Excellent Article on Statutory Rape Laws at InMalaFide

Excellent article at InMalaFide on statutory rape laws by a ‘Giovanni Dannato’ that everyone here should read :

Statutory Rape Laws are a Subsidy on Female Sexual Market Value

Statutory rape laws as we know them are a product of the Victorian period. These laws were originally made to protect the economically valuable virginity of unmarried young women. It was also a reaction of working class men to the force of hypergamy — the female instinct to select men of higher status. It was a way to prevent wealthier, more powerful men from monopolizing young working class women in rapidly growing urban areas.

As the 20th century progressed, virginity was no longer a prerequisite for marriage. The original justifications for expanded statutory rape laws became obsolete and forgotten… but they remained for a reason.

Female power in society was growing rapidly as the industrial world matured. The old laws very much benefited women of reproductive age. Females 18-35 found themselves miraculously protected from the depredations of their fiercest competitors — the up and coming ones. The temporal conveyor belt that ruthlessly cycled women out of the market was effectively slowed down by 3-4 years.

One unfortunate thing to note is that the article was posted at Reddit Men’s Rights and recieved more downvotes than up (I’m not even going to read the reddit comments – it’s Christmas).  Still a lot of work to do there, unfortunately, but it’s another sign that the ideas argued for here are becoming accepted in the REAL men’s rights sphere.

Merry Christmas to the Men’s Rights World

Merry Christmas to all my readers!  As I still find having to run this site somewhat depressing, I’ll probably not be updating for a few days – a rare opportunity to relax and to close my eyes and ears to the scheming harridans of the sexual trade union and their never ending evil plots!

Of course, this year has been something of a breakthrough one for men’s rights.  Although the pace of anti-male legislation still appears to be accelerating, I’ve never been more confident that a genuine pro-male sexuality men’s rights movement is emerging that will soon have the strength to challenge feminists.

This site continues to grow modestly but continually, more or less.  Although traffic took a hit in the summer when I went offline for a few weeks, it’s more than picked up since.  For that I have to thank the continued support of the likes of Ferdinand Bardemu, Angry Harry, Man Woman Myth, and several other MRA bloggers, and also to the loyal and esteemed readers who have been posting links to this site on forums and other men’s rights sites.

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14 y.o. Kylie Jenner – ‘Dressing 10 Years too Old’

The Daily Femiservative Mail worked itself up into a masochistic froth the other day, jealously bitching over an attractive 14 year old girl (Kylie Jenner) on behalf of its middle-aged, middle-England, sexually embittered female readership.

kylie jenner 14 years old

Although pictures of pretty 14 year old girls will brighten the day of any sane and rational male on this Earth, I’m not highlighting the pictures here as eye candy.  Just pointing out that you probably see jailbait like this every time you visit your local club, all of them with fake ID, and most no doubt ready and willing to lie to you before going down on you, letting you go down to rot in prison for a decade or more without any concern crossing their sweet little minds.  Remember – a child is always the victim and the adult always responsible.  Even when they look 24 and present fake ID to you.  Hell, this girl could almost pass as a cougar!

Indeed, despite the Daily Femiservative Mail bitching that she is dressing ‘ten years older’, it is in fact 24 year old women who (vainly) try to look like perfect beautiful post-menarcheal girls like Kylie.  She’s probably just wearing a little too much make up, and an excessively figure enhancing dress, when girls her age don’t really need to.  A typical 14 year old American girl, trying to impersonate a typical 24 year old American woman vainly trying to look like a perfect 14 year old girl!

A little bit like Rebecca Black in the latest video from Katy (with the makeup) Perry – is it just me, or is this a little ‘inappropriate’ for a 13 year old girl?

diane abbott
Diane Abbott

Meanwhile, the repulsive Afro-British member of parliament Diane Abbot was indulging in some child slut shaming of her own this week, after studies in the UK confirmed both that porn is replacing (school) sex education for teens, and that more and more girls are having under-age sex.

Earlier this week, a survey found more young people were having sex under the age of consent. Among 16 to 24-year-old women, more than a quarter had lost their virginity under the age of 16.

Diane Abbott, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, said: “The rising numbers of girls having under-age sex is alarming. It is not a cost-free phenomenon.

“It poses public health policy challenges and social challenges. The underlying cause must be the ‘pornification’ of British culture and the increasing sexualisation of preadolescent girls.

“Too many young girls are absorbing from the popular culture around them that they only have value as sex objects. Inevitably they act this notion out.

“Government needs to respond to spiralling under-age sex, not with pointless schemes to teach abstinence, but with better PSHE teaching in schools for both girls and boys.”

Notice the deliberate and common Femi obfuscation between ‘the sexualisation of pre-adolescent girl’s’ and ‘underage girls having sex’.  I would have thought that it’s  largely 15 and 14 year old girls having the underage sex, which doesn’t necessarily have much to do with the sexualisation of pre-adolescent girls (i.e. under 11 or 12).

Notice also her comment – “not with pointless schemes to teach abstinence, but with better PSHE teaching in schools for both girls and boys“.

That’s right, left-wing feminists are a notch more sophisticated than the right-wing fuddy duddies in protecting their middle-aged vaginas in a free sexual market.  They recognise that vainly forcing Biblical based abstinence upon sexy 15 year old girls won’t be enough to keep their nubile legs crossed.  So they resort to more secular, liberal, and ‘progressive’ means to preserve childhood innocence – such as teaching 8 year olds that pretty girls who show too much skin are filthy whores and easy meat for sick paedophiles (men), whilst impressing upon them the normality of gay and transgender anal sex games.

Chris Brand took a typically controversial stance on the study showing that British jailbait are fucking like rabbits :


A poll found 27% of British 20-yr-old girls admitted to having had full sex before age 16 (Sun, 16 xii). This percentage was twice that admitted by their own mothers. Much of this admitted sex would have been with over-16 boys/men, for only 22% of British 20-yr-old boys admitted pre-16 sex – and quite a bit of that would have been with older slags ooops girls.{The enterprise, enthusiasm and daring of male over-16’s had to be admired, given the vicious legal and MSM penalties they faced!}

Islamo-Feminists and the Blue Bra Woman

White knight outrage has been ignited throughout the world over a video showing a female protester being savagely beaten and – apparently even worse to the Islamo/feminist mind – having her blue bra ‘exposed’ by the brutal Egyptian military.

Never mind that hundreds of protesters, nearly all men, have been killed or beaten since the overthrow of Mubarak.  Never mind that the same video appears to show a man receiving at least as severe a beating that doesn’t even appear to be worth mentioning.  Never mind that a 14 year old boy was killed by those same thugs at the weekend and which failed to spark any kind of similar outrage.  Today an 11 year old boy became the youngest victim yet, but you might find any news about that difficult to find, lost as it is in all the White Knighting headlines.  And all of this sickening media coverage shares the fantasy that those brave hijab clad Egyptian women are protesting for ‘democratic rights’, rather than the removal of the Egyptian military government, whose rule was only supposed to be a stop gap between the overthrow of secular Arab despot Mubarak…. and the imposition of some radical Islamic Arab despot.

Reading some of the comments below the media’s reporting of the ‘blue bra beating’, you’ll see almost universal white knightism mixed in with feminist condemnation of the evil worldwide patriarchy responsible for it.  The following feminist’s comment at Yahoo News, upvoted 45 times and downvoted only 3 times, is particularly stomach churning :

job yahoo bra beating woman egypt

Yep, don’t forget that the brood mare needs of the mass of plain, unattractive, and aging women come before anything else.  As the semi-literate feminist implies, dumb male chivalry will always ensure that to be the case.


Kat Pinder & Social Shaming Feminists

I’m sure most of you have been following the explosive revelations currently being detailed at A Voice for Men – all as a result of one MRA’s excellent undercover activism in skillfully penetrating a ‘RadFem’ group.

I’ve  been dabbling with this sort of activism myself over the last year, and whilst I can’t claim any results nearly as shocking or definitive as ‘Agent Orange’s‘, I have gathered a quantity of information that, when taken together, supports the general ‘sexual trade union’ thesis of this website.  I’m not yet ready to publish the results of this activism, as the feminist organisations involved will naturally be more guarded when that happens, and I feel that there is still more water in the well to be drawn.

But regarding the femi-nazis of RadFem – one or two of the individuals exposed are of particular interest to readers of this blog.  For example, Kat Pinder (‘AmazonManCrusher’), was (screen)captured as expressing her wish that all of us men be given a special day, in order that we can be ‘raped and battered’, as well as be made to understand how it feels to be ‘purchased from brothels’.

While briefly Googling Kat Pinder, I came across the following blogspot page that has been devoted to her – and it’s certainly not been made by a fan :

Kat Pinder (blogspot)

Amongst other things, it is revealed that whilst appearing on female porn show ‘Big Brother’, Kat revealed to a (black male) fellow contestant that she had been exploited as a prostitute at the age 16 :

LESBIAN housemate Kitten Pinder has sensationally admitted she worked as a cheap vice girl when she was just 16. She shamelessly revealed how she sold her body to men as she struggled on the breadline.
Foul-mouthed Kitten, 24, stunned another contestant with the confession just hours after triggering uproar with her bad-tempered arrival at the Big Brother house and threatening to quit. Wearing a sailor suit, the brunette weirdo told student Victor Ebuwa she spent a year as a prostitute at a brothel in Forest Gate, east London, in 1996.
She told him: “Yeah, I lived in Forest Gate for a while. I lived there with some other girls and we worked as prostitutes. “It was the worst year of my life. I couldn’t believe I survived. Some bloke acted as our pimp and just took advantage.” Shocked Victor, 23, spluttered: “Really?”
Kitten – real name Kat – told him: “Yeah, I was 16. I had nowhere else to go.” Londoner Victor asked gallantly: “You want me to sort him out?” But she replied: “Nah, it was years ago. I don’t really have secrets, I am very open.”

However, as we know, feminist statements about prostitution rarely go hand in hand with the truth :

She has already proclaimed herself the hardcore Left-wing lesbian of Big Brother. But the father of Kathryn ‘Kitten’ Pinder last night said her tales of being a teenage prostitute are a lie – and slammed Channel 4 for the show’s obsession with sex. Kenneth Pinder, a retired surveyor, said his daughter was in fact at a £12,000-a-year boarding school at 16, the age when she told fellow contestants on the reality show she was working as a child prostitute in London.
She had, however, completed a well-regarded dissertation on prostitution while a university student, so he assumed she must have drawn on that knowledge for her attention-seeking stories on screen. And Mr Pinder, 57, who had to remortgage the family’s detached home to satisfy ‘radical’ Kathryn’s request to go to private school, said the whole family are devastated by her sudden appearance on television.

Meanwhile in Ireland….

A top lawyer claims that men guilty of soliciting for sex could be driven to suicide over naming, writes Jim Cusack


A leading lawyer has claimed that the naming and shaming of men caught propositioning undercover gardai posing as prostitutes could drive some to suicide.

The claim was made as it emerged that €10,000 in fines imposed on 21 men caught in the Limerick garda “honey trap” soliciting operation has been given to a group which is proposing that prostitution be prohibited and men caught paying women for sex prosecuted and publicly named.

Gardai last week defended their actions in bringing 21 men to court and publicising their identities but claimed it was not their intention that their names be made public.

However, one of Limerick’s leading lawyers, solicitor Ted McCarthy, who represented some of the men, said there was a danger that the public shaming of the men could drive some to suicide. There were persistent rumours in Limerick last week that one had killed himself. There was a male suicide in the area but the man was not on the list of those arrested.

Teen’s false rape allegation leads to jail for one man, a savage beating for another – ‘punished’ with an £80 fine

Just posted this at r/mensrights :

A teenage girl whose false rape allegation led to an innocent man being beaten up and another man sent to jail was let off by police with just an £80 fixed penalty notice. 

Jess Cooper was handed the penalty – usually given for minor traffic infringements, anti-social behaviour or environmental offences – for wasting police time.

However, her ‘wicked’ lie led to Andrew Lester being punched and kicked to the floor. He lost eight teeth and his hearing was permanently damaged.

Yesterday a judge who jailed Cooper’s boyfriend over the attack said the police’s decision not to prosecute her ‘beggared belief’.


Just when you think things might be improving, you read of a case like this which truly defies belief.

France Moves to Ban Prostitution By Criminilizing Clients

France’s parliament has backed a proposal to fight prostitution by making payment for sex a crime punishable by fines and prison.

The National Assembly approved by a show of hands a cross-party, non-binding resolution which is due to be followed by a bill.

Six-month prison sentences and fines of 3,000 euros (£2,580; $4,000) are envisaged for clients of prostitutes.

Some campaigners reject the bill, advocating prostitutes’ rights instead.

Around 20,000 people are believed to be working as prostitutes in France.


A senior politician and member of the commission trying to introduce the law is quoted as that ‘9 out of 10 prostitutes in France are victims of trafficking’.  This is quite at odds with the recent report that found that most prostitutes in London were not forced or trafficked and were choosing to sell sex because it earned them more money than any other job would.  It is also at odds with the fact that prostitutes in France are themselves strongly resistant to this law, and some of whom were in fact protesting outside the National Assembly at the possible loss of their choice of livelihoods.

The report also mentions an organization called ZeroMacho, another one of those creepy mangina groups that seem to be popping up everywhere recently, and which has managed to collect a staggering total of 200 signatures across Europe from men supporting the criminalisation of other men who pay for sex.

The following is their cringe inducing ‘manifesto’ :

Every man can claim his own rights without denying others’ theirs, and can empower himself without dominating others.

In application of the principle of male-female equality, we request that the competent authorities

• Stop penalizing prostituted people; develop social, educational and health programs for prevention, as well as alternatives to prostitution, in order to effectively create the right not to be a prostitute.

• Crack down on pimping by applying zero-tolerance for it in all its varied forms (on the street, in brothels, massage parlors or red-light districts, via escorts services, websites, want ads and more.)

• Create or reinforce non-sexist education in sexuality and inter-personal relationships, starting in primary school, teaching respect for others, including their freedom, choices and desires.

• Institute graduated sanctions for “prostituting clients” like in Sweden, where that policy has proven its effectiveness.

• Refuse to call those men “clients,” and recognize that they are in fact prostituters.


Millions of Female Child Abuse Voyeurs Watch 13 Year Old Girl Break Down on X-Factor

X Factor finalist Rachel Crow, 13, made an emotional exit from the competition last night in scenes that made for uncomfortable viewing.

The 13-year-old was devastated after she was sent home from the competition after judge Nicole sent the vote to deadlock after she picked Rachel to leave over finalist Marcus Canty.

Once presenter Steve Jones announced she had received the lowest number of votes from the public, the youngster dramatically slumped to the ground and collapsed in a flood of tears upon realising her X Factor dream was over.

Her worried mother rushed onto the stage to comfort her screaming daughter who looked even younger than her 13 years.

And as she tried her best to reassure her that everything would be okay, in heartbreaking scenes Rachel wailed: ‘Mommy you promise me?… Promise me?.’

Rachel Crow tears X factor USA

A 13 year old girl breaking down on national television in front of millions of scrutinising adults, her fragile and still developing sense of selfhood and identity smashed to pieces in the name of entertainment.  Makes for uncomfortable viewing?  Get over it. Have a good gossip about it over the phone to your friends.  You know you’ll be tuning in again next week.  At least you will if you’re a woman – the typical demographic of those watching these voyeuristic and exploitative reality shows.

A 19 year old female stares smiling at the camera, her eyes glazing over in sheer ecstasy as her vaginal juices drench the penis of the man she is blissfully riding.  But her skin still has the flawlessness of post-pubescent youth.  For that reason, one could still imagine her as a 16 or a 17 year old girl.

Not just uncomfortable viewing for you Mister.  If that scene is familiar to your senses, then you can expect a knock at the door, or rather a pre-dawn boot through your door, any day for the rest of your life.  And if that day does come, you will then be dragged to your local police station, along with your computer, to face the possibility of years in prison, where you can expect to spend every minute of your existence there living in fear of being beaten, raped, or even disemboweled.

Not a men’s rights issue of course.

I’ve written about what I call ‘female porn‘ before.  These talent reality shows, that are watched predominantly by women, are just excuses for a particularly nasty form of voyeurism.  Female masochistic envy at the beauty of youth and of lost childhood dreams, the mocking panelists are simply expressing the vindictive spiteful jealousy of the audience, no matter how much they pantomime boo the likes of Simon Cowell.

Adults often find these pressure cooker reality shows to be too much for their mental health.  Yet children are allowed to be visibily traumatised before our very eyes – we don’t need any feminst cod science to demonstrate that they will clearly be damaged – and the fact that it is ‘uncomfortable viewing’ just makes the women who watch it want to lap it up even more.

In the age of YouTube, talented young singers will always breakthrough – they don’t need this sadistic female form of child porn to be noticed.  The other day I read about a remarkable 10 year old Mexican girl – Angie Vazquez.  Watch her cover Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ :