The Shocking Results of Paedohysteria – Two ‘Lost’ Little Girls Ignored By Over 600 Adults

The Daily Mail, which has done so much to promote it, reports on the shocking findings of a television documentary exposing the consequences of two decades of feminist paedohysteria :

One little girl was clutching her favourite toy while her younger sister was sucking her thumb – and both looked utterly lost and forlorn.

In a bygone era, a concerned adult might have stopped to ask them where their mother was. But in a damning indictment of modern Britain, hundreds of busy people simply walked on by.

The girls stood for an hour on a Saturday morning in a busy shopping arcade looking for ‘help’, as part of a social experiment for television.

Hidden cameras recorded Uma, seven, and Maya, five, who took it in turns to look lost.

Astonishingly, over the whole hour only one person, a grandmother, took a moment to find out if there was a problem. All of the 616 other passers-by completely ignored the girls.

Heartbreakingly for the mother of the sisters – who was watching from a hiding place nearby – passing couples even split apart to walk around either side of the ‘lost’ girls and people wheeling suitcases took evasive action to avoid Maya and Uma, not thinking to check if they needed help.

Quite unbelievably, the NSPCC, Europe’s most influential ‘child protection’ lobby group and promoter of paedohysteria, run almost exclusively by radical feminists who believe that all sex is rape, pretended to be ‘shocked’ by the documentary :

Yesterday the NSPCC said the results of the experiment were shocking and called on members of the public to step in if they saw a youngster looking lost.

Chris Brand 30th March 2014


In Berlin, A German-Muslim religious forum took an unexpected turn when three hairdress-displaying if mainly rather heavy topless White female protesters had to be dragged out of the building (Sunday Mail, 23 iii). The Berlin Islam Week event, held in one of the city’s town halls, was stopped in its tracks by members of extreme protest group Femen, who charged into the hall with slogans attacking ‘religious oppression’ and with Sharia law daubed on their bodies, clad only in red pants. Photographs of bemused Muslims from the moment the wymmin were dragged out by policemen included one of a veiled womyn filming the event on her phone as guests looked on.


For their part, the bra-less feminoids, got a glimpse of Islamic loyalties as a prominent sign urged those congregated to ‘spend for Syria’ (where Solunni Muslims – as well as wrecking the joint — were forcibly driving out Jews, Christians, Shitites and anyone not accepting the Sharia principle of female subordination).

Previously, Femen activistes had displayed their wares in Hanover and Paris; and, for whatever reason, indicated their support for the pro-Hitler ooops pro-Europe protesters of west Ukraine.

In some contrast, spineless great’n’good lawyers in London urged that women should accept the pass which traitorous lefties had made around 1970 and adopt as many Sharia principles as possible (D.Telegraph, 22 iii; BBCR4, 23 iii, 09:50). In particular, England’s Law Society (pres.: N Fuck) had taken up ‘guiding’ solicitors in making wills that would disinherit bastards, unbelievers and women yet still supposedly be recognized by English courts (Sunday Telegraph, 23 iii, p.1).

{Ongoing low-level conflict between ‘minorities’ and between parallel ‘courts’ could do lawyers’ bank balances nothing but good….}


After 30 years of paedohysterics trying to make children fear adults, it was shown that a main achievement of campaigners – apart from setting up a vast government bureaucracy to vet those working with children – had been to make adults fear contact with children altogether: two six-year-old girls who, watched by their mothers and TV cameras), feigned being lost in London found themselves brushed off by 616 passers-by (until a 70+ granny stopped to ask if they had a problem) (ITV Channel 5). Even the Daily Mail – itself not immune to paedohysteria over the years – felt scaremongering had gone too far. Its columnist Carol Sarler wrote (24 iii): “The over-imaginative minds of adult Britain are in literally hysterical thrall to paedophilia, to the idea that danger lurks in the soul of every passing stranger, while the truth – you know, facts and suchlike – is rejected without reason.” The Telegraph’s columnist Philip Johnston said we had become “cowed by paedophile hysteria,” which while not as snappy as paedohysteria was still a step in the right direction (25 iii).


Thanks to a Dorsetshire auction house, a 350-yr-old French account of sex differences came to light (D.Mail, 28 iii). Alas, Froggy scholarship was not up to much. Whereas the Eysenckian position from c.1980 was that women were demonstrably low-Psychoticism [Tender-minded in attitudinal measures], high-Neuroticism/Emotionality and of a restricted range of IQs around a normal mean of 100, The Art to Know Men, 1650 [translated into English 1850] recorded mysteriously or at least subjectively:

The male form resembles that of a lion, with large mouths, thick hair and hard and musculous flesh. Women, on the other hand have a fair appearance which hides an infinite multitude of defects including weakness, jealousy, distrust and ungratefulness.

{Whether latter-day British media grovelling to multicultidom improved things was arguable. By 2014, the BBC had become the British Sickness Service, with programmes about blind one-legged deaf running wall-to-wall with high-minded accounts of Nigerian doctors unable to control polio, of yag marriage [pension rights of partners would be the next ishoo requiring politicos to be blackmailed], and hyperactive nurses [unable to read a book] running round Africa dispensing idealism (BBCR4, 28 iii, 08:50; BBC World Service, 28 iii, 08:50).}


A plea for three famous British veteran comics was entered by the Daily Mail’s (see above) top columnist, Richard Littlejohn (28 iii): on the strength of precisely no evidence that could be divulged (possibly the fabrications of gold-diggers, possibly the appearance of the comics’ names in the Radio Times around 1970) these three elderly men had their lives, homes and computers turned upside down and their wives upset to distraction so the propagandized {feminazified} police (typically some 12 cops per suspect) could fish for ‘evidence’ of paedophile naughtiness of forty years previously. Despite this assiduous and authoritarian injustice, no ‘evidence’ of hanky-panky could be found and the sleuths were eventually called off.

The costs to the taxpayer of the past year’s largely vain persecution of some twenty senior British celebrities in the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile master-case remained unknown as claims for compensation by the celebs were prepared. Star silver-haired London publicist Max Clifford, 70, continued on daily trial at the Old Bailey for convivial undressing {i.e. ‘rape’} with a few 15-yr-old wannabe girls around 1975. An 82-yr British bishop was charged with six cases of paedofumbling boys around 1977. Nor was it enough to be cleared of twelve charges of ‘indecent assault,’ as DJ David Lee Travis had been in February: the 68-yr former BBC presenter found the fuzz coming for him again with presumably equally pathetic charges dating back to the 1970s (D.Mail, 29 iii).


America’s main organizer of Black racism, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which had labelled several Washington, D.C.-based family organizations as “hate groups” for favouring traditional marriage, was dumped as a “resource” on the FBI’s Hate Crime Web page — a significant rejection of the influential legal group. The Web page scrubbing, which also included eliminating the Jew-championing Anti-Defamation League, was not formally announced and came in the last month after 15 family groups pressed Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director James Comey to stop endorsing a group – SPLC — that inspired a recent case alleging domestic terrorism at the Family Research Council.

“We commend the FBI for removing website links to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that not only dispenses erroneous data but has itself been linked to domestic terrorism in federal court. We hope this means the FBI leadership will avoid any kind of partnership with the SPLC,” said Tony Perkins, FRC President. “The Southern Poverty Law Center’s mission to push anti-Christian propaganda is inconsistent with the mission of both the military and the FBI, which is to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States,” he added (Washington Examiner, 27 iii).

{Whether the dumping – which would surely be appealed by the SPLC’s state-funded lawyers – was just a sop to Whites remained to be seen.}

Amanda Platell Shames Oscar Pistorious for Looking at Porn

The disgusting child porn ‘researcher’ Amanda Platell recently shamed Oscar Pistorious after it was revealed during his trial (still taking place) that the disabled athlete had looked at pornography online before taking his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on a Valentine’s Date.

Pistorius a porn loser

The trial of Oscar Pistorius was originally told that he’d spent a quiet, romantic Valentine evening with his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the hours before he shot her dead.

Yet it was subsequently revealed to the court that the Paralympic champion had been looking at hardcore porn online earlier in the day.

Little wonder Reeva’s mother has spent most of her time in court with her head in her hands while listening to the defence of a man who claimed he loved her daughter.

I’ve had many objections to Sexual Trade Union theory consisting of the argument that women are not threatened by porn to the extent that I claim, and that the ubiquity of internet porn is not therefore a driving force behind third wave feminism as I say it is.

As I’ve replied many times here, however much you and me, as rational males, may find it difficult to understand, women do feel ‘cheated’ on and betrayed by their lovers simply for looking at pictures of other women.

Many of my readers here regard porn and even virtual sex as not having much to do with real sex and a poor substitute indeed for the real thing. As regards Sexual Trade Union theory, the important thing is that this point of view is not part of the average woman’s brood mare mentality. To women, a man fapping to a picture of a young female is in effect having sex with that young female.

This is the primary reason they want pornography criminalized, and why women like Platell want to see men caught looking at pictures of 17 year old girls, to be caged, beaten, and raped, for the rest of their lives.

(Note also the first article of Platell’s on the suicide of Mick Jagger’s girlfriend – making a bitchy remark about her choice of scarf and connecting it to her apparent desire to end her life. The Daily Mail also published a papparazi picture of Mick Jagger in tears on hearing the news that his girlfriend had died. What a disgusting creature Amanda Platell is, and what a disgusting paper the Daily Mail is – read primarily by middle-aged women.)

Yulia Lipnitskaya Wins Silver Medal at World Championships

15 year old Yulia Lipnitskaya won the silver medal this week at the World Figure Skating Championships held in Japan.

Another 15 year old Russian girl – Anna Pogorilaya – was fourth :

Ameriskank skater Ashley ‘Jelly’ Wagner could only finish 7th :


The MHRA Treatment of the Double Standard

Just to complement the previous post, I came across an excellent comment from the sometimes vexating, sometimes inspiring fellow defender of male sexual freedom – Human Stupidity.

Some openminded men’s rights supporters often defend the MHRA treatment of the double standard in statutory rape cases (which consists of calling for the female ‘paedophile’ to be punished severely) as ‘the only way to ensure that these laws are changed’. The idea is that feminists wont change these laws and stop the draconian punishments for men having sex with teens until women are hurt by them as well.

As I’ve pointed out here many times, this is quite ridiculous because it rests upon the false premise that women are as sexually attracted to teenage boys as men are to nubile fertile teenage girls. In fact, most women who do currently have sex with underage boys do so because they have a perverted taste in such underdeveloped masculinity and because they believe that they have a right to the pussy pass if caught. Furthermore, these laws exist because they protect the sexual interests of OLDER and UNATTRACTIVE women. Most older women care chiefly about stopping their husbands, boyfriends, or potential partners from having the ability to cheat on them or leave them for sex with nubile young flesh. Most women do not care about being denied the right to have sex with teenage boys themselves. They worry far more about their neighbour’s young teenage slut seducing and running off with their husbands than they do about the remote danger of finding themselves having illegal sex with an immature teenage lad and then being punished harshly for it. As we know from our study of paedocrites, these inceasingly draconian beyond belief laws that target male sexuality do not stop the vast majority of men from supporting these laws (even MHRAs) so why on Earth would harsher punishment of a tiny minority of females under these laws lead to women withholding their support (especially when women get something of primary importance out of them – the restriction of younger sexual competition)?

The MHRA treatment of the double standard in statutory rape cases is also often compared (and defended by) analogy with the highlighting of the double standard in domestic violence. Just as the sexual abuse of boys is supposedly ignored, and the demonization of adults as paedophiles is restricted to men, the domestic violence committed by women against men is also ignored (and highlighted by men’s rights supporters). This again is an invalid comparison to make because in the case of domestic violence, it is true that women initiate violence against men in equal or greater numbers than men do against women. It is not true that women have sex with teenage boys equal to or more than men have sex with teenage girls. Furthermore, domestic violence is both a real problem AND a much more frequent problem than sex with teenagers. I will discuss this seperately in another article, but suffice to say that (actual) domestic violence is a real problem in which the demonization of men as the sole culprit is the evil, whereas sex with consenting teenagers is a feminist invented problem that largely targets men and male sexuality and always will.

Anyway, here is Human-Stupidity’s excellent comment in response to a reader who made the typical apology for the MRHA focus on the double standard (“The only way to correct mistreatment of men is to get women caught up in the same laws.“):

There is another flaw in your argument. I see the moralistic outrage of MRA at the female abuser.

I do NOT see the MRA’s saying: let us imprison the bitch, so that we will get feminist support to have the unjust draconian sex laws lifted for both sexes.

These MRA are working to get MORE people into prison, for consensual sex. I don’t see any of these to work at reducing the prison populations.

Are you saying that the AVM crowd secretly wishes to abolish legal sanctions for consensual sex with adolescents (or children)? But they hide this wish in order to be more effective at getting feminists into their boat?

Before AVM blasts me again: I do NOT believe this. Do you, @Anonymous age 71?

And loyal and esteemed reader Eric follows with another excellent observation :

The best way is to decriminalize sex. When women get a light sentence for this kind of behavior, the MRM should demand that men get treated with the same leniency. Let’s start a slide in the OTHER direction: get the feminists competing for lighter sentences or no sentences at all.

Now I need to point out that I am in favour of women recieving the same punishments as men in these cases. There is a manifest injustice in the fact that a woman can have repeated sex with an 8 year old boy (admittedly only 16 herself and a ‘child’ when the affair began) and recieve only 1 year of high fives in prison, when a man in the same situation would find himself looking at least 20 years of anal rape, beatings, and eating canteen breakfast every day that has been urinated in or even shat in by the chefs.

Equality of injustice is evil.

Inequality of justice is the fundamental evil.

There is also a danger of going down the Eivind Berge route whereby the injustice against these women (often, as I said, no doubt assuming they would get the pussy pass) and their punishments are almost seen as the issue in itself. Personally I find it hard to have much sympathy with these women. The only tears I shed is for the boys in such cases who are unnecesarily traumatised by the court case and victim label. Weeping for injustices against women is not what I came into Men’s Rights for, and it strikes me a bit like a Jew facing being turned into candle wax in Hitler’s Germany crying over the fact that a Nazi concentration camp commander has been sacked from his post for having found to be 1/32th Jewish.

However, to repeat – Human Stupidity and Eric both make excellent points and truly nail it. The MHRM is using the supposed ‘sexual abuse’ of boys as merely a political tool, completely indifferent to the fact that thousands upon thousand of boys will be unnecessarily traumatised and thousands and thousands of men unnecessarily anally raped in prison. Arguing for male ‘predators’ to recieve the same light sentences as female ‘predators’ recieve is the way forward. If you are worried about the ‘heat’ you might recieve for arguing such heretical thoughts then it might be best to just keep your MHRA mouth shut on the subject of statutory rape and the double standard in punishments.

Men’s Rights Halifax Poster Campaign – Real Men’s Rights Activism

I spend a lot of time here these days criticising the men’s rights movement, or more specifically, the ‘men’s human rights movement’ (as this is what it has in effect become). I still regard myself as a men’s rights supporter and it’s heartening to know that sometimes men’s rights supporters can go about things the right way. For example, the Men’s Rights Halifax poster campaign is a hugely inspiring example of this.


It would be very easy to put up posters that lazily and simple-mindedly highlight the double standard in sentencing between male and female ‘sex predators’ (predators according to feminist laws). But in fact, not only do the posters not do this, one of them chooses to highlight the most significant double standard in regards to the gynocratic treatment of child abuse, and something I’ve been urging here for years – the fact that the majority of child abusers are women and that this is NOT because more women than men are ‘abusing’ teenagers (this idea is laughable) but because more women than men are physically and psychologically abusing children.

Note also that the team behind these posters do not even refer to themselves as MHRAs, but the old fashioned and simple MENS RIGHTS. The term that Angry Harry has always used, and the term that this site will always use. – Defending Free Speech and Sexual Freedom in the UK

The war on porn continued in the UK today with the news that the Conservative government plans to introduce mandatory age verification for all porn sites, with even foreign sites who do not provide the required verification being denied payment processing.

As the UK sleepwalks into becoming a FemiSharia police state, it’s heartening to discover today that there is at least one organization trying to stand up for sexual freedom :

They even organized a counter demonstration to a femihag anti-porn rally recently :