‘UK parliament shoots down ‘unnecessary’ anti-revenge porn laws’


Peers in the British Parliament have rejected proposals to make ‘revenge porn’ a criminal offence, stating that proposals for new laws are unnecessary.

Reviewing existing laws on social media crime, the House of Lords’ Communications Committee said that existing laws could be used to tackle internet users uploading sexually explicit content of their former partners online.

In a report published on Tuesday, the committee further urged social media companies like Facebook and Twitter not to let people post anonymously, saying: “there is little point in criminalising certain behaviour and at the same time making that same behaviour impossible to detect”.

Saying that such a measure would not be an “undesirably chilling step towards tyranny”, the peers added that such a step was necessary to allow police authorities to investigate crimes.

Lord Best, who chairs the committee, insisted that despite ‘social media’ being a relatively new phenomenon, incidents of criminality were generally consistent under English common law.

“Cyber bullying, revenge porn, trolling and virtual mobbing are new phrases in our media vocabulary, but they generally describe behaviour that is already criminal,” he said.

Spiked – ‘Sisi: Groping for Western Approval



And what better way to appease Western liberals, worried about having cosied up to a mass-murdering tyrant, than to champion that favourite cause of Western elites: the victimhood of women. The characterisation of assaults as being in crowded public places also gives Sisi a legitimate reason in the eyes of the West to brutally crack down on any public gatherings. The fact that many of his political rivals are angry, bearded, Muslim men means that few in the West will be likely to challenge such repression. Sexual-harassment laws in the West are becoming ever more authoritarian in nature, allowing the state to encroach further and further into the realms of the workplace and our private relationships; why would we expect such laws to have a progressive effect in Egypt?

Far from being an out-of-character policy for Sisi’s otherwise brutal regime, the new laws chime perfectly with his totalitarianism. He can both present himself to the West as having made liberal reforms, while simultaneously using the issue of women’s safety as a smokescreen for any future crackdown on dissent.

Chris Brand – ‘Star Abuse Revealed’



In days of violent paedohysteria, celebrities were understandably reluctant to tell the public that they themselves had been the perfectly successful survivors of child sex with kindly adults. But ex-President multi-millionaire and heart-throb Bill Clinton had the job done for him by his wife. As Hillary Clinton readied herself to run for the White House in 2016, a Pullitzer prize-winning journaliste decided to back Hillary’s social-environmentalist sob story of how her hubby had been led astray by ably head-giving Monica Lewinsky.

Apparently Bill had been regularly ‘abused’ by his mother and thus felt a need to seek for his abuser even in the arms of the most unsuitable women…. (DailyTelegraph, 25 vii).

{It was, of course, not unheard of or abnormal for mothers of the past to soothe their children with judicious masturbation; but what the Clintons would make of this story getting out remained to be seen. Bill himself had always been most fond of his mother, writing to her daily to keep her in touch with his considerable achievements.}

Similarly contravening paedohysteria, a Manchester crown court judge distinguished himself by falling asleep during the first day of evidence in a witch-hunt of ‘child abuse.’ The trial had thus to be abandoned and a new performance re-scheduled at the cost of £10K to taxpayers.

So shocking to paedo-hounders was the judge’s boredom that the story even got reported on BBC World Service news (26 vii, 09:00). {I would need to learn from this, since I myself was summoned for high court jury service in E’b*gger – my excuse that I had limited understanding of Glaswegian not having worked. I would have to stay awake, perhaps resting my head on my NHS-supplied walking stick.}

Did David Futrelle Defend Child Prostitution and an Age of Consent of 12? – Feminists Fighting Child Sex Slavery Used ‘Coercive Strategies to Control the Sexual Behaviour of Young Girls’ (Re-Post)

In a 1995 article for ‘In These Times’, David Futrelle made the extraordinary claim that Victorian feminists used ‘coercive strategies to control the sexual behaviour of young girls’.

What on Earth could he have meant by such a statement?

His article consists of a review of a book that explores the infamously hypocritical sexuality of the Victorians – ‘When Passion Reigned‘.  Much of the article is given over to discussion of the Social Purity Movements of the era – the forerunners of feminism – led in particular by Josephine Butler and her ‘Butlerite’ followers. The main goals of the Victorian Purity Movements were to criminalize prostitution and raise the age of consent from 12 to 16, which they succeeded in doing so in 1885 (in a bill which also criminalized homosexuality in the UK).

Once their goals had been achieved, mainly through the generation of tabloid hysteria over ‘child sex slavery’, Josephine Butler and her followers formed the National Vigilance Association. Mobs of feminists would break into brothels and ‘rescue’ the young girls and adult women found working within them – whether or not the girls wanted to be rescued, which in nearly every instance, they didn’t.  In one famous case, a brothel was raided by the feminists and 400 young girls found to be working there.  Each of them was offered work and accomodation – only 6 of the 400 accepted, the rest steadfastly insisting that they were working in the brothel of their own free will.

Before Futrelle’s statement regarding ‘co-ercive strategies’, he refers to such a case in which a girl is ‘rescued’ but ‘obstinately reiterated her wish to live the life she’d chosen “of my own free will”‘.

He then notes that even Josephine Butler made a famous speech attacking such raids, warning feminists to ‘Beware the Purity Societies’, who mistakenly believed that you could ‘oblige humans to be moral by force’.

It is at this point that Futrelle makes his controversial quote :

But even the Butlerites couldn’t always heed their own advice, at times falling back on coercive strategies to control the sexual behaviour of young girls


So what could David Futrelle have intended his liberal sex positive readers to understand by his statement?  As mentioned above, with regards to the ‘sexual behaviour of young girls’, the Butlerites are famous only for raising the age of consent to 16 with the aim of ending child prostitution (and then raiding brothels and rescuing young girls found to be working there).

According to the Wikipedia entry on Josephine Butler :

In 1885 she was drawn into another related campaign led by the campaigning editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, William Thomas Stead. He had published a series of articles entitled The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon exposing the extent of child prostitution in London. As a result of this campaign, the age of consent in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was raised from 13 to 16 that same year.


**Update – see : http://theantifeminist.com/the-criminal-amendment-act-1885-an-act-to-make-further-provision-for-the-protection-of-women-and-girls/