David Futrelle Exploits the Murders of Young Men and Women for Financial Gain

I didn’t think the creature forever known as Manboobz could descend to even lower depths of moral depravity and opportunism than he already has, but David Futrelle has managed it with his shameless ‘donation drive’ in the very week that his dwindling traffic has seen a massive increase due to his quite ridiculous and obscene attempts to link the Elliot Rodger killings to the Men’s Rights Movement.

The only connection that Elliot Rodger appears to have with the manosphere is that, like David Futrelle, he had a visceral hatred of PUAs and any men who, unlike him, were succeeding in the free sexual market that the pill, and other aspects of modern technology, has brought about, and which feminists, including male feminists and omega males like Futrelle, are attempting to close through increasingly brutal legislative means.

Elliot Rodger was a poster on PUAHATE.com, the only real link he had to the manosphere. I used to visit that site fairly often, and it was the chief reason why I decided to take a zero tolerance policy to aspies in the comments section here. They are dangerous, toxic, and their uncontrolled entitlement rages can be directed at anybody. Running a men’s rights site is trouble enough without having to fear an Elliot Rodger knocking at my door with a knife or gun in his hand because I disapproved a comment.

The fact is, that PUAHATE.com was arguably the definitive anti-manosphere site. Contrary to what Fraudtrelle has said, its members regularly attacked PUAs for not only being supposed ‘charlatans’, but also as sexual objectifiers and harassers of women. Members there obsessively set about finding the Facebook profile of KrauserPUA, who they particularly hated because he was both a noted anti-feminist and because he provided proof that he was getting laid regularly from PUA, and proceeded to message his entire friends list with false allegations that he was a rapist being hunted by the police.

Many of the members of PUAHATE.COM were, like Futrelle, openly male feminists. Their most vicious hatred was reserved for Roosh and for the writers of the leading manosphere site ReturnofKings.com. In recent months, many of the discussion threads at PUAHATE were devoted to attempts to doxx the author of the viral article ‘Five Reasons To Date A Girl With an Eating Disorder’.

Indeed, it makes far greater sense to argue that David Futrelle has more in common with Rodger (as an anti-pua/manosphere man) than certainly any MRA does. To my knowledge, there has been no link found between Rodger and any MRA site or even YouTube channel. In fact, it appears that Elliot Rodger NEVER even approached women (i.e. he never attempted PUA or GAME). He was clearly just a mental aspie (and probably a repressed homosexual) who believed that hot girls should be approaching HIM.

Whilst Elliot Rodger’s case was probably a unique result of mental disturbance, it is obscene that his horrific actions are being used to try to shut down discussion of an alienation of young male sexuality that is all too real, and whose only outlet is discussion within the manosphere and the few men’s rights sites that openly defend the sexual rights of men. When the multitude of women flaunt themselves as being sexually available through their dress, or lack thereof, combined with a savagely repressive war on male sexuality as well as a constant barrage of misandry and creep shaming, then young men are going to increasingly become enraged and this will require a free and open outlet, such as the manosphere, as a safety valve.

As fellow blogger Scarecrow has written, no woman has a duty to provide men with sex, but every man has a right to obtain sex. Every woman has the right to say no, but women do not have the right to reject men so brutally that they leave those men so demoralized and dehumanized that they are unable to approach other women who may say yes. Women do not have the right to constantly creep shame men that they see as sexually unattractive and hence to them, subhuman pieces of dirt. If you go out dressed in a sexually provocative and revealing way, men have the right to look at you without being made to feel dirty – even those beta and gamma males who you see as so beneath you that you regard and treat them as less than human.

Every Woman is an Elliot Rodger

But most of all, the truly obscene reality that this tragedy is being used to hide is that most women are, in their own feminine and more docile herd like way, an Elliot Rodger. Millions of men have been displaced by the free sexual market, including millions of young decent men turned into INCEL losers. The truth is that almost never does this result in violence against women. As noted above, even in the unique instance of Elliot Rodger, it is clearly the result of mental illness, and perhaps even repressed homosexuality, and in any case, he hated men as much as women, and ended up killing more men than women.

Millions of women have also been displaced by the free sexual market. Mostly, older women and unattractive younger women. It is true, that like men, women will almost never go on a murderous rampage as a result of their status as sexual losers. However, unlike men, individual women have and are in their thousands taking their vengance through false allegations against men, or through the dragging up of historical events that were engaged in entirely willingly at the time and which only now have been rationalized as ‘abuse’ when the ‘victim’ can no longer attract the sexual attention of men. The men at the recieving end of these allegations, often frail old men as we are seeing in the Yewtree withchunts, will have their lives destroyed as effectively as the victims of Elliot Rodger. They will also live in real fear of violence and anal rape during their long time in prison.

But more importantly, the mass of women are each and all an Elliot Rodger through their support for the feminist war on male sexuality that is seeing the free sexual market being closed in a brutal fashion that has millions of men as its victims, either as a result of falling foul of the never ending barrage of anti-male sexuality feminist laws, or through the denial of sexual opportunities that these laws result in – such as the criminalization of men who pay for sex.

If any good can come from the actions of the deranged manosphere hater Elliot Rodger it should be to highlight the brutal effects of the feminist war upon male sexuality – not to attempt to close down any discussion of that war by increasingly and justifiably angry young men, and certainly not to line the pockets of a disgusting fat opportunistic paedocrite.



Spiked – A Dangerous Obsession with Rape Convictions



In an interview with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the Independent, Alison Saunders, the UK’s Director of Public Prosecutions, and Martin Hewitt, the Association of Chief Police Offices (ACPO) lead for adult sexual offences, called for judges to issue warnings to juries at the start of rape trials about succumbing to ‘rape myths’, such as ‘she was asking for it’ or ‘she was drunk’. This was not a surprising move: Saunders and Hewitt are jointly leading a task force looking into how to increase the level of rape convictions.

In many ways, Saunders is following in the footsteps of her predecessor as DPP, Kier Starmer. Starmer often bemoaned the lack of convictions for rape, and even introduced reform targeted at making trials more victim-centred.

So, is there a problem with rape convictions? …

Chris Brand’s Politically Incorrect Thoughts 12th May 2014

IQ & PC by Chris Brand


As the President of the Oxford Union found himself arrested in his Christ Church rooms at 7am and bailed (till June) pending possible charges of rape (dated to January, 2013, when he had attended a drinking competition between male and female clubs), an Independent columnist proposed re-titling ‘rape’ as ‘non-consensual sex’ so as to persuade juries to convict (7 v).

{Eliminating the implication of struggle by the victim would be a sop to feminoids; as would ‘non-consensual sex’ avoiding the implication of penetration. Reformers aiming to incarcerate more men could then move on to redefining murder as ‘non-consensual death’….}

Top BBC man, Stuart Hall, 84, found charges of rape of two teenagerettes raised against him after forty years and despite the girls admitting that they had gone back for more ‘rape’ on scores of occasions (as they sought careers at the Beeb).

A further sign that prosecutors had lost touch with the idea that an ‘assault’ had to involve lack of consent on the part of the victim (as well as with realism and compassion) was provided as the Beeb’s superstar Rolf Harris (CBE; 84; royally admired painter of the Queen) went on trial for ‘sexual assaults’ on a teenagerette for which, after she had not complained at 13, she repeatedly returned for more and ended having a full-blown sexual affair with Harris in her twenties for which her father received a grovelling written apology when he discovered his daughter’s ‘ordeal’ thirty years later.
{Yes, it would not be long before all successful men were deemed rapists – as well as being racists, fascists and paedophiles.}


Though Ukip continued to enjoy a poll lead, its leader Mr Farridge chose to seek refuge in LibLabCon middle ground (Telegraph, 5 v). Presumably intent on winning seats in the Brussels ‘parliament’ (which did not speak English, make jokes or have any power over the European Commission), Farage not only bottled out from standing for MP in conservative Newark but spent his gift of air time on the BBC’s prestigious Andrew Marr TV chat show denouncing racism, rejoicing in his sacking of one ‘fruitcake’ Ukip candidate per day as MSM demanded, and boasting of Ukip’s ‘ethnic minority’ membership (two Blacks and a Sikh were produced).

Thus he could not explain why Kippers did not want Romanians living nearby – for he could not mention the word ‘gipsy’; he could not explain why Blacks needed to be stopped and searched; he could not address the Muslim sexual code which led to FGM and the pimping of White girls; and admission of the low IQ of the third world was beyond him even as 230 Nigerian virgins remained abducted and the Brazilians of the favelas got shooting in practice for the World (Soccer) Cup.

Farage’s deference to PeeCee mirrored Jeremy Clarkson’s “begging forgiveness” for uttering the n-word [nigga] in order to keep his £17Mpa at the Beeb. But Farridge choosing discretion as the better part of valour set aside race realism and free speech and ushered in LibLabConYUk.


When a young Black male found his path blocked outside a Tesco Express in Kingston-on-Thames by a bicycle wheeled by a 91-yr-old White war hero and campaigner against apartheid, he idly called the pensioner “a racist” who should already be dead and give him a push, felling him and fracturing his hip, leading to the death of the much-decorated oldie a few months later (D.Telegraph, 8 v).

{Yes, a generation of peecee hysteria had led to it being possible to call just about anyone racist with impunity – but not without serious cost to some of those so abused.}


A scientific team at U.California San Francisco discovered that a common form (held by one person in five) of a gene already associated with long life also improved learning and memory, a finding that could have implications for treating age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s (Medical Xpress, 8 v). The researchers found that people who carry a single copy of the KL-VS variant of the KLOTHO gene perform better on a wide variety of cognitive tests. When the researchers modelled the effects in mice, they found it strengthened the connections between neurons that make learning possible — what is known as synaptic plasticity — by increasing the action of a cell receptor critical to forming memories. The variant did not delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, but meant that sufferers started their decline from a higher point of intelligence so were not so quickly in trouble.

{In deference to PeeCee, the authors themselves, led by neurologist Dena Dubal, could not mention ‘IQ’ or ‘intelligence.’ The link between the KLOTHO gene and longevity had been discovered in 1997.}


The annual conference of American Renaissance turned out have involved proper soul-searching about the country’s demise into negritude and the failure of AR’s race realism to have the slightest impact (Radix Journal, 8 v); but there was no psychology, no tribute to Art Jensen and Phil Rushton (who had died just months previously), no consideration of the Islamicization of Western Europe, and no mention of how Vladimir Putin’s Russia (while retaking the Crimea almost bloodlessly, supporting the Russian speakers of eastern Ukraine, and protesting against a ‘bearded lady’ [a drag act] winning the Eurovision ‘Song’ Contest) was managing to resist at once the disasters of mad Mueslidom, the tyranny of western PeeCee/Multiculturalism and the impoliteness of North Korea calling Churchill-hating US President Obarmy a “dirty, wicked, unevolved monkey” (Washington Post, 8 v).

David Futrelle Named Least Interesting Person in the World


David ManBoobz Futrelle

Manboobz Futrelle is quite possibly the Least Interesting Man in the World.

That is not a charge to be made lightly. I did not think a candidate for the dubious distinction would even stand out so distinctly.

But think about it :

He has spent 4 years doing what? Just taking androsphere comments out of context. That is how he spends the life he is given, and there is no one else who spends their time in this way. Despite this, his traffic is pathetically low.

Furthermore, the one big break he was preparing for : being the authority that the MSM goes to in order to mischaracterize the androsphere, has not happened. ABC chose to interview Paul Elam, Matt Forney, etc. and misquote them, rather than engage with Manboobz at all, even though that was the career opportunity that Manboobz spent years preparing for. Other MSM attacks on the androsphere never consider citing Manboobz as a source.

Only after that did the idiot realize that using a name like ‘Manboobz’ would not win him any MSM coverage. Most normal people would instinctively oppose anything a degenerate like Futrelle represented (as they should).

A total failure at his career goal, which itself is pathetic. There is one thing worse than being a Michael Moore copycat, and that is failing at a multi-year campaign to become a Michael Moore copycat.

Hence, I declare David ‘Manboobz’ Futrelle as the Least Interesting Man in the World.