Reaction to the Hollaback video another sign that the tide is turning against feminism

You’re probably all aware of the viral ‘hollaback’ video that purports to show a moderately attractive white woman walking around ethnic areas of New York and smiling smugly as she receives cat calls and compliments from various bums and street punks, nearly all of whom are black. The video lasts for less than 2 minutes – less than 2 minutes of ‘harassment’ out of 10 hours walking around the most economically deprived parts of New York in figure hugging jeans and top, deliberately seeking to provoke reactions from low status males. Only one incident in the video appears to constitute genuine harassment – a soft spoken black male compliments her in the street and when she completely ignores him he allegedly walks silently by her side for two mintues. It’s possible that he did so because he could see that he was being filmed as he clearly looks at the camera even in the edited ‘highlight’ featured in the video.

The video already has 22 million views and has been featured throughout the MSM as an example of how all men are pigs (one article actually used that title). The video was made by the feminist campaign group ‘Hollaback’ which seeks to make it illegal for men to speak to, catcall, or even wink or look lavaciously at a woman in the street.

Despite the video gaining over 20 million views in the space of a few days it appears that the video has attracted so many downvotes that the ratings have been disabled. Not only that, but the comments section is dominated by anti-feminists, with the top comment made by our old friend the PUA ‘Squatting Casanova’ :

There is a fine line between flirting and sexual harassment. And that fine line is called being attractive. HAHAHA?

One thing to note about the video is its disturbing racism. A white (possibly Jewish) New York woman walking around the most economically deprived ethnic areas seeking reactions from low status black males to paint all men as pigs and all women as victims and to justify laws that will criminalize interacting with women in the street (unless you are rich or handsome). The life outcome disparity between white women and black males in the west is the largest of any two groups – from life expectancy to the likelihood of being homeless or incarcerated.

I’ve been thinking about the feminist assumptions behind ‘sexual harassment’ for a while now, and it seems to be a straightforward Sexual Trade Union case of unattractive women victimizing attractive women and shaming/criminalizing low status males in order to raise their own sexual market value. Although there is simple resentment at the attention that more attractive women receive in terms of looks and leers, the primary motivation of feminists is not to stop cat calling per se, but to criminalize pick up artists (who they see as ‘rapists’ for lowering the sexual market value of women and in particular the plain or ugly feminist demographic).

Attractive girls aren’t usually the ones who complain over harassment. Every PUA knows that it is the plain Janes who react to street approaches with the disgusted feelings of harassment, not the hot girls.

Feminists ignore the positive aspects of being an attractive female and ignore the negative aspects of being male (especially a beta male) :

  • Hot women get to passively choose between countless men.
  • Hot women are guarenteed the physical protection of virtually every man in their vicinity – these ‘harassers’ might catcall but they know they would get lynched immediately by other men if they did anything more.
  • Hot women obviously get the attention and desire from men, something which nearly all women spend years of their lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to obtain (attention which is then re-interpreted by feminists as ‘harassment’).
  • Men,on the other hand, have to approach women and face rejection or even being branded as a harasser or creep, and increasingly, arrested and imprisoned under present and future sexual harassment laws. They also risk being attacked by protective boyfriends and husbands, or by white knights if their approaches are clumsy or aggressively rejected by the female.
  • Feminists also of course ignore the fact that many men can face the same kind of ‘harassment’. A few years ago, I had a competitive bodybuilder’s physique. In the summer months, I would often get females from 11 – 70 making a point of licking their lips at me. I would also get verbal abuse if I didn’t make clear I enjoyed their show of interest, especially from groups of girls who would shout things like ‘wanker’, or ‘shame you’re a ginger’…’your biceps are almost as big as your ears’.. or an insult based on some other aspect of my appearance if I ignored them.

    Legal Action Against David Futrelle the Child Torture Porn Apologist

    David Futrelle
    David Futrelle
    Over the last couple of days, David Futrelle, the Chicago child torture porn apologist, has made what amounts to a public incitement of violence against my person. He has also publicly declared support for a woman who has been making violent threats against myself and my readers here – criminal threats which Futrelle must have been aware of. I have to take these threats seriously and will be seeking criminal charges against Futrelle in the coming months, as well as legal action over his repeated defamatory writings stretching back at least 5 years. Not only is this necessary for my protection, it means that at last, in a court of law, we can get to the bottom of why David Futrelle continues to refuse to even acknowledge the fact that he mocked American police officers for thinking it was inappropriate for a video depicting naked children being anally raped, made to eat shit, disemboweled, and tortured to death, to be rented out in a seedy gay sex shop.

    To the handful of men’s human rights activists who occasionally attack Futrelle over his child torture porn apologia – please note the last sentence of the previous paragraph. It does not matter that in the sick minds of ‘left-wing’ social justice warriors, a film made by a left-wing homosexual gratuitously depicting naked 14 year old boys eating shit and then being slowly tortured to death is considered by them ‘classic’ art.

    The fact is, David Futrelle attacked the police for removing it from sale in a gay sex shop.

    David Futrelle is going to have to explain why he defended its sale in a sex shop. The prosecuters are not going to go gently on him on this. When he comes out with his lazy rehearsed defence of ‘it’s classic art…it shows how bad fascism is’..the prosecution are not going to let him off the hook and just fall silent like the tweets of an MHRA. They’re going to ask

    all very well Mr Futrelle, but why did you mock the police for removing a video depicting the torture and abuse of real, naked, and underage children, from a gay sex shop – ‘classic’ or not?

    In court, Futrelle is also going to face questions over the following :

    In the same year as his sickening defence of ‘Salo’, he wrote an article lambasting a feminist for refusing to admit that we all harbor secret fantasies to torture and abuse other people. He also claimed that the primary means of expressing these fantasies was through watching them being played out on film and in news reports of serial killers and other monsters.

    This was also the same year that John Wayne Gacy, another Chicago resident, was arrested for the sadistic murders of young boys.

    Several of the male feminist (or ‘transgender’) readers at his site MammothBoobz appear to be sadistic psychopaths and hardcore paedophiles – one of them is ‘assistant executioner’ at a BDSM forum catering for men who fantasize about crucifying women and girls. Since I reported this here, Futrelle has not publicly condemned his reader and it is not clear if he has even been banned, but instead it appears to have motivated him to make a public incitement of violence against me.

    David Futrelle also wrote an article claiming that the ‘innocence’ of female victims of abuse is ‘exaggerated’ and that abusers are unfairly demonized.

    He also regularly wrote articles denouncing child sex abuse hysteria, accusing leading child protection charities of lying about the extent of ritual sexual abuse. In another article, he discussed sympathetically whether statutory rapists should often be encouraged to marry their victims, even using the term ‘we can’t send them all to jail’. Today, he regularly libels men’s rights activists and even the likes of Richard Dawkins as ‘paedophiles’ and ‘child abuse apologists’ for discussing the same topics. He even wrote an article mocking the idea of child welfare being a subject of political concern – even appearing to mock the ‘innocence’ of child victims of AIDS.

    David Futrelle has repeatedly libeled Warren Farrell over a disputed word in one interview made nearly half a century ago. Not only clearly insinuating that he is a paedophile in the tone of his articles attacking Farrell, but by his use of the tag ‘paedophiles…oh sorry ephebophiles’ underneath every article he writes about him. He has used this tag when attacking myself or any other MRA who even mentions feminist laws on ‘child protection’ as well as in stories relating to real paedophiles. If either Warren Farrell or Richard Dawkins chooses to sue him for defamation, he would not have a legal leg to stand on. Similarly, he is no legal position to seek defamation charges against others for suggesting that he, in fact, is a paedophile, by his own logic, for having regularly in his past career as a ‘sex positive’ journalist discussed critically the feminist narrative on child sex abuse and teenage sexuality.

    David Futrelle clearly incited violence against Warren Farrell at the recent men’s rights conference in Detroit, using that same disputed interview given nearly half-a-century ago. Farrell is obviously now an old man, subjected to intimidation and attempted violence at previous speaking engagements on men’s rights. Futrelle clearly tried to incite similar and greater violence against him and other attendees at the conference using insinuations that Farrell was a paedophile and a ‘paedophile apologist’. Again, if Farrell chooses to take legal action against Futrelle over this, he will have an extremely strong case.

    Fraudtrelle even recently boasted that it was not illegal to slander somebody as a rapist even if they are found innocent in the eyes of the law by a court :

    David Futrelle exists in a psychopathic fantasy world in which he can make a living from constantly slandering hundreds if not thousands of men and yet when one of his victims highlights past quotes that he has made, he threatens to sue for defamation because it might harm his chosen ‘career’ of making money out of trying to criminalize the very idea that men and boys have rights. He publicly promises to ‘assist’ a woman who has been screencapped making death threats against myself and my readers for simply highlighting a quote of hers made in a public space (erm..sound familiar David?).

    The other day he exploited the latest tragic school shooting in America to slander the entire manosphere as potential murderers- which must number at least 100,000 individuals now, on the basis that…err…I’m not sure but something about the shooter having a penis and most of the manosphere having penises. No doubt he will be launching an early donation drive if he gets a spike in traffic from the mainstream media, just as he did when he took advantage of the Elliot Rodgers killings to spuriously link them to the MRM.

    Unfortunately David Futrelle has crossed the line with me and he will be facing the consequences.

    When Gawker Staff Had Their Wages Paid by the Advertising of Revenge Child Porn

    HackedAccount Title

    There was a time when Gawker Media didn’t have to worry about losing advertising from brands such as Adobe over its shameful promotion of bullying (the biggest problem affecting children in the West today). The following is a re-post of an article I published here in 2012. Gawker Media had recently sold ‘’- one of the sites in its blog network and the pornographic sister to Jezebel and Gawker. Apparently, it was sold not because it was a profit loss (as a porn site, it was probably making more money than all the other Gawker Media sites combined), but because it sat uncomfortably with the ‘liberal progressive’ feminist ideals that the company promotes. Someone sooner or later was going to point out the sickening double standards. Especially when Fleshbot’s primary source of income appeared to be from running an adult ad network that tempted liberal progressive male feminist readers in with the promise of pornographic images and videos ‘hacked’ from the social network accounts of teenage girls or uploaded by vengeful ex-boyfriends – with some of the girls appearing to be as young as 13.
    Gawker Media is being sued for $100 million by Hulk Hogan for publishing a clip of a leaked sex tape featuring himself.

    This is the company that owns both Gawker and Jezebel websites, and which led a crusade against two controversial sexually voyeuristic subreddits – namely r/jailbaits and r/creepshots.  Gawker journalist Adrian Chen was the cheerleader for both campaigns, and recently ‘exposed’ the anonymous redditor behind both of those subreddits.  He has repeatedly expressed his desire for r/mensrights to be the next on his target list.

    It’s probably too  much to expect that Adrian will resign over the double standards involved in the gross invasion of Hulk Hogan’s sexual privacy. After all, presumably in his White Knight world an unidentified young woman has the right to parade around in semi-naked clothing without being voyeuristically objectified, whereas a male celebrity can have his genitals and private sex life splashed all over the very website the he works for in order for profits to climb and his wages to be paid.  No problem.

    However, I don’t know if they’ll be any money left in the piggy bank to pay Adrian’s wages if Gawker has to shell out $100 million to Hogan.

    One presumes that Gawker Media were already financially struggling since they were pressured into offloading another of their blog websites – – this year.  The adult site was likely the only one in their network that made a substantial profit, but the company apparently decided that housing a hardcore porn site alongside the most popular feminist website online, as well as the morally crusading ‘liberal’ Gawker Magazine, smacked too much of double standards and rank hypocrisy.

    Especially when that adult blog made most of its money out of advertising a porn paysite network that includes at least one highly dubious website purporting to offer to subscribing members sexual photos and videos of teenage girls – some of whom appear to be underage- illegally hacked from their social networks.

    HackedAccount Title

    Can Adrian and Jezebel readers spot their neighbour’s teenage daughters here?

    you could not fucking make this up 3 was ‘sold’ to a Gawker employee earlier this year – Lux Alptraum. It is still using almost an identical site design to Gawker and Jezebel. It seems to be aimed at the same liberal progressive crowd too – even male feminists have to jerk off to porn now and again, right? But at least it’s non-discriminatory in its objectification of men and women – almost uniquely, it features both heterosexual and homosexual hardcore porn images on the same front page (and without any warning page. I guess it’s too much trouble protecting children from being sexualized by porn if it cuts into your profits and ability to pay your feminist writer’s salaries).

    I suppose the view of the Fleshbot editors is that you’d have to be homophobic to let the sight of two muscular men exploring each other’s asses dampen your appetite for some barely legal teen girl porn, right?

    Well, maybe, but wait a moment. Those same feminists and manginas tell us that there is something shameful in men finding nubile teen girls sexually attractive –

    This seems at odds with what I saw on the front page of Fleshbot the last time I checked several months ago – a story describing how the nipples of Emma Watson – who still looks around 16, and who is still worshiped by ‘paedophiles’ – could be seen through the dress she was wearing at an awards ceremony. Meanwhile, one of the hardcore videos displayed on the main page was puported to have been recorded by a teen couple on their webcam – with the heading ‘Damn Teens, Making Us Jealous With Their Healthy and Awesome Sex Habits‘ (NSFW). One reader left the following comment underneath the video – ‘Shouldn’t those kids be in class?

    But it got worse. Much worse.

    The far right hand side of the heading bar at Fleshbot consisted of an advertising banner. On the day I visited it was linking to a porn site called ‘Hacked Account’. Here is a screencap of the heading as it appeared that day :

    fleshbot teen porn 1

    The image advertising Hacked Account was a gif file, alternating between 3 different images. One of the images involved a penis being inserted into a completely hairless vagina.

    At this stage I should warn you that you visit that site at your own risk – feminists have succeeded in making it a criminal offence in most countries to simply view a sexualized image of what ‘appears’ or ‘purports’ to be a person under the age of 18. This is enshrined in the 1989 United Nations Charter on the Fundamental Rights of feminists the Child. Although America used economic pressure to force every other country in the world to sign up to the charter (except Somalia), and played a huge role in formulating the puritanical anti-sex element of the definition of both a child and of child porn, they didn’t sign up to the charter itself, because that would have required them to stop putting retarded 16 year old black kids on to death row. This, together with the fact that the USA is fortunate enough to have a constitution that protects the right to free speech, means that it is now one of the few countries in the world in which a ‘sexualized’ picture of what appears to be a teen under the age of 18 is still (technically) legal.

    Of course, this didn’t stop Adrian Chen and the girls of Jezebel from defining clothed pictures of teens as child porn on Reddit. Presumably, they were using the definitions of child porn enshrined by the U.N. and implemented in the laws of most ‘progressive’ nations.

    However, if you visit, you’ll see that we’re not talking about 17 year olds in bikinis or tight fitting jeans here. We’re talking hardcore porn videos that are purported to come from the hacked social networking accounts of teenage schoolgirls. And some of the girls featured on the main page of the site look very young indeed – in fact, some of them look as though they could be as young as 13 or 14.

    cute teen unaware of her hacked phone videos

    you could not fucking make this up 9

    hacked topless bottom


    At least one of the video thumbnail images on the homepage appears to simply be a bait for a non-existent hardcore video of the ‘schoolgirl’ represented – one of the girls was identified by a reader as a 24 year old non-pornographic Asian model famous for her young teenage anime style looks.

    It’s probable that at least several images on the homepage alone of that site would pass definitions of virtual child pornography – sexualized images of persons appearing or presented to be under 18 – especially in the context of the website portraying itself as an amateur tube site that has obtained stolen videos of teens and schoolgirls from their hacked social network accounts. If you purchase a membership of that site and you live in the EU, then you will certainly be liable to a minimum 1 year prison sentence under virtual child pornography laws. And although, despite the best efforts of feminists, virtual child porn is still legal in the USA, the advertising of what appears to be real child porn under American law – real persons under 18 – is now illegal (

    HackedAccount does contain a standard ‘2257’ disclaimer at the bottom of its homepage, but upon clicking it, you find what appears to be an admission that the company does not have the ID – does not know the age – of some of the models , but it’s o.k because those models aren’t in ‘sexually explicit’ conduct that the 2257 requirement covers :


    I delayed writing this article till now because I couldn’t confirm that CrakMedia were advertising on while it was still officially a Gawker website. Now I have :

    Which features the following FLASH advertising banner (WARNING not safe for work and features very young looking females ) – (**The banner has now been deleted).

    The above snapshot is from July 19th 2011.

    So to sum up. The company that Adrian Chen and the staff of work for, made some of its profits (and hence some of their wages) from the advertising of an adult network that, according to most feminists (including those at Gawker Media) and most feminist laws of the world, contains virtual child pornography images, and likely contains sexualized images of real children in order to trick readers (i.e. ‘paedophiles’) into thinking that they are purchasing stolen or secretly recorded hardcore videos of those children ‘in action’. This is the same Adrian Chen who pressured the company that owns Reddit into ending the publishing of ‘child porn’ images of clothed teenagers.

    This is the same Jezebel that shames men for seeking out barely legal porn, and that supports laws that lead to men having to face years of rape and beatings in jail for simply clicking mistakenly on an illegal amateur teen image. Yet the staff of Jezebel appear to have been having some of their wages paid out of the profits of a website that at least presents itself as one of those very same illegal amateur teen porn sites.

    There’s one more very important but deeply disturbing issue here. The same ‘perverts’ who would visit the jailbait and creepshot sections of reddit are exactly the same people who might be tempted to sign up to a membership of a porn site that purports to offer videos of ‘slutty teens flashing their asses in public’ or of a ‘sexy blonde schoolgirl followed by a sneaky cam’.

    But of course, if you can look at countless pictures of amateur teen jailbait for free on Reddit, you’re less likely to get your credit card out to join a ‘barely legal’ website that uses pictures of girls that appear possibly jailbait and that promises videos featuring those girls for paying members.

    Certainly, the free jailbait sections of Reddit eat into the profits of CrakMedia, and therefore of, and therefore of Gawker Inc – at least until this year – a company that had been profiting directly from the advertising of a porn network that uses ‘jailbait’ style images to entice visitors to part cash for what purport to be stolen hardcore amateur teen videos.

    You seriously couldn’t make it up.

    UPDATE : In 2009, Gawker linked to a Fleshbot article featuring leaked naked pictures of Vanessa Hudgens.  They were only removed when Hudgens pointed out that they were taken when she was 17 and therefore illegal child porn :

    Adrian Chen joined Gawker the same year. So either he was a member of staff when Gawker Media published child porn (rather than ‘simply’ advertising and profiting from it) or he joined a company that he presumably knew had just been caught publishing and disseminating child porn.

    Downloading 72 Virgins in Every Man’s Bedroom – Why Secular Sex Positive Men’s Rights is the ONLY Alternative to Radical Islam

    Our friend Eivind Berge recently discussed Islam and whether or not we anti-feminists in the Men’s Rights Movement should join forces with it. Islam is clearly sex negative aside from two aspects – the fantasy of 72 virgins in paradise, which only a low IQ moron could believe (but young radicalized muslims appear to) and the acceptance of polygamy (which simple mathematics dictates will not be ‘sex positive’ for the majority of males left without a wife).

    However, it becomes clearer every day that Isis and political Islam in general is attracting even young white men to its cause. Men fundamentally disenchanted with and sexually disenfranchised by the ‘liberal progressive’ West and seeking an alternative. Christian conservatism, Islam’s chief rival in this respect, doesn’t seem to have such a pull. As I mentioned here the other day, Western men are flocking in their thousands to be blown to bits fighting for Isis and a new Caliphate. Thousands of Western men are not flocking to Russia to re-build Christian civilisation under a man who is clearly serious about the project. Well… the likes of Roosh and Krauser are certainly having fun notch counting there while complaining about the decadent West and its ‘ruined’ unmarriageable sluts.

    Eivind made the excellent point that the MRM seems to be failing in that it appears unable to even gain converts amongst ‘sex offenders’ (who are overwhelmingly male and increasingly the transgressors of unjust feminist sex laws) :

    “Maybe there is something else men’s rights activism could be packaged with in order to make it more compelling to the masses? MRA is a political sex-offender ideology which fails to get support even from most actual convicted sex offenders.”

    If every man is a potential sex offender under the increasingly insane feminist legislative creep, and if men are flocking in their thousands to die for primitive and austere muslim ideals in order to spend eternity with 72 beautiful teenage virgins, perhaps the men’s rights movement should aspire to be a real secular alternative to Islam, NOT a poor immitation. Particularly when, if it wasn’t for the inevitable feminist legislation (and potential sexual holocaust), male technology will likely allow the fiction of 72 virgins in paradise to become a reality in the bedrooms of every man.

    This is my reply to Eivind point about the lack of political activism amongst feminist defined ‘sex offenders’ :

    No offence Eivind, but why should they? We only represent one corner of the MRM, and even here most of us have gone on record to denounce porn, virtual sex, and even casual sex as sins of the flesh.

    The sex positive aspect of Islam is that it promises 72 virgins in paradise for all the low iq sexually frustrated angry young men who sacrifice themselves in jihad, (conveniently allowing the mullahs and other alpha Arab males to take their pick of the surplus females in their polygamous marriages – the other ‘sex positive’ aspect of Islam).

    You asked whether we should join forces with Islam. Our ‘sex positive’ men’s rights movement already appears to be Islam without the sex positive parts – the 72 virgins in paradise and the polygamy.

    Unfortunately, it does appear that it is the virgins in paradise bit that largely motivates all these testosterone fuelled young men (even white men) to join Isis.

    We could offer the perfect secular alternative to Islam – in 20 years or less, the technology will probably be around for men to be able to download 72 virgins in their bedrooms (sexbots/ultra-realistic 3d printed sex dolls, virtual porn etc). But that doesn’t seem to be a popular view around these parts, let alone the wider MRM.

    I don’t wish to sound harsh because you’ve made some brilliant points as usual, and raised some important issues, and there’s been some great comments here, including Jack’s.

    As far as sex offenders are concerned, bear in mind that most of them were likely paedocrites up to or including the point when they got arrested for whatever feminist sex law they were breaking. Then in prison they receive forced ‘therapy’ and ‘rehabilitation’ courses, and early release, or even release itself, is usually dependent upon them ‘accepting their guilt’. They’ll probably just come out of prison even more hardened psychopathic self-deceiving paedocrites than when they went in.

    Another problem is that liberals in general still find it difficult to accept that feminists are illiberal and waging a war on male sexuality. This is why most anti-sex hysteria bloggers and activists refuse to blame feminism.

    A further problem could be that those men strongly attracted to teenage girls could simply be, by their very nature, inclined towards mangina pussy worshiping personalities, and hence again be averse to seeing feminists (or any women) as the enemy.

    However, there is some hope. I do see more and more liberal anti-sex hysteria writers taking on feminism as the source of the problem – obvious examples include the writers at Spiked Magazine. Even Jonathan King, the ex DJ and ‘convicted sex offender’, is now attacking feminism (he once banned me from his forum for doing so). Also Ched Evans, the footballer falsely convicted for rape under insane feminist laws, and his supportive family are squarely blaming feminists for his plight.

    Finally, the unfortunate fact that European prisons will be overcrowding with sex offenders in the very near future does contain the ironic glimmer of hope that ‘sex offenders’ might become ‘radicalized’ and politically active. The thing is, if we want them to be radicalized by us and not by Islamists, we need to offer an alternative to Islam – not an inferior ‘secular’ copy.

    Civil War Breaks Out At Manboobz Over Whether It’s Cool for Male Feminists to Fantasize About Torturing Women

    Anybody who has followed the comical comments section of David Futrelle’s ‘Manboobz’ site (oh sorry ‘we hunted the mammoth’) know that there has been long standing simmering tensions between the two groups who make up David’s groupies. On one side there are some genuine and classic Sexual Trade Union femihags who have hung out there since the beginning. On the other, there is a seemingly increasing number of ‘transgenders’ who appear simply to be male feminists who enjoy wearing wigs and skirts…and often, as we have discovered recently, fantasizing about torturing and even crucifying women and girls.

    In an apparent psychopathic master paedocrite response to my revelation the other day that one of his regular (male) commentators is an ‘assistant executioner’ at a sickening BDSM forum that glorifies the crucifying of women, Futrelle last night published an article accusing GamerGate MRAs of fantasizing in print the sexual abuse and humiliation of women.

    This appears to have hit a little too close to home for some of his ‘male’ groupies and outright civil war has now broken out in the comments section between femihags denouncing all BDSM fantasies as being instrinsicaly misogynistic, and the male feminists/’transgenders’ who adamantly maintain that getting a big erection over disgusting images and stories of women and girls being dominated and tortured is o.k. so long as…err… you wear a cheap woman’s wig, pretend to be a feminist, and hang out at the website of a notorious paedocrite and anti-mra who thinks naked children eating shit, being anally raped, and disemboweled on film is ‘classic’ and suitable for sale in a gay sex shop.


    ‘The number of British prisoners aged over 60 years has risen by 130% between 2002 and 2013, a shift attributed to an increase in the convictions for historic sex abuse.’

    From Wikipedia :

    The number of British prisoners aged over 60 years has risen by 130% between 2002 and 2013, a shift attributed to an increase in the convictions for historic sex abuse. The increase was reported after the 2012 commencement of Operation Yewtree, a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations—predominantly the abuse of children—against the British media personality Jimmy Savile and others.[4] In relation to over 4,000 over-60 prisoners in UK prisons, Professor David Wilson of Birmingham City University stated in July 2014:

    “Four out of 10 of these prisoners (the over-60s) were convicted of sex offences and people over 60 are the fastest growing age group in the prison estate, yet there is no national strategy for the elderly who get sent to prison … The Prison Service needs to develop a strategy to cope with this fastest growing section of the prison population or they will simply be failing in their duty of care to the elderly people that they are locking up.”

    David Futrelle’s ‘Transgender’ Sadistic Paedocrite Groupie of the Week – RALMCG

    We recently came to the awful realization here that an alarming number of David Futrelle’s faithful online groupies appear to be sadistic ‘transgender’ psychopaths, as well as hardcore paedocrites.  This is somewhat disturbing, to say the least, because David Futrelle himself has a 20 year history of defending the ‘right’ of a gay sex shop to rent out a film containing nothing but images of 14 year old child actors being forced to eat shit, anally raped, and then slowly tortured to death.  Futrelle has also repeatedly mocked the reality of child abuse in his career, claimed that the innocence of abuse victims is ‘exaggerated’, and even argued that we all harbour secret fantasies to torture and abuse others.

    Today’s David Futrelle ‘ transgender’ sadistic paedocrite groupie of the week is ‘Ralmcg’.


    Ralmcg is a regular commentator at David Futrelle’s site Manboobz oh sorry ‘We Hunted the Mammoth’.  David often allows it to indulge itself by uploading pictures of itself wearing skimpy denim shorts that reveal most of it’s hairy legs.  Social justice pan-sexual progressiveness…or something like that.






    Unfortunately, like a number of social justice transgender warrriors, ralmcg’s pan-sexual progressiveness appears to include a disturbing appetite for violent sexual fantasies – directed at just about anything that moves, be it man, woman, boy or girl. A quick Google of his Manboobz handle reveals that he is an ‘assistant executioner’ at a truly repulsive online bdsm forum that caters for perverts with a particularly sick fetish for crucifixion.



    When another poster at the sick site offers to upload a book entitled ‘The Interrogation And Punishment Centre For Girls’, an impatient Ralmcg asks when it will be available in the archives :


    Bear in mind that all of David Futrelle’s readers joined with him in defending the renting out in a gay sex shop of a movie consisting solely of naked children being interrogated and brutally tortured, mainly on the grounds that the abused child actors were aged 14-17 and therefore ‘not really children‘. These same social justice warriors accuse anti-feminists of being paedophiles for criticising feminist laws that define young looking anime characters in bikinis as ‘child porn’….despite a curious number of them bizarrely choosing pre-pubescent anime characters as their public avatars.

    Although male feminist RALMCG is heavily into fantasies involving crucifying women and interrogating and punishing schoolgirls, I think it’s fair to say that you wouldn’t want your teenage son to be anywhere within 100 miles of him either, given that he appears to have a thing for boys too :

    From his Photobucket :



    From his YouTube :



    I should also make it clear that I’m not doxxing anyone here.  These are all from profiles under the online identity of ‘transgender’ social justice warrior ‘ralmcg’.

    Such psychopathic opportunistic males appear to be so confident in the protection that their supposed status as ‘transgenders’ or ‘male feminists’ gives them, that they barely feel the need to hide their sick perverted fantasies from the outside world.

    And the disturbing thing is, they appear to be right.

    David Futrelle - alleged psychopathic sadistic paedophile
    David Futrelle – alleged psychopathic sadistic paedophile