British Media Regulator ‘Ofcom’ Staff Made Over 4,000 Attempts to Access Porn Online

Staff at the media regulator Ofcom have made more than 4,000 “attempts” to access pornographic material online in the last three months, official figures show.

The watchdog has recorded 4,234 such bids since June 12 – a figure it claims is consistent with its role in protecting children from harmful material.

But a think-tank has questioned the figure and urged the regulator to impose “stiff penalties” where employees are found to have broken rules.

Ofcom staff still have a long way to catch up with the hypocritical subhuman perverts in the British parliament :

Meanwhile, Playboy TV has won an appeal against Ofcom’s decision to fine it over its UK hardcore porn website :

In other news on the Sexual Trade Union war on porn, it has been announced that British police will no longer have the power to use their discretion and common sense and simply ‘caution’ men found to have downloaded ‘child porn’, which in the UK can mean cartoon pictures of young looking elves, or a YouTube video of a sexy 17 year old dancing in her leggings. This means that such cases will be required to go to court, and in order to comply with EU law, offenders will face a minimum 1 year of brutal anal rape in prison. Nothing to do with men’s human rights of course.

That is why I am scrapping simple cautions for all of the most serious offences and a range of other offences that devastate lives and tear apart communities.

Presumably he means the families of the men whose doors are broken down and then hauled away at 5 in the morning, often going on to commit suicide rather than face the shame of life as a ‘sex offender’ – but he might actually be referring to the families of the victimised fictional cartoon ‘children’…

Spiked/Tom Slater – ‘Who are you Calling an Adolescent?’

(excerpt) :

Aside from the obvious physical aspects of coming into bloom (development of new hair, odour, fluids, etc), the boundary between childhood and adulthood has always been socially defined. Indeed, in generations past, when people were ushered into the workplace and the marital bed before many kids nowadays are even out of school, the concept of adolescence, as a kind of grace period between the one stage and the next, didn’t even exist.

As has often been the case throughout its history, psychology tends to consolidate and reaffirm cultural values. The recent extension of adolescence is no different. We live in a time when being a grown-up has become something fraught and problematic, a world of professional drudgery, traumatic relationships and burdensome responsibility. Adult life isn’t something to be lived, apparently, but to be helped through by all manner of therapeutic ‘support’. The alleged ‘stress epidemic’ of the past decade, was a prime example of this – a completely invented problem that effectively painted the inevitable strains of adulthood as a veritable health crisis.

Teen Girl Model Punches Topless Feminist Protestor (Video)

hollie-may-sakerWe’ve highlighted some fine teenage anti-feminists here recently, but Hollie May is perhaps now our number 1 champion and pin-up girl :

A Liverpool model tipped to be the next Kate Moss has described the moment she punched a topless feminist who attacked her as she strutted down the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.

Anfield-born Hollie-May Saker, 18, was modelling for Nina Ricci at a show in the Tuileries gardens yesterday when two half-naked female protesters invaded the stage, screaming.

As one of the women, from the radical feminist group Femen, grabbed Miss Saker’s arm and tried to lift her skirt, the model lashed out, striking her squarely on the nose. Despite being badly shaken by the unwanted hiccup, Miss Saker continued her run as if nothing had happened.

After the show, the 18-year-old tweeted: ‘FEEEEEEUUUUMIN. THAT B**** RUINED AND HAD HER SAGGY T*** IN MY FACE.’

You can follow Hollie on Twitter here.

16 Year Old Schoolgirl Tells Feminists to Stop Slut Shaming and Victim Labelling Teens Over ‘Sexting’

Thanks to loyal and esteemed reader Deano for providing this excellent link :


Another two-minute film, Sexting at School by, tells the story of a tragic, daggy girl, caught out by her own desire for sexual appeal. We see her emerging from the school toilet, buttoning up her uniform with a self-satisfied expression while forwarding her picture to a boy.

One by one, the boys send the picture around the class, including all the girls, and deride it, bombarding her with nasty messages. Aggressive camera work shows the girl flinching with every glance, accentuating her immediate regret and new paranoia for participating in such a rash and shameful practice. She is humiliated. Even the teacher, incredibly, receives the picture and shakes his head in dismay as the girl panics her way out of the classroom. The condescending clip ends with a threatening voiceover ”Think you know what happens to your images? Who will see them? How they will affect you? Think again.”

In reality, after sending a sexual picture, a girl might have some regrets. But why would she need to feel so ashamed? We grow up being made to feel ashamed of sex. It’s the root of the problem, not the fact that anyone decides on an impulse to break the taboo. What kind of harm does the circulation of the picture do to her? Sure, some harm, but not much – unless you make her feel ashamed by adult inquiries and prosecution.

The message is wrong-headed and more damaging than anything it tries to prevent. Instead of lessening the culture of shame, the scare campaign reinforces it.


Deano himself summarises it perfectly : “As A.F. has observed on this site many times, the trauma to teenage girls caused by sexting, for example, is not a direct result of taking and posting raunchy pics of themselves, but from the ham-fisted attempts at counseling them and virtually brainwashing them into believing that they have been violated.”

PUA – It’s F*** a Fresher Week

The last week of September, my favourite time of the year. Yes, you know what I mean….the Universities are open again and it’s Fuck a Fresher Week! Campuses are full of fresh faced, barely legal, innocent 18 year in town, and eager to learn..heh,heh.

The Good Looking Loser knows what he’s talking about when it comes to banging horny 18 year old college girls. Here’s a very useful and inspiring thread that gives some good advice :

in the past 3 years I’ve fucked over 50 girls (53 i think) that went to either UCLA, USC, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising or Loyola. About half of which I picked up on campus.

there’s no way I can even count at this point, I’ve had sex on the campuses/surrounding area of at least 40 different schools at this point. Not necessarily all pickup, but I took a road trip with 2 other friends during Spring2010 and visited our younger friends from the hockey team that were in college. All of us got laid so much it was ridiculous.

Hehe, good work Chris.

Here’s a piece of advice from me – unless you are lucky enough to be a bonafide student at University yourself, you should try to have a legitimate reason to be on University campus (in order to avoid the feeling of being a perv). Digging out your alumni card for your old Uni should gain you access to the gym and the library. Failing that, universities often run adult evening classes that allow you to join the student union and gain access to the same spots, and of course the student bar. Just don’t be too sneaky. Avoid the David Fraudtrelle Omega Male predator route of creepy stuff like arranging to give talks to female students as a ‘male feminist’ on ‘how to have good sex‘, whilst handing out lube and condoms in the same week the place is full of prospectve students – i.e children.