Swedish Politician Caught Paying for Sex & Looking at Porn

A high-ranking local politician from western Sweden, currently facing charges for buying sex, was found to have made thousands of visits to numerous pornographic websites from his office computer.


In another article, the same newspaper reports on efforts by a female Swedish politician to criminalize sex with animals.

After years of debate on the issue, a new proposed law on animal welfare suggests the outlawing of sexual encounters with animals in Sweden, a practice previously decriminalized in 1944.

”We know that there is a great risk of the animals being used this way are harmed by it,” said Eva Eriksson, County Governor of Värmland, who has been working on the new animal welfare law since 2009, at a press conference.


Only the brain of a vagina could consider a blanket ban on bestiality to be an important animal welfare concern.  I’ve been a strict vegetarian since the age of 12 (up until that point, my parents had had to force me to eat meat since the age of 5 – they finally gave up when I threatened to join the Animal Liberation Front).  Any time I mistakenly do eat meat I immediately throw it up.  Reading of animal cruelty can send me into week long bouts of depression.  But I honestly couldn’t really give a f*** if a thousand teenage girls are practicing giving a blowjob on the family pooch right now across the world (probably an underestimate).  Lucky Fido.  And it probably is females who are far more attracted to having sex with animals than men are.  It might be men who want to watch beastiality, getting off on sluts having sex with animals.  After all, most men would enjoy watching pretty girls being fucked by just about anything – dildos, dogs, tentacle wielding aliens..  But I’m sure it’s mostly women who want to have sex with animals.  Likely a point missed on this politician, although she’s probably aware that only men would be charged for these offences anyway.

Millions of animals at any point of time are being horrifically butchered, housed, experimented upon, even skinned alive for their fur..or to ‘improve’ the taste of their meat.  To put Fido furiously wagging its tail as it does a human doggy style in the same or higher category as these things simply reveals that most ‘sexual abuse’ laws are about regulating sex, NOT ‘protecting victims’.

British Government Wants To Ban People From Internet

Criminals and cyber bullies to be  banned from the web

Criminals who commit offences online and cyber bullies will be banned from the internet as part of the Government’s new cyber security strategy, announced today.

It calls for police and courts to make more use of existing “cyber sanctions” to restrict access to the social networks and instant messaging services in cases of hacking, fraud and online bullying. Sex offenders and those convicted of harrassment or anti-social behaviour also face more internet restrictions under the new strategy.

This might all be at odds with one good thing that the EU has decided upon – that access to the internet is a fundamental human right.

I’m all in favour of inititives to tackle online bullying, but the problem lies in the obvious scope for abuse of any new laws by the police and the government.  I wonder how long it will be before criticism of individual feminists is classified as ‘cyber bullying’, as the poor femi-nazis of mencallmethings seem to think?

Governments around the world are using the atavistic backwardness of paedohysteria to gradually introduce more and more restrictions upon our freedoms.  It can do this because, in today’s climate, to question any law or measure against ‘paedophiles’ is to automatically cast suspicion against oneself.  And once the people willingly allow their government to break into homes for illicit mouse clicking, anything becomes possible for the state to justify.

Parents Sue D.A. for Charging Their 6-Year-Old Son With a Felony After He Played Doctor With a 5-Year-Old Girl

Last week the parents of a Wisconsin boy sued Grant County District Attorney Lisa Riniker for charging their son with first-degree sexual assault, a Class B felony, after he played “butt doctor” with a 5-year-old girl. He was 6 at the time. When the boy’s lawyer tried to have the charge dismissed, Riniker replied: “The legislature could have put an age restriction in the statute if it wanted to. The legislature did no such thing.”

According to the complaint (PDF), the girl is “the daughter of a well-known political figure in Grant County,” and her brother, who is the same age, also was involved in playing doctor but was not charged. In addition to Riniker, the lawsuit names as defendants retired Grant County Sheriff’s Sgt. James Kopp and Jan Moravits, an investigator with Grant County Social Services “whose regional supervisor…is the political figure’s wife’s sister-in-law”—i.e., the aunt of the alleged victim.

Although the boy, now 7, is too young to be prosecuted or named in a juvenile delinquency petitition, Madison.com reports, county officials are using the felony charge to force his parents into accepting “protection or services” for him. The lawsuit says that once he turns 18, he will be listed as a sex offender.


Good.  This is one of the surest ways that sex offender hysteria will end – when the criminals in the child abuse industry start getting sued.

I would also suggest that Grant County District Attorney Lisa Riniker deserves a place on Register-Her.com

Big Sister is Watching You (and Little Brother)

This story might have popped up in r/mensrights and elsewhere a few weeks ago, so apologies if you have already seen it :

‘Big Sister’ names men trying to buy prostitutes in Iceland

A new underground movement called “Stóra systir” (Big Sister in Icelandic) has handed over a list to the Reykjavík Police of men who wanted to buy the services of prostitutes through various websites and classified ads offering “massages” in daily newspaper, Fréttabladid.

Iceland passed a law in 2009 which made the purchase of sex illegal.

The group held a press conference in Reykjavík this week – its spokespeople wearing cloaks, hoods and masks to remain anonymous – stating its intention was to ensure that the laws on prostitution were applied by police.

The group decided to take matters into its own hands after police authorities claimed it had neither the funds nor the manpower to fight prostitution which, the group stated, is clearly thriving in Iceland despite being illegal.

The Big Sisters said the list handed to police was the result of three weeks of investigative work.

Here is a photo of the (thankfully) masked feminist vigilantes posing at the ‘press conference’ they held – note the resemblance to burqa clad muslim women :

big sister

But it’s not just Big Sister that is spying on men who bring down the market value of the average vagina.  Little Brother is at it too :

‘Superheroes’ win praise, criticism for online vigilante justice

Four young Chilliwack men who dressed as superheroes to confront potential sex offenders have drawn public kudos but are being criticized by police, who say crime-fighting should be left to the proper authorities.

Police say the vigilantes — two are 17, one is 18 and one is 20 — put themselves in danger by posing online as underage girls to lure men for sexual encounters, only to confront the men publicly dressed as Batman and the Flash. The encounters were videotaped and posted in recent weeks on YouTube, under the title To Troll a Predator.

Police have spoken to the young men and their parents, said Cpl. Tammy Hollingsworth, spokeswoman for the Upper Fraser Valley RCMP, Wednesday.

“Our main concern is their personal safety,” she said. “Those kids told investigators they made a big mistake.”

The-Spearhead’s W.F.Price devoted an article to this last week :

Of course, it’s a bad idea to meet underage girls online, but in most of these stings it is the “girls” who are taking the initiative, which is entrapment. It really isn’t very hard to find men willing to take the bait when sexually mature (i.e. post-pubescent) females offer sex, so there’s nothing heroic about luring guys in such a manner. It’s actually a pretty lousy thing to do, and likely only encourages those who are not caught to make a go of it. It’s akin to offering drinks to former alcoholics.

If you read the article, and especially the comments underneath, then you can have little doubt that we’ve ‘won’ the argument – that middle-aged feminists imposing self-interested draconian laws and punishments on men who are attracted to post-pubescent females is indeed a men’s rights issue.   Congratulations to all those (handful) who were brave enough to stand firm. Once more, the present men’s rights/anti-feminist movement can unashamedly and proudly trace its historical lineage all the way back to the likes of Ernest Belfort Bax and Arthur Schopenhaur.

Of course, these teen vigilante heroes are just little cock blockers who are resentful at a relative handful of middle-aged men trying to ‘steal’ their pussy.  One comment left underneath the Spearhead article is illuminating and needs highlighting, left by a teenage MRA :

Aaaaand what do you expect young men to do while older men are taking all their women? Sit there with their thumbs up their butts?

This question has been addressed here in the comments section, and it’s not that I don’t have any sympathy with it, and nor do I particularly blame the teenage vigilantes who are only able to do what they are doing because of feminist unjust laws.  But how far would you take the logic of this young MRA?  Would it be o.k. for men in their twenties to side with middle-aged feminists in making it illegal for men to choose partners more than 5 years younger than themselves, and to excuse any subsequent vigilante action from young men?  Of course not, and hopefully any MRA older than 16 would have the maturity to see that.

And I don’t think that ‘scarcity of pussy’ should be a problem in a truly free sexual market, at least if it wasn’t for female hypergamy.  In such a society, most people would be having open sexual relationships, and prostitution, including teenage prostitution, would be easily and openly accessible.  The young boys might have a point if older men were marrying their female teenage peers and keeping them all to themselves, but that would hardly be the reality in a society sufficiently sexually free to rid itself of statutory rape laws.  In short, there would be plenty enough premium teenage pussy available to keep everybody happy (except middle-aged women).  And at the worst, it would be a matter of ‘waiting your turn’.

“Clap Your Hands and They Will Run Screaming Into the Desert”

The above is a (mis)quote that I vaguely remember attributed to an Israeli general after the combined Arab armies had suffered yet another humiliating spanking.  Vigilantism isn’t now confined to the guardians of the female vagina, and men’s rights activists are rapidly becoming pretty skilled at it as well.

The Israeli general’s words seem to me to be increasingly applicable to feminists, as I follow the devastating impact that the simple social shaming of Register-Her.com has had upon certain individuals, as well as the humiliating and pathetic mencallmethings – a Twitter set up by femi-nazis for other femi-nazis to bitch about upsetting e-mails they recieve from angry pissed off men they are victimising or trying to criminilise for simply having a dick.

I’ve always made it clear that I am firmly of the belief that while the legal and democratic route to change things and to resist feminist evil exists, then the men’s rights  movement should fully commit to it.  I do not approve of threatening e-mails and the like. I know how these feminists feel.  I get about 2 or 3 comments left here every day calling for me to be tortured or executed – most of them leaving their ips behind, and many of them from feminist bloggers (all of which have been collected for future reference).

But I have to say this – if feminists can’t handle a few nasty e-mails now and again, I’d suggest you leave the fight right now and pursue a different means of earning money and protecting the market value of your aging vagina.  Because I can only see it getting a lot worse, the more you victimise men and the more we, as a movement, wake other men up to what you are doing to them.  And even if the men’s rights movement stays on a purely legal and peaceful path, that’s hardly going to remain the case for muslim radicals, who (to some extent misguidedly) see you as the enemy.

And, as I have stated here before, to interpret this tragic prediction as something that bears any resemblance to ‘inciting violence’ is as stupid as saying that those pundits who correctly feared that the illegal invasion of Iraq would lead to terrorist atrocities in London, were themselves guilty of ‘inciting terrorism’.

Fortunately, the success of legal activism such as Register-Her.com has shown that the illegal variety cannot be justified – at least until such time as the feminists try to block free speech and criticism (‘hate laws’ and the like).

All of these issues have come into sharp relief over the last few days with the exposure of a shocking Swedish feminist made video showing the staged murder of an apparently random man by followers of the SCUM manifesto.

One of my readers posted a link to the video last week, before it had become known in the English speaking men’s rights sphere. I quickly did some research and almost immediately found the names of those responsible for the video.  I considered posting an article that same day, but to be honest, ‘bottled out’, and instead simply posted the video to r/mensrights, where of course, it generated a huge reaction.

I knew that the video would be quickly taken up by other and bigger guns anyway.  In fact, the moment I watched the video, I was certain that a defining moment for the men’s rights movement was about to come, and it does appear that this may be the case after AVoiceForMen offered a $1,000 bounty on providing the names of the feminists involved.

My reluctance to be the first English speaking men’s rights blogger to cover this was that I wasn’t quite sure, despite a little initial research, as to what the exact background to the video was.  There was no doubt that uploading such a video was a vile act, no matter what the context, even it may have been an attempt at satire and even the mocking of feminazis.  But given that these may have been daft 16 year olds making a clumsy attempt to satirise the excesses of femi-nazism (it initally appeared possible to me), I decided to hold back.

However, it does seem to be becoming clear that this was a video made by feminists who are most definately sympathetic to the SCUM manifesto – a feminist manifesto that called for the extermination of men and that was written by a woman who would later attempt to murder two men. This isn’t satirising femi-nazis, or even the actual product of ‘femi-nazis’.  This video is what passes as mainstream morality, something that is fit to brainwash high-school kids with, in the feminist hell that is Sweden today.

There is no excuse for this video, and I have no sympathy if the evil little feminists behind it suffer a few ‘Google problems’ for the rest of their lives.  To try to excuse this video, as a certain male feminist is doing, is as evil as excusing a white nationalist YouTube video that showed skinheads killing a random black man on the grounds that it is simply ‘staged art’, akin to Shakespeare!


Milly Dowler’s Parents Given False Hope by Newspaper Hacking

The official inquiry into the News of the World phone hacking scandal is currently taking place. The parents of Milly Dowler – the murdered 13 year old school girl whose phone was hacked into in the hope of securing a paedo scoop story – have been relating how they were given false hope that she was still alive.

Sally Dowler said she had been attempting to call Milly’s mobile constantly in the weeks after she disappeared in March 2002 but could not get through because the mailbox was full.

She eventually succeeded because some of the messages had been deleted and immediately thought Milly must still be alive.

Giving an emotional testimony to the Leveson inquiry into press standards yesterday, Mrs Dowler said: “It clicked through onto her voicemail, so I heard her voice.”

Mrs Dowler said she immediately cried out to her husband: “She’s picked up her voicemail, Bob, she’s alive.”

But the couples’ hopes were cruelly dashed because rather than the teenager deleting her messages, it is alleged it was private detective Glenn Mulcaire, who had been working on the orders of the News of the World.

Recall that the News of the world was being run at the time by Rebekah Brooks Wade – a self-declared feminist and advocate of hysteria over both domestic violence and ‘paedophilia’.  It was her who ran the illegal ‘name and shame’ campaign against British sex offenders.  It was her and her paper who did as much as any single institution to force the British government to enact wave after wave of knee-jerk ‘anti-paedo’ sexual offence laws that have ended up criminalising millions of men, and given a clearly corrupt and immoral police force (see below) a terrifying degree of power over the general (male) population.

And while she was doing all of this, it appears the evil bitch was encouraging her team of journalists to hack into the mobile phone of a missing 13 year old girl – something that both impeded the investigation and gave Milly’s parents false hope that she was alive.

Note also that Surrey Police knew in 2002 that somebody working for Rebekah Brooks had hacked into Milly Dowler’s phone, but took no action.  Not only that, but recently the head of the Metropolitan Police (the UK’s largest force) was forced to resign over  links between the police and News International (the company that owns the News of the World – Rebekah Brooks was until recently the Chief Executive of News International).

This is a police force that will break down your door in the early hours of the morning, then drag you out of bed if you have been looking at a few internet pics of sexy teens in bikinis, or downloading a couple of tube clips of sluts having sex with animals.  But not only will they turn a blind eye to a newspaper hacking into the phone of a murdered school kid, they will cosy up with the satanic feminist bitch responsible for it.

I try to be as patriotic as the next man, but sometimes I feel like I’m going to throw up just breathing in the air of this God forsaken ruined country.

Meanwhile, it has recently been revealed that bullying, both online and offline, is more of a problem for British children than the kids of nearly any other country – or, indeed, any other problem.  But don’t expect any of our paedohysteric vote chasing politicians or donation chasing/sexual trade union ‘children’s protection’ charities to give a flying fuck about it.  Just watch the rest of Europe burn and decay over the next couple of decades, as our laws and obscenely fake ‘save the kiddies’ culture is imposed upon the entire continent.

Greatest Anti-Feminist Songs / Music Videos

It’s been a long time coming, and apologies in particular to loyal and esteemed reader Highwayman, but here at last is my list of the greatest anti-feminist and anti-‘sexual trade union’ songs and music videos.  I’ve added a poll at the bottom of the page for you to vote on which you think is the greatest.  If you’d like to add your own nominations in the comments section, please do so :

Tatu – All the Things She Said

A video featuring teenage Russian girls in school uniform, singing about forbidden love, and which provoked an outcry from sexual trade union banshees such as Michelle Elliot? How could it not be in this list?

Eminem – Superman

Misogynistic rap on smart pills – nobody understands the hoes like Eminem does.

Serge & Charlotte Gainsbourg – Lemon Incest

Blessed were the innocent and pre-paedohysteric days of the 1980’s. A notorious middle-aged French womaniser could get a song entitled ‘Lemon Incest’ to the top of the British charts with a Top of the Pops video featuring himself semi-naked…. and sharing a bed with his panty clad 12 year old daughter (Charlotte).

Bloodhound Gang – Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

There might be more obvious videos from them to include on this list, and I’m reluctant to ascribe profound wisdom to the BloodHound Gang – but this song does sum up for me the insight that, when everything is said and done, sex lies behind everything – something intuitively understood, or at least expressed, by the Brood Mare’s Union.

Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar

Mick Jagger waxes lyrical upon the peculiar delights of 16 year old black slave girls.

Alizee – Moi Lolita

One of the cutest pop starlets ever, singing about her youthful power over men.

Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby One More Time

It’s easy to forget how amazingly ‘cute’ Britney once was.  Britney in pigtails and schooluniform begging to be ‘hit one more time’ probably wouldn’t quite have the same effect now.

The Kinks – Art Lover

Now this is a controversial one.  Either Ray Davis is taking on the role of a paedophile in the park, looking longingly at the little girls he will never be able to express his love for, or else the lyrics refer to a father whose child has been taken away from him by the custody courts.  My feeling is that Ray Davis was probably aware that it could have two very different interpretations.  Of course, this is heresy to present day Kinks fans, and probably to a fair few Father’s Rights supporters, understandably finding it difficult to grasp that in the 1960’s it was quite possible to write a song depicting a paedophile as a human being.  Either sense of the song get’s feminist’s backs up, of course, so it doubly deserves to be in this list.

Kate Bush – The Man With the Child in his Eyes

Kate Bush wrote this song when she was 14.  The subject matter is an older man that she was in love with at the time (and Kate Bush still looks back fondly on today).

The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There

So long as Sir Paul McCartney is still singing the words – ‘Well she was just 17, if you know what I mean’ – then 2 plus 2 still equals 4.

Sabrina – Boys, Boys, Boys

Unfortunately, the YouTube video has been blocked in my country – not because it holds the record for the number of teenage nipple slips in one pop music video, but because of copyright infringement.

Boys Boys Boys

Which is the greatest Anti-Feminist video/song of all time?

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Sexual Trade Union Protests Against Miss World 2011

The British sexual trade union, led again by Kat Banyard and her UK Feminista group, have been holding protests against the latest Miss World contest in London.  For more information, read the excellent Human-Stupidity article at InMalaFide (warning – article does contain graphic images of the protestors).

Some feminists do appear to mellow with age, and learn to accept their departure from the free sexual market : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15692592

But it’s also the case that, since those bad old days, television and other mass media have committed crimes far worse than even the “un-reformed” Miss World ceremony did. This year’s competition included a couple of 17-year-olds, the Anna Karenina fan from Bosnia Herzegovina, and Miss El Salvador. Otherwise, just like they’ve been in all 60 years of the competition, they were a collection of young adults, up to (in the case of Miss People’s Republic of China) the age of 25.

This isn’t, in other words, the licensed child abuse (or that’s what it looks like to me, at any rate) that we watch on Britain’s Got Talent, where there is no age limit at all – you could enter your toddler if you wanted to – and where to see a prematurely-sexualised 11-year-old reduced to tears, or a vulnerable middle-aged lady driven to despair, seems to have become part of the pleasure of the show. A hundred, apparently robust, grown-ups in bikinis don’t seem quite as offensive as that.

It does appear that, at a street level, the demographic of sexual trade union politics is becoming younger, although still as hideous.  Of course, street protests are nearly always the preserve of the young, but I wonder if it could also be because the unattractive young female, these days, is starting to feel the displacements caused by the free sexual market even more strongly than their older sisters?

Young women have now been brought up to feel they have a right to have a hundred male partners by the age of 21.  When it doesn’t happen for these ugly ‘feministas’ then they are even more likely to want to lash out than their aging, and even uglier, older feminist brethren. Perhaps Kat Banyard is a symptom of this?

Here’s the youngest contestant in this years Miss World – the delightful 16 year old Miss Bosnia.  And no, I’m not showing you a picture of Kat Banyard.  Too early in the morning.

Drama Teacher Jailed for Three Years for Watching Students Legally Have Sex

A drama teacher who watched as two teenagers had sex on the back seat of his car has been jailed.

A 16-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy had sex in William Drury’s car as he drove them home from his house in Chester Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Jurors heard he told the girl he loved her and kissed her. He also took photographs of her topless.

Drury, 48, was found guilty of a series of sex offences by a jury at Leeds Crown Court and jailed for three years.


Remember that the age of consent in the UK is 16.  Between 16 and 17, however, an older partner can be charged if in ‘a position of authority’ over the teen – such a teacher.

But this is the first time I’ve read of a teacher receiving such a charge when he has barely laid a finger on his pupil.  And THREE years?? Female teachers can bang their ‘lucky’ 14 year old boy pupils and rarely even have to go to jail. What this teacher did was ‘inappropriate’, but at the end of the day, there is something sick about society that condemns a man to three years in jail for watching two people over the age of consent have sex.

Why would any man even consider becoming a teacher in the UK anymore?

And it’s not just about false accusations.  Any man who tells himself that he could be surrounded by beautiful, nubile young females, for his entire working life, and NEVER once give into temptation under any circumstances, has in my opinion a poor grasp of reality.