Mexican Drug Cartel Assassin Explains Why He Kills Other Men

Days after the first apparent drug cartel beheading took place on American soil, a ruthless assassin who works for one of the most feared of Mexican drug gangs, explains in an interview why he is so willing to kill other men in the most brutal and inhumane ways possible :


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PUA – How You Will Get Rejected

The Good Looking Loser on the four most common types of rejection :

And here’s Johnny Berba setting the world record for consecutive blow outs uploaded onto YouTube.. Personally I adopt a three strikes and I’m out policy – if I get 3 blowouts in a row I decide to call it a bad hair day and go home. Johnny calls it ‘getting into state’ :

Meanwhile, Tom Torero talks about ‘Male Sexual Market Value’ and how to raise it.

Return of Kings on the War Against Prostitution


In the classical world, prostitution was a highly sophisticated and regulated activity, practiced throughout the Mediterranean world under various social and religious guises.  The practice continued in different forms with the advent of Christianity; the medieval Church’s views were in fact surprisingly enlightened.  St. Augustine, in his treatise De Ordine, stated that “If you do away with prostitutes, the world will be convulsed with lust.” St. Thomas Aquinas supported this view several hundred years later.  Medieval man took his sex frankly and matter-of-factly:  growing up in a world where both men and women matured earlier than today, he had neither time nor patience for abstract, unrealistic views of sex and gender.

Medieval towns such as Toulouse, Avignon, Montpellier, and Nuremburg permitted prostitution on the same theory: that providing a relief for lust and monogamy would outweigh the sinful presence of harlotry, and thereby prove a net benefit to society.  It is a mature and practical view, and one that modern feminists and leftists choose to ignore.  Alas, history and human nature are feminism’s greatest enemies.


Paedocrite of the Month January ‘ChickenDiapers’

This month’s paedocrite award goes to a reader from Norway who has recently begun posting threads on various forums disparaging my work here, claiming that I’m a neckbeard and a pervert etc, despite sometimes visiting this site 20 times a day and spending the last two years quoting me verbatim and approvingly, although sometimes expressing views that go way beyond mine, for example that the brains of young females are ‘fully formed in young childhood’.

The paedocrite goes under the name of ‘ChickenDiapers’ (pretty disturbing in itself) and ‘AndyKaufmannStillLives’.

This 6ft 5″ self declared INCEL has presumaby been offended by my apparent attacks on ‘aspies’.


‘The Mythical Invasion of the Superbowl Hookers’ (Maggie McNeil)


Major events such as World’s Fairs and the Olympics always provide an excuse for governments to “clean things up” in the host cities before the guests arrive. Police sweep people the leaders consider undesirable, embarrassing or just plain unsightly out of public view (and into jails or exile for the duration). The victims vary with the time and place: the poor, the homeless, unpopular minority groups, drug addicts and gay people have all been among them. The list always includes sex workers; even in countries where prostitution is legal (such as Greece or Brazil) the moralists feel compelled to purge the most visible manifestations of the sex trade from areas where visitors might encounter them. Xenophobia is also heightened by such events, as those so predisposed fear the prospect of strangers coming to town, bringing with them outlandish and alien forms of sin and crime. Together, these two factors may be the origin of one of the stranger (yet more persistent) myths of our time: the idea that some Lost Tribe of Gypsy Harlots, tens of thousands strong, wanders about the world from mega-event to mega-event, unimpeded by the usual logistics of transport and lodging which should make the migration of such a large group a daunting task indeed.

Samuel Pepys and Porn in 1660’s London

The first widespread popular work of ‘pornography’ in Europe was ‘L’Ecoles des Filles’, translated as ‘The Girl’s School’, and first published in Paris in 1655, less than half-a-century after Shakespeare had packed away his quill.

As might be judged by the title, this work of fictional erotica dealt with the sexual fantasies of a young French girl, and would be categorised as child pornography today, only of interest to ‘paedophiles’. However, in 17th century Europe, the feminist concept of ‘paedophilia’ was still over 300 years away from being invented, as was the manosphere meme that ‘women reach peak fertility at 23’, and the book was probably the most popular work of erotica ever made at the time. None other than Samuel Pepys, the famous London diarist, recorded furtively reading the young girl’s fantasies in a bookshop. Only weeks later, did he summon the courage to return to the bookshop and buy the work to fap off to at home for ‘research’ purposes :

Samuel Pepys, not a man to shy away from the pleasures of the flesh, one day went into his bookseller’s shop, where he saw a copy of L’Ecole des Filles:

“…I saw the French book which I did think to have had for my wife to translate…it was so bawdy and lewd…”

Apparently he was ashamed to be seen reading it in the shop but eventually, after 3 weeks he managed to get the courage to buy it, in plain cover of course. He read it on a Sunday and wrote:

“…a lewd book, but what doth me no wrong to read for information sake.”

After having read it through and through he decided to burn it before his wife had a chance to read it.
Several years later, in 1688, a printer and bookseller were prosecuted and fined for this book. (In German)

Travel Review – Athens – Berlin – Dresden – Prague

Last December I took another couple of weeks out of the cuntry – some readers are interested in my travel experiences, so here’s a brief outline of my thoughts on the places I visited.

Athens, Greece – This was my first time in Greece, and I had been a little bit wary of visiting Athens due to all the negative reports concerning the breakdown in the economy. My actual experience there defied all my expectations.
I saw little or no sign of poverty, let alone homelessness, beggers, demonstrations, skinheads etc. I felt safe everywhere at all times. I’ve seen far more evidence of ‘austerity’ and economic woes in Spain. I also expected there to be far more immigrants. I saw about three Africans in five days. Athenian men are taller than I expected, whiter and more handsome than I expected, and generally not so unlike the image I’ve always had of the Ancient Greeks.
I did of course visit sites like the Acropolis, and it was a truly humbling experience to think that this is where Western civilsiation began. It was also almost surreal, because on the day I visited, apart from myself, there seemed to be only a group of Chinese tourists there to intrude upon my solitude.
If you had any hesitations about visiting Athens in the current climate, don’t have any. One caveat would be that the only thing that lived up to my expecations was the general demeanour of the police. One could imagine these thugs taking you down to the police station under any pretence and giving you a good beating and getting away with it..
However, in terms of the civilian population, people were almost invariably friendly and very welcoming.
As far as PUA was concerned, I intentially didn’t even try to approach one woman. This was mainy because the point of visiting Athens was to fulfill a life-long wish to see the remains of the marvels of the ancient splendour, not to pussy hound. Having said that, the girls were much prettier than I expected – not quite to Slavic standards, and certainly chubbier on the whole than Slavic girls, but still better looking than AngloSkanks. They also seemed very friendly, and I recieved quite a number of IOIs. I’m pretty sure I would have gotten some numbers without too much effort.
I also had a qite negative experience in the hostel I was staying at. Sharing a dorm with a rather attractive and petite 25 year old Brazilian woman, sitting next to her on her bed on the second evening, I had been basically given the green light and was on the point of banging her, but was absolutely repelled by the quite atrocious aroma of human excrement that she extruded. That actually killed my sex drive for largely the remainder of the entire vacation, lol.

BERLIN – In Berlin I visited an old (female) friend from university days that I hadn’t seen for a few years. I arrived in the aftermath of the ‘storm of the century’, with an arctic blizzard blanketing the city in deep snow. However, I had a nice couple of days, and Berliners were very friendly. The one striking thing about Berlin and Germany in general (apart from Turkish cities like Cologne and Frankfurt) is the absence of young people. Walking around the city and you actually see that through feminism, the ultimate death cult, the German race is literally dying out.

Dresden – A short stop in Dresden, the city were the Allied bombers burned alive over 100,000 children, elderly men, and women. Dresden, largely re-built, has managed to restore its former beauty and charm as the ‘Florence of the Elbe’. Only serving to make the magnitude of the Allied war crime even more apparent.

Dresdeners don’t seem to harbour a grudge, and the people there were again very friendly and chilled. I have to say that the local females are quite remarkably plain – the most unattractive of any German city I’ve visited (although my standards have risen since visiting Eastern Europe more regularly).

Prague – Another 5 days in Prague, but this time my PUA efforts were a damp squid. Still suffering from low testosterone as a result of the Brazillian girl and days of tramping around in the cold, I was also deflated because a 17 year old Russian beauty living in Prague that I had been e-mailing every day for two months suddenly decided to stop contacting me (with no explanation – probably a cock block advice from a friend or boyfriend) a week before my visit. I also got hideously burnt out by a couple of bitches, so largely gave up and just relaxed and enjoyed Prague. My last day I determined to at least have a few interactions and did the old ‘do you know where Starbucks is…you live in Prague?’ routine, and 3 different university girls seemed happy to talk to me, but I honestly couldn’t be arsed asking for their contact details at this point.

So, all in all, a nice trip, I got to see the marvels of Athens, catch up with an old friend, and relax in Prague. In 2014 I intend to spend half the year travelling, hopefully with a bit more testosterone in my ball sacks.

Carolina Criado-Perez Shocking Sexist Twitter Abuse

In the UK, people are now getting jailed for insulting feminists on Twitter, but those same feminists who call the cops on their ‘abusers’ get away with shockingly sexist insults and possible rape threats of their own :


Okay – so on what basis were John Sorley and Isabella Nimmo, the two sad, isolated individuals who had charges brought against them for tweeting Ms Criado-Perez and others, yesterday imprisoned for a shocking eight weeks and 12 weeks respectively? Was it simply because they had issued death threats? No, it was also because they had been insulting, because they had dared to write offensively about women in the public eye. As the media reports on their prison sentences make clear, their crimes included sending tweets such as ‘Shut up bitch’ and ‘Dumb blond bitch’. Other tweets that were used as evidence in court and which contributed to their receiving months-long custodial sentences include, ‘Go die’ and ‘Fuck off and die’. Those are clearly not death threats; they are expressions of a very strong opinion. ‘Fuck off and die’ is a phrase that people use every day. Yet now, thanks to the decision of this court, uttering it is a potentially imprisonable offence.

In gynocratic double think, ‘fuck off and die’ is a death threat, but ‘fuck you’ is not a rape threat. At least if one is said to a woman, and the other by a woman to a man.