Angry Harry – ‘Who Will Protect Us?’

(excerpt) :

Sure, if you’ve got nothing to hide then the chances are that, for the moment, you will not suffer directly from having someone spy into every corner of your life, but what about those people who protect us from, say, abuses of power by state officials? – or from powerful corporations who are hurting people in some way?

Investigative journalists and whistleblowers certainly do have something to hide – certainly while they are researching their complaints and trying to bring them to public attention.

There could be a zillion things that they would wish to hide.

Who knows?

Maybe they cheated on their girlfriend 20 years ago. Or maybe they occasionally visited Barely Legal Teens while they were supposed to be working.

Maybe they were hooked on cocaine a decade ago.

Do we really want powerful bodies to be able to sully and, hence, silence these people in advance? – people who can help us to root out corruption, dishonesty, cheating, and far, far worse?

Do we really want powerful bodies to be able to monitor their every move?

What about the leaders and followers of protest movements, or of certain points of view?

How long would it be before the powerful bodies scuppered the reputations of the leaders and/or scared them off by digging up some dirt – and then, perhaps, associating the followers with that dirt?

So who will protect us from the growing powers-that-be if we allow them to access everything?

Who will be able to protect us?


Because the powers-that-be would have enormous power – effectively, infinite power – with which to stop them.


Krauser PUA on Sexual Economics

Krauser studied economics at university, so it’s always a good read when he chooses to discuss the economics of sex :

When we do game we are giving girls a proposition they wouldn’t normally entertain:

  • Talk to me, a guy you don’t know from Adam, for a while and give your number
  • Come on a date, maybe two…. then fuck
  • And I promise you nothing

That’s a mighty big ask. Sure, it’s well within the realm of biomechanical parameters but it’s still a big ask. And we expect to pull it off once or twice a month with the youngest-hottest-tightest girls that we meet. We are paying peanuts and expecting princesses. Sometimes we pull it off.

Now put your Blue Pill glasses on and look at the price the typical chode pays for his girlfriend:

  • Exclusivity
  • Berated for looking at other girls
  • Buying her stuff, meeting her family, going to Ikea on Saturday afternoon
  • Putting up with her shit, and her insufferable friends’ shit
  • Letting her keep her own frame
  • Spending all of his precious finite life with her

He’s not doing her in the ass while slapping her face and calling her a bitch. She’s not overwhelming him with thoughtful affection and favours. He’s on a leash. That’s the price he pays for his pussy. When you learn game there are simple metrics that measure your progress.

More girls, hotter girls, less work, less drama.

Brooke Magnanti – ‘The Berlusconi trial verdict : is it really a victory for Italian women?’

Again, whether it is right that men’s liberty is taken away comes down to soley – ‘is it good for women?’.  Note also that according to the article, Berlusconi was tried by three female judges.

The general response thus far from international press seems to have been one of “finally!”. Accusations of corruption and undue influence have dogged Berlusconi’s time as the leader of the Forza Italia party (and after the FI dissolution, the Popolo della Libertà or PDL). But rather like gangster Al Capone getting done for tax evasion instead of more serious crimes, Berlusconi it would seem is going down for his notoriously creepy sex life instead of possible abuse of his media and political control. Even now, criticism of the politician within his own country is noticeably muted.

The Corriere della Sera newspaper, based in Milan where Berlusconi owns football club AC Milan, covered the pro-Silvio angle. Their coverage quotes Daniela Santanchè, a female former cabinet minister of Berlusconi’s who attended the sentencing. “I came here because I am always on the side of women wanted to see the three women [judges] who have judged President Berlusconi. It was bad, to use women, by women for a political decision.”

La Repubblica, by contrast, went with a photo of female anti-Berlusconi protestors with signs declaring the conviction to be ‘saving the dignity of Italy’ – but notes within the article that supporters of the conviction were “a small group, consisting of only a few dozen demonstrators”.

And to those who feel sympathy for Berlusconi, victim of an outrage of femiinjustice that he is, bear in mind that he did nothing to resist the onslaught of Sexual Trade Union laws whilst he was in power in Italy.  In fact, the reason why you can go to prison anywhere in Europe for looking at pictures of 17 year old girls in bikinis is because his coalition government insisted upon it when the EU directive was drafted in 2002 (many countries argued for a 16 age limit for ‘child porn’).  So whilst hundreds of men across Europe were likely being raped in prison cells for looking at pictures of videos of 17 year old girls under a law drafted by Berlusconi’s government, he himself was paying for sex with a 17 year old prostitute as the most powerful man in Italy.

Don’t weep when a paedocrite goes to jail.

*Update : Whilst I was reading that story, I noticed in the sidebar the Telegraph’s top 5 most viewed articles were all female orientated, and yes, 3 involves sex and relationships, 1 is about feminism and ‘sexism’ in politics, and the other is a quasi child abuse story detailing a 14 year old female tennis player’s sacrifice and loneliness  :


Angry Harry – Symantec Shareholders Worried

Symantec shareholders are increasingly worried about the growing likelihood of multiple legal prosecutions and adverse publicity surrounding Symantec’s Rulespace software.

Concerned shareholders who remain unaware of the impending problems should investigate the claims of thousands of internet users and webmasters who are currently gathering together to force Symantec to stop blocking websites and blogs simply because the Symantec management does not approve of their political content.

If these claims are true, this will be seen as a sinister development to people who are concerned about civil liberties, freedom of speech and internet censorship.

Worse, from Symantec’s point of view, is that thousands of these sites have been categorised as “hate sites” by Symantec, but a close look at many of these sites clearly reveals that they are nothing of the sort.


Chris Brand 23/06/2013

Chris Brand has also been in fine form this week..


As if it were not enough that the high heidjuns of the BBC and NHS had for a decade paid hundreds of themselves million-pound annual handouts in ‘pay’ plus bonuses and expenses, it transpired that they had forked out further mega-millions to gag possible whistleblowers who might otherwise expose all the fun being had in their outfits (euthanasia, paedophilia, ‘rape’ etc).

{Just why the bureaucrats could not rely on the criminal law to protect their outrageous taxpayer-funded outfits from malicious criticism was unclear. Of course, individual staff and ‘victims of paedophilia’ required protection – but any disclosure of their names or identities by a ‘whistleblower’ could be dealt with by civil law. Why the need for colossal gagging bribes? – Except to protect the fatcats who had grown superabundantly rich out of the taxpayer as propagandists for Labour?


Busty tennis champ Serena Williams, in London for Wimbledon, with straightened hair and in pink, dramatically illustrated feminism’s strangulation of free speech as she was hounded by journalists to say she was “deeply sorry” for having told Rolling Stone magazine that a 16-yr-old raped (in Ohio) while virtually unconscious by two youths (a Black and a White) should not have taken so much to drink – and had thrown in for good measure that the girl was “lucky” the attack (which the boys gleefully videoed) had been no worse (D. Telegraph, 20 vi, ‘Apology after remarks made in interview provoke outcry’).


New research involving 29 luniversities in the UK found that at least 10% of female undergraduettes paid for their ‘studies’ by escorting, pole dancing, lap dancing or straight prostitution (Independent, 21 vi). The researchers (from Kingston and Leeds) reckoned such extracurricular activities brought in at least £355Mpa to UK lunis – doubtless helping keep open departments of ‘social anthropology’ where gals could ‘study’ pictures of naked savages and desensitize themselves to male desire while piously professing feminism and anti-racism.

Angry Harry – ‘Neurotic Introverts Unite’


In the west, the intelligent people who have lied and cheated the best and who have sought popularity are the ones who have dominated people’s lives in the recent past – and currently.

In the future, it will be intelligent men-who-sit-at-screens (i.e. Neurotic-Introverts) who will dominate people’s lives.

This is really good news – because, over-generalising perhaps, intelligent Neurotic-Introverts are more interested in the truth rather than in fame or money.

(They only need a quiet room and a computer to satisfy many of their needs and to provide themselves with entertainment. And you don’t need much fame or money for that!)

Neurotic-Introverts are also great worriers. In other words, they are good thinkers.


Men and Women Growing Old

Krauser PUA on male aging and masculinity :


Meanwhile, another male TV celebrity has fallen foul of the Femistasi thought police with his comments about sexism and ageism :

Alan Titchmarsh has claimed that older women working in television should stop moaning about being passed over for jobs because it’s easier for them at the beginning of their careers.

The 64-year-old TV gardener and author of raunchy novels told The Observer: “Men in television tend to last a bit longer at the end of their careers, but it is women who make hay at the beginning.”

“They don’t complain in their early days when they are disporting themselves on sports cars. I’d like to see a mix of all ages on TV and wish there could be less whingeing about it.”

Titchmarsh’s comments appear borne out by aging British ‘beauty’ Alexa Chung, 29, who today revealed that she suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome from ‘having to strip for creepy men’, when she happily posed for swimwear photos as a teen in the belief it would kickstart her career :

ALEXA Chung has revealed she “stripped for creepy men” when embarking on her modelling career as a naive teenager.

The British beauty, now 29, says she is still haunted by the flashbacks she tries to “block out”.Speaking to The Times, Alexa explained that while she realised there was something dodgy at the time about undressing for men in their private homes, she still kept it a secret from her parents – and only in hindsight can she comprehend fully how wrong it was.She said: “I actually kept modelling very separate [from my parents].

“I never really asked my mum or my dad’s advice during that time and it actually felt like I didn’t want to tell them too much about the reality of what was going on…

“I already knew it was wrong. So, you know, if there was a casting where some creepy man there had gone on to his flat in Ilford, and, you know, [he said] ‘Take your clothes off… ‘ and if I’d have done it, I won’t tell my mum because I know that’s wrong.”



Angry Harry – ‘Do Women Care?’

There is surely not a female in the country over the age of 12 who remains unaware of how easy it is to harm a man very severely by making a false accusation of ‘abuse’ against him.

And all adult women have surely seen via the media how atrociously men are treated merely following such an accusation.

Most adult women will also be aware of how biased against men is the legal system when it comes to the family courts, and of how the educational system is nowadays also clearly failing men and boys.

And educated women will certainly be aware of the fact that far, far more money is spent on women’s health than on men’s health; even when it comes to very serious illnesses such as cancer.

Thus, most western women are well aware that their own sons, brothers, husbands and fathers are being subjected to gross unfairness.

And yet they say and do nothing.

Indeed, most of them seem to support what is going on.

Perhaps, therefore, you men out there should learn something from this.

Your own mother, your sister, your wife, your girlfriend: Does she support what is being done to you, or what could be done to you?

Well, unless she has said otherwise, then she probably does.

So, stop deluding yourself about her true feelings about you.

She is quite prepared to see you being mistreated in the most appalling manner.

It seems as if so long as she privileged when it comes to family, health, education, the law, relationship disputes etc, you can be treated like dirt as far as she is concerned.