Steve Moxon : IPCC in denial of the vast scale of fabricated rape allegations

(theantifeminist : three has been media outcry in the UK after the Independent Police Complaints Commission published a report claiming that the Met police encouraged some rape accusers to withdraw their allegations)

The IPCC’s Deborah Glass is thoroughly irresponsible in her conclusion that the Met Police were wrong to encourage rape complainants to withdraw their allegations, when this should be – and in the USA indeed is – standard practice to weed out the very well-known sky-high rate of fabricated rape allegation. The problem in the UK is that the police do nowhere near enough to test women making rape accusations. It is axiomatic that there should be no presumption of ‘believing’ the victim. Indeed, it is more important to avoid the wrongful conviction of an innocent accused than it is to support the putative victim. Of course, if any police simply excused themselves from bothering to investigate then they should be disciplined; but rigorous testing of the truth of the allegation is a key part of any rape investigation.
No less a figure within the Met than Ian Blair himself authored a study of specialist rape investigators within the police, revealing that they estimate the incidence of ‘false rape’ to be between 50% and 70%. Similar surveys around the world come in between 50% and 90%.
The Home Office’s own major research on rape [HORS 196] showed that before huge political pressure was put on police, the ‘no-crime’ figure was 25% (and it’s still over 10% today even after years of persistent attempts to strip the police doing their job), with a further 31% ‘no further action’. So even assuming some pretty strange reasons in some of the cases, conservatively 30% or 35% of reported rapes are simply invention.
Over in the USA, Linda Fairstein, head the New York County District Attorney’s Sex Crimes Unit and author of Sexual Violence: Our War Against Rape, concluded that “there are about 4,000 reports of rape each year in Manhattan. Of these, about half simply did not happen.”
Separate research by Professor Keith Soothill here in the UK and Dr Charles McDowell in the USA reveal the often amazingly trivial reasons why girls and women make false allegations, and the often great lengths they go to try to deceive the police.
It’s high time this gigantic fraud was recognised and severe punishments meted out to false accusers. Recently, women at long last have been regularly jailed, but this is often for just months rather than the years the crime deserves by way of deterrence; and still many women are let off with no prison sentence, and very often are not prosecuted at all.
It’s yet another part of the utterly crazy new world we live in through the hegemony of PC-fascism, and which will come crashing down in good time. But more people need to stand up and point to the Emperor’s New Clothes.

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Meanwhile, a woman who made her 11th false accusation of rape has finally been jailed (for a paltry 16 months) :

The demand for a ‘false accuser’ register has been added to the ‘Manifesto for Male Sexual Rights’.

The Sun’s Big Debate : Should the UK Follow Iceland and Ban Porn?

Professional child abuse victims/campaigners/hags Shy Keenan and Sara Payne demand that the UK stops internet porn corrupting our innocents :

VIOLENT online porn is set to be banned in Iceland – and some say Britain should follow its lead.

Iceland’s move – a first for a Western democracy – is designed to stop children seeing brutal or “hateful” porn images.

But here Sun Justice campaigners Dr Sara Payne and Shy Keenan argue a full ban on all web users is not needed for Britain.

What IS necessary, they say, is that our laws are changed so that our children are protected from the vile material that is all too easily available.

IF you want to access adult services in the real world – whether its cigarettes, alcohol, or pornography – the law says you must provide valid proof of age.

Why on earth are the same child protection laws not universally applied in the virtual world of the internet?

Our innocent but naturally curious and computer-smart children are paying the price.

The NSPCC say the average child now has access to five internet gadgets, so a parental lock on the family PC is no longer enough.

And research shows that exposing children to pornography is emotionally corrosive and can cause serious emotional health and developmental problems.

We’re not talking about seeing nipples, which we don’t have a problem with.

We are talking about seeing male and female sexual organs, intercourse and violent or dehumanising sex.

Notice that the ‘campaigners’ are careful to point out that ‘nipples’ are o.k., given that the Sun still makes money from printing pictures of topless ‘page 3 girls’ (and only a few years ago many of them were 16).

Notice also that the hags do not mention anything about violence per se, just ‘sexual violence’. Kids watching other kids being bullied and beaten half to death, or getting a daily thrill out of watching men having their heads sawn off by jihadists, this is all good clean innocent fun. Not to mention paedocrite rags like The Sun shoved into children’s faces with lurid headlines every day such as ‘Hang the Pedos’ or ‘Savile had sex with dead children’.

Steve Moxon : The ‘harassment’ card pulled on Chris Rennard

(theantifeminist – Chris Rennard is a British peer and formerly the chief-exectuive of the so-called ‘Liberal Democratic’ party, and who is now receiving almost Jimmy Savile treatment from the media for allegedly ‘putting his hands on the knees’ of a female colleague, and other shockingly ‘inappropriate’ behaviour when in that position) :

The worst that Chris (Lord) Rennard, the Liberal Democrat peer, is accused of is placing his hand on a woman’s knee or back, and sitting so close as to be touching. He was reluctant to take ‘no’ for an answer, we’re told; but the ‘no’ apparently was never an explicit one. He made “unwanted approaches”. Big Deal. Most approaches by men to women are unwanted.
     Chris Rennard appears to have behaved in no way beyond the usual forwardness required of males to enable females to initially reply coyly to test if the male is persistent, so that then she may well not – but sometimes just may – decide to accept his advances. The current utterly daft notion of what constitutes ‘harassment’ potentially makes normal sexual interaction impossible though obviating any beginning of courtship.
     We’ve had the ridiculous spectacle of Lib-Dem spouse Vicky Price cowering behind the truly antique notion of ‘coverture’ to excuse her own illegal behaviour, and now we have these Lib-Dem women so socially incompetent that they can’t deal with the most innocuous mild sexual overtures?! Most even half-worldly women would make light and deliver a humorous put-down so that both parties save face. Having not taken it lightly, it’s just not good enough to hide behind the notion that they could not complain because of Chris Rennard’s ‘power’ in the political hierarchy. Well were they just using their femininity to enable themselves to climb the Party’s hierarchy, and didn’t want to give this up?! If they genuinely felt their complaints had substance, then why would they allow themselves to be ‘fobbed off’?
     The whole affair is pretty funny in that the Lib Dems are – albeit quite a way after Labour — a locus of ‘political correctness’ fascism, so any woman within the organisation can expect a very good hearing indeed if she makes any, however flimsy charge of sexual misdemeanour, and knows full well that she would be able to push beyond any rebuff.
     I note the reporting on this Channel4 story is headed up by Cathy Newman: someone who personally told me that what matters to her in assessing a news story is what she “believes”, not journalistic standards. She’s a rabid feminist activist, not a journalist.
     As a very ex-Lib Dem activist owing to my profound disagreement with several major LD policies and orientations, I’ve no reason to be kind to Chris Rennard, albeit I know him personally. Long ago I worked as his admin assistant. Even during the back-end of those ‘Young Liberal’ days of promiscuity I never saw nor heard of Chris making any sexual move, no matter how subtle or how crude, on anyone. Indeed, I might be wrong but from my understanding at the time he has no natural interest in females at all!

For some typical BBC coverage see :

David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Month Winner February : David Futrelle


We’re barely into the last week of the month, but when one man has given yet another typically unrivalled masterclass in the fine art of paedocrisy, there is simply no point in waiting any longer to announce the award.

There can only be one winner of the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Month for February – David Futrelle.

>>Child abuse, Paedophilia, and Ugly Fat Fuck Trigger Warnings<<

david futrelle
This is what a paedocrite looks like

Futrelle has been suffering from his monthly period pains over the last few days, and it showed when he lost all semblance of sanity and self-respect by once again inciting criminal violence against an old man for an interview he had given on incest nearly half-a-century ago – when Warren Farrell was a feminist, and when the questioning of such taboos hardly raised an eyebrow.  This, despite it now being well known in both feminist and men’s rights circles that Fraudtrelle has a history, much more recent, of the most disturbing child abuse and paedophilia apologies that it is possible to imagine.

Although David Futrelle would prefer his past defence of paedophilia and child rape to disappear down an internet memory hole, all his writings defending child sex abuse are still online, archived, and there for the whole world to see. Let’s remind ourselves of some of the shocking things David Futrelle said during his early career in the 1990’s and early part of this century whilst writing for liberal online publications, when you could produce such articles and hope to get into the pants of feminist statutory rape apologist colleagues such as Judith Levine, and before his ‘ManBoobz MeetUps’ incarnation :

  • Defended the gay sex shop distribution of a paedophile made video consisting of graphic images of naked children being raped, tortured and murdered
  • Suggested adults who rape and impregnate kids not only shouldn’t go to prison, but should be encouraged to marry their victims (Sex and the Single Girls).
  • Repeatedly denied the reality of the wide-scale sexual abuse of children at a time when the leading child protection charities such as the NSPCC were promoting such claims (example)
  • Thinks pederasts fantasising about violently raping boys is ‘tender’ and ‘erotic’. (David Futrelle)
  • Boasted (last year!) of handing out condoms and lube to teenagers and offering to teach them good sex
  • Appears to have claimed that the raising of the age of consent from 12 to 16 was motivated merely by the prudish desire of Victorian suffragettes to ‘control the sexuality of young girls’.
  • Worked alongside the most famous ‘statutory rape apologist’ in the world – Judith Levine – and one liberal article of his (‘Shameful Pleasures’) was actually listed in the references at the end of her most infamous work, ‘Harmful to Minors‘.

When reading what Futrelle has written in the past regarding paedophilia and child sexual abuse, bear in mind that he has stated numerous times to his mentally disturbed, young and vulnerable, would be ‘meet-ups’ at his site that any man who questions laws or definitions relating to paedophilia, child abuse, and child pornography, must be a paedophile himself.

You do the maths….if you have the stomach for it….

How to Spot a femRA (EvilWhiteMale)

(theantifeminist) : FemRAs (female men’s Rights Activists, or more commonly, ‘female men’s human rights activists’) are a cancer that is eating away at our movement and killing OUR cause.  It’s certainly far from impossible that a female can be a genuine supporter of men, and such women are decidedly useful allies.  But it’s equally evident,  in our haste to avoid accusations of misogyny, and of being a group of angry white men with victim envy, that certain segments of the movement have rather uncritically let in anyone with a vagina who claims to speak for men and our rights.  And these femRAs do claim to speak for men.  In fact they appear to have no inhibition whatsoever in claiming to know what is best for a man, what a man is and should be, and above all, in telling us what a man’s sexuality and sexual behaviour is and ought to be.  The fact that their answers invariably co-incide with the selfish sexual interests of these golden hearted ‘lovely looking sheilas’ is, I’m sure, entirely co-incidental.

Loyal and esteemed reader ‘EvilWhiteMale’ originally posted the following as a comment, with the suggestion that it might serve as the basis for an article on how to spot such femRAs. Here it is unaltered as the basis for further discussion in the comments section below :

insists that men can be raped by women (or that the act is just as traumatic for men as when men do it to women)

-attempts to deny or to diminish the FACT of females being more sexually valuable than males

-frequently uses boilerplate feminist terminology like ‘deconstruction’ or ‘gender binary’

-puts forth views about male and female sexuality that are highly un-intuitive or that seem to have no basis in common sense

-attempts to refute well established trends and patterns with anecdote and outliers (common of feminists in general really)

-show leftward political leanings: ‘both sides of the fence are just as bad for men’ is a common argument to conceal this

-subtle implication that emasculation or the swallowing of pride (you men and your ‘BIG’, ‘ENORMOUS’ egos!) is the only path to men’s rights

-excessive emphasis on the problems of male disposablity and male on male misandry [we were supposed to storm the castle and behead the ice princess but instead we’re doing the work of the red cross!?]

-excessively critical of ‘game’ and the pua crowd (has anyone else noticed how guys like that clarence are like this?)

Eivind Berge : Another Round of Feminist Rape Law Reform in Norway

Criminalizing sexuality, and particularly male sexuality, is the most salient aspect of feminism, in my view. All the other feminist shenanigans pale in comparison because criminalization represents direct, institutionalized violence against men. Witnessing ever more hateful and draconian legislative attacks on sexuality is the primary reason behind my radicalization into an MRA. It has reached the point where even the mainstream media these days report the profound impact of feminist sex law reform. In 1999, sex with very drunk or unconscious women was defined in Norway as a relatively minor crime of sexual exploitation and punished by an average of 4 months in prison. Today the same phenomenon is called “rape” and the usual sentence is 4 years.

And that’s just one example from a long list of legal reforms during the past 13 years which includes criminalizing negligent rape (abolishing mens rea), criminalizing johns (but not whores), the introduction of a grooming law and associated police stings, criminalizing bestiality, escalating mandatory sentencing, and so on. But despite these extreme advances in misandry, feminists are far from satisfied with the status quo. Now, for the fourth time since 2000, here we go again with another major round of feminist-driven sex law reform. Definitions and penalties for various sex crimes ranging from stalking to rape are set to escalate, in order to capture even more of male behavior and increase the prison population. Sex with anyone under 14 is now categorically to be defined as “rape,” shamelessly instituting a deliberate lie in order to demonize men further. A brand new category of “abuse” of 16 to 17-year-olds will also be invented which effectively raises the age of consent to 18 if only the pigs find a pretext for claiming the girl was in a “vulnerable life situation” — which can mean practically anything they want it to mean. The statute of limitations for sexual offenses against minors is proposed abolished, and retroactively so, so as to prosecute old men for alleged sex crimes many decades in the past. And bizarrely, they want to redefine masturbation to “intercourse” in order to apply the full force of rape law to men who persuade girls to perform sexual acts on themselves…..(read the rest of Eivind’s excellent article)

Masculinity Attacked from All Parts (Lui Marco Natural Bodybuilder – Great Video)

This guy is one of several natural bodybuilding gurus I subscribe to on YouTube.  When you see videos or articles like this, from men who are probably unaware even of the existance of the men’s rights movement (no name change from me), you realise what kind of growth in men’s activism is not only possible but inevitable.

China’s ‘Left Over Women’ – On the Shelf at 27

Strange then, that the myth continues to be promoted (even within the MRM) that because a woman’s ‘peak fertility’ is around the age of 23 – 25, this is the age at which she is most sexually attractive to men.  Of course, this fails to take into account the number of fertile years a woman has ahead of her, which is rapidly diminishing even during those supposed ‘peak’ years.  Something that is obvious to any man (and his penis) through visual clues of youthfulness, the most important of which is the level of collagen in the skin, which declines from around the age of 16 in females, and the restoration of which is at the center of a multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry.  A cosmetics industry that places advertisements in papers such as the Daily Mail, read by middle-aged women, that gloatingly report on ‘sick perverts’ and ‘paedophiles’ who have been jailed for having sex with the teenage girls those female readers would literally kill to look like again.

Over 27? Unmarried? Female? In China, you could be labelled a “leftover woman” by the state – but some professional Chinese women these days are happy being single.

Huang Yuanyuan is working late at her job in a Beijing radio newsroom. She’s also stressing out about the fact that the next day, she’ll turn 29.

“Scary. I’m one year older,” she says. “I’m nervous.”


“Because I’m still single. I have no boyfriend. I’m under big pressure to get married.”

Huang is a confident, personable young woman with a good salary, her own apartment, an MA from one of China’s top universities, and a wealth of friends.

Still, she knows that these days, single, urban, educated women like her in China are called “sheng nu” or “leftover women” – and it stings.

Who are you calling “leftover”? Huang Yuanyuan (front) and her colleague Wang Tingting

She feels pressure from her friends and her family, and the message gets hammered in by China’s state-run media too.

Even the website of the government’s supposedly feminist All-China Women’s Federation featured articles about “leftover women” – until enough women complained.

China’s Bachelors Hustle to Make Money and Attract Wives

In China, men overwhelmingly outnumber women. The ratio of men of marriageable/dating age (15-30 years old) to every woman is 1.15 — an unusual imbalance that’s created a rat race of bachelors vying for the affections of a limited pool of young women. Many may want to marry, but never will.

Men started outnumbering women in 2002. It has become almost an unspoken prerequisite for bachelors to have enough for a down payment on a home before attracting a wife. Which, in turn, has bred fierce competition among the male population.

“Acquiring wealth becomes far more important,” says Wei, director of the Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business at Columbia. In fact, China’s bachelors helped drive its growing housing market. Last year, Wei and other experts published a study that showed up to 48% or ($8 trillion worth) of the rise in property values across 35 major cities is linked to the country’s gender imbalance.

Over the past 10 years, China’s economy has grown about 10% annually. Wei estimates the gender imbalance, on average, contributed 2 percentage points annually during that period.

History suggests the growth has to slow. Typically when income per capita reaches about $17,000, growth on average starts declining about 2% a year. In China, income per capita in 2011 stood at $5,445. It will be some time before it reaches its peak, but growth has already started decelerating. In 2012, GDP growth slowed to 7.8% from 9.3% in 2011 and 10.4% in 2010.

Yet the country’s demographic kink could offset future slowdown, Wein says. Over the next 10 years, the male-to-female ratio will rise to 1.2 men per woman, in part, one of the many unintended consequences of China’s three-decade-old policy limiting couples to one child in a culture where parents overwhelmingly favor males over females.