Childhood Bullying Causes Greater Psychological Harm to Children than does Abuse by Adults

A scientific study has found that maltreatment by adults leaves less mental scars on children than bullying from peers.

Yawn. I’ve always thought it beyond ridiculous the feminist idea that ‘sexual abuse’, which is rarely done with the deliberate intention of inflicting harm, and of course under feminist inflated definitions is usually willingly engaged in by the supposed ‘child victim’, can be as or greater damaging psychologically than bullying, which is 100% directly psychologically abusive and performed entirely with the intention of causing mental harm and distress.

And this ties in even with the findings of the NSPCC itself, the world’s most powerful Sexual Trade Union lobbying group ‘Child Protection’ society, that bullying is indeed easily the biggest problem facing children, and the thing that children themselves are most concerned about (despite paedohysteria).

These findings shouldn’t surrise anyone, but what would be a huge surprise is if the Sexual Trade Union Child Protection Industry started devoting more than 5% of their resources on combatting childhood bullying rather than spending 95% of their billions on promoting paedohysteria and the demonization of men and fathers as sexual and physical abusers of children.

Oh, and btw IQ 70 MHRAs – perhaps you bunch of clowns should take note of it too.

A new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry shows that children who have been bullied by peers suffer worse in the longer term than those who have been maltreated by adults.

The research is led by Professor Dieter Wolke from Warwick’s Department of Psychology and Warwick Medical School. The study is due to be presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in San Diego on Tuesday 28 April.

There is already an established link between maltreatment by adults and the mental health consequences for children. Professor Wolke and his team wanted to examine whether long-term mental health issues among victims of bullying were related to having been maltreated by adults as well.

They looked at data from 4,026 participants in the UK ALSPAC study (Avon Longtitudinal Study of Parents and Children) and 1,273 participants from the US Great Smoky Mountain Study.

For ALSPAC they looked at reports of maltreatment between the ages of 8 weeks and 8.6 years; bullying at ages 8, 10 and 13; and mental health outcomes at age 18. Data from the Great Smoky Mountain Study had reports of maltreatment and bullying between the ages of 9 and 16, and mental health outcomes from 19-25 years old.

Professor Wolke said: “The mental health outcomes we were looking for included anxiety, depression or suicidal tendencies. Our results showed those who were bullied were more likely to suffer from mental health problems than those who were maltreated. Being both bullied and maltreated also increased the risk of overall mental health problems, anxiety and depression in both groups.”

Protein World Boss Brands Feminist Activists Terrorists

The boss of a protein powder company, who is facing a backlash over a controversial poster featuring a bikini-clad woman, has labelled campaigners as terrorists.

The advert for meal replacement supplements featured on London Underground billboards shows a blonde woman in a yellow bikini, beside the tagline: “Are you beach body ready”?

Feminist campaigners, who have launched a Change.Org petition to see the adverts removed, have slammed them for “targeting individuals, aiming to make them feel physically inferior to the unrealistic body image of the bronzed model, in order to sell their product.”

NextBigFuture on the Sexbot Apocalypse

There are interesting cultural differences between Americans and Japanese. Americans fear the Terminator movie scenario of a robot or Artificial intelligence apacolypse. However, Japan is facing sharp population decrease from lowering birth rates. This could be accelerated with more realistic sexbots that extend the Japanese sex doll industry. This is part of Japan’s greater cultural acceptance of robots where they think that robots will like Astroboy or the manga fembots or the bots that care for the elderly.

The Japanese sex doll industry is reaching new levels with the release of a new line of dolls, which claims to be more genuine than ever. The dolls, which are made of rubber and silicon, were described in a video as having realistic feeling skin and authentic looking eyes and hair.

A-Lab’s has had the android Asuna since 2014


And Still No ‘Paedophile Vigilantes’ Have Been Arrested Over the Hampstead Satanic Abuse Hoax

For months aspie conspiracy theorist ‘anti-paedophile vigilantes’ had spread appalling and utterly unbelievable tales online of perverse and depraved goings on at a number of schools in Hampstead, including the ritual sacrifice of children to the devil.
Posting videos on YouTube, and organizing themselves under lurid Twitter handles such as ‘OpDeathEaters’, the conspiracy aspies went as far as publishing the names and addresses of children supposedly being sexually abused by the satanic paedophile cult that, in their crazed minds, was running the education services of the sleepy North London borough, as well of course, as the names of the schools and teachers supposedly at the heart of the child abusing cult. The names and personal details of these children are still online on numerous webpages that claim the backing of the online hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ – in fact, they will likely always be online for the rest of these children’s lives.

Needless to say, no satanic child abuse had taken place at all.

The children at the center of the claims were coaxed into making scripted allegations in order that their Russian mother could claim custody over them. The videos of these young children making false allegations and describing detailed sexual acts to the camera are still all over YouTube, posted by ‘anti-paedo vigilantes’ and full of tin foil hat aspergers suffering paedocrites frothing at the mouth and screaming that anyone who doubts the children must be child sacrificing paedophile shape shifting lizards themselves.


Bizzarely, none of these child abusing activists have yet been arrested either in the UK, or the USA (where the majority appear to be based). Dozen’s of children’s lives have been demonstrably damaged just to satisfy the psycho-sexual thrills of hundreds of sick paedophile child abusing cretins who pose as ‘activists’. Why hasn’t ‘Duke Dingus’, the uploader of one of the YouTube videos, been traced and charged with ‘sexual activity with a child’ or ‘sexual exploitation of a child’? Likewise, the rabid commentators, many of whom appear to be British, and all of whom appear to be hardcore paedophiles (paedocrites). The USA extridites our aspies for hacking into their government systems, why doesn’t the British government show some balls and serve extradition papers on American aspies who are damaging the lives of British children?

Take a look, for example, of the YouTube profile of Superpureeliteful who makes the following comment on a video of young children who it has now been confirmed (before he left the comments) to have been coaxed into making lurid false sexual allegations on camera :

These Satanists, i wonder how big they are… they have churches?, where do they hang out?, i heard about these groups in Ireland during the 1980s, in Ireland, i wonder if they are still around, and how big they are today?

His YouTube profile picture consists of a pair of legs in white ankle socks, presumably belonging to a young schoolgirl. His YouTube profile banner consists of a young schoolgirl holding a machine gun, while an Asian looking adult male sits on a throne with a young schoolgirl in uniform on either side of him.


These freaks are beyond parody. They make even David Futrelle look like a minor league paedocrite. But this isn’t funny. These people are openly damaging children, as well as destroying the lives of adults who they are falsely accusing. And that’s just the children who are the victims of their conspiracy theories. God knows what they are doing to children in their real offline lives, assuming they have any life outside of their basements.

Why they aren’t these child abusing freaks being traced and arrested?

I’ve long suspected that the generators of most online conspiracy theorists are actually government false flag operatives, with a willing horde of crazed basement dwelling aspies to serve as their armies. In this case, perhaps the sheer insanity of these satanic abuse stories are being used to discredit more plausible allegations of something evil and abusive that the establishment has been involved in? Others have suggested that the FBI and MI5 are behind the satanic abuse ‘vigilante groups’ in order to discredit Anonymous. The longer these paedocrite vigilante freaks are allowed to ruin children’s lives with impunity, the more plausibility such suggestions have.

The Twitter Account @The Anti-Feminist Has No Association With Myself or

This might seem a tad childish, but I think I should point out that the Twitter account now going under the name ‘The Anti-Feminist’ has no association with me whatsoever. I’m not pointing this out for ego reasons, simply because it might be confusing to the general manosphere and to put it bluntly, I am afraid that his views or something he does might be mistakenly attributed to me. Just briefly checking his Twitter feed and he has uploaded some dodgy Hitler/anti-semitic images which I utterly disown.

Of course, perhaps HE is unaware he might be mistaken for this notorious black sheep of the men’s rights movement. HA!

I only came across his Twitter a few days ago and I see that it has 11k followers, which obviously dwarfs anything I’m capable of, as well as indicating that he is genuine and been here a while and not some troll set up to discredit me. As I hadn’t heard of him up to this point, I assume he has only recently adopted the moniker. I remember that a regular commentator at ‘The-Spearhead’ took the handle of ‘theantifeminist’ and was confused for me (and/or I was confused with him here), I’m not sure if this is the same guy. Anyway, neither of them is me!

I don’t own the trademark for the term, so I’m not complaining, although I have been around for over 8 years now, and thus I’m pretty sure that I was the first ‘the antifeminist’ in the manosphere and have been an established presence since then, linked to pretty early by Angry Harry (and even Paul Elam!), a friend of Bernard Chapin etc.

BTW, to anyone interested, my Twitter account is Schopenbecq, and that’s the name I still tend to use when commenting at other sites etc.

Love Me Like You Do | Sabrina Vaz Cover

Another super cover from our idol Sabrina Vaz – just in time for the return of our loyal and esteemed reader, and number 1 Sabrina fan, Alan Vaughn!

And notice that the Junior Jelly Hags are still at it in the comments underneath. Here’s a nice quote on haters that sums them up :

Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves;
because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be

44 Year Old Virgin Uploads His Photo to Anti-PUA Forum and Asks ‘Be Kind’

Epic thread from the infamous forum (formerly


..I am really living this way and if my parents weren’t still alive I’d kill myself maybe…I never really tried much when I was younger to get women. I was too shy. It didn’t bother me as much still being single and a virgin years ago, but I feel worse about it now.

I had a dream I ate out a girl and then we had sex the other night, when I woke up and realized it wasn’t real I felt like crying. It never used to bother me as much when I was young and a virgin. My brother met a Russian lady on the internet and now has kids and his own house. I can’t imagine that happening to me. Also I can’t afford a hooker and feel too nervous about it anyway.

If he wanted sympathy from his fellow Incel virgins, he quickly learnt that such beings rarely have any capacity for human emotion left apart from hate.

In fact, the interesting thing about Incels is that very rarely is their hatred and bitterness directed at feminists, let alone women – it is always men, including their fellow companions in sexual misery. Even Eivind Berge is an example of this. This alone is proof that Elliot Rodgers was not a genuine incel, just a spoilt young aspie who couldn’t come to terms with his homosexuality.

On the subject of bitter hatred that PUAs attract, the following video from Tom Torero made me chuckle. I must admit that I had my doubts about this guy after a recent ‘controversy’, but the other day I spotted him out with what may well have been a genuine HB10.