New Post on the History of Feminism : This is What a Feminist Looks 1912

Those readers who used to follow me on YouTube might remember a video I made entitled ‘This is what a feminist looks like…100 years ago’.  The video was deleted along with my account, but I’ve submitted some of the pictures of the early feminist pioneers and suffragettes on to my sister site :

Guess what? In 1912, a feminist looked just like she does today – like the back end of a bus.

I remember a feminist leaving a comment underneath that YouTube video claiming that ‘everybody’ looked that way a hundred years ago. With that in mind, I’ve also posted some pictures of delightful actresses of the Edwardian stage and early silent film era. I was also inspired to do that by a recent comment from loyal and esteemed reader Eric :

It’s also hilarious watching how feminist dominated Hollywood drags out 40 & 50-something old bags and tries to palm them off on the public as sex symbols! Compare them with the young, vivacious actresses who were considered beautiful in our grandparents’ times

On the subject of suffragettes, I switched off my television half way through the Olympics opening ceremony, when I saw that they had been given as prominence in the recreation of ‘British history’ as the millions of men who sacrificed themselves in the First World War. In the light of recent events with the foolish, but harmless and law abiding Eivind Berge, it does seem ironic that the organizers of the London Olympics should be glorifying violent terrorists of the early twentieth century :

Suffragettes were like Al-Qa’eda

Were extreme suffragettes regarded as terrorists?

suffragettes terrorists

Eivind Berge Released

Some great news from Norway – our good friend Eivind Berge has been released from prison.

It appears that the Norwegian Supreme Court has ruled that the foolish threats that Eivind had published on his blog were not made in a ‘public place’. Eivind was apparently released yesterday (Thursday).

Although this site and its readers make perfectly clear that we disassociate ourselves completely from the threats of violence that Eivind made, it is wonderful news for the men’s rights community that he has been released.

For most bloggers, their published writings are akin to a private diary that has been shared amongst friends. Eivind’s blog was not linked to by many others in the men’s rights movement (not a reflection on the highly articulate and courageous writings of Eivind, but rather the conservative American family values demographic of the movement). Although I have never had any contact online or offline with Eivind, I see him as a friend and an anti-feminst hero for being one of the few men’s rights activists to stand up to the never ending torrent of sex laws that are being made by feminists, with barely any public discussion or debate and backed only by ‘scientific’ studies that have been repeatedly shown to be either wrong, or even downright fraudulent’. Oppressive sex laws which clearly serve both the sexual and financial interests of the feminists themselves and their female supporters, and which amount to the rape of male sexuality,  and which each probably violate several fundamental citizens rights according to the EU charter .

I denounce Eivind’s unfortunate overblown rhetoric on violence, which potentially could have caused so much damage to the only political movement on the horizon that has the potential to limit the crimes against humantiy being comitted by the feminist state.

Eivind Berge has been foolish, but he is no doubt a hero as well, and his courage and intelligence is much better served through being the peaceful men’s rights activist that he always has been, and always will be.

The anti-feminist blogger Eivind Berge was released Thursday afternoon, after Gulating Court of Appeal held that blog’s speech on the internet is not criminal.

– The threats were meant seriously, but I’ve thought through it, and I stand not for the extreme forms of action now, says 34-year-old to NRK after release.

Ends to incite violence

Berge says that his stay in prison has been stressful, but interesting, and that he has realized that he did not want to be criminal.

– Sitting in the prison itself has not had any effect on my opinions, but I will not back there, says Berge.

At the same time he says that at one time was willing to carry out threats against the police.

– But police brutality is not something I’m going to continue to encourage, says blogger.

Defender Henry Birkeland says 34-year-old wants to visit his girlfriend and work to bring out their assets seized by the police after release.

Statements are not criminal

Prosecutors believe Berges statements about the police killing of his own blog was far above the limit of freedom of expression and could be considered a solicitation to police killings.

But Gulating Court of Appeal gave Berge pursuant to Thursday, and expressions of opinion on a blog can not be considered public.

Kyle Payne Explains How He Used His Male Feminist Persona To Sexually Abuse Women & Children

You probably all remember Kyle Payne – before David Futrelle adopted his ‘Manboobz’ persona, Kyle was perhaps the most famous of all male feminist bloggers.  He became even more famous, or infamous, when he was convicted of photographing the breasts of an unconscious young female student who was under his care as he worked as a student counsellor (presumably he also molested her, although there was no evidence to convict him of this). His role as student counsellor to rape victims was gained largely through the reputation he had carefully built up for himself as an online male feminist.

Incredibly, spending time in prison for sexually abusing a girl in his trust did not prevent Kyle from resuming his pro-feminist blogging and anti-porn activism immediately upon his release.  However, it did appear that his blogging days were finally over when he was caught redhanded a second time – on this occasion, for fapping off to kiddy porn whilst out on probation.


Kyle is blogging again.  Of course he’s a changed mangina now – this time his feminism is for real. No I mean for real real.  For example, now he has the added kudos of being able to recount the formerly repressed story of how he was sexually abused as a boy, and how this inevitably turned him into someone who molests passed out college kids (after all, everybody knows that male child abuse victims always go onto become abusers themselves – a bit like werewolves).

Although some might find Kyle’s second resumption of post-custodial pro-feminist blogging to be somewhat offensive, he has at least been forced into publicly admitting that his past feminism was merely a ruse.  In fact, he has performed an important public service by explaining exactly how sex predators and paedophiles exploit the persona of male feminist simply in order to get themselves into situations where they can sexually abuse emotionally vulnerable young females.  I believe this is essential to understand if future Kyle Paynes, and other male ‘feminists’, are to be prevented from destroying yet more young lives :

My work against sexual violence and my reputation as a pro-feminist “good guy” accomplished two interrelated goals: first, I was able to exploit the courage I witnessed in other survivors and substitute it as my own (rather than dealing with my own experiences of abuse), and second, I distracted myself from the shame of fantasizing about women as sexual objects, and in the case of my victim, acting out that fantasy. It’s no coincidence that I traveled to two feminist anti-pornography events (in Boston and Austin), established an online presence as a pro-feminist anti-pornography blogger, and became an avid fan of women’s athletics in the nineteen months between committing my offense and being convicted in court. My involvement with feminism was not a total charade, but a large part of it was self-serving and exploitative of the trust I gained from others. I had a very specific idea of how I wanted my story to be told, and I sought to control the narrative.

Of course, the real question is, how could anyone expect that story to make sense? A man who takes advantage of a woman sexually, and who sexually objectifies women and girls through internet pornography, who also cares a whole lot about feminism? That’s a hypocrite. A liar. And a ticking time bomb. I wish I’d had the courage to call out my own bullshit, address this extreme contradiction in my values, and demonstrate some sort of integrity.

david futrelle mangina
David Futrelle

Let’s hope that other male feminists can find the courage within themselves that Kyle Payne sadly was unable to.

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David Futrelle to Teach College Girls ‘How to Have Better Sex’

Sweden Now Has Highest Percentage of Local Men with Thai Wives – Swedish Government Promises ‘to Investigate Possible Abuse’…

Sexual globalisation and the resulting third wave feminist response in action :

Sweden now the country with the highest percentage of Thai wives

Sweden has emerged as the country with the highest percentage of local men with Thai wives or life partners.

As well as a growing number of Thai workers travelling to Sweden as seasonal workers, the number of Thai women arriving in Sweden has increased three fold over the last 10 years. Over 80% of Thai immigrants to Sweden are relationship partners or Thai wives of Swedish men and Sweden, like Germany has a long tradition of men seeking Thai women as life partners. Sweden is one of a few countries where there is now a second and third generation Thai community which still maintains very close links with Thailand. However, the increased levels of younger Thai women now entering Sweden has now become a political issue.

Last year, a female governor of one rural Swedish province requested that the government look into this situation, investigate abuse and perhaps even limit the number of Thai women permitted into the country. She has now been given a mandate from the Swedish government to investigate the trend although government agencies and leading academic have also conductive a qualitative studies into the nature of the growing number of relationships between Swedish men and Thai women. Although Sweden portrays itself to be one of the more liberal countries in Europe, the Swedish government is concerned with this as immigration becomes a powerful and divisive political issue.


Norwegian Sex Activist on Eivind Berge : ‘The Law on Paying for Sex Leads to Angry Young Men’

Google translation of a Norwegian media article in which a Norwegian free sex activist claims that the feminist law that criminalizes men who buy sex will lead to more angry young men such as Eivind Berge.

Frank Horn Hartvedt believes that the arrest of extreme blogger should be regarded as a warning to the Norwegian society.


Frank Benjamin Horn Hartvedt, founder of the Free-political Movement, in 2010, went out and said that he would start a free brothel. This would not be illegal when the women who would offer their sexual services should be voluntary workers.

Now he admits that it was a PR and a debate proposals, but who helped to create much debate in the field.

– Free Brothel project is more relevant than ever. A sexlovgivning escalating out of control leads really angry, young men, and it is not something one should only raljere, he says.


The ‘Buying sex law’ can lead to depression and health problems
Now they run the project, where they build up an organization of dedicated people and collect ideologues who dedicate themselves to this.

– There are not many who have the courage to stand up for this, and the Norwegian media debate has little introductory sales of a very liberal attitude. First, we take time to build up the organization, and further, it may be possible to use other democratic channels, such as to stand for election.


He believes that sexual frustration can lead to mental and physical health problems, and in the worst violence in desperation.

– We are now working to fight the legislation and the mentality that creates difficulties in people’s lives – and it is natural enough especially appropriate for us to point out now in connection with the arrest of extreme blogger last week, showing how dangerous the way a society go after it with violent force suppresses honest sexual behavior, says Horn Hartvedt.


Should be applauded for transparency sexklubb visits
He believes that in a real tolerant society should not be problematic for a woman, for example, an executive vice president, to comment that she get a tremendous satisfaction from selling the sexual experience of countless men.

– In the same way a man could openly say that he loves to visit sex clubs every night, but he risks getting a manager job the next day. It’s just their very honest, true and benign desires. They should be applauded for their desire to live life to the fullest, he said.

– Simplified one can say that the girl’s sexuality is tamed by fear of a meaningless whore stamp, while the man must beware of a meaningless sexist stamp. No one dares to finally say what they really desire, feel and think.


Incited to murder after sex-purchase law
Eivind Berge, better known as extreme blogger, shall have on several occasions called for the killing of policemen on his blog. He may face now eight years in prison.

Police said one of the reasons for the blog’s politihat be his resistance to the sex-purchase law in Norway. They feared Berge would do serious of the threats in the near future.

– The arrest of extreme blogger last week, which, in his deep and genuine sexual frustration went to unacceptable verbal attacks on the police, should now be regarded as a warning to Norwegian society. There is no question of threatening to change the political direction, but to recognize what a so-called “involuntary seclusion” can do with the mind of a man, says Horn Hartvedt.


Among other things, extreme blogger wrote this on his blog:

“I thought I would likely be the first Norwegian violent activist in peacetime. Celibacy imposed by feminist regime had brought me to a point where I saw no other way. “

“I can hardly imagine a better medtode than police killings to send a signal to the society of men that we do not find ourselves in how we are treated. Police Killings blends 100% with everything I stand for and is absolutely not something I want to apologize. “


More parts sexual frustration
After the statement of free brothels, was Horn Hartvedt lot of positive feedback. He said that two cases recurred:

– It was they who told me about unfair allocation of the physics of nature’s hand, and who felt that they had neither the physical or social conditions to acquire physical closeness with another human being. It was tough for them to live like that.

The second case, they were living in couples where both were fond of each other, there would no longer sexual acting between them at all.

– No one in the relationship wanted to go from one another despite the fact that sex did not work, they were happy in each other to it. It was also acknowledged how difficult the situation was, and how liberating it would be to “have a place to go” where one could get a sexual outlet, and only that. I personally think many couples recognize, and I think many couples could have been saved if there was a confrontation with the sexual morals of society, he says and points out that a very large percentage of marriages and cohabitation contracts terminated.


Politicians negative to the idea
Negative reactions were also, but mainly from a political point, he said.

– If politicians had not banned buying sex could have been saved a lot of these heavy experiences. The concept of free brothels is definitely more than sexually active people who want to grow sexuality in order to maximize their own well-being. It is also about those who never have sex for different reasons, and at worst feel that they suffer as a result of this, says Horn Hartvedt.


Stop the Arrests of Sex Workers

The wet Olympics start in less than 2 weeks time, and the British gynocracy has been turning up the heat on the sex trade, lying through their aging vaginas that millions of new scabs Jezebels fallen women victims of sex trafficking will be produced by the Games.  Here’s a petition that Jack notified me of a couple of weeks ago, calling for the police to stop making media friendly arrests of sex workers, or rather brothel owners, in the run up to the Olympics :

For information :

Olympics crackdown on sex trade condemned

Keeping a brothel is illegal under the Sexual Offences Act 1956, but how the act is policed varies from force to force. Sex workers claim the act is being invoked far more stringently in the runup to the 2012 Games – even though there is no evidence there has been an increase in prostitution.

“These efforts are partly a response to the claim – made by governments, charity organisations and campaign groups – that the Olympics will lead to an increase in trafficking for prostitution,” the letter says. “This is despite the fact that there is no evidence that large sporting events cause an increase in trafficking.”


Laura Augustin on the lucrative trade in the sport and sex trafficking myth

Those who wish evidence were the basis for social policy have been endlessly frustrated and annoyed by the survival of the myth saying sex trafficking – forced prostitution – increases enormously on the occasion of major sporting events. Despite enough evidence to convince most people that there is no such surge (see SIDA’s report on the 2006 World Cup and SWEAT’s on the 2010), it’s obvious that evidence doesn’t matter where the fear of hidden crimeis constantly threatened. In other words, if the police haven’t found many women in chains, the victims must be too well hidden, which justifies further money for more intense policing.

Some NGOs against human trafficking do now acknowledge that there’s no proof that trafficking increases around big sporting events.  But they like to argue that their own efforts to prevent trafficking are the reason – Ta Da! There must be a name for this kind of logical fallacy.

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)  has set up its own anti-trafficking programme called UN.GIFT, which now gives funds to a lot of the people sustaining this kind of scare-mongering.

The Amazing Atheist on Tumblr Feminists

New video from Amazing Atheist.  Good to see that he’s still attacking feminists, but after all the flack he received from his previous videos (and little gratitude from the MRM), notice how he’s careful to say that they aren’t ‘real feminists’.  Good impersonation of former radical statutory rape apologist David Futrelle at the 1:40 mark.

Scientists Learn to Regulate Genes Through Commercial Moisturizers

Over the coming decades, there are likely to be numerous technological breakthroughs that will each revolutionise the sexual economy as much perhaps as the contraceptive pill did in the 1960’s.  To be honest, this is the thing which gives me the most hope.  One such breakthrough may have been announced this week.

Northwestern – A team led by a physician-scientist and a chemist — from the fields of dermatology and nanotechnology — is the first to demonstrate the use of commercial moisturizers to deliver gene regulation technology that has great potential for life-saving therapies for skin cancers.

The topical delivery of gene regulation technology to cells deep in the skin is extremely difficult because of the formidable defenses skin provides for the body. The Northwestern approach takes advantage of drugs consisting of novel spherical arrangements of nucleic acids. These structures, each about 1,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair, have the unique ability to recruit and bind to natural proteins that allow them to traverse the skin and enter cells.

Applied directly to the skin, the drug penetrates all of the skin’s layers and can selectively target disease-causing genes while sparing normal genes. Once in cells, the drug simply flips the switch of the troublesome genes to “off.”

A detailed study of a method that could dramatically redefine the field of gene regulation will be published online during the week of July 2 by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Early targets of the novel treatment are melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma (two of the most common types of skin cancer), the common inflammatory skin disorder psoriasis, diabetic wound healing and a rare genetic skin disorder that has no effective treatment (epidermolytic ichthyosis). Other targets could even include wrinkles that come with aging skin.

Technologies such as nanotech and stem cells are already being exploited by the cosmetic industries, and will often lead the way.  For example, breast enlargement operations using the patient’s own stem cells instead of silicone are already happening, and are expected to be at the forefront of the mainstream adoption of stem cell technology and regenerative medicine in general.

The gene breakthough described above might not only have a cosmetics application for skin rejuvenation, it could also allow such things as the changing of the very colour of one’s skin, and hence identity.

How different will the sexual economy be when men and women can both change their physical appearance almost as easily as they can change their wardrobes? In a world in which all women can appear youthful and beautiful what becomes of female intra-sexual competition?  Perhaps women will have to act more feminine in order to attract the mates of their choice?  It seems, anyway, that women could only out-compete others through behaviour or personality, rather than looks.  When all women are beautiful, even feminists, even female politicians, perhaps women will have more power over men than ever.  On the other hand, perhaps the whole motivation behind feminism as a sexual trade union will vanish.  And perhaps, given the ubiquity of attractive women, they will lose their sexual power over men altogether – the power of sexual choice – and rather have to accept that men are now choosing them.  Perhaps women will have to become even sluttier in order to win men, or perhaps when men have so many attractive females to choose from, only the virgins will remain a prize?

The only certainty is, that no matter how fixed and inevitable the current trends appear to be, in a short while, nobody will be able to predict what the sexual economy will look like, and certainly not what sexual morality will look like.