California Bill Makes Student Teacher Relationships A Crime Even If Girl Has Turned 18!

You know that a ‘child protection’ bill is bat shit insane when even readers of the Daily Femiservative Mail think it’s crazy.

A 41-year-old high school teacher exchanges thousands of text messages with his student, then leaves his wife and three children to date her.

The couple then goes on national TV, saying their relationship didn’t become physical until she turned 18.

In California, there’s nothing illegal about what they did.

Now, a lawmaker is hoping to change that with a bill rolled out on Monday that would make such relationships a felony, even if the student is 18, and strip teachers of their pensions and retiree health care if they are convicted.

To prevent teachers from ‘grooming’ students for relationships when they become adults, the bill would also criminalize seductive communication, such as sexual text messages.

‘Our hope is that that will be a pretty strong and painful deterrent and will cause someone to think twice before starting an inappropriate, unethical relationship with a student,’ said Republican Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen, the bill’s sponsor.

In the UK, which has the strongest anti-‘grooming’ laws in Europe, it is already illegal to communicate with a person under 16 with ‘the intention of having sex with them’.  I guess there would be no need for this law here, as you could already be prosecuted for having sex with a 30 year old woman if you had first e-mailed her when she was 15, whether you were her teacher or not.

Quote from the Brasseye Paedohysteria special :

Chris Morris : ‘Would you have sex with this 3 year old girl now that she is 21?’

Man in the street : ‘No way!  You belong in a mental asylum!’

But should this be illegal as well?

Five Feminists On Board The Titanic – Four Survived…The Other Was A Male Feminist

Interesting article from TheScotsman reveals that five prominent feminists were on board the Titanic, and all of them survived bar one – William Thomas Stead, the only male feminist amongst them. A noted women’s rights campaigner, Stead was most famous for his ‘tabloid’ style expose of child prostitution in late Victorian London, which was largely responsible for persuading the British parliament to accede to feminist demands, against the wishes of early men’s rights campaigners, and raise the age of consent from 13 to 16.

The article seems to be stressing the bravery of the female feminists. One of them ‘helped other women and children into the lifeboats’. Another, ‘broke her ankle boarding the lifeboat but survived’. Poor dear. William T Stead, meanwhile, exemplified Victorian chivalry with a stiff upper lip.

William T Stead – a British newspaper reporter who paved the way for tabloid journalism – was a social reformer and ardent advocate of women’s rights. While editor of the Pall Mall Gazette in 1885, he “bought” a 13-year-old girl for £5 in an attempt to expose the scale of child prostitution. Although he was jailed for unlawfully kidnapping a minor, the publicity the case generated led to the passing of the Criminal Law Amendment Act, which raised he age of consent from 13 to 16. A friend of suffragette Millicent Garrett Fawcett, Stead was proud of being the first editor to employ women on the same wages as men. After all the lifeboats on the Titanic had been filled, Stead, who had been travelling to a peace conference, is said to have gone to the First Class smoking room where he was last seen sitting in a leather chair reading a book.


BBC : Are Thin Women the Enemy?

The BBC sexual trade union mouthpiece finally brings a breath of much needed honesty to its reports, or at least its headline in this case :

BBC : Are Thin Women the Enemy?

From super-skinny celebrities to models with low BMI, people are speaking out about women they perceive to be too thin. But some experts worry this behaviour makes things worse.

This week, Israel passed a law banning models from advertisements or fashion shows if they measure less than 18.5 on the body mass index (BMI). It’s part of an effort to promote health for women of all sizes, and to stop glorifying the ultra-thin.

“Beautiful is not underweight,” says Rachel Adato, one of the creators of the bill.

In recent years, much attention has been paid to how women are portrayed in the media, whether it’s an overly airbrushed magazine model with an impossibly slim waist, or a TV starlet with protruding collar bones.

In an era when pro-anorexia communities congregate on social media sites like Pinterest, it’s no wonder that lawmakers are concerned with women’s body image.

For sure, reducing the number of images that portray women as very thin is beneficial, says Claire Mysko, director of Proud2BeMe, a website created with the National Eating Disorders Association (Neda) to promote healthy body image.

“There is a danger in being constantly exposed to one image of beauty,” she says. “There is a serious lack of body diversity in the media. People are not seeing themselves and their bodies reflected.”


It’s been claimed by homophobes that the use of ridiculously skinny models is rife in the fashion world because the industry is dominated by homosexuals – the nearest thing they can get to dressing up sexless boys in their favourite dresses.

I think it’s more likely that the fashion designers, and those who attend the shows and buy the magazines with the models on the front covers, simply want to see beautiful fashions associated with beautiful girls.  Models tend not to be fat and ugly because nobody would even be able to look long enough to notice the clothes.

Despite what blank slatist feminist fantasists would have, men and women know what female beauty is, and it’s not a size 14.  Having said that, neither is an anorexic 6ft model.  So why are there so many fashion models like that?

Steve Moxon argues that eating disorders in adolescent girls and young women are a kind of psychological resistance to the awareness that one is changing from a peak sexually desirable menarcheal girl into a woman.  I suppose skinny models could therefore be presenting the subliminal message to women that, in this dress, you too can be back to your young adolescent virginal self.  Height isn’t noticeable on a magazine cover when the model is alone, and is even hard to judge on the runway.  Long slender legs, and a slim girlish waist are more noticeable.

Ironically, the ban on young girls taking part in fashion shows and model shoots might be making the problem worse, if skinny models are a kind of replacement for the teenage girls who would otherwise predominate.

Regardless of all these thoughts, the fact remains that, no matter how tragic anorexia is, the problem of obesity is an immeasurably greater and more serious health issue facing children and young people today (both boys and girls).

To focus on slim  models as ‘the enemy’ because it supposedly presents a ‘narrow ideal of beauty’, and to actively encourage larger women to be portrayed as an ideal in the media at a time when a fifth of children are already obese in the UK, is nothing short of child abuse, and one of the sexual trade union’s most wicked crimes against children.

NSPCC Abuse Hysteria Anti-Father Pays Their Salaries Publicity Given Thumbs Up By Watchdog

Radical feminist fake children’s charity the NSPCC has had a controversial publicity campaign cleared by the industry watchdog.

Publicity for children’s charity the NSPCC has been cleared by the advertising regulator after complainants described its reference to child abuse as “disturbing and offensive”.

The DVD case, sent as a direct mailing in December, featured text stating: “Kerry’s father asked her to do the unthinkable. And then he filmed it.”

A leaflet inside the DVD said: “The footage of Kerry is now with the police. As is her father, because she was able to talk to ChildLine.”

Seven complainants objected that the text on the cover was disturbing and offensive while another said it could cause distress to individuals who had suffered abuse.

Another said the case was inappropriate for children to see.

Defending the wording, the NSPCC said it relied on mailings generating a good level of response from donors and it was therefore important that they stood out.

French Shooting Suspect ‘Belongs to Al Qaeda’

As I’m typing this, it appears that the suspect in the awful French shootings has been cornered by the police.  The BBC is reporting that the suspect is claiming that he ‘belongs to Al Qaeda’.

Mercifully, it appears that this animal is about to be caught before he can kill again.

Alongside the relief of every decent human being on Earth that no more innocent children are going to die at his hands, you can almost hear the groans of disappointment from the Cultural Marxists and our feminist and paedocrite-mangina enemies.

No doubt, after several Jewish children had been brutally executed just days after apparently the same gunman had slain two ethnic French soldiers, they were having erections and orgasms over the assumption that the person responsible was a/ white and b/ male.  Therefore, through the glorious powers of secular logic, having further ‘reason’ to define as hate criminals anybody who is a/ white and b/ male, and who dares to criticise the behaviour of anyone who isn’t themselves both white and male.

You see, when a psychopathic white nationalist randomly kills children to ‘protest’ against mass immigration, it means that any white males who criticise discrimination against men are clearly dangeroous psychopaths and part of a hate group that needs to be urgently criminalized.  A corrupted civil rights group that was created by a man who has been accused of taking a sexual interest in his own 16 year old daughter says so.

It doesn’t matter that many in the men’s rights movement are black men, gay men, or even women.  Neither does it matter that many of us are protesting at the constant passing of laws by privileged middle-class women that results in the criminalization and jailing of untold numbers of black and gay men.

Similarly, when a broken father commits suicide by self-immolation outside of a family court house, then it means that any man who questions female bias in those courts, or anywhere else, needs to be placed on an FBI watch list.

Needless to say, this perverted ‘progressive liberal’ Orwellian logic doesn’t extend to the awful actions of individuals within ‘minority’ groups.  If, as it now appears, a French Muslim has been responsible for the cold blooded killing of Jewish children in ‘revenge’ for Palestine and for French involvement in Muslim lands, nobody would dare to suggest that anyone who criticises or (legally) protests against injustices in Palestine or against the French military presence abroad is committing ‘hate speech’, or is part of a hate group (simply for protesting), or is ‘inciting murder’.

And although some will use awful events such as these killings in order to portray Muslims in general, or Islam itself, as a danger to Western society, such people need to be careful that they themselves do not have the Cultural Marxist thought police arresting them for Islamophobia or ‘racism’.  Commit the folly of making any kind of connection between statements in the Koran calling for ‘the infidel to be killed wherever they are found’, and these or other killings by deranged  Muslim terrorists, and you yourself are the prejudiced and irrational dangerous hate criminal.

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There has been a few comments left by regular and esteemed contributors that have recently been automatically and mistakenly put in the mountainous spam folder by the WordPress plugin I use (Akismet).  Sincere apologies to everybody.  Can anyone who knows anything about wordpress recommend the best anti-spam system?  The problem is that I get over 100 spam comments (viagra, penis enlargement etc) a day.  Akismet works surprisingly well in sorting out genuine from the spam , but now and again it does get it wrong.

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Underage Models Risk Creating ‘Hyper-Sexualised French Lolitas’

The Telegraph prints an article on a subject I was alerted to and posted on recently : the bid by feminists in France to ban beauty pageants, child models, and ‘adult’ clothing for children (children being defined as under 18 or 16).

The French report suggests restricting beauty pageants to girls aged over 16 or 18, banning advertisers from dressing under age models in adult attire or using them as brand figureheads. It also advocates the return of uniforms in primary schools phased out in 1968 and considered a curious British anachronism by many.

Titled ‘Against hyper-sexualisation, a new fight for equality’, the report was triggered by international outrage over a French Vogue magazine cover featuring a heavily made-up 10-year-old model.

I’ve added a comment below the article – please add your own :

Whilst concerns over the sexualisation of 8 year olds might have some validity, we all know this is about feminists exploiting such concerns to artificially ‘de-sexualise’ teenage girls.

First you legally define children as anyone under 18 (when throughout history, adulthood began at puberty).

Then, when most people still associate ‘childhood’ with pre-pubescents, you create a hysteria over the ‘sexualisation of childhood’.

Finally, you legally ban 17 year olds from wearing thongs or mini-skirts as part of a legislative package supposedly to protect pre-teens, which no politician chasing the female vote (every politician in a modern democracy), the family values vote, and the muslim vote,  dare challenge.

This way, 40 year old feminists (not to mention 40 year old male Islamists) don’t have to be wracked with pain everytime they walk down the street, having to pass girls at the peak of their beauty displaying their flawless skin.

This is how third wave feminism operates, increasingly in conjunction with the Islamisation of society.  Feminists can’t honour kill their younger sexual rivals, but they do have the power and spurious moral authority to forcibly victimise 17 year old ‘children’.


In the same newspaper, and on a closely related Islamo-feminist slut shaming theme, a British girl has become the first white victim of honour killing by the muslim community :

One of the Most Evil Feminists in the World Arrested

names and shamed rebekah brooks

Rebekah Brooks has been arrested on suspicion of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

The arrest is part of the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into phone hacking by News of the World reporters whilst she was serving as the paper’s head.  Reporters at her newspaper hacked into the mobile phone of missing 13 year old Milly Dowler (later found murdered) in order to satisfy the British public’s insatiable appetite for paedosleaze – potentially hampering the police investigation and putting Milly (if she had still been alive) and other children in danger.  News of the World reporters also targeted the parents of Sarah Payne, whose random murder at the hands of a psychopathic sexual opportunist led to the onset of paedohysteria in the UK, stoked and exploited by Rebekah Brooks with her infamous ‘Name and Shame’ campaign against convicted sex offenders.

Rebekah Brooks is an avowed feminist, and also launched campaigns against domestic violence which demonised men – despite being a husband batterer herself.