White Feathers During World War II Caused the Suicides of Two Teenage Boys

The notorious White Feather Campaign is chiefly associated with the First World War, but in fact the disgusting practice, in which women (led by feminists) handed out white feathers to young men in civilian clothes as a way of shaming their presumed ‘cowardice’, was also widespread in the Second World War.

Tragically, at least two teenage boys committed suicide after becoming victims of the resurrected White Feather Campaign.

Cyril R Wray, an 18 year old who had volunteered for service but was not called upon, gassed himself after recieving letters and white feathers through the post accusing him of cowardice. The Evening Telegraph of June 9th 1943 reports :


Bernard Sills was just 17 when he recieved in the mail two white feathers framed in the shape of a question mark together with the word ‘coward’. The young cadet had volunteered to serve but was discharged when it was found he was an underage child. A few hours after recieving the white feathers, he put on his cadet uniform and left his house, taking his rifle with him. He was found dead in an air raid shelter after blowing his brains out.

From the Cairns Post of July 27th 1943 :


Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Shortly after, one of Bernard’s grieving friends, and himself aged only 15, also recieved white feathers through the post.


White feathers were giving out to hundreds of males during the entire length of the Second World War, to boys too young to serve, and to war heroes who were on leave and out of uniform. The practice became so widespread and upsetting that in 1942 the government decided that a badge should be given to men discharged from service on medical grounds – this was a new badge in addition to the ‘King’s Badge’ which had been launched at the onset of the war in anticipation of a repeat of the White Feather Campaign :


Occasionally, women were ‘brave’ enough to hand out their feathers in person, rather than anonymously through the post. One such woman recieved a surprise after handing out a white feather to a war hero who had lost an eye in combat in Syria :


Richard Littlejohn – ‘First They Came for the Telly Presenters….’

Our loyal and esteemed reader Dogmeat was quite correct when he recently speculated that the ‘establishment’ is beginning to feel the heat of out of control paedohysteria, which increasingly is coming too close to home for their liking.
Here is Richard Littlejohn, probably the most popular newspaper columnist in the UK, known for his political incorrectness, and once a prominent supporter of paedohysterics, talking about Operation Yewtree (see also his excellent piece above this one regarding girl guides).


Thanks for your response to my last column, ‘Arrest first, ask questions later’, on the heavy-handed tactics being used by police investigating ‘historic’ sex abuse, phone-hacking and payment to public officials.

I’ve heard from a number of lawyers and ex-coppers, who point out that the standard policy of mob-handed dawn raids and ransacking homes is not only over the top, it’s probably unlawful.
Under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) a person who is willing to attend a police station to be interviewed does not need to be arrested.

The arrest code was amended last October to make this point crystal clear.

In February, the parliamentary expenses cheat Lord Hanningfield successfully sued police who raided his Essex home at 6.45am. He was awarded £3,500 damages.

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115 Years Ago The First Men’s Rights Movement Was Proposed

London, May 1898, the world’s first men’s rights movement is proposed by a wealthy local businessman by the name of William Austin. It is not clear whether the proposed ‘League of Men’s Rights’ was actually formed as there appears to be no subsequent records online referring to it that I have been able to find. Ernest Belfort Bax, who is commonly regarded as the first ‘MRA’, had already written upon the subject of legal discrimination against men, although his most notable works such as ‘The Fraud of Feminism’ and ‘The Legal Subjugation of Men’ were not published until the 1910’s. There appear to be no references linking him to this proposed men’s rights movement, although he too was a londoner.

Read the entire newspaper article at http://historyoffeminism.com/1898-the-first-mens-rights-movement-proposed/

Life Sentence for Man Who Burned Alive ‘Paedophile’ Neighbour


Bristol crown court sentences Lee James to life in prison with a minimum term of 18 years for the vigilante murder of neighbour Bijan Ebrahimi.

Lee James beat, stamped on the head, and then burned alive disabled Bijan Ebrahimi, after accusing him of being a paedophile for taking pictures of him vandalising Bijan’s garden. Upstanding members of the local constabulary, led by crime commissioner Sue Mountstevens, had earlier arrested the disabled man and put his computers through forensics after a crowd of subhuman thugs had gathered outside his door chanting ‘paedo, paedo’.

The following is a video that Bijan took of his tormenter in the days before he was burned alive by him. Lee James effectively taunts his victim with the boast that if he goes to the police he will simply accuse him of being a paedophile :

One of the issues involved with the age of consent, especially in the current climate of paedohysteria, is whether a society is even tenable in the longe term if adolescents, up to the age of 16 or 18, are essentially ‘untouchable’ – in every sense of the word.

See also : http://www.freerangekids.com/a-man-photographs-some-kids-and-is-murdered-for-it/

Good Looking Loser’s New YouTube Channel

Good Looking Loser, the best no nonsense PUA advice guru, has set up a new YouTube channel : http://www.youtube.com/goodlookingloser69

It’s not known why his previous account was terminated : http://www.goodlookingloser.com/2013/11/25/new-youtube-channel/

Congratulations to Rivelino for getting his first DayGame bang : http://rivsdiary.wordpress.com/2013/11/25/1-and-what-i-learned/

NSA Spied On Porn Habits As Part of Plan to Discredit ‘Radicalizers’


WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency has been gathering records of online sexual activity and evidence of visits to pornographic websites as part of a proposed plan to harm the reputations of those whom the agency believes are radicalizing others through incendiary speeches, according to a top-secret NSA document. The document, provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, identifies six targets, all Muslims, as “exemplars” of how “personal vulnerabilities” can be learned through electronic surveillance, and then exploited to undermine a target’s credibility, reputation and authority.

The NSA document, dated Oct. 3, 2012, repeatedly refers to the power of charges of hypocrisy to undermine such a messenger. “A previous SIGINT” — or signals intelligence, the interception of communications — “assessment report on radicalization indicated that radicalizers appear to be particularly vulnerable in the area of authority when their private and public behaviors are not consistent,” the document argues.

Among the vulnerabilities listed by the NSA that can be effectively exploited are “viewing sexually explicit material online” and “using sexually explicit persuasive language when communicating with inexperienced young girls.

Angry Harry proven right yet again :


Defining Ordinary Male Sexuality As Paedophilia Will Produce More Baby Rapists

Ian Watkins, the lead singer of successful rock band ‘The Lost Prophets’, was found guilty yesterday of the attempted rape of babies. There appears to be indisputable evidence in this case, including film of him abusing a baby, and this site will never seek to defend anyone who sexually abuses small children.


But as the predictable femihag calls for yet more ‘new legislation’ are made, it’s important to ask whether paedohysteria and the Sexual Trade Union manipulation and expoitation of ‘paedophilia’, itself resulted in Ian Watkin’s sickening perversions.

I’ve lost the link, but the BBC report on the court verdict yesterday hardly mentioned the attempted baby rapes. Instead, it focused upon the fact that Watkins admitted having sex with legal 16 year old girls, and liked them to dress in school uniform while making love to him.

Now MHRAs apart, there is probably no normal man on Earth who would not enjoy having sex with a nubile 16 year old girl dressed in a virginal white shirt, plaid skirt, and navy blue knee socks.

And this was a man who had the opportunity to do just that as the lead singer of a famous rock band.

The BBC ignores the disturbing fact that women were only too happy to let a famous rock star rape their babies (as long as he gave them some alpha male loving as well). Instead it chooses to highlight quite legal and normal male sexual tastes as if to demonstrate a link between the near universal male attraction for 16 year old girls and the desire to rape babies.

In fact, what most likely happened, and what is the real causal association here, is that Watkins was led from teenage sex to the (real) paedophile abuse of babies because he had already internalised the feminst false lable of ‘paedophile’. Presumably, once you accept the label of paedophile, there are no taboos, and the rape of babies is little different morally to fantasising about bringing 17 year old girls to orgasm. In fact, it’s what a paedophile ‘does’.

Until recently at least, the sexual murder of infants in Spain was very rare, as compared to the UK, where it is almost an annual summer post-christian pagan fertility rite for the masses. The age of consent was 13 in Spain, but has recently been raised to 16 by feminists and feminist conservatives. We can expect the sexual abuse of young children – real paedophilia – to increase in tandem with the profits of Spanish ‘child protection’ charities.

Ironically, feminsts, being the subhuman evil brood mare creatures that they are, will seize on this case to call for further legislation, including a rise in the age of consent to 18 or more, which feminists have always had as their acknowledged primary goal, since before even the Suffragettes.