Daily Mail Calls for 16 Year Boys Having Sex With 15 Year Old Girls To Be Treated As Paedophiles

The Daily Femiservative Mail, now allied with the corrupt Men’s ‘Human Rights’ Movement, is calling for 16 year old boys who make love to their 15 year old girlfriends to be jailed as paedophiles.


A paedophile could have been stopped five years before he abused three young girls, it has been claimed today.

Lloyd Breach, 21, was jailed for two years after admitting 13 sexual offences against three girls – one aged just 13.

But today a mother claims she reported Breach – who once appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show – to police in 2008, when he was just 16 years old.

She says the man, a former doorman, groomed her two young daughters.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claims she told Sussex Police that Breach had sex with her 15-year-old daughter before making online advances towards her younger sister.

But police allegedly told her it was ‘just what teenagers get up to’ and there was nothing they could do because Breach was 16 – just a year older than her daughter.

Best Wishes to W.F.Price of The Spearhead

W.F.Price, owner of the venerable institution ‘The Spearhead‘, hasn’t commented or posted at his site for several weeks now. We don’t spend much time here covering specific issues of father’s rights, but we can all sympathise with his plight if his absence is due to the feminist state’s persecution of fathers, especially at this time of year.

Unlike the self-enriching ego driven frauds of the Men’s Human Rights Movement, Price has always been a man of integrity and a genuine supporter of all men.

We all hope he is fine and back posting at The Spearhead again soon.

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2013 Was Bad, 2014 Will Be Worse

It might be useful at this point to remind ourselves of how bad this year has been in terms of the continuing feminist war on male sexuality. But however bad this year has been, 2014 will likely be worse, certainly in Europe, as a number of continent wide treaties will begin to be translated into law. Criticism of feminism itself may even become illegal.

The Worst of 2013

The UK made it illegal to view online actresses pretending to be raped – punishable by up to 3 years in prison.
The UK introduced a porn filter that also covers political ‘hate’ sites.
The UK introduced new guidelines making it easier for the police, courts, and therapists to force underage teenagers to accept the label of ‘child abuse victim’.
The UK gave the police the power to effectively put men, unconvicted of any crime, under house arrest, on the vague grounds that they ‘might’ commit a sex crime.
The UK government announced plans to make it illegal to pay for sex.
France made it illegal, punishable by a fine, to pay for sex.
Spain raised the age of consent from 13 to 16.
India raised the age of consent from 12 to 18.
The EU came close to making all pornography illegal.
The UK began to pass heavier sentences for ‘child sex abusers’ than they do for murderers.
In the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile hysteria, a number of celebrities, including very old men, have been arrested in the UK for ancient sex crimes, and some, such as Stuart Hall, convicted.
A man was burned alive as a suspected ‘pedo’ by a mob for taking photos of a 19 year old vandal who had been invading his home and garden.  The police actually arrested the man and seized his computers prior to him being burned alive.  Meanwhile, Alan Turing was given a Royal pardon for buggering a 19 year old boy 60 years ago.  Progress.

Some Predictions for 2014

The latest EU treaty on ‘child protection’ will come into force in most states, leading to draconian American style sentences for even minor sex offences.  The EU treaty also contains vague demands for ‘grooming’ laws, which could make it effectively illegal for a man to enage in any form of communication, online or offline, with any person under 18 he is not related to.

Another European treaty (that even covers non-EU countries such as the Ukraine) also comes into force – this one covering sexual harrassment.  This potentially will make it illegal for a man to look at a woman in the street if she interprets it as harrassment.  It could also make daygame pick up illegal in most European countries.

There is a reasonable possibility that criticism of feminism itself may become legally defined as ‘hate speech’ throughout the EU.  A group that advises the EU commission on ‘human rights’ and ‘tolerance’ has demanded that member states should be forced to make it illegal to criticise feminism or women.

In the UK, it could become illegal to fail to report suspicions that a man is a paedophile.

Google Glasses and other augmented reality glasses will go on sale early in the new year.  Already applications have been written for Google Glasses that incorporate facial recognition and that allow the wearer to check any person’s criminal record.  There will soon be applications that will alert the wearer of Google Glasses when any ‘sex offender’ comes into view. Before long, such facial recognition applications will alert women to any man who has been tagged a ‘creep’ by any other Google Glasses wearer. These augmented reality glasses will also be worn by the police, security guards etc.  It can be safely said that more men will be burned alive as pedos in 2014.

On the other hand, whether or not PUA ‘daygame’ does become illegal, it may become irrelevant anyway due to these glasses. A man wearing glasses with facial recognition will be able to call up the facebook of any hottie he passes in the street and ask to friend or send a message. He could do this instantly – unless this itself is deemed ‘sexual harrassment’ (although women could have an option to allow or refuse such requests).

Happy New Year!

David Futrelle Named Worst Paedocrite of 2013

Well the voting is over, and one man(gina), yet again, reigns supreme. David Futrelle is officially the most vile paedocrite of 2013 and retains the most important trophy in the manosphere – the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year Award.

David Futrelle
David Futrelle

This year, David was challenged like never before, but in the end, his experience, together with the sheer consistancy of his nauseating paedocrisy, saw him eventually sprint over, or rather bounce over, the finishing line in a clear first place.

Who was the Paedocrite of the Year 2013?

  • David Futrelle (45%, 28 Votes)
  • Paul Elam/AVoiceforMen (34%, 21 Votes)
  • Amanda Platell (11%, 7 Votes)
  • Alek Novy (8%, 5 Votes)
  • Gambler PUA (2%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 40

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David Futrelle began the year in imperious form. He criminally incited violence against the elderly Warren Farrell for alleged comments he had made as a feminist on the subject of incest back in the anarchy of the 1970s. Yet despite virtually demanding that an old man be beaten up for comments made half a century ago, Fraudtrelle’s schizo-psychopathic mind has repressed the truth, still available online in various internet archives, that he himself was making far more disturbing comments regarding paedophila and child sex abuse only two decades ago. Amongst the shocking things that he came out with, whilst working alongside notorious statutory rape apologist Judith Levine, were that child victims of sexual abuse should be encouraged to marry their rapists, that the age of consent is about ‘controlling the sexuality of young girls’, and that child protection organizations deliberately lie about the extent of child sex abuse. He also published an article denouncing government efforts to crack down on paedophilia and porn online, claiming that it would lead to ‘mass arrests’.

But Fraudtrelle virtually made the paedocrite of the year award his own back in July, when he paedocritically denounced old buddy and fellow male sexual opportunist feminist Hugo Schwyzer after his public meltdown. With both Kyle Payne and Schwyzer in prison, David Futrelle is now the last mangina standing – the undisputed number 1 male feminist online, free to organize as many ‘manboobz meetups’ as he wishes, with virtually no sexual competition left from other male bloggers. He is also, once again, the undisputed worst paedocrite in the world.

Roosh – Two Things To Focus On For The New Year

Very encouraging to see Roosh stress the importance of fighting against sexual harrassment laws that may make even approaching women in the street illegal.  This is something I’ve warned about here since the Europe wide treaty on sexual harrassment was signed last year, but it’s the first time I’ve even seen the subject being mentioned by a PUA.

As it happens, PUAs are already being banned from approaching women in Toronto shopping malls :


Meanwhile, ugly feminists in India have paid attractive young models to star in a YouTube video pretending to resent men gazing at them in the street. In the minds of these sick ugly jealous feminists, being beautiful and looked at by men in the street is as bad as being brutally gang raped to death.


The truly disturbing thing is that the vast majority of feminists really do believe that even looking at an attractive woman in the street constitutes sexual harrassment, never mind actually approaching one. Further, those feminists appear to have succeeded in convincing the whole of Europe to sign a treaty defining this into law.

Unfortunately Roosh, it might already be too late.

Amber Alert Issued On Christmas Day


Jerusalem: Fox News is following the breaking story of an international Amber Alert, concerning 13 year-old Mary Levi; an orphan in the Jerusalem Temple. This missing child was reportedly impregnated by a middle-aged building contractor from Nazareth, one Joseph bin Jacob, and the two absconded before attempts by NARAL and Planned Parenthood to abort the baby and prosecute the father could be brought to trial.

Herod Antipas, Governor of Jerusalem, was recently criticized for a high-casualty raid at nearby Bethlehem where the couple was believed to be hiding; a raid which left hundreds dead. “If it saves the life of just one child” Antipas said, “Collateral damage must be acceptable. There is Zero Tolerance in the War Against Paedophilia.” A Fox News poll shows overwhelming support for Antipas’ actions.

Police Chief Pontius Pilate concurred. “We are asking the public’s help in this matter before another child is harmed” he said. “Call 1-800-YOU-INFORM or contact your local NCMEC switchboard, where operators are standing by, if you even suspect you see this couple.”

Pilate added that failure to report the crime would end in culpability for the liable parties. Fox News correspondents also spoke with Temple High Priest Joseph Caiaphas who stated ‘after getting over the initial shock of Mary’s flight, we beefed up security at the orphanage, and put everything on lockdown. It’s believed that this Joseph guy is a religious extremist who scoffs that God’s laws are higher than man’s; and believes that passages in the Old Testament like ‘The Song of Solomon’ celebrate love and sexuality instead of punishing them, like they should be. These extremists also take the prophecies of a Messiah literally too.”

As corroboration of this, Caiaphas produced evidence provided by Chief Pilate that the couple had been visited previous to their flight by Iranian agents, bearing untaxed and undeclared ‘gold, frankincense, and myrrh’ which, according to Caiaphas, are code-words used among paedophiles to camouflage their unspeakable acts.

Local merchant and NCMEC Chair Simon Iscariot also spoke to Fox News. “My greatest fear is that this couple will escape into Egypt, where extradition is nearly impossible, due to the Pharaohs’ known loose sexual morals.” he lamented. “They even practice incest. As the father of a son, I would shudder at the thought of my little Judas growing up around such deviant and impure practices. ”

Fox News will have more detailed coverage on tonight’s O’Reilly Factor Christmas Special: Are Our Children at Risk? Check your local listings for time and station.”

(thanks to loyal and esteemed reader Eric for informing us of this story – merry christmas!)

British Government Gives Pederast Alan Turing Official Pardon

On the same day that the Crown Prosecution Service announced it would press further sex offence charges dating back to the 1960’s against much loved entertainer Rolf Harris, who is 83 years old, the British government announced it would grant a Royal pardon for Alan Turing, convicted of buggering a 19 year old boy in 1952.


This pardon is being granted not because the state now believes that Alan Turing did not involve a vulnerable teenage boy in highly illegal sex, but because the law at the time was ‘discriminatory’.

Note also that the boy was not prosecuted for homosexuality, Alan Turing was – or rather for pederastry as homosexuality was always known as until the 1960’s. The boy was seen as a victim of abuse by Alan Turing. It is not known how the relatives of the boy feel about his abuser being pardoned.

Turing was caught after trying to frame the boy for an alleged burglary he suspected his victim to have carried out against his home.  The boy appeared at Turing’s house protesting his innocence.  Turing took him to his bedroom, gave him something to drink, anally fucked him, then went to the police with the glass with the boy’s fingerprints all over it, as proof that the boy was responsible for the burglary.  Turing, of course, never mentioned anything of their affair.  Given that Turing was one of the most intelligent men in history, and he knew he was taking a tremendous risk by going to the police and accusing a teenage boy he was abusing of burglary, it seems almost certain that Turing was worried that his abuse of the boy was about to become public knowledge, and so came up with the idea of framing him for a burglary that likely did not even take place.  Turing likely gambled that any accusation by the boy that he had been having sex with him would be dismissed as an attempt to get away with burglary by defaming a hero of World War 2.  Of course, this gambit failed, and Turing was arrested, but little did he know that in 60 years time, a society obsessed with ‘equality’ and gay rights to mask the brutal feminist war on male heterosexuality, would see him as ‘guilty’ but an ‘innocent martyr’ and even swallow the likely concocted ‘burglary’ story.

Some other pertinant facts of this case to consider :

  • The boy Turing abused was a 19 year old labourer, presumably with a low IQ. Alan Turing was one of the greatest mathematical geniuses in the world and a Cambridge professor. Feminists and ‘liberal progressives’ maintain that men having sex with teenage girls is abuse because of the supposed inherent ‘imbalance in power’.
  • Teenage boys mature physically, sexually, and emotionally much later than teenage girls. This week scientists claimed that the brains of girls start maturing at 10, yet the brains of males mature sometimes not until the age of 20. The boy Turing abused was a mere labourer.
  • It is not known how many other teenage boys Alan Turing picked up and had anal sex with. One can presume that it was a great number, and we can also presume that he would not care whether they were over 16 or over 18, giving that any age would be equally illegal, and that most homosexuals of the time did not concern themselves with the heterosexual age of consent.
  • Homosexuality was made completely illegal in the same puritanical 1885 Victorian criminal ammendment act (lobbied for by feminists) that had raised the heterosexual age of consent from 13 to 16.
  • Homosexuals are now being arrested and jailed for looking at pictures of 19 year old boys who are deemed by police and judges to ‘look under 18’. In such cases, the homosexuals (like heterosexuals who look at young looking 19 year old girls) are referred to as ‘paedophiles’. In other words, we are locking up homosexual men for looking at sexy pictures of young looking 19 year olds, on computers invented by the man we are giving a Royal pardon to for illegally taking a 19 year old labourer up the ass.

All hail the power of liberal progress!

*Another thing to consider is that Alan Turing had it remarkably easy compared to what sex offenders, both homosexual and heterosexual, can expect to face today (with no end in sight to the feminist legislative creep double whammy of new laws and ever greater punishments).

Alan Turing did not even go to prison.  He was given probation on condition he took female hormones to control his sexual urges towards teenage boys.  On completion of the hormone treatment he embarked on a fitness regime and appared to have suffered no long term effects.  He was able to resume his carreer at the prestigious University of Manchester, although because he was an obvious security risk, he was no longer allowed to work for the government.  He appeared happy and content, with no signs of depression, and his relatives and close friends were shocked by his death.  His apparent ‘sucide’ through eating a cyanide laced apple was likely an accident caused by conducting scientific experiments with cyanide that day.

Homosexuals in the EU now face a minimum 1 year in prison if they are ‘caught’ looking at online pictures of 19 year old men who look under 18 (which the majority of gay pornography – largely produced in the USA –  consists of).  In prison, they will face a very realistic fear of being beaten and brutally raped – especially as they are homosexuals.  When they finally come out, they will face the modern pink triangle stigma of the sex offenders register, perhaps for decades.  They will be virtually unemployable for the remainder of their lives.  As, even in Europe, it is becoming more acceptable to publish details of the identities and addresses of convicted sex offenders, they will have to live in fear of vigilantes.  In the UK,even ‘suspected paedophiles’ are now being burnt alive by mobs with the tacit approval and encouragement of the police.  Recently, a man was burnt alive as a ‘paedo’ outside his home because he had been caught taking photos of 19 year old teenage boy vandals invading his garden.  Instead of arresting members of the mob who were chanting ‘paedo’ outside of the man’s home shortly before he was murdered, they arrested the innocent man and seized his computers.(http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Bijan-Ebrahimi-Bristol-murder-judge-s-sentencing/story-20237111-detail/story.html). No sexy pictures of young looking 19 year olds were found on the man’s harddrive.

Perhaps I presume too much, but I have a feeling that Alan Turing, highly intelligent and sensitive man that he was, would not hail feminist liberal progress if transported into the UK of 2013, but instead reach straight for the cyanide coated apple…


Roosh V – ‘She Was Just 17’

I think myself and one or two of my loyal and esteemed readers owe Roosh V an apology. And it has to be admitted now, there are more non-paedocrites in the PUA community than the men’s rights and MGTOW combined – at least as far as leading bloggers is concerned.



Growing up in America, it was hammered into my mind that 18 was the cutoff to have sexual relations with a girl. Even if the age of consent was 16, pursuing a girl so young was sure to prompt “jailbait” comments from well-intentioned friends who also warned about ambiguous statutory rape laws that require a lawyer to decipher. Once you add in the societal shaming of older man and younger girl pairings, it’s no surprise that you almost never hear stories of men in their 20?s or beyond getting with high school girls.

There are fewer laws and shame in having such relations in Europe and South America, but my American-washed brain prevented me from pursuing all girls under 18, in spite of living on these two continents for years. The fear of imprisonment stayed with me far from the hands of the feminist-dominated American judicial system.

Somewhere in Europe, I met a 17 year old on the street. Normally I’d end the conversation without trying to get her number, but this time I pursued, and we had a brief date. It didn’t result in a kiss, but I felt the seal was broken, and my mind was prepared to go farther the next time around….