Touching 1000 Girl’s Boobs in Public

This YouTube video has had over 17 million views – so there’s a good chance some of you have seen it already.  I’ve been meaning to post it for a few months, but when I watched it again today and saw the new details that the uploaders have added below the video, I decided to post it just to spite them.  They sound like pro-feminist, pro PussyRiot assholes, and I hope they realise that all it takes is for one of these 1,000 girls to decide over the next 40 years that they ‘didn’t really give consent’ (probably when they are aging hags with shrivelled boobs), and these guys are screwed.  I’m sure they were checking each girl’s ID to make sure they were all over the age of consent too…yea,right…

Still a funny video though, ha ha! Notice also that you would have to spend every day for a month in any city in the West to find 1,000 girls attractive as these Moscovites, let alone 1,000 who would let you touch their boobs.

Paedohysteria UK Updates 29-09-12

Megan Stammers found in France – due to fly home today – 30 year old teacher arrested by French police for child abduction :

Schoolgirl Megan Stammers is expected to fly home to the UK from France later, more than a week after she went missing with her maths teacher.

It is understood the 15-year-old’s mother Danielle Wilson will fly to Bordeaux to accompany Megan back to Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Teacher Jeremy Forrest, 30, has been arrested by French police on suspicion of child abduction.

The pair were found in Bordeaux on Friday, after a sighting on Thursday.


The ‘victims’ of the Asian grooming scandal in Rochdale may sue social services for failing to ‘protect’ them :

In other words, working-class white teenage girls who were ‘groomed’ ie. sold their bodies to ugly older Asian men in return for money, drugs, and alcohol, are now suing the British state for millions of pounds for failing to stop them prostituting themselves.

The feminist child abuse industry in action.


A British TV Channel is going to air a programme this week which claims that legendary personality Jimmy Saville, recently deceased, abused girls as young as 13 :

The women’s interviews will feature in the programme, which is due to be broadcast on October 3 as part of ITV1’s ‘Exposure’ documentary strand.

An ITV spokesman explained that the show was still being edited and refused to comment on reports that the alleged incidents – said to range from indecency to unlawful sex – involved girls as young as 13.

Former police detective and child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas, who hosts On the Run, conducted the investigation.

Savile’s friends and family have previously insisted that he wasn’t a sexual predator.

French Reluctant to Become Paedohysteric Over Missing Teacher & 15 Year Old Sweetheart

megan stammers age of consent
Megan Stammers

The UK is currently engrossed in the story of a 30 year old male teacher who has fled to France with one of his underage female pupils (aged 15).  It has become clear that the two were enjoying an ‘inappropriate relationship’ for some time before their elopement, with their school being warned seven months ago of the pair’s blossoming and illicit attraction for one another. In fact, the love struck teacher admitted on Twitter recently that his lolita had ‘hit him like heroin’ and blogged of a ‘moral dilemma’ that was facing him.  Meanwhile the girl, Megan Stammers, had tweeted – ‘Age is overrated.  I’m infatuated.’

Unfortunately for the paedohysteric British press, as well as the police, who see capturing the teacher and freeing the girl from his evil mid-life crisis clutches as a national priority, something akin to America’s decade long obsession with hunting down Osama Bin Laden, the French authorities aren’t in any great hurry to interrupt any ‘ooh-la-la’ that may be going on between the pair.  The age of consent is 16 in the UK but 15 in France.

French officials last night confirmed they are not even searching for missing schoolgirl Megan Stammers – because her maths teacher Jeremy Forrest is not considered a ‘criminal suspect’.

The authorities in France also said they will make no attempt to arrest the 30-year-old, even if he is found, because he has not broken any of the country’s laws, despite eloping with his 15-year-old pupil without her parents’ permission.

The revelation will fuel fears too little is being done to find the pair – who left Britain last Thursday night after Sussex Police began investigating their relationship..

..While the schoolgirl’s disappearance has been making headlines across Britain, the coverage on the Continent has been much more muted, hindering efforts to track the pair.

..The age of consent in France is 15, meaning any intimate relationship between them would not be deemed illegal.

This will come as a surprise to the Sexual Trade Union and its manifold collection of fake child protection lobby groups.  For they lobbied hard and successfully for the EU to mandate that each member state’s age of consent laws apply to its citizens wherever they happen to be travelling or living in Europe.  This was signed into law by the infamous and disgraced former British Home Secretary Jacqui ‘Pig’ Smith.   In other words, the teacher is theoretically breaking British law if he is indeed bonking his teenage temptress, even if she is over the age of consent in France.

It is believed that the pair may now be in Spain, where the age of consent is an even lower 13.  The Spanish newspapers have reported on the story only to mock the puritanical paedohysteric British obsession with it.

Despite the tabloid demands that the teacher be brought home and hanged, and the slut girl to have her soul stoned to death be given therapy and victim counselling, I detect also a rather surprising degree of sympathy for both the girl and her possible ‘abuser’.  In fact, it has certain echoes of the legendary escape from the slaughterhouse of pigs ‘Butch’ and ‘Sundance’ which gripped the nation a decade and a half ago.  Just this once, we’ll admire the filthy paedo for his balls, instead of chopping them off and frying them.

(note the review of the film by a bitter older woman at Amazon)

British Museum Glorifies Feminist Criminality & Terrorism

Coming home the other night, I was amazed to see the following poster on the subway wall of Old Street tube station :

suffragette penny old street

The text underneath the ‘Change is Good’ headline reads :

In the early 1900s this British penny was defaced to promote the suffragette cause.  This bold criminal act catapulted the movement for women’s right to vote into the political limelight.  The penny stands for all those who fought for this monumental change.


The website of the British Museum is even more explicit in describing how ‘bold’ this criminal act was :

This coin – a perfectly ordinary penny minted in 1903 – was part of this civil disobedience. Stamped with the suffragette slogan “votes for women”, it circulated as small change, and spread the message of the campaigners. At the time, defacing a coin was a serious criminal offence, and the perpetrators risked a prison sentence had they been caught. We don’t know when the slogan was stamped on this coin, but stamping it on small change rather than a silver coin meant that it was less likely to be taken out of circulation by the banks. The message could have circulated for many years, until the law giving women the same voting rights as men was passed in 1928.


It is now widely recognised by historians that the suffragettes were regarded as an ‘Al Qaeda’ type terrorist organization, which conducted numerous violent outrages and even plotted to murder the British First World War Prime Minister David Lloyd George.

It is also widely admitted by feminists and feminist historians that the suffragettes saw the vote only as a means to control male sexuality, and that most women of the time were largely indifferent to the issue.

Meanwhile, loyal and esteemed reader Eric has alerted me to an Edwardian anti-suffragette video that certainly reveals that anti-feminists of the time had a better understanding of what feminism was/is, than 90% of current MRAs :

Barbarossaaa on ‘age of consent law…how it furthers misandry’

Barbarossaaa on the evil of strict liability in cases of underage minors deceiving adult men into believing they are of legal age for sex.  Of course, as I have argued here before, the reason that the Sexual Trade Union have insisted upon strict liability is that it deters men from even approaching women who are (and say they are) ABOVE legal age.

‘age of consent is misandry’….’age of consent law…how it furthers misandry’…hmmmm. I guess it’s all in the semantics. Brave video anyway. And father’s rights activists will be pleased to learn that reddit r/mensrights still believes that discussing the merits of husbands beating their wives is more of a valid men’s rights issue than feminist statutory rape laws that increasingly sends good and even unwitting men to be raped and beaten in jail as sex offenders :

men's rights priorities

‘Boob job : FEMEN activist reveals topless protester’s $1,000 salary’

Each new recruit to the Ukrainian feminist movement FEMEN, famous for their topless stunts, has to show off her breasts to audition for the role, according to firsthand experience by a TV journalist who flashed in order to infiltrate the group.

­The woman told website that she had to agree to be photographed topless in order to be admitted to FEMEN and be kept abreast of their activities.

“It’s required so that I know that you’re ready to strip down,” the woman quoted Aleksandra Shevchenko, the movement’s leader, as saying. The women describe themselves as “sextremists”. However, the Ukrainian government considers them extremists.

The undercover FEMEN “activist” also received instructions on how to behave in the thick of the action. Soon after she became member of the movement she was sent to Paris to take part in another topless stunt, this time around in a Muslim district of Paris.

According to the journalist-turned-FEMEN-protester, the expenses of each member of the risqué Parisian operation allegedly came to at least US$1,300, including the airplane tickets, hotel, taxis and food.

In fact, Ukraine’s FEMEN feminist protesters are now officially based in the French capital. The group’s headquarters were registered in France. Their objective there is to fight discrimination against women. They plan to tackle the issue by wearing slogans urging Muslim women to strip.

“We have obtained the registration, which means that France’s government doesn’t mind our existence and operation in the country,” Irina Shevchenko told Voice of Russia.

FEMEN moved to France because it has a large Muslim Community. The movement’s leader had to relocate to Paris, fearing arrest after sawing down a cross in the center of Kiev.

Meanwhile, it turns out that running FEMEN’s office in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, allegedly costs the movement over $2,500 monthly. On top of this, each member’s salary allegedly comes to around $1,000.

The TV program aired on Ukraine’s 1+1 Channel that sent their journalist to investigate FEMEN’s activities reportedly made a conclusion that “the bare breasts of the feminists covers up somebody’s money and political interests.” They made further assumptions that among their sponsors could be the founder of the Kiev Post media, Jed Sunden – a German millionaire – or a German businesswoman who has often been seen in the company of the Ukrainian feminists.

The FEMEN movement of female Ukrainian protesters has a flair for topless stunts. Some of their recent activities included the “Strip it” protest against the Euro 2012 football championships, a topless protest in the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square and naked demonstrations for “freedom” in Ukraine.

According to wikipedia, the average gross monthly salary in the Ukraine is just $319

See also :

Veteran Belgian Prostitutes Complain of Competitive New Rivals from Eastern Europe Who Wear Too Little

Prostitutes in the Belgian city of Ghent have been told to cover up and stop suggestive gyrating in their windows as of next month.

As of October 1, the “working girls” will have to abide by the rules or else face a 120-euro (£95) fine.

A new local police order will force prostitutes working day and night behind Amsterdam-style, neon-flashing windows, a feature of the trade across north-eastern mainland Europe, to cover up and quit sexually-charged posing before passers-by.

Mayor Daniel Termont told AFP he was not “anti-prostitutes.”

“I’m not a puritan,” he said. “Far from it! A city like Ghent needs prostitutes, but they have to respect certain rules.”

These now include the prohibition of women appearing “naked, in underwear, in bikinis or in see-through clothes,” or of “dancing in windows” or “miming sexual acts,” the decree states.

“Neighbours have been complaining, even the prostitutes themselves, about more and more nuisance in the area, in front of the windows, fights breaking out …,” the mayor said.

Local newspaper Di Morgen cited one veteran prostitute as saying particularly competitive new arrivals from eastern Europe were behind this cranked-up atmosphere compared to a decade ago.


Meanwhile, in the same newspaper, another old wh Bryony Gordon complains that we’re all seeing too many young and nubile breasts :

Boobs, boobs, glorious boobs. They’re everywhere you look, aren’t they? I mean, here I am, writing this column, and as I write, I am also staring at the bare breasts of a girl called Nicole. Nicole is blonde, buxom and just 20 years old. She is wearing nothing but a pair of frilly pale pink knickers with floral detailing. She has unusually dark eyebrows given that her hair is so blonde, though when I showed Nicole to my male colleagues, this was not a detail that many of them picked up on.

Anyway, if this doesn’t seem an appropriate introduction for a column in a family newspaper, then I should point out that I saw Nicole’s bare breasts in a so-called family newspaper – The Sun. They were wedged between a piece about the toughening of knife crime laws and one about Gary Barlow’s admirable coping skills after the death of his stillborn daughter. The day before, 24-year-old Dannii from Coventry posed in a bikini “top” that appeared to be made of the occasional pearl on a string, her otherwise naked body materialising between several pages of coverage about the murders of PCs Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes. And if they’ve seen enough – or haven’t seen enough at all – the readers (viewers? gazers? admirers?) are urged to go online, where they “can take our girls for a spin” on “Page 360” (“See her from every angle here”).

For the 42 years of its existence, Page 3 has been treated a bit like a benign Benny Hill sketch. Lone dissenters like Clare Short have been attacked for being jealous, petty killjoys who just want to spoil the fun because they’d never look as good with their breasts out as Amii, 25, from Birmingham. The response to anyone who dares to criticise Page 3 – send round a load of girls in bikinis to counter-protest, as happened to Short, who says that the Sun and the News of the World went to “vicious lengths to undermine me” – has only ever proved how misogynistic the concept is. Yet still it has remained, day after dangerously objectifying day.

Now, a (final?) stand is being taken, with the launch of the No More Page 3 campaign by an actress and writer called Lucy Holmes. At the time of writing, it had 26,536 signatures. “Stop showing topless pictures of young women,” writes Lucy on the campaign’s website. “Stop conditioning your readers to view women as sex objects.”


No Byrony, we’re sick of jealous, bitter, aging hags like yourself dictating to men what we can and can’t look at.  You make a point of complaining that the girls are all young, and then in the same breath pretend that your dislike is ethical – based upon the girl’s ‘objectification’.  Clearly, you’re just bitter that men have no interest in ‘objectifying’ the shrivelled up boobs of bitter jealous shrills like yourself.

Philippines outlaws cybersex and webcam sex chat

The rapists of the sexual trade union have won a momentous victory in the Philippines with the news that the government there has banned ‘cybersex’ and ‘cam girls’ :

The Philippines has outlawed cybersex and online sex video chat.

Cybersex involves women – “cam girls”- chatting and performing sexual acts in front of webcams for internet clients.

It is a growing industry in many parts of the world, and often young women and under-age girls are forced into it.

Anyone breaking the law faces a fine of 250,000 Philippine pesos ($6,000; £3,700) and a jail term of up to six months.

The new legislation is part of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, signed by President Benigno Aquino on 15 September.

The act defines cybersex as “the wilful engagement, maintenance, control, or operation, directly or indirectly, of any lascivious exhibition of sexual organs or sexual activity, with the aid of a computer system, for favour or consideration”.

One of the authors of the law, senator Edgardo Angara, said the act was needed to detect, investigate and suppress cybercrime such as hacking, cybersex, identity theft, spamming, and child pornography online.

The National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police are now meant to set up a cybercrime unit “to exclusively handle cases involving violations of this act”.