He’s WAY too old for her’. We passed a group of pot bellied Englishmen supping beer outside a pub and one of them exclaimed, after leering at my companion, – ‘How the fuck did he pull that?’ He then started clapping, in apparent admiration, and one or two of his mates joined in the snarky fun. More seriously, in a restaurant we ate at, the entire staff continously gave us the evil eye – I wouldn’t be surprised if the bastards had pissed in her soup.

The funny thing is Krauser would have likely taken her up the arse in a Starbucks toilet within a couple of hours of opening her…and nobody would have batted an eye either.

Sexual Holocaust Timeline – Sex Offenders Have More In Common With Crabs Than They Do With You And Me

According to scientists at several international universities, including Oxford, ‘paedophiles’ have more in common with crabs than they do with you and me genetics may play as much as a 40% role in the criminal actions of sex offenders.

The researchers looked at the perpetrators of sex offences in Sweden between 1973 and 2009 and found that male relatives of offenders were also more likely to be convicted of sex offences.

Note that prior to 2009, sex offences in Sweden consisted almost entirely of violent rapes and assaults. Since 2009, a raft of feminist laws have broadened the definitions of rape, as well as the definitions of illegal pornography and of what constitutes ‘possession’ of illegal pornography.

For example, in 1973 hardcore child pornography was fully legal in Sweden and sold openly in newsagents etc. Since 2009, as in most Western countries, men can now be jailed for up to two years for simply having one picture of a cartoon schoolgirl wearing a short skirt passing through his internet browser for less than a second.

The majority of ‘sex offenders’ being sentenced today in European countries are white middle-class men who have been caught looking at ‘indecent’ pictures of teenage girls on the internet. The other group consists mainly of muslim and/or black immigrant males convicted of violent rape. A third group exists almost excusively in the UK and that consists of elderly white men convicted of ‘historic abuse’, which supposedly took place decades ago when the offences were only technically illegal and rarely investigated let alone prosecuted by the police of the day. ‘Historic abuse’ hysteria will likely happen in most European countries following the lead of the UK.

Thus most sex offences, and likely ‘sex offenders’ today, are very different from those in the timeframe of the study.

Whether or not the ‘study’ has any scientific validity, the publishing of it, and the widespread coverage of it in the media, is another step towards the coming inevitable Sexual Holocaust that will likely claim millions of male victims at the hands of feminist Sexual Trade Union. For a liquidation of a minority to take place, it is necessary for the state to convince its populace of the ‘fact’ that the ‘subhumans’ are such by nature.

For this reason it has been included in the new page I have set up here : Timeline of the Sexual Holocaust

Feel free to suggest any notable events past and present that I should include in the Timeline.

DJ Neil Fox explains on behalf of a fictional ‘child protection charity’ that ‘paedophiles have more in common genetically with crabs than they do with you and me’. Fox is now awaiting trial for sexually assaulting children as young as 11.

*Note also that it could be argued (but wont) the idea that sex offenders are genetically so takes away the main justification for a number of feminist sex laws, such as those against viewing illegal porn (the idea being that ‘demand creates the supply’. If sex offenders viewing illegal porn are genetically determined to do so, then laws wont stop them or the demand.)