Feminist explains why she converted to Islam

Islam, like feminism, exists in order to eliminate female sexual competition. In Islamic societies, there is little or no need for feminism. The future of the West will essentially be the story of Islam displacing and subsuming feminism as the dominant ideology. Women, including and especially feminists themselves, will lead the way…

In the following CNN article, a former feminist explains how she effortlessly switched from supporting a modern Western ideology that criminalizes male sexuality and mentally rapes and tortures thousands of children a day in order to preserve female sexual market value, to supporting a medieval ideology that criminalizes male sexuality and rapes, tortures, and kills thousands of children a day in order to preserve female sexual market value.


These days, I am a proud wearer of hijab. You can call it a scarf. My scarf does not tie my hands behind my back, and it is not a tool of oppression. It doesn’t prevent thoughts from entering my head and leaving my mouth. But I didn’t always know this.
Studying Islam didn’t immediately dispel all my cultural misconceptions. I had been raised on imagery of women in the East being treated like chattel by men who forced them to cover their bodies out of shame or a sense of ownership.
But when I asked a Muslim woman “Why do you wear that?”, her answer was obvious and appealing: “To please God. To be recognized as a woman who is to be respected and not harassed. So that I can protect myself from the male gaze.”
Surprisingly, Islam turned out to be the religion that appealed to my feminist ideals.

She explained how dressing modestly is a symbol to the world that a woman’s body is not meant for mass consumption or critique.
I still wasn’t convinced and replied, “Yeah, but women are like second class citizens in your faith?”
The very patient Muslim lady explained that, during a time when the Western world treated women like property, Islam taught that men and women were equal in the eyes of God. Islam made the woman’s consent to marriage mandatory and gave women the opportunity to inherit, own property, run businesses and participate in government.
She listed right after right that women in Islam held nearly 1,250 years before women’s lib was ever thought of in the West. Surprisingly, Islam turned out to be the religion that appealed to my feminist ideals.

Scarecrow in form – Men-Factor.blogspot.com

Our friend Scarecrow has been on a tear recently at his excellent site :


One of the few anti-feminist sites to actually defend male sexuality rather than validate the feminist perverted re-definition of male sexuality.

Can’t help highlighting a comment from one of his readers too :

Meh, christians have been attacking heterosexuality for centuries

Monogamous marriage is really a form of celibacy

Barbaric celibacy for the man, while unlimited resources for the hag

And of course, readers of this site will know that feminism is largely a response to the decline of Christianity, in combination with technological change that has weakened female sexual market value (Industrialization = first wave feminism, the Pill = second wave feminism, Internet/Globalization = Third Wave (current) feminism).

Femihag of the Year 2014 – Nominations Invited

Get ready for the first ever Femihag of the Year poll! Nominations are invited from readers now – who do you think was the most disgusting femihag of 2014? Which ugly feminist went to the most evil and obscene lengths to raise her own pitiful sexual market value? Which feminist rapist did the most to introduce legislation that will lead to thousands or millions of men being anally raped in jail, just so that she could increase her own chances of getting laid or keeping her man? Which bitter feminist jellyhag brought us closer to a sexual holocaust in 2014?

Some suggestions…

Rashida Manjoo…possibly the ugliest feminist jellyhag in the world, the evil Manjoo, United Nations something or other, declared that the UK was the most sexist in the world because of its sexualisation of 17 year old, ermmm, ‘children’…meanwhile, in ISIS controlled Iraq and Syria, thousands of Christian pre-pubescent girls are being raped and tortured by Islamic neckbeards and neither the UN nor feminists do anything.

Anna Mato, the Spanish femihag minister who single-handedly raised the age of consent in Spain, even beyond the age suggested by her colleagues and the United Femihag Nations itself, and was then caught up in scandals involving Ebola and serious financial corruption.

Alison Saunders – Unspeakably ugly and evil director of the UK Crown Prosecution Service, leading the persecution of elderly men through Operation Yewtree. Talk about the Revenge of the Witches!

David Futrelle – A chance for redemption for the monster of Chicago after his humiliating defeat in the Paedocrite of the Year poll! The only male feminist in the world who is such a truly disgusting mangina that he actually qualifies as a femihag.

Sixteen Police Officers Charged Over Death of Bijan Ebrahimi

Sorry – I missed this from last week’s news.

You may remember Bijan Ebrahimi as the mentally disabled Iranian refugee who was burned alive as a suspected paedophile after being caught ‘taking photos of children’ (actually a pair of 20 year old thugs who had been continually terrorising him and vandalizing his house and garden).

Ebrahimi had repeatedly complained to the police about the thugs but they did nothing. However, when the thugs incited a mob of subhumans to gather outside the man’s house chanting ‘pedo…pedo’, instead of finally arresting the criminals, the police chose to drag Ebrahimi out of his home in front of the baying crowd as a suspected paedophile, then proceeded to quiz him at the local station whilst putting his computer through forensics. When Ebrahimi was released after the police failed to find any pictures of semi-naked fairies on his harddrive, the thugs almost immediately set about burning him alive whilst stamping repeatedly on his skull.

Thankfully, in a small sign that the UK is still clinging on to some semblance of being a civilised society, sixteen of the police involved in Ebrahimi’s case are now facing criminal charges over his death.

Let’s hope if they are found in any way responsible for the poor man’s horrific murder, each and every one of them will be caged for life….hopefully with the other nonces.


Sixteen British police officers have been charged with criminal and disciplinary offences after they ignored cries for help from a disabled Iranian national before he was murdered by his neighbor last year.

According to a report by The Independent, four UK officers from the Avon and Somerset police force face a criminal trial next year on charges of misconduct in public office following the death of Iranian-born Bijan Ebrahimi in 2013.

Twelve other officers also face disciplinary hearings in the case.

In July 2013, Ebrahmi was briefly detained by police when he was wrongly accused of being a pedophile following complaints that he had been taking pictures of children near his home. He was found innocent and released without charge after being questioned.

Lena Dunham Voted the Most Disgusting Paedocrite of 2014

lena-dunham-paedocriteIt’s now official – David Futrelle has finally been dethroned and Lena Dunham has been voted the most disgusting paedocrite of 2014!

Here are the final results of the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year 2014 Poll :

Who was the most disgusting paedocrite of 2014? Choose TWO paedocrites!

  • Lena Dunham (49%, 59 Votes)
  • David Futrelle (35%, 42 Votes)
  • Rolf Harris (7%, 8 Votes)
  • Max Clifford (4%, 5 Votes)
  • Inclined Reader (4%, 5 Votes)
  • RalMCG (2%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 82

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david futrelle
This is what a paedocrite looks like

Most seasoned paedoc watchers had predicted that David Futrelle would easily retain his crown – for the fourth straight year. The master paedocrite had indeed been in outstanding form – continuing to libel MRAs and others as paedophiles for discussing paedohysteria, however long ago, yet refusing to even acknowledge, let alone apologize for, an article he wrote in the 1990’s defending the sale of a child torture porn movie in a gay sex shop.  In the now notorious article, Fraudtrelle mocked American police officers for arresting the owners of the seedy gay ‘bookstore’ for distributing a disgusting video depicting the anal rape, forced shit eating, torture, disembowlement, and murder of naked children (played by real child actors, one of whom later killed himself). On top of that, Futrelle publicly called for the webmaster of this site to be murdered after I revealed that one of his regular commentators was a sadistic ‘transgender’ paedocrite  psychopath who openly moderated a sick fetish website devoted to men turned on by the thought of crucifying women and girls (no doxxing took place on my part – ‘ralmcg’ was moderating the sick forum  (as ‘assistant executioner’) under the same username as he uses at Manboobz). Futrelle will shortly be standing trial on incitement to murder charges over this.

Although Futrelle exceeded even his own disgusting paedocrite standards in 2014, what he couldn’t count on was a truly stunning display of paedocrisy from Lena Dunham. The American actress and social justice warrior openly boasted in her autobiography how she liked to peer inside the vagina of her one year old sister only weeks after ranting that millions of men who looked online at hacked naked pics of celebrities were all sex offenders (and presumably each one deserved to be anally raped in jail). To top it all, Dunham is now in hot water after it was revealed that rape accusations made in her book were entirely bogus and were causing unfounded suspicions to fall upon at least one innocent man.

david-futrelle-2.jpgDespite finally losing his crown, the monster of Chicago can take solace from the fact that he received over twice as many votes as he did last year when winning the trophy (for the fourth successive time).  In other words, more people than ever think that Futrelle is the most disgusting paedocrite in the world.  No doubt he will be back even stronger next year, determined to re-claim his throne, even if he has to do it from a prison cell.

Rolf Harris, the Australian entertainer convicted (on extremely dubious ‘evidence’) for abusing children, including a 4 year old, trailed well back in a distant third place.  At the time when he was (supposedly) molesting children, he had gone out of his way to produce a video warning kids that all adults were potential perverts and paedophiles.  An undoubted master paedocrite in action, it was Rolf’s misfortune to have run up against a pair of paedocs who truly turned in ungodly performances in 2014.

To add to Futrelle’s humiliation, his transgender sadistic disciple ‘Ralmcg’ could only finish in last place.