Indian Man Beaten to Death by Nieces Near Delhi – Thousands of Women Riot Demanding Better Protection for Men–2149.html

A man was beaten to death by his three nieces over a land dispute in Bihar, police said Saturday.
Harihar Choudhary, a resident of Bhatwalia village in Gopalganj district, was beaten to death by his three nieces while he was ploughing the field Friday, police officer Anand Kumar Pandey said.

“Choudhary’s nieces told him not to plough. But when he refused, they attacked him with bamboo sticks and beat him to death,” he said.

Of course, I made up the part in the title suggesting that thousands of women were marching in the streets protesting against a man being brutally murdered. Some hope.

I don’t want anyone to think I am in bad taste for drawing this analogy with the recent appalling and beyond evil gang rape and murder of the young Indian student on a bus, but it needs to be drawn and a couple of points made.

Men are violently beaten, murdered, burnt alive, skinned alive, on a literally daily basis in these Third World shit holes. But of course, no one gives a f***, because they are men, even when it is women doing the killing.

There will be no women marching to demand an end to this.

And notice the media concentrate on the fact that she was raped, not the fact that she was beaten into a coma, and subsequent death, with iron bars. The media would like you to think that it was the rape itself that was responsible for her massive internal injuries causing her death. Very unlikely. Being repeatedly smashed with heavy iron bars by multiple assailants and then thrown out of the moving bus is a far more likely cause.

And, of course, if rape is worse than death, as most feminists claim, then we should be thankful that she did die. In that case, I wonder why the men now face the death penalty for murder, and not for the original rape?

Of course the Sexual Trade Union won’t miss a beat in exploiting this tragic and appalling case to make yet more misandrist anti-sex laws that protect their own sexual asking price. India already far outshines even the eUSSR in this regard – recently, the age of consent was raised to 18, with massively draconian punishments for even the slightest transgression.  Despite this, as a knee-jerk reaction to the rape of the student, India now wants to reduce the age of criminal responsibilty in rape cases from 18 to 15.  Talk about having your cake and eating it (

Thunderf00t : ‘Why Feminism is Poisoning Atheism’

20,000 views in less than 12 hours.

Feminism, or rather women and their primal need to protect their own sexual value, infiltrates and becomes parasitical upon every male intellectual field of thought and activity – even the simple belief that there is no God.

Slightly disturbing, I guess, that the Atheism community is able to muster huge resistance to this, whereas the MEN’S rights movement doesn’t even see a problem.

UPDATE – some good news :

David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year Award 2012 – VOTE NOW!!!

david futrelle look-a-like
That’s Disgusting! – This is what a paedocrite looks like

It’s time for the 2012 David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year Award – and you get to choose the winner!!

It’s been an outstanding year for those of us who like to observe the human male mind’s endless capacity for self-deceit and nauseating hypocrisy over the ‘perversion’ of finding nubile post-pubescent 17 year old ‘children’ attractive.  All of the candidates below are worthy of the title, but unfortunately there can only be one winner in this highly contested and prestigious category.

You can vote for up to THREE paedocrites below :



Who was the worst Paedocrite of 2012?

  • David Futrelle (32%, 27 Votes)
  • Carolina Courtland (13%, 11 Votes)
  • Adrian Chen/Gawker Media (12%, 10 Votes)
  • Jay Hammers (11%, 9 Votes)
  • Gregory M Pyle (8%, 7 Votes)
  • Eryemil (7%, 6 Votes)
  • Kyle Payne (6%, 5 Votes)
  • Lisa Biron (6%, 5 Votes)
  • Arthoir An Broc (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Farnham01 (1%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 50

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Kyle Payne : Male feminist and anti-porn blogger Kyle Payne had already served time for violating and filming a sleeping college girl under his care as a student counsellor – a position he obtained through his feminist activism.  Despite this, he continued to blog in support of feminism and against ‘the objectification of women’.  This appeared to be finally put to an end when he was caught downloading kiddy porn whilst out on probation – but no, Kyle was soon back blogging on the evils of pornography, even calmly explaining how he invented his feminist persona purely in order to get into positions of trust and authority where he could sexually abuse women and children (yet claiming that now his feminism was ‘for real’!!).

Farnham01 : Left a comment at the Telegraph demanding that a fellow commentator be ‘checked out’ by the police for showing a non-conformist lack of paedohysterical outrage at the alleged half-a-century old crimes of deceased celeb Jimmy Saville. A quick Google of his username predictably revealed a Daily Motion account full of videos of semi-naked Japanese schoolgirls and dancing preteens.

David Futrelle : The master paedocrite himself, 2012 was a vintage year for Fraudtrelle and his unique brand of unashamed psychopathic rank paedocrisy.  Fat-troll reached a height of split personality selective amnesia last month – condoning the violence and intimidation by feminists against students wishing to hear Warren Farrell speak on the grounds that he gave a controversial interview on incest back in the 1970’s, whilst he himself wrote numerous articles much more recently protesting against the raising of the age of consent from 12 to 16 as co-ercive and puritan means of ‘controlling the sexuality of young girls’ and even whining about the first internet regulations against paedophilia and pornography online.

Adrian Chen/Gawker : Adrian Chen doxxed an anonymous Redditor behind truly sick categories such as ‘beating women’ and ‘dead kids photos’.  However, these subreddits themselves seemed to be of little moral concern to Chen.  He was doxxed because he also ran a popular subreddit featuring fully legal (in the USA, at least) pictures of clothed teenagers in bikinis and tight jeans.  According to Chen this was child pornography, and he and Gawker magazine had already sucessfully put pressure on the owners of Reddit to close it down.  However, when ‘Violentcranz’ began another subreddit devoted to voyeuristic candid shots of shy women and teenagers wishing to preserve their privacy and decorum by wearing transparent leggings in public, it was the last straw for Chen. But in a show of schizophrenic selective amnesia that Fraudtrelle would likely even blush at, Chen forgot that only a couple of years previously Gawker Media was publishing photos of a naked underage child, as well as continuing to regularly publish  illegal upskirt photographs of adult celebrities. Not only that, but Gawker Media had been deriving a significant proportion of its income (and hence ability to pay Chen’s and Jezebel’s wages) from advertising an adult network that included a porn site promoted as containing images and videos hacked from the social network accounts of teenage girls and which featured girls who looked as young as 13.

Eryemil : This shining example of the next generation of Reddit men’s rights activist sees the feminist holocaust of male sexual attraction to teenage girls as a ‘sob story’, yet sympathises with rapists of 3 year olds, likes erotic pictures of teenage boys, and even advocates for necrophilia – something he considers ‘harmless’ fun.  Quoting feminist patriarchy theory, this self-declared ‘moral relativist’ and MRA also sees heterosexuality as inherently abusive, and considers same age homosexual relationships between adults with identical interests and hobbies as the only form of truly consenting sex.  Apart from fucking dead toddlers.

Arthoir An Broc : mRA and regular commentator at men’s rights sites, Arthoir went into full on paedocrite rage mode when loyal and esteemed reader Alan Vaughn dared to question paedohysteria.  This was despite Arthoir himself previously (and very articulately) questioning the age of consent and draconian statutory rape punishments at another site.  This in itself wouldn’t be enough to make Arthoir a contender for paedocrite of the year, but the fact that he appears to pay young women (at least two of which – ‘alliemadison12’ and ‘cherrypop’ – were presented as clear jailbait) to pose as his girlfriends on Facebook does turn him into a formidable rival even to Fraudtrelle himself.

Gregory M. Pyle : A McHenry County sheriff’s deputy formerly head of child porn investigations and charged this year with sexually assaulting a young boy AND taking explicit pictures of a 10-year-old boy and transmitting them over the Internet

Carolina Courtland : One of only two females to make the the list, Carolina is a self-published author of trashy vampire gothic erotic novels aimed at kids.  Despite claiming that any man who has sex with a 16 or 17 year old is a paedophile, Carolina writes fiction novels that portray 200 year old men seducing virginal teenage kids – clearly expressing her own sad fantasy of being a ripe young virgin again, still able to attract older Alpha males.  Her books would undoubtedly be classed as child pornography under the United Nations definition and possibly prosecutable under laws in most countries of the world.  At least if she was a man.

Jay Hammers (JeremiahMRA) : A late addition to the list, the author of the fine essay ‘The Age of Consent is Misandry’ has since descended into a dark hole of drugs, gender identity confusion, paedocrisy, and general insanity.  Hammers contributions to men’s rights thus far consist of alienating the most powerful MRA – Paul Elam – on the paedohysteria issue by trolling him relentlessly for not being left-wing enough and ignoring global warming, then running like a little bitch as soon as Elam decided he’d had enough and things turned nasty.  Jay Hammers now contributes to the cause by endlessly trolling men’s rights sites under the name of JeremiahMRA, claiming that even the likes of the Spearhead are run by left-wing manginas.  Recently, whilst high on drugs and in between marathon sessions on his PlayStation (he is in his forties), Hammers proved to himself that he is a real man by leaving comments here demanding that 14 year old sluts be stoned to death, along with his own graphic sexual fantasies.  Showing MikeeUSA levels of insanity (I suspect they might even be the same person), Jay doesn’t seem to realise that if all 14 year old girls were stoned to death for having sex or showing flesh, there wouldn’t be many 14 year old girls to have sex with.  The age of consent would then certainly be a waste of time.

Lisa Biron : Radical Christian anti-pornography femiservative, the type that Jay Hammers would like to force all males to spend their lives married to, was charged this year with allegedly taking a teenage girl across the border to Canada to have sex with, which she then videotaped and photographed.

Angry Harry : ‘Say Goodbye To Your Country’

I hope Harry doesn’t mind me posting an excerpt from his new articles like this with a link. I do so because, like myself, virtually all of my readers are Angry Harry fans, and also because my site is listed in a couple of men’s rights newsfeeds (such as Delusion Damage) that Harry isn’t. So it’s just trying to get more exposure within the MRM to the latest thoughts of the greatest of all MRAs.

Indeed, feminism is actually destroying the indigenous populations of European descent throughout the western world.

Their falling birth rates are now so catastrophically low that in some two of three generations time they will become minorities in their own homelands.

And in one hundred years time, all of them combined (in North America, Europe, Australia etc) will constitute less than 1% of the Earth’s human population.

And so it is that even if all immigration is stopped tomorrow – or even reversed – our nations will gradually cease to have any relevance before they finally disappear.

But, of course, immigration is not going to be stopped tomorrow.

And so in a few years time one can expect to see a huge amount of trouble and turmoil arising throughout Europe as the indigenous populations finally begin to resist the pressures on them to conform to the dictates of their rulers, and as they fight to prevent their homelands from being taken over by people from strange cultures.

Huffington Post : ‘Predatory Teenage Girls’

These men are animals. Right? Perverts with no moral sense at all. Right? Paedophiles. Right? The girls, innocent victims with no way of knowing that they were being taken advantage of. Right?

Well, that’s what the media are telling us.

But – if I may be the devil’s advocate for a moment. Have you met teenage girls? Have you been one? I have and I know that I was fantasizing about sex from about the age of thirteen. It was all my friends and I could talk about and we weren’t fantasizing about our pimply, gangly school-boy mates.

At 14 I was dreaming of getting horizontal with Rod Stewart, Peter Frampton and Sting. Possibly all at once. These guys were more than double my age. At the age of 15 I successfully seduced my first rock-star and adopted the secret life of a groupie for the rest of my teenage years, chasing INXS and Duran Duran and just about anyone else who was top of the pops. I was predatory, ‘collecting lovers like butterflies.’ The truth is that back in the late seventies and early eighties the ‘school-girl’ thing was a big drawcard. Now, as an older, wiser woman, I find this distasteful and just plain wrong but I know some of that is driven by my ageing ego.

Straight from the horse’s mouth. But even when an aging female journalist admits that thousands upon thousands of men around the world are being raped and beaten in prisons for no other ‘moral’ reason than to satisfy the ‘ageing egos’ of bitter old femi-hags, the men’s Rights Movement will still never see it as an issue of any concern.

1-in-6 boys abused stat mass upvoted by mRAs at Reddit

Somebody posted a link to r/mensrights regarding the 1 in 6 stat relating to the number of boys who supposedly suffer sexual abuse. This stat was arrived at by feminists seeking to explain how masculinity is linked to sex abuse and the ‘fact’ that men are more violent than women. It also included ‘noncontact sexual abuse’. Welcome to the new men’s rights movement, where there is equality of feminist victimhood and equality of injustice for all. Donations accepted.


This is the comment I left :

The 1 in 6 claim comes from a particular study that included ‘non-contact forms of sexual abuse’ – whatever the hell that means. It was also carried out by feminists attempting to ‘explain’ how ‘masculinity’ causes men to be so much more violent and evil than women.

I find it deeply disturbing that such a study like this, or rather a misleading statistic based upon feminist junk science, is used by the men’s rights movement and automatically upvoted in an attempt to claim victim equality.


People who call themselves men’s rights supporters should have the courage and integrity to ask questions as to why nearly a million men are now on the feminist sex offenders register and treated as worse than human, based increasingy on this type of feminist junk science and ideology.

Any MRA who thinks adopting this junk is a good thing for men or boys is utterly deluded.

Sabrina Vaz Wishes Us All A Very Merry Christmas

I doubt if teen singing sensation Sabrina Vaz reads the antifeminist, but if she did I’m sure she’d be wishing us all a very merry christmas – here she is with her old man giving us a Christmas treat.

And if you can’t get enough of Sabrina, here’s her Christmas video from last year :

And here she is from a couple of years back, before the hormones kicked in :