Frank Furedi : The Moral Lynching of Barbara Hewson

Missed this one while I was away in more civilised lands :

Intolerance comes in many shapes and forms. Last week, following the publication of an article on spiked by Barbara Hewson, there was a surge in intolerance, reminding us that far too many people and institutions aim to silence voices that raise uncomfortable questions. In particular, the Hewson storm confirms that the prevailing consensus around the Jimmy Savile scandal and the numerous police investigations it has spawned is now beyond debate. Questions about what kind of behaviour constitutes child abuse; about how to respond to claims of abuse that allegedly occurred 50 or 60 years ago; about what the age of consent should be… apparently there can be no debate on these, and only the dominant official narrative may be voiced.
When Hewson called into question the legal and moral foundations of the police’s post-Savile Operation Yewtree, and the way in which it confuses a zealous crusade with due process, she immediately became the target of a witch-hunt. The bigotry and visceral hatred directed towards her expose the raw fears, insecurities and passions that underpin so-called child protection policies in modern Britain – ‘so-called’ because, as I explain in my book Moral Crusades In An Age of Mistrust: The Jimmy Savile Scandal, what really motors ‘child protection’ today is not a desire to take effective steps to secure children’s safety, but rather an explosion of moral confusion and disorientation among adult society….


NSPCC and BBC Exploit Murder of Little Girl to Push for Web Bans on Porn

This week the murderer of five year old April Jones was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.  Little April’s murder hadn’t previously attracted much attention in the UK, quite surprising given that outbreaks of mass hysteria over thankfully rare child murders were becoming almost annual pagan liberal progressive summer fertility rites in the PeadoPhiles British Isles.

The reason April’s murder hadn’t generated hysteria and physical assaults on men who ‘looked like paedos’, as well as paediatricians, was because the nation was busily occupied with tales of Jimmy Savile groping 14 year old groupies in BBC dressing rooms.  As I explained in a previous article written at the time, feminists no longer had to exploit the murder of little girls in order to inflate definitions of paedophilia and enable draconian legislation restricting sexual competition from nubile teenage girls.

However, the nation has now exhausted Jimmy Savile hysteria, and even showed some signs of guilt and capacity for minimal human compassion over the hounding of old age pensioners for fumbling horny teenagers half-a-century ago.  So now it’s back to business as usual.  The conviction of Mark Bridger for April’s murder, and the fact that porn, including violent child porn, was found on his laptop, has quickly prompted both the NSPCC and the BBC to shamelessly exploit her tragic death to urge for further censorshhip of pornography online (already a hot issue in the UK).   Whilst the Telegraph quotes the NSPCC as claiming that April’s murder proves a link between child pornography and sexual violence against children, the BBC even appears to want to blur the distinction between violent child porn and legal pornography and support existing calls to block access to web porn in general :


The NSPCC, which as I have shown here previously and as is widely known in the men’s rights movement, is nothing more than a radical feminist sexual trade union lobbying group. Sickeningly, it has a yearly income of over £100 million. Typical of the feminist commitment to hard scientific evidence, and separation of correlation and causation, it bases its assertion of a link between viewing child pornography and actual crime against children upon the fact that one child murderer is found with violent kiddy porn on his laptop. Well what a surprise – a psychopath who fantasises about and then murders a little girl, also likes to look at violent child porn and rape videos online. Who would have thought that?

Actually, the only objective scientific study to look into the relationship between viewing child porn and child sexual abuse found that the link went the other way – looking at child porn reduces real child abuse. This is consistent with other studies that have looked at availability of adult porn and its impact on rape statistics, as well as general observation and the basic truth that both religions and feminists have tried to ban porn in the past, not because it increases rape, but because it provides a mastubatory alternative to real sexual contact with women. In fact, Naomi Wolf has explicitly stated this herself (essentially admitting that she and most feminists are rapists).

The NSPCC and other sexual trade union lobbying groups, including the BBC, want to shamelessly exploit the murder of children by psychopaths, and ‘prove’ a link between violent child porn, and even porn in general, to her murder, because porn in general, including supposed ‘child porn’ featuring nubile teenagers, brings down the sexual market value of feminists and the mass of women who support them, and who nod their brood mare head approvingly when they read such disgusting crap in the BBC and elsewhere.

If there was a causal link between viewing child pornography and the abuse of children, then those whose jobs it is to ‘research’ child porn videos, and who are ‘forced’ to watch such videos and images daily, should be closely monitored every day for the rest of their lives.  Of course, people who are sexually attracted to children will tend to watch videos of children.  Those psychopaths who fantasise about sexually hurting children, will also get turned on by watching videos of real children being sexually hurt.  This concept seems too obvious for the average feminist to see or to admit to.  In their world, no doubt, if we were forced to look at images of fat, frumpy, and old women constantly, we might finally turn our heads even when their haggard visages pass us in the streets.

Daily Mail Journalist Amanda Platell Faces Arrest for Viewing Violent Child Porn

Last Saturday I was reading the Daily Mail and found myself sickened even by the normal standards that a human and a man finds himself upon reading that femiservative exploitative rag (which now has strong links with the men’s human rights movement).

The reason for my nausea was an article by journalist Amanda Platell detailing the horror of child porn websites that are supposedly just a click away on Google, and which contain hardcore images of children being violently raped.

I was sickened for three reasons. Firstly, because her article is likely to have been wildly exaggerated,  in the hope that Amanda and her female middle-aged readers can content themselves knowing that further draconian teen child porn laws are on their way after such an ‘expose’. Millions of pounds, and the efforts of countless police forces and IT experts worldwide, are poured into taking down child porn sites as soon as they appear online. It is highly unlikely that hardcore violent child porn sites could be found so easily via Google, as Platell claims, when Google bases its search alogorithm and ranks websites upon the basis of factors such as the age of a site and the number of visits it recieves.

Secondly, because the article, as well as appealing to the sexual insecurities of its female middle-aged readership, was also blatently appealing to the suppressed desires of the paedocrite male readers who make up the rest of that newspaper’s demographic :

One video I watched, of 24 minutes in length, came up when I typed ‘teen schoolgirls abused’ — another of Hazell’s searched-for phrases.
It starts with a sweet-looking girl in her early teens, walking home in her school uniform: long white socks, short skirt and, as we discover later, pristine white cotton underwear.
It’s a stilted performance. But while the girl is clearly acting a role, the fear in her face appears to be all too real.
A man is watching her in a car parked outside her house. His accent is a peculiar hybrid of British and American. We learn he’s been stalking the girl for weeks. He knows when she gets home from school that she is alone for an hour before her parents arrive back from work.
He tricks his way into her home and within minutes is violating her, before forcing her to perform a sex act on him. Then he rapes her, in every possible position, all captured in close-up. ‘No one has to get hurt,’ he says to the child, ‘if you do what I say.’ He tells her she’s ‘secretly enjoying it’.
His other repeated refrain is: ‘Don’t you tell a soul or I’ll come back and hurt you.’ And hurt her he does. Not forgetting his final phrase: ‘This is our secret.’

Of course, detailing the fact that the ‘sweet looking girl’ was wearing ‘pristine white cotton underwear’, was absolutely essential for journalistic integrity. It had nothing to do with titilating the subhuman paedocrite readers who would scream outrage and loudly demand to hang every paedo by the balls, whilst attempting to ignore their own massive hardon lest their wives should notice. And no doubt, the middle-aged wives reading that article could relive their own fantasy of being an innocent attractive young girl again, instead of aging old hags, young, pretty, and virginal enough to still attract even the the violent predations of thuggish males.

But the third reason I was sickened was because here was a Daily Mail journalist brazenly admitting to watching hardcore violent child pornography, with the intention of titillating her readers and selling more editions of her rag paper, and yet I knew she would not be arrested because, firstly she’s a woman, and secondly, she would claim she did so for the purpose of ‘research’ (the classic). In fact, I was ready to write an article here titled ‘ Daily Mail’s Amanda Platell admits to viewing child porn – no arrests made’.

However, I may have been wrong. It seems that Amanda Platell is rightfully facing investigation for viewing hardcore child pornography. The nation’s paedo-finder general, Mark Williams-Thomas (who led the Savile hysteria), reported her to the police – another example, it seems, of the accusers starting to accuse each other.

It is unlikely that Platell will face charges, given the corruption within the Metropolitan Police, but let’s hope it has at least given the paedophile and her editors some unpleasant moments.

BBC Presenter Forced to Defend Rape Remarks

Former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross has issued a statement defending himself against criticism over comments he made about rape.

In his book, Crime, he said it had become “sacrilege to suggest that there can be any gradation: rape is rape”.

“The real experts, the victims, know otherwise,” he said.

After criticism from anti-rape campaigners and on social media, he said rape was “one of the most defiling crimes” and could never be justified.

The controversy comes after extracts from the “Sex” chapter of his book Crime – subtitled “how to solve it and why so much of what we’re told is wrong” – were published in the Mail on Sunday.

The real reason feminists insist on the absurd notion that all rape is equally as bad, is because the issue of rape for them has nothing to do with the subjective feelings and experiences of the individual women who have experienced (real) rape, but rather simply increasing their own sexual power (and the mass of women who support them) and their own sexual market value. Rape hysteria holds its worth for the mass of women not in preventing women or young girls being snatched off of the streets and violently raped in bushes (which of course is very rare), but rather in the more fundamental aspects of personal sexual market value – for example, preserving one’s ‘honour’ by being able to claim to have been raped when you have regretted acting like a ‘slut’ the previous night.

Feminists pursue the same tactics with regard to child abuse. For example, to feminists, and according to the absurd child porn laws they have created, a picture of a 3 year old toddler posing with her legs apart is treated as seriously as a picture of a fully developed 17 year old girl posing in a bikini. In both cases, they are regarded as level 1 child pornography, and the man who gets turned on by the 17 year old is as much of a paedophile as the man who gets turned on looking at the 3 year old. Again, this is because feminists, and the vast majority of ordinary women, have no wish to end real child abuse, but rather only to exploit real child abuse in order to raise their own sexual market value (i.e. by inflating terms such as paedophilia to cover even teenage girls and young women).

**To the pussy pedalistisers amongst my readers who feel I should attack only the feminist bogeywomen rather than holding women in general accountable for the sexual war on men – feminists are only doing the hard labour of fulfilling the requirements of ordinary women in a free sexual market. Feminists would be close to irrelevant if they were not fundamentally acting in accordance with the wishes and desires of the average woman in society.

On a similar theme, see :

Falsely Accused British Footballers Cleared of Rape and Voyeurism


…despite forensic tests on all the players’ phones, only one photograph was found on Barker’s phone.
It showed the sleeping woman with shaving foam spelling out GB on her thigh. Barker was next to her doing a thumbs-up sign and smiling.
Another player, Leon Redwood, said he went into the room at night and sprayed the foam.
Barker and Rodgers said the woman had joined in the “boy’s banter”. She climbed into bed with them and started kissing them.
Dunk and Cook said they were sleeping on the floor and did not get involved with the woman.
The woman was said to have “told a pack of lies” following the incident.
She agreed she lied to police and her employers but said she had been humiliated by the sportsmen.
She complained to police about the players six months later after getting into a volatile relationship with another player, Kazenga LuaLua.

Footballers in the UK are falsely accused almost on a weekly basis. In the vast majority of the cases, they are ‘lucky’ and the lies do not end up completely destroying their lives and careers, although the false accusers are rarely if ever punished. In a minority of cases, they are not so lucky, and are caged, likely to be anally raped and beaten, on the basis of extremely dubious testimony.

Osaka Mayor Forced to Apologise for Saying US Troops Should Use Legal Brothels to Curb Sex Crimes

The mayor of the Japanese city of Osaka has apologised for suggesting US soldiers should use legal brothels as a way to curb sexual crimes in Okinawa.

US personnel have been involved in a number of violent crimes in Okinawa over the years, including rapes.

One might think that racism was the politically incorrect offence the mayor was guilty of, but it appears that it was actually in condoning prostitution as a legitimate business :

“The phrase ‘sex businesses’ was inappropriate,” he said in a TV interview on Saturday.

Despite having the most liberal pornography laws in the world, including those relating to child pornography (which is still legal to possess and of which the minimum age to perform in was until recently 13), the rape of women and young schoolgirls is very rare in Japan, and when it does occur, it is most often committed by the tiny minority of American troops – the USA being the most puritan and paedohysteric nation in the Western world.

This is in line with numerous studies and observations that clearly reveal a link between sexually repressive controls on prostitution and pornography and high rates of rape and (real) child sexual abuse. This, of course, directly contradicts the feminist claim that porn and prostitution leads to the abuse of women and children, a claim which readers will be aware is simply an attempted rationalisation of the fact that it is necessary for women to seek restrictions on the sex trade as the the commercialisation of sex brings down the sexual market value of most ordinary women.  Thus the feminist attack on porn and prostitution is an underhand means of trying to force men to have sexual relationships with women, through the restriction of alternatives and using the implicit threat of state violence and imprisonment as a deterrence to seeking alternatives – attempted rape under most sensible legal definitions.

Father driven to suicide after false accusation online of paedophilia

The grieving family of a man found hanged in a cemetery claim he was driven to suicide following paedophile accusations on Facebook.

Steven Rudderham, 48, was traumatised when his name, address and photograph were published online, along with a message calling him a ‘dirty perv’ and claiming he was a paedophile.

Within 15 minutes, the message had been shared hundreds of times and the bricklayer from Hull, East Yorkshire, began receiving death threats on Facebook, an inquest heard.

The police are ‘considering’ investigating. When a false accuser rape victim has her name revealed on Twitter, they conduct dawn raids the next day.