Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies Responds to Euro Porn Ban Proposal

A couple of weeks ago I was one of many to send an email to all members of the EU parliament voicing my outrage at the proposal at the proposal by femihag Kartika Liotard to have porn banned throughout the continent.

There was speculation that all emails on the subject to the MEPs had been blocked, but my message to Chris Davies, the Liberal Democrat MEP for North West England, evidently did get through, because I was surprised to receive a (presumably generic) reply from him in my inbox the other day :

Thank you for your email regarding the Own Initiative Report by Dutch MEP Kartika Liotard (European United Left – Nordic Green Left) entitled “Eliminating Gender Stereotypes in the EU”.

As you are probably aware, any reference in the Report to a ban of pornography in the media was removed. Liberal Democrat MEPs made it clear that while gender stereotypes are often deeply unhelpful, calling for any ban on pornography was illiberal, impractical and very much out of the question. My colleagues and I supported a number of amendments, in particular one that removed any suggestion of a ban.

Some of the information you might have been given about the report is not true. It was what is called an “Own Initiative Report”, which means it is not legislative, and was proposed by one MEP and discussed in one committee. Even if this Report had not been amended by Liberal Democrat and other MEPs it would not have changed the law, but served merely as a recommendation to the European Commission in advance of any relevant future legislation.

I sympathise entirely with any concern that there was an effort to block emails to MEPs from their constituents. My understanding is that for around 15 minutes the European Parliament was not able to receive any emails as a result of the volume of incoming communication from campaigners on this subject. If nothing else, this shows the strength of feeling that this misguided proposal caused.

I hope you will let us know if you would like more information on the Report or on European Parliament procedure, but please note that I must prioritise communicating with my own constituents from the North West of England that have provided a full postal address in their e-mail. You can find your own MEPs here.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. If you are interested in civil liberties, and want to know more about what I am doing on this and other subjects, please drop by my website and fill in my survey here.

Kind regards,

Chris Davies MEP
Liberal Democrat MEP for the
North West of England

Although porn may be safe for now, femihag Kartika Liotard did succeed with the proposal to criminalize ‘the sexualisation of girls’ (or rather, to anyone who understands the basic concept and reality of puberty, the artificial forced Stalinist de-sexualisation of post pubescent teenage girls, motivated purely through sexual jealousy).

Fake Sex Ad Draws in Hundreds of Swedes

Hundreds of would-be sex-buyers responded to an advert in a newspaper in western Sweden, which offered the services of a fictional 19-year-old prostitute.

The Metro newspaper in Gothenburg published an advert about a fictional 19-year-old woman looking for sex in the city.

While the paper points to the internet as the most popular forum for organizing prostitution meets, men around the city were quick to pounce on the phone number provided.

Over the weekend, the phone had 130 missed calls and seven texts. After a week, the number had grown to 287 calls and 57 texts.

One man offered 1,000 kronor ($155) for half an hour with the prostitute, while another offered 2,500 kronor to urinate on her.

Local police experts were not surprised by the public interest.

“The fact that you got 130 calls over the weekend doesn’t surprise me. For those people keeping an eye on the supply, things get exciting with a new ad,” Mats Paulsson, head of the prostitution unit of the Gothenburg police, told the Metro newspaper.

He added that he thought the callers were more curious than interested in buying sex.

“Many people call up because they’re tickled by the whole thing. They’re satisfied to just call or text.”

In Sweden, selling sex is not a crime, however paying or attempting to pay for sex is punishable by fines. Anyone convicted of purchasing sex from a minor can be sentenced to up to two years in prison

I just wonder how many Swedish women would reply if a similar trick advert was placed offering the sexual services of a ‘rent-a-rasta’?

Femihag Fury at Nightclub ‘Cleavage’ Discount (Trigger Warning – Does contain a graphic image of the sexually jealous femihag)

A nightclub promotion offering women free entry if they wear low-cut tops has been condemned by MPs.

The Casino Rooms Nightclub in Rochester, Kent, is advertising its “National Cleavage Weekender” with pictures of women in revealing outfits.

The poster says: “Free entry for exposed cleavage b4 11pm on any night! Only at Kent’s biggest & breast party venue.”

The club’s boss has defended the promotion as “light-hearted and fun”.

The poster adds: “It’s not about the size, it’s about the presentation!”

Tracey Crouch, Conservative MP for Chatham and Aylesford, said: “This is disgusting and degrading to women, particularly at a time when we’re trying to do such good work to improve the body image of women of all shapes and sizes.

“This is an incredibly misguided PR stunt.”

Diane Abbott, Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, tweeted: “Casino Rooms nightclub in Kent promotes ‘National Cleavage Weekender’ #everydaysexism.”

The Everyday Sexism Project was set up by journalist Laura Bates to catalogue incidents of sexism.

Since its launch last year, thousands of people have submitted their own examples through social media.

Meanwhile, the Sexual Trade Union seems determined to co-opt and neutralise any threat that the Men’s Rights Movement might posess to challenge the core feminist assumption that the free sexual market should be rigged :

No doubt this has been already posted to r/mensrights and upvoted 500 times.

British ‘Justice’ Minister Wants to ‘Keep Women Out of Prison’

Whilst British prisons are reaching overcrowding levels through laws lobbied for and passed by middle-aged women that criminalize male sexuality, the British ‘Justice’ minister (Helen Grant) has announced plans to ‘keep women out of prison’.

Community sentences in England and Wales are to be made more “female friendly” in an effort to keep women out of prison.

Justice Minister Helen Grant wants to cut reoffending rates and offer judges credible alternatives to custody.

She says “vulnerable” women offenders need help to break the cycle of crime and abuse many of them face.

But the new approach will include an element of punishment such as unpaid work or curfew, she stressed.

See also : Women’s prisons should close say justice task force

Dianne Abbott FemiHag Calls for Purge of ‘Sexualised Images’ in UK High Streets (Trigger Warning)

diane abbott
Diane Abbott

Shadow health minister Dianne Abbott has called for a purge of sexualised imagery from public spaces in the UK.

“I think it has reached a point where we need to detox our High Streets, and make Britain a family-friendly country again,” she told the Mumsnet website.

She also blamed a “disturbing” trend for online bullying of young women on a “crisis in masculinity”.

Ms Abbott, who came under fire over privately educating her teenage son, plans to make a speech on the issue.

“I think we need to clear our public spaces of worst elements of unrestrained markets – including addressing music videos that blare out at us, and our children.

“The online bullying including problems around ‘sexting’ and ‘slut-shaming’; the huge billboards that have very sexualised images of women that loom over our public spaces, and the sexualised figures of women in films that are now commonplace.

Notice how she blames bullying over slut shaming on ‘boys’, even though as I have pointed out here several times recently, 95% of slut shaming bullying that attractive teenage girls are subjected to is by other teenage girls. Actually that’s not quite correct. I shold say other teenage girls, and older jealous women such as Dianne Abbott clearly is, and who validate ‘slut shaming’ through the clever but transparent pretext of ‘protecting’ young girls from ‘potential’ slut shaming. In fact, the connection that hags like Dianne Abbot selfishly wish to draw between sexually liberal behaviour from young girls, and harmful consequences, does indeed encourage the very slut shaming that she pretends to be campaigning against.

the sexualised figures of women in films that are now commonplace“… What the F*** is she talking about?! There wasn’t any sexualised figures of women 20 years ago? Or maybe she just didn’t feel such internal jealous rage notice them back when she was younger and not quite as physically repulsive as she is now?

“The current issues facing boys,” commented one Mumsnet user, “are the result of constructions of masculinity and are not caused by feminism.”

Ms Abbott responded: “Absolutely. One reason I am anxious to make a big speech about men, boys and male identity is to nail the lie that feminism is somehow the cause of the problem.”

Uh oh.  Can you smell some more Sexual Trade Union co-opting of the MRM in the works?  I have a feeling TyphonBlue might be happy to interview her on this subject…