Kat Banyard Training Feminism’s Next Wave

Kat BanyardKat Banyard, probably the most prominent and active feminist in the UK (and possibly the most active feminist in the world) is determined to take feminism unashamedly back to its social purity/suffragette routes.  Not content with leading protests against Playboy clubs and publishing books lambasting the ‘sexualisation’ of society, Banyard is now holding ‘Suffragette training camps‘ to teach the next generation of feminists into the art of ‘non-violent’ protest.  The original suffragettes were, of course, violent terrorists, who engaged in a great deal of violent protest, including firebombing the home of British Premier and War Hero David Lloyd George.

Banyard is prompted to talk a little about how the economy is forcing a smaller government, thereby hitting the jobs of female public sector workers, but it’s clear where her real concerns lie :

“Because of the ease with which people can share pornography on their mobile phones, it has never been easier to access really violent or degrading images of women,” she says. “We are being confronted with it more and more — things like upskirting on mobile phones.

“This all adds up to an urgency. It should be a political priority, but these issues are sidelined and not seen as the disaster that they are. Most people believe in the idea of equality between the sexes; notionally, people support it, but we are a long way from realizing that aspiration.”


Yes, yet more laws enabling the government to seize virtually any man from his home in the middle of the night.

Like most feminists, Kat Banyard was probably dismayed by the slut walks.  These training camps could be more realistically seen as a way of re-educating slut walker young feminists.

She continues :

The summer camp will help women — and men — channel their impatience at the slow pace of change into noisy protest. Campaigners are already planning when to put their new skills into action. Politicians should expect some form of yet-to-be-revealed mass feminist action outside the House of Commons in late October. More imminently, Ms. Banyard says, delegates at a European trade gathering for the pornography industry, due to meet for an annual conference at a London hotel, should also be bracing themselves for protest.

As well as providing lessons on how to occupy a public space during a protest, the summer camp aims to be an upbeat meeting place for a group of campaigners who still feel resented.

“Feminism can be quite isolating because it is so stigmatized,” Ms. Banyard says. “It can be quite hard to tell people you don’t know that you’re a feminist, because of these persistent stereotypes — people think feminists are anti-men, are humorless, have to dress in a certain way — so the very act of coming together can be quite powerful.


See also : http://www.the-spearhead.com/2012/08/28/feminists-to-open-riot-school-in-uk/

Thoughts on Julian Assange Rape Hysteria

My brain has been baking on the beach for most of the last fortnight, but my frazzled neurons managed to process a couple of thoughts regarding the Julian Assange ‘rape’ hysteria that’s currently being manufactured in the UK press.

  • Swedish law apparently holds that Assange is a rapist for re-penetrating one of his feminist pig one night stands after she had fallen asleep (just after they had had consensual sex).  If this is the case, surely it logically follows that a woman is sexually assaulted by her lover if he merely caresses her breasts, or any other part of the body poist-coitus if she is now asleep.  If a man walked up to a woman in the street and hugged her, it would likely be judged sexual assault in most feminist countries, and certainly Sweden.  According to feminists, and the law in Sweden, rape and sexual assualt does not now depend in the slightest on the location or context – the street or the bed,sex with a stranger or your lover.  Sleep should render you ‘incapable of consent’ to be penetrated or even to be merely touched.
  • But if this logic was extended this far (as it should), it would probably criminialize even more women than men as ‘sleep abusers’.  As Schopenhauer observed with regard to the conflicting sexual needs of each gender, men simply want to fall asleep after sex, but women invariably want to hold and cuddle their lover.
  • The President of Ecuador is quite right to point out that in over 90% of the countries in the world, what Assange did would not be regarded as the legal crime of rape.  This still includes, so far as I know, the United Kingdom.  Yet what is disturbing is that the feminist media now seems to consider it heresy to not only criticise rape laws in this country (or any other feminist sex crime laws), but even to criticise the rape laws of other countries.

The Majority of the FBI’s Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists Are Women

The FBI defines domestic terrorism as “Americans attacking Americans based on U.S.-based extremist ideologies.”

It’s currently hunting down seven people charged with such crimes. Five are women.


Meanwhile, Russia’s most infamous feminist terrorists – the girl band members of ‘Pussy Riot’ – were deservedly caged for two years for their cold-blooded pre-mediatated hooliganism carried out in a sacred place of worship.   Unsurprisingly, the jailing of these disgusting anti-Christian hate crime extremist pieces of feminist filth, was portrayed as repressive and condemned by feminist lobby groups ‘human rights’ organisations and gynocracies governments around the world.  These same charlatans failed to raise a single voice against the threatened illegal entry by the British police into the Ecuadorian embassy to prevent Julian Assange from gaining refugee status.

Despite the manufactured global media outrage, at least the sex starved older lesbian inmates of the brutal Russian prison to which the feminst terrorists have been condemend will show the fresh meat girls what a ‘pussy riot’ really is…

British Police Vow to Prevent Julian Assange From Becoming First Political Refugee from Radical Feminism

British police have vowed to prevent Julian Assange from becoming the world’s first political refugee from radical feminism, and look set to arrest the false rape accused Wiki-leaks founder in the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he is sheltering.

Sexual Trade Union Feminism is the world’s first evil and oppressive ideology that has (almost) succeeded in establishing global hegemony. In the past, no matter how bad things became in individual countries, such as Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, there was always the hope, however slim, of escaping to the outside world, where you could be free from persecution and government control. Feminism is close to ensuring that there is no place left on Earth that a man can run to from the Sexual Trade Union. This is why the Julian Assange case, and thwarting his attempts at gaining refugee status, is so important to them. It is also testament to the power of both the threatened middle-aged vagina in a free sexual market, and the global financial, political, and even military interests that are now tied up with international feminism.


Ecuador has accused the UK of making a “threat” to enter its embassy in London to arrest Wikileaks’ Julian Assange.

Mr Assange took refuge at the embassy in June to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faces questioning over assault and rape claims, which he denies.

Ecuador says a decision on his bid for political asylum will come later.

The UK Foreign Office says it can lift the embassy’s diplomatic status to fulfil a “legal obligation” to extradite the 41-year-old.

Self-Validating Feminist Secretly Records Herself Being ‘Sexually Harassed’

sofie peeters
Can’t leave the house without unwanted male attention

A feminist seeking to justify the draconian new ‘sexual harassment’ laws set to be imposed across Europe, as well as sexually self-validate herself, has uploaded a secretly recorded (and carefully edited) video featuring her enduring such ‘harassment’ on the streets of Brussels. In doing so, she has also created something of a race storm, as all the men in her video appear to be Muslim.  Sofie Peeters claims that she is regularly called a whore and intimidated, but most of the examples in the video appear to consist of men trying to pick her up in the street or even simply looking in her direction as she walks past.  It would appear from this video that our fears of men being arrested and sent to prison for simply giving unwanted looks at women in the street are entirely justified:


Apologies if this has already been posted in the Men’s Rights world, but I hadn’t seen it until today (spotted also at the site of the anti-feminist hero Chris Brand).

Incidentally, I’m a bodybuilder, a natural one, but probably bigger than most gym rats who are on steroids.  I’m not validating myself here, because I’m not good looking, at least not compared to most MRAs. But just today, I was insulted on at least 4 separate occasions in the space of a couple of hours by women for not acknowledging their lechery when sunbathing with my shirt off in the park.  I frequently have women aged 14 – 50 openly making licking gestures at me with their tongue, and often insulting me or even shouting at me (when in groups) if I ignore them or give them a disdainful look in response.

Perhaps I should make a hidden camera video of my own?

Chris Brand – Paedohysteria Problematic

The great Chris Brand in fine form reflecting upon the paedophilia accusations levelled against Jimmy Saville, as well as the recent murder of a 12 year old schoolgirl (her chav step-grandfather has been charged today) :



Serious difficulties arrived for those who demonized paedophilia as Britain’s vastly popular entertainer and charity donor Jimmy Savile, who had died at 85 in 2011, was publicly claimed to have had many affairs with underage girls of 14-15. Savile’s final exposure to detailed accusations took place in a show on the Edinburgh Fringe (Sunday Times, 5 viii) and was to be followed by a criminologist-backed ITV programme in the autumn (Sun, 6 viii).

Not only did Savile’s exposure explode the standard tabloid stereotype of paedophilia but it raised a question of why – contrary to standard tabloid fancy — no-one had noticed or reported any harm occurring in the course of Savile’s long ephebophilic career.

The more serious problem with paedohysteria resurfaced when a 12-yr schoolgirl in New Addington (nr Croydon, south London) was found murdered, most likely by her ‘grandad’ (her 46-yr grandmother’s 37-yr boyfriend)  after making a sexual advance that had elicited the standard school-taught and tabloid-blessed outrage.

‘Grandad’ had already served two prison sentences so would have been well versed in the fate awaiting him even as a nonviolent nonce – so murder of Tia, if he could get away with it by hiding the body in the loft of a pal, his nextdoor neighbour, likely seemed preferable. {Paedohysteria probably accounted for more child deaths than did paedophilia.}

David Futrelle Humiliated On Al Jazeera

david futrelle al jazeeraGod what a laugh!  I watched the momentous live stream debut of David Futrelle on Al Jazeera last night.  He’d been invited to participate in a debate on ‘online misogyny’.  I spent half an hour watching the ‘debate’ – which so far as I could make out consisted of four feminists bitching about men trying to ‘silence’ women’s voices on the internet, to which the obvious liberal progressive solution was to…well, of course, to silence men’s voices on the internet through yet more hate speech legislation.  Four femi-fascists constantly regurgitating the message that women haven’t striven for hundreds of years to win their freedom only for them not to be able to lock up any man who dares to criticise them online.  While young girls are beaten or even stoned to death throughout the Arab world for being sexually promiscuous, it’s good to see that western feminists have convinced Al Jazeera that combatting the men’s rights movement is the number 1 priority for the global sisterhood.

And then the Manboobz was finally allowed to stop twiddling his thumbs and make his contribution from the webcam in his basement.

He looked down at his script and delivered one carefully rehearsed line.  The presenter stared at his visage for several seconds apparently in a combination of bafflement and revulsion.  She didn’t appear to know what to make of him.  Perhaps the words ‘Manboobz Meetups’ were hammering away inside of her skull and she was furiously telling herself ‘not going there, not going there, not going there’.

One of the other commentators later unconvincingly remarked that ‘David made an excellent point’, but it was clear that, like myself and probably everybody else, nobody actually knew what that point was.

Al Jazeera then switched to the news headlines.  I thought I heard the presenter mention something about continuing the discussion, but I wasn’t sure if she mean’t in their Al Jazeera chatroom or in the studio.  Anyway, after another half an hour of waiting I decided that 5 privileged bitches vagina farting at each other wasn’t worth staying up for and I went to bed.


Pissing On A Dead Man’s Grave – SIr Jimmy Savile Accused of ‘Paedophilia’

jimmy savileEven dead men aren’t safe now from the sexual trade union’s historical revisionism. The recently departed Sir Jimmy Savile  is to be the subject of documentary which claims that the famous disc jockey and television presenter was a paedophile who sexually abused girls ‘as young as 13’ back in the 1970’s.


Back in the sexual anarchy of the 1970’s, stars having sex with adoring and underage teenage groupies was about as wicked as smoking pot.  Or maybe taking your library books back a few weeks late.  It was reasonable to believe in those heady days at the dawn of the sexual revolution that the age of consent was a Victorian throw back which was destined shortly to be lowered.  This is why it is important for the sexual trade union to crucify certain celebrities from that period.  Paedohysteria rests upon the lie that moral attitudes to teenage sex are set in stone – the one moral certainty in an amoral and relativistic world.  In fact, the age at which a girl is considered ready to have sex is one of the most arbitrary and transitory of moral rules known to man (in the modern world – previously the age was always set at the onset of puberty).  Feminists also need to present their ever more draconian and irrational ‘child protection’ laws as part of the general trend of ‘liberal progress’.  The 60’s and 70’s give the lie to that.

But because just about everybody famous was likely at it back then, the paedohysteric feminist media has to select its targets carefully.  Jimmy Saville is perfect because :

  • He was famously ‘odd and eccentric’
  • He was single and never married (note that the DM article even states this)
  • He was a good man who did notable charity work, especially for children
  • He’s dead and can’t answer back

In the 21st century gynocracy, to be a middle-aged man who has never married now provokes greater social hostility than was previously ever reserved for spinsters.  A middle-aged woman who has no interest in marriage is now re-defined either as a sexually independent cougar or as a woman who doesn’t want to be hurt by men.  A man who lives alone and shows a similar lack of interest in marriage or in dating women is simply an obvious paedo.

The shaming of spinsters served an essential historical purpose, given that the continuation of society and civilisation depends on the fertility and child bearing of women.  The present social shaming of unmarried men as possible paedophiles is simply the sexual trade union regulating the free sexual market in favour of the middle-aged vagina.  In other words, the usual rape of the male by feminists with power.