And Still No Justice for Russell Joslin – The Male DJ Who Killed Himself After Alleged Sexual Harassment from Liz Kershaw

As the personal hell of former DJ Dave Lee Travis continues , there is still no prospect of justice in sight Russell Joslin – a male DJ whose sexual harassment by a colleague was so severe that he actually killed himself.

Whilst the life of Dave Lee Travis is destroyed for fondling the boobs of a woman nearly two decades ago, the abuse and consequent suicide of Russell Joslin appears to be all but forgotten. In fact, instead of facing trial and a stay in prison as a sex offender, the alleged abuser of Joslin – fellow DJ Liz Kershaw – is free to make money from an autobiography that portrays HIM as a pervert who made HER ‘feel uncomfortable’.

Russell Joslin apparently went out for a meal with colleague Liz Kershaw, and after spurning her sexual advances, she allegedly began leaving threatening and demeaning messages on his answering machine describing him as a ‘flake’ and a ‘loser’. Joslin complained to their employee – the BBC – and when they refused to take his complaint seriously, he suffocated himself.

Mr Joslin, who as a reporter at BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, is believed to have received a series of phone messages from Ms Kershaw after they argued during a meal out together in 2007 and he apparently walked out on her in a restaurant, leaving her to find her own way back to Coventry. The phone messages branded him a ‘flake’ and ‘a loser’.

Ms Kershaw, now 54, worked at BBC Coventry and Warwickshire between 2005 and 2011.

While there is no evidence that the messages contributed to the death of Mr Joslin, who was being treated in a psychiatric hospital when he died, his family claim that he was left ‘a shadow of his former self’ because he felt bosses failed to act on his complaints.

The BBC has launched an investigation, but the family are demanding a fully independent inquiry.

Mr Joslin’s father Peter, 77, the retired chief constable of Warwickshire, said last night: ‘When Liz Kershaw joined BBC Coventry and Warwickshire she did not know the area and for some reason Russell was chosen to show her around.

‘He quite enjoyed it, I think, until this particular incident but after that life became very tough for him.

‘We have the recordings of what she said to him. Russell, being a good reporter, actually recorded the messages as they were being left.

‘They were very unpleasant and she made it clear that she felt she was on a different level to him. A lot of things happened because he had to carry on working with her. He did not tell us everything but it badly affected him.

….The allegation that Ms Kershaw, made the calls to Mr Joslin came after she claimed last month there was a culture of sexual harassment of women at Radio 1 and that she was groped while broadcasting live.

Steve Moxon – Dave Lee Travis: Another Yewtree travesty of justice

Where is the evidence?
An accusation is not evidence.
An accusation requires evidence even to begin to be established.
Parallel accusations are not evidence, and they are not mutually corroboratory simply for being in parallel; especially when the context is a high-profile police trawl of a celebrity, because self-evidently this is almost guaranteed to generate multiple false allegation.
False allegation of sexual assault, notably rape, is commonplace, and research – along with examination of media-reported cases – shows the often incredible triviality of motivation.
Then there is ‘false memory’ of various forms, which is a major problem with ‘historic cases’ such as this – an alleged incident 20 years ago.
The CPS should never have brought this case, which is a re-trial of what was itself a trial that never have been brought. It should never have passed even first-base in consideration, but such is the serious anti-male prejudice of the CPS that the case was progressed in the hope that most of the jury would share similar prejudices. On this occasion, most did — but some did not: conviction was on a majority verdict only.
On top of all this is the triviality of the alleged offence: fondling breasts is barely even a serious misdemeanour, never mind a notable criminal offence. It’s straining definition to term it ‘sexual assault’ when the genitals of neither alleged perpetrator not putative victim are in any way involved — the term ‘groping’ is improperly applied to anything other than hands on genitals. And the usual context is of frivolity (even if that may be a cover for unwanted fondling).
The whole Yewtree fiasco is near beyond belief, and will be seen in retrospect as a stark manifestation of the loony era of ‘identity politics’.

David Futrelle and the Lynching of Sam Pepper

David Futrelle – Alleged sadistic paedophile psychopath

Sam Pepper is the YouTube prankster taking a lot of heat at the moment for a video he uploaded recently that features him pinching the bottoms of young women whilst using a fake hand (in his pocket) to blame passers by with.

A funny if rather crass video, and it was certainly naieve on his part not to realise that the feminazis would unleash hell against him as a result.

Over the last couple of days it’s turned into a real public lynching for young Sam Pepper (who still looks like and clearly has the personality of a teenage boy). Several female YouTubers and former fans of Sam have come out with claims that he sexually harassed them in the past, with one even alleging that he raped her.

Although no arrest has been made, and it’s not even clear whether there is any evidence against him, it hasn’t stopped the child torture porn apologist David Futrelle from accusing Mr Pepper of being a ‘rapist’. Not only that, but boasting of the right of himself and feminists to publicly accuse men of being rapists, even if they have been found innocent, let alone never been arrested. This is a ‘man’, remember, who continues to advocate for the right of gay sex shops to rent out ‘classic’ videos depicting actual 14 year old naked boys being anally raped, tortured, made to eat shit, and disembowlled, and who then threatens to sue for libel anybody who points out the depravity of that.



There appears to be no evidence against Pepper other than the word of the women making the accusations. One such woman claims that he asked for nude photos of her when she was 15. Unfortunately for her, and for her expected increase in YouTube subscribers, the only ‘evidence’ she provides is a screenshot of a Facebook chat in which he (it is allegedly him in the chat although his name is not visible) asks her to simply show him some ‘photos’ of her (that they should be nude is not implied, let alone stated). Another scorned fan claims that he ‘groped’ her whilst on a date with him at a cinema, when she was 16, AFTER she had already let him kiss her, and despite the fact that she was above the British age of consent of 16.

Although there appears to be zero evidence against the man, under recent changes to guidelines given to the prosecution service in the UK, a man can be convicted of sexual abuse simply if enough women come out of the woodwork and accuse him of it, and their accounts of his behaviour broadly ‘match’. This is how Rolf Harris was convicted upon the basis of nothing other than the word of his accusers (all of whom will now recieve financial ‘compensation’). In the case of Sam Pepper, we are literally witnessing an online lynching and destruction of a young man’s life – with David Futrelle now attempting to act as the cheerleader.

In the light of David Futrelle’s continued defence of child torture porn being sold in gay sex shops, his repeated history of child abuse apologia, and his shocking article written in the same year as his child torture porn defence, in which he claims that we all have a secret urge to torture others – an urge that is only kept under control primarily by watching torture and murder on film, several observers have suggested that Futrelle is a sadistic paedophile with a particular fetish for the sexual abuse and torture of young boys.

It has also been noted that Futrelle’s public obsession with torture and child abuse reached a height in the same year that a fellow resident of Chicago – John Wayne Gacy – was arrested for the sadistic murder of numerous young boys.

However, I believe that a man is innocent until proven guilty. Let’s just hope the FBI are doing their job.

In the meantime, I would say that I do believe that David Futrelle is getting a sexual thrill from the online lynching of a young lad.

One Amazon review of the ‘classic’ that David Futrelle believes should be sold openly in gay sex shops, unhindered by the child protection concerns of ‘dumb’ policemen :

All biases aside, this film is nothing more than 117 minutes of continuous torture and sexual perversion directed at young people. Any socially responsible director can get his point across without feeling the need to wallow in this filth with child actors being violated in nearly every way possible . I have no doubt that Passolini either was getting his jollies out of the action being performed in front of his camera or was suffering great mental illness in order to allow his cast to be degraded in this way. It really is no wonder he was murdered shortly after completion of this film….As another reviewer has previously said this is an evil film and leaves an incredibly bad taste in ones mouth particularly when one realises they have partaken in this viewing experience willingly and contributed to the films revenue.

Beethoven – The World’s Greatest ‘Paedophile’?

It’s surely a curiosity, no doubt that will be rectified soon, that the official anthem of the SheU is a piece written by a ‘paedophile’ – Beethoven. Admittedly, he is possibly the greatest ever ‘paedophile’, at least if you don’t include God, Jesus, or Mohammed, but a ‘paedophile’ none the less.

It’s also not often that the Daily Mail waxes lyrical over a subhuman ‘paedophile’, but here we are :

Ugly as he was, Beethoven easily attracted women. His pupil, Ferdinand Ries, described how, one day, he found Beethoven on a sofa with an unknown young woman.

Ries had come for a lesson. Beethoven waved him to the piano: ‘Play something romantic’. Ries obliged, averting his eyes from the sofa. ‘Something passionate!’ urged Beethoven.

Ries played on, until the woman made off. Beethoven said he had no idea who she was — she had knocked on the door and asked to see him. This happened, apparently, quite often. But his real love life, confined to three or four women, was a disaster.

Without fail, he fell for much younger girls (17 was a favourite age) of aristocratic birth, usually titled, often married — hopeless prospects.

The Moonlight Sonata, often claimed to have been written in order to impress a 16 year old pupil that Beethoven was in love with :

Perhaps the femi-nazis will play Beethoven as millions of ‘paedophile’ men are led into EU death camps for finding teenage girls attractive, just as the Nazis had Jewish inmates play Beethoven as their fellows were marched into the gas chambers…

Crazed Feminists Unleash Their Breasts Against ISIS

FEMEN organised a protest calling on all “infidels” to “rise up” against the self-titled Islamic State (formerly ISIS) in Paris on Wednesday.

The protesters were topless, with the slogan “Infidels Unite” painted on their backs and chests. They also wore the keffiyeh usually associated with Palestinian nationalism, although reasons for this decision were not given.

Carrying toy guys and aiming them at cameras and bystanders, one member addressed the crowd near the Arc de Triomphe through a megaphone. After the speech and a period of chanting the FEMEN members fled the scene.

Quotes from the Novel ‘Facial Justice’

facial-justiceDisloyal yet esteemed dick sizer reader Jack alerted us a while back to the intriguing novel ‘Facial Justice’, published 50 years ago and largely forgotten, but now re-issued this month as a Penguin Modern Classic.

According to Wikipedia :

Facial Justice is a dystopian novel by L. P. Hartley, published in 1960. The novel depicts a post-apocalyptic society that has sought to banish privilege and envy, to the extent that people will even have their faces surgically altered in order to appear neither too beautiful nor too ugly. The novel was included in Anthony Burgess’s Ninety-nine Novels: The Best in English Since 1939: A Personal Choice

The novel opens with the following paragraph :

In the not very distant future, after the Third World War, Justice had made great strides. Legal Justice, Economic Justice, Social Justice, and many other forms of Justice, of which we do not even know the names, had been attained; but there still remained spheres of human relationship and activity in which Justice did not reign.

The first chapter contains the scene of two female friends meeting. The prettier of the two has been reported to the authorities for her good looks, and faces cumpulsory plastic surgery to level her down to the average standard.

“It was my lashes they mostly picked on, for being too long and curly. My fault, of course, I should have cut them, but sometimes I forgot. One woman complained she had lost several nights sleep just thinking about my eyelashes. She felt they were digging into her, she said.”

“How do you know that it was a woman? Judith asked. “It might have been a man – it might very well have been a man.”

“The complaints all came from women, I was told. Most men don’t really mind you being pretty”.

“On principle they ought to”, Judith said.

Teenage Boy Enrages Feminists with Fake Hand Ass Pinch YouTube Prank

Teenage YouTube prankster enrages feminists and white knights with fake hand ass pinch funny video.  Just a laugh, or sexual harassment at its worst?

As would be expected, the female comments are divided between good looking/supportive, who see it as a joke, and the ugly bitch/feminist types who are screaming sexual harrassment.


Meanwhile, I guess the Men’s Human Rights position would be that these attractive women are molesting the boy’s hand with their asses and that HE is going to be scarred for life!