Another UK School Bans Girls from Wearing Skirts

The femislamification of the UK continues apace as another British school bans girls (as young as 9) from wearing skirts – supposedly in order to protect their childhood innocence and ladylike modesty :

A school has banned girls from wearing skirts as part of its uniform policy.

Walkwood C of E Middle School in Redditch also said girls cannot wear blouses and will consult on whether to allow dresses in the summer term.

A letter to parents from the headteacher, David Doubtfire, said the changes come into effect from September and will gradually be phased in over the academic year.

The letter said: “All girls will be expected to wear trousers.”

It added the girls’ trousers should be of the same material as the boys and those pupils who have grey trousers will need to replace them with black pairs once they have grown out of them.

Now Dutch MPs ask for internet porn filter–957536

Dutch Christian Party ChristenUnie wants to see how far it would be possible to introduce an internet porno filter in the Netherlands, Tweakers reported. The political party came up with the idea after UK prime minister David Cameron suggested one for the UK. ChristenUnie MPs then asked the Dutch government to investigate the possibilities. The party earlier made the same request after Iceland instigated a porn filter.

The e-petition to stop the planned ISP filtering of porn and possibly other ‘dangerous’ material on the internet has now reached 33,000 – 1/3 of the required 100,000 to hopefully prompt parliament into at least debating the legislation.

Angry Harry – ‘Can You Trust Academic Research?’


As such, as a layperson, you should distrust just about every piece of research ever done over the past four decades – particularly when it comes to gender issues.

This research is mostly bogus. And it has mostly been manufactured in order to manipulate people and in order to get funding, power and promotion.

As such, and for example, the research into sex-assault, rape, domestic violence, family matters, gender differences, etc etc that is produced by these academics is phony.

And most of their ‘research’ time is spent on trying to figure out how to manufacture the ‘correct’ data, how to ignore the ‘incorrect’ data, how to re-shape the language, and how to distort the concepts associated with these things in such a way that it all sounds convincing.

And when, eventually, the whole ‘model’ is complicated enough – so complicated that it takes years to understand it – and with students also being indoctrinated by it as they gradually get engulfed by it in order to pass their exams – you end up with some kind of ‘ideology’ that is difficult to shake off.

It becomes like a religion.

And just like in any successful religion, the rewards for its leaders are many.

TyphonBlue Demands Equal Injustice for All! (Again)

You may have thought the recent and most praiseworthy campaign by our men’s rights brothers in Canada was about confronting and attacking the shameful demonsiation of men as potential rapists and sex predators. Not so according to TyphonBlue, who has been chosen by the Men’s Human Rights Movement to explain the campaign to mainstream journalists (

A Voice for Men is behind the posters here and Alison Tieman, who spoke for the group from Kelvington, said the group has the same message as Men’s Rights Edmonton.

We would like to see an honest look at statistics about sexual assault. We would also like to see campaigns that reflect all sexual assault victims,” said Tieman, who has been a part of the counter-feminist movement for 15 years.

The Edmonton posters that were put up by Men’s Rights Edmonton are a take on the widely-known “Don’t be that Guy” campaign against sexual assault. They read, “Don’t be that Girl…Just because you regret a one night stand doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual. Lying about sexual assault = a crime.”

“We are supporting the posters that were put up because they draw attention to the fact that the original posters single out men—all men—as potential rapists,” Tieman said.

“The original campaign posters are telling men not to be that guy which suggests that if they hadn’t told them, they would be that guy.”

The original campaign posters encourage female victims of sexual assault to come forward. Tieman said they prevent male victims to come forward because it pins sexual assault, as a whole, on men

Perhaps when she says ‘look again at the stastistics on sexual assualt’ she means looking at the leader of the MHRM’s view that 1 in 6 boys has been raped, and yet only 1 in 1653 women have been raped.

Of course, to anyone with a brain cell, the only practical result of encouraging the victim labelling of boys and men as sex abuse victims is to lead to many more homosexual men to be demonised, incarcerated, and raped and beaten as subhuman nonces – perhaps more even than when homosexuality itself was illegal. That, and the validation of the trillion dollar feminist child abuse industry which criminalises normal male sexuality, and which is leading to a chilling leglislative creep that appears to have no end in sight, and which has already resulted in overcrowding in British prisons and the construction of specialist death camps ‘sex offender’ jails in countries such as France.

Steve Moxon – ‘Femi-absurdism over banknotes and Jane Austen’

(Background – A feminist campaigner has won a battle to have women pictured on British banknotes, with the celebrated female pornographer Jane Austen now appearing on 10 pound notes.  The campaigner then allegedly recieved death and rape threats via Twitter, and a man has been arrested).

So Jane Austen on a banknote is some sort of victory?! Come again? Aside from (1) the fact that the Bank of England had long decided this, (2) that there is an image of a female, and in the most prominent position possible, on fully 100% of banknotes, and (3) no confirmed image of Jane Austen survives: if Jane Austen is the biggest female achiever then the whole idea of women achievers is in very serious trouble.
Fay Weldon describes Austen as literary Mills & Boon: female erotica couched in polite upper-middle-class 18thcentury discourse. Great literature it is not. The total myopia of contemporary feminism is revealed in that anyone could even begin to consider Austen as any sort of proto-feminist, with her stories that are nothing but nubile upper-middle or upper-class beauties and high-status absurdly rich males seeking each other for marriage – this set in moral concrete with the not-quite-absurdly-rich-enough male suitor turning out to be a bounder in comparison to the very richest catch of all (as best exemplified in the Darcy/Wickham story within Pride & Prejudice).
The real issue re illustrating individual great achievers concerns neglected males. In the wake of Charles Darwin’s image – removed in favour of Austen’s – what we really need is an image of the co-author of the theory of natural selection (the greatest idea in all history): Alfred Russel Wallace. He beats hands-down a pulp-fiction author of the equivalent of lads-mags or pornography.
As for the usual sort of extreme nastiness on Twitter (which feminists themselves are particularly adept at persistently dishing out): why would anyone interested in any remotely erudite conversation have anything to do with a medium that sets such a risibly low character limit that little but the most ignorant, ill-considered trolling ever appears on it? Of course a silly extreme-feminist head-banger gets fool Twitter posts that purport to threaten rape, because that’s what everyone knows is the best way possible to seriously wind her up; fitting as it does with feminist totalitarian malicious ideology of ‘rape-crisis’. It doesn’t signify misogyny [sic] even in those individuals actually making the spurious threats: they were not attacking womanhood; they were attacking femascist craziness. The real problem, perennially, is not ‘misogyny’ [sic], which is mere feminist invention, but misandry – the systematic, prejudiced contempt and hatred for males, which is deep in our biology and ineradicable from any culture; in contrast to the consideration always afforded to thereby over-privileged females.
So where in the media has there been any balance at all to present an alternative view as here? Not one contra voice anywhere allowed near a microphone. Certainly not on the BBC, when Naga Munchetty, the co-presenter of Breakfast, yesterday ended an interview lacking anyone to provide any balance with the words “I agree”. R.I.P. BBC news journalism – if it ever was of any standard.

‘Lads Mags’ given cover-up deadline

The Femi-Islamification of Europe continues…something that I can assure readers that this ‘sex positve’ MRA at least will certainly always fight against…

The Co-operative has given so-called lads’ mags six weeks to cover up their front pages with sealed “modesty bags” or be taken off sale in its stores.

The 4,000-outlet retailer said it was responding to concerns by its members, customers and colleagues about images of scantily-clad women on covers.

Titles such as Front, Loaded, Nuts and Zoo have been given a deadline of 9 September by the Co-op.

An industry body said the titles showed the “diverse interests of young men”.



Spiked/Barbara Hewson – ‘Stuart Hall: What happened to ‘go and sin no more’?’


Had Hall been charged contemporaneously with the matters since complained of, the prosecuting counsel, defence barrister and judges would all be men who very likely would have fought in the Second World War. As such, they would have had a considerably more measured view of human depravity. They would have found the extravagant emotionalism with which Hall has been denounced not just distasteful, but unbalanced.

Hall is not a serial rapist, and there was no suggestion that he used violence or a weapon. The sentencing judge called the acts under consideration ‘relatively mild’. His last offence was over 25 years ago. There was really no proper basis for imprisoning Hall in the first place. As such, doubling his term is as unprincipled as it is indefensible. What is going on?

This leads on to the second problematic idea underpinning Hall’s sentencing: the present approach to sex offences is dominated by a pre-modern, pre-scientific attitude, which regards offenders as monsters. This is in stark contrast to the more enlightened outlook evolved during the twentieth century, which regarded criminals as people who could be treated, cured and rehabilitated. But the feminist campaign in the 1980s around violence against women and the sexual abuse of children adopted the idea of the offender as ‘predator’, a metaphor drawn from sensationalist crime novels. A predator is an animal like a wolf, which kills and eats smaller animals. This has passed into official terminology. Judges, policemen and prosecutors now repeat it mechanically, as though it were literally true.


Johnny Berba on How to Stop Women in the Street (PUA Video Infield)

PUA theory holds that success lies in convincing your target that you are a dominant alpha male.  Somewhat bizzarely, PUA theory also holds that in approaching females in the street during the day, this projection of alpha masculinity is best achieved by actually running after the woman like a dog and stopping her. This means that even if you spot an attractive girl walking in your direction, you should let her pass, then run after her and stop her.  Given that even competent PUAs get blown out almost as often as they conversationally hook with a girl, let alone bang her, this means that you must accept being publicly humiliated on a regular basis in order to eventually gain access to the pink stuff.  Chasing after girls until you are ahead of them, then turning around and stopping them, is apparently known as the ‘Yad Stop’, after a very hairy and arguably physically unattractive male who is widely recognised as being possibly the best Day Gamer in London.

However, here is good old Johnny Berba trying to demonstrate that you can stop girls in the street in any way, and at any angle, and still gain their attention..or at least get rejected in a way that involves slightly less degrading public humiliation :