Why Did London Burn?

I was on vacation for most of August and then had the problem of being hacked to deal with upon my return, so there’s not been much activity here of late. I’ve finally gotten around to equipping myself with a smartphone recently, and now that I can operate the nifty wordpress application on it, I should be better able to update on my trips abroad in future, as well as moderating comments and generally keeping in touch with the latest men’s rights headlines myself on a day to day basis, both home and away.

Tommorrow I’ll post a round-up of some of the stories that did manage to catch my eye whilst I was away, but first I’ll devote an entire belated post to the London riots, which likely affected me personally more than anyone else in the manosphere.

There are two obvious things regarding the cause of the riots that I want to briefly state and which, of course, will hardly have been discussed or even admitted anywhere else.

The first is that this was predominantly an outbreak of black lawlessness and violence. Now of course, this is a sensitive subject to broach, and although I don’t mind offending the politically correct progressive frauds, I hesitate to alienate any of my readers who agree with so much of what I write on other topics. I’ll therefore try to be sensitive in what I’m about to say. There is a problem with violence and lawlessness amongst many young black males, and of course, not just in the UK. So far as it has been addressed by the media, predictably, the blame has been put upon ‘absent fathers’. Once again we have the doublethink belief that the role of the father is worthless and insignificant when it comes to custody award decisions, and yet simultaneously absent fathers can be blamed entirely for the breakdown of law and order and the rise of a ferral anarchic generation.

Lacking a male parental role-model is no doubt a significant factor in the problems of the black community, and a leading cause of youth crime in general, but the problem would not be so great if male role-models were present elsewhere in a young male’s life. Sadly, largely because of paedohysteria, they are not. But not only does paedohysteria result in a damaging lack of male role-models, the lack of male authority figures, as well as the demonisation of all adult males – particularly white adult males – as potential paedophiles, means that this is the first generation in history to actually be taught to hate their elders, or rather their male elders. Whereas all previous generations of virtually every society in history where taught to respect those older than themselves as a source of both wisdom and authority, we are actually the first civilisation to teach our children to essentially fear all adult males as possible child molestors and to actively restrict and deter interaction between the generations. The result this month was that the London riots were not just black riots, they were practically the first ‘children’s riots’ in history – with some of those arrested being as young as 11.

Incredibly, this feminist crime of generational apartheid, committted primarily in order to protect their aging and unwanted vaginas, has been wholeheartedly embraced not only by the left, but by the right as well – even by, and maybe even particularly by, white male conservatives. You could call it the great 21st century anglo-american conservative project – to raise the first generation in history to fear and loathe their elders. Well good luck with that project. To be honest, I’d like to beat your retarded ‘conservative’ brains out with a nail studded baseball bat, but in the name of civility, I wish you good luck with that. You’re going to f******* need it as you quite literally watch civilisation burn – vainly trying to protect the medieval economic value you imagine your teenage princesses’ virginity brings (face it, the average 16 year old American girl has probably already taken more than one afro-american dick up her ass, and will continue to do so even if you allow the feminists who have co-opted you to send every ‘pedo’ predator to the incinerator).

Secondly, a cause at least as great as absent fathers in the problem of young black male violence is the role that female teenage sexuality plays. The gap between black and white boys in education is not very significant until the onset of puberty. From that point on, the academic performance of teenage black boys declines rapidly and many fall prey to gang culture and the attitude that study and education is unmasculine, twinned with a need to win ‘respect’ through violence. From where does this culture arise? From the pussies of white teenage girls, who salivate at the racist stereotype of the black male being violent, savage, and barely human. In fact, if women loved porn as much as men did, just as the most popular category for men is the ‘barely legal’ teen niche, the most popular for (white) women would be a ‘barely human’ category. And, by the way, don’t mistake what I’m saying here for racism. I’m merely describing the overt sexual racial stereotyping of black men by many or most young white women, something that does terrible damage to the black male community, and is as big a factor in the cause of black male violence as any other.

But of course, in today’s culturally marxist society, in which free speech has been steadily eroded by the ‘liberal progressive’ elite, it’s not even possible for society at large (in other words white people) to discuss problems with black culture at all, as the historian David Starkey found to his cost recently, let alone questions of race and iq. Personally, I doubt if the difference in IQ between black and white people is inherent, but I do wonder if one of the primary motivations behind the near criminilisation of any serioius discussion as to the possiblity that that could be the case comes from the selfish sexual motivations of feminists and their female electorate. It is often assumed that second wave feminism followed on from the black civil rights movement. I rather suspect that, just as feminists ‘gave’ homosexuals their rights through largely self-interested reasons, white women played a far greater part in granting black people their rights than has been acknowledged – for similarly selfish sexual reasons. And I do believe that it is quite possible that the current medieval witchhunt against any scientific investigation into possible genetic racial differences is due to the fact that feminists want to forbid any possible ethical objections to interracial sex – to white female access to black meat. So far as such tests are significant, and for whatever the reason (genetic or environmental) the disparity in IQ and ‘mental age’ between a black man and middle-class white women is probably as great as that between a white European male and a 13 year old South East Asian female. The average IQ of one of the many thousands of wealthy white women who flock to the carribean each year to molest the ‘big bamboos’ of the local rastifarians is probably in the range of 110 – 130. Yet the average IQ of the ‘big bamboos’ is likely less than 70. The difference in mental age in such relationships, quite besides the issues of prostitution and poverty, is probably greater than that between a white adult male and an intelligent 11 year old girl. Yet the feminist media increasingly portrays even mentally retarded teenage boys as paedophile monsters when they have sex with other teenage girls. Little wonder then that feminists ensure that cultural marxism continues to forbid any rational discussion on race and IQ.

For another men’s rights perspective on the causes of the London riots see also ManWomanMyth’s excellent article :

The great Steve Moxon (author of the essential ‘The Woman Racket’ – see sidebar) doesn’t update his blog very often but he posted a couple of interesting and controversial articles on the riots : http://stevemoxon.blogspot.com/2011/08/underclass-my-foot-riots-essentially.html

TubeCrush.net – Voyeurism against Men is fine, for Women ‘it’s different’

TubeCrush.net is a site that encourages women to take pictures of men on the London Underground – without their knowledge – and then upload them onto their site to be rated, judged, sexually objectified, and bitched upon by thousands of other women and gay men. All without the man’s consent or knowledge.

But any of my London readers hoping to snap some delicious female Swedish backpackers to upload and share will be dissapointed. The site doesn’t allow pictures of women. According to the BBC report :

But @tubecrush decided not to ask for pictures of women as “we felt like men taking pictures of women on the tube feels different – it’s not the same as gay men or women taking pictures of other men,” said Mr Kaufman.

The site first attracted gay men who wanted to send in photographs, but now 60 percent of pictures received are from women.

Tubecrush.net is now so popular it has encouraged a sister twitter account to be set up in New York – @subwaycrush.

It has also begun to sell branded merchandise and is looking at setting up websites in other cities.


Greatest Anti-Feminist Movies – Ghost World

Now and again I’m going to indulge myself here and briefly highlight some of my favourite anti-feminist movies.  I’ll start with a film that has almost certainly never garnered such an accolade before, but Ghost World is one of those films that make me feel a little bit better about the world after watching it – even allowing me to see young American women as sometimes human and possibly even desirable again.

According to the IMDB, the storyline is as follows :

This is the story of Enid and Rebecca after they finish the high school. Both have problems to be related with people and they spend their time hanging around and bothering creeps. When they met Seymour who is a social outsider who loves to collect old vinyl records, the life of Enid will change forever.

Why does it lift my spirits as an anti-feminist movie?  There’s one memorable scene (see YouTube clip below) in which feminists are gently lampooned, but the movie as a whole contains a far more subversive storyline.  At the beginning of the film, the two teenage heroines (played by Thora Birch and a young…mmmmm… Scarlett Johansson) set about playing a cruel joke on an aging geeky loner type played by the brilliant Steve Buscemi.  It seems like it’s just going to be another crass and rather evil teen movie feeding on everything that’s wrong about American society – in particular ‘girl power’ and the hatred of men, especially older men.  Yet by the end (spoiler alert) it has Buscomi banging the barely legal Thora Birch – and a host of charming moments are thrown in between.

Buscemi has recently been lampooning feminism again, in this ‘feminist bookstore’ comedy sketch :

Readers can feel free to suggest any movies that they feel deserve an anti-feminist highlight here.

German Politician Forced to Resign Over Legal Relationship with 16 Year Old Girl

The Anti-Feminist.com is back up – after one of my other sites was hacked into by autistic Muslims and phishing files inserted, forcing my webhosts to suspend my account (they were very helpful).  Unfortunately, getting things fixed was hampered by the fact that I was a few hundred miles away in Spain.

An interesting comment has been left since I was away concerning a story that deserves a post of it’s own.  A Conservative politician in Germany has been pressurised into resigning over a completely legal relationship he had last year with a 16 year old girl.

The fact is that the moment the 150+ countries of the United Nations were somehow pressured by the USA (who didn’t actually sign the treaty themselves) and feminist creatures to define a child as anybody under 18, and correspondingly declare that any interest in the sexuality of such a ‘child’ is an ‘attack on her dignity’, then they had pretty much succeeded in introducing through the back door a global age of consent of 18.  This feat is all the more remarkable given that over 20 years after the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed, and despite the best efforts of feminists at national levels, still only a handful of primitive countries have an age of consent officially set at 18.  However, once you have successfully managed to absurdly define a child as anybody under the age of 18, and defined ‘child porn’ in such a way to include ANY sexual image of a person under 18, then you have put the moral status of any relationship with a teenager under 18 in question, even if technically still legal.

Ironically, only a few years ago Germany had probably the sanest and genuinely progressive attitudes to teenage sexuality and moral responsibility in the entire world.  Both legally and linguistically, teenagers aged between 14 and 18 were classified as ‘Jugendlichen’ (something akin to ‘young people’) – accepting that they were closer to adults at such ages than they are to children.  Laws relating to child abuse and child porn were seperate to those relating to Jugendliche.  The age of consent was 14 unless clear and demonstrable pressure or exploitation on the part of an older person had taken place.  But even now, a relationship with a 16 year old girl is still legal, unless a position of authority (such as in a teacher/student relationship) has ‘been abused’.

As the commentator points out, things are turning very bad in Germany regarding the demonisation of teenage sexuality and male adult relationships with young girls – almost putting to shame the speed in which the Nazis were able to convince the most educated population in the world that all their problems would be solved once a million Jewish kids had been thrown in the oven.  Seems human beings, however well-educated and rational, are unable to learn from the lessons of history.

My reader’s comment (many thanks) :

Here’s a story that’s somewhat related to the issue at hand which might be worth picking up on – it has caused quite a stir in Germany the last couple of days:


Conservative Politician Quits Over Affair with Teen

Christian von Boetticher, the head of the conservative CDU party in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, bowed to pressure to resign on Sunday after confirming media reports that he had a relationship with a 16-year-old girl last year. […] “Yes, it s true, I fell in love in early 2010 with a young woman and was with her for several months,” the politician told a news conference in the state capital Kiel on Sunday evening. He said that even though the relationship had been legal, he had underestimated the “moral objections of many people.”

read more here:



What’s so striking about this story is that according to German law, the relationship was perfectly legal. The minimum age of consent is 14 (allowing teenagers to engage in sexual relations with a partner below the age of 21), and from age 16, you can have sex with an older person of any age, as long as there is no force, coercion, or money involved and no position of trust or authority is being abused. The way the statutes are written, logic compels that this does not just mean 16-year-olds are allowed to have an 18-year-old partner, but, as in this case, a still (granted, remotely) youthful 39-year-old. Rarely as that actually happens. News reports about this case mention time and again that the girl met the man of her own volition, it was her free will to have sex with him. She felt attracted by his jovial charm, yet also his maturity as a man in his late 30s. And presumably also by his political power, yes, who can deny that some women have a thing for men in positions of power. They have interviewed the girl, now 17, and she has only good things to say about him and insists the sex was consensual, despite him dumping her for his career when it became clear last year that he was going to run for the office of Minister President (which equals about the position of a U.S. governor) in his state.

The outrage in the media is going along the lines of “how can this be legal”, or “legal, yes, but morally wrong” , or “he’s not morally fit to be Minister President if he sleeps with 16 year olds”. Well, let’s see… not to delve too deeply into German politics, but Germany’s President Christian Wulff, who has repeatedly touted his “family values” stance, is an adulterer who left his wife and daughter for a woman who’s over 10 years his junior, and Horst Seehofer, Minister President of the state of Bavaria and a married family man of many years, has an illegitimate child with one of his former office assistants, a woman 25 years younger than him. Boetticher on the other hand was single when he met the 16 year old, and as a single man, chose to have a consensual relationship with a young woman above the age of consent. How does that make him morally unfit, against the reprehensible moral examples that his aforementioned colleagues have been setting and over which they never had to resign.

You guessed it – Feminists, femiservatives and feminazis, with the backing of old-school moral conservatives, in recent years have increasingly poisoned the climate in Germany regarding any level-headed discussion about teenage sexuality. Sexual abuse statutes, although they were perfectly balanced and effective before, have needlessly been ramped up and have turned many aspects of teenage sexuality into a minefield even for minors themselves, the minimum age for erotic photography has been raised to 18 and now even images of persons who merely look like they could be under 18, by whatever standard, are potentially illegal. Do-gooder children’s charities, most of which are nothing more than a front for hardcore anti-youth and anti-sex feminazism have run campaigns designed to enforce the notion of every person under 18 being an incapable little child, and there has even been a German version of the infamous “Dateline Predator” reality TV series.

This politician’s case sums up and highlights the dark path society has gone down. Back to the Dark Ages. And beyond, really, because not even in medieval Germany were teenagers considered as being asexual vulnerable children with no rights to sexual self-expression.


Another Disturbing False Rape Google Search

A few weeks ago I reported that somebody had arrived at my site via the disturbing Google search term ‘Can you get into trouble for lying about rape?‘.  Rather ironically, because of that post I’ve now risen almost to the very top of Google for the search term.  That means I’m getting more people – presumably evil females thinking about falsely accusing some poor male – clicking on my site after searching for similar advice on making false accusations and how to get away with it :

search query

15 Year Old Girl Describes Horror of Waking Up Inside Body of 32 Year Old Woman

Naomi Jacobs 15
Aged 15

A 32 year old woman with a rare form of amnesia woke up one morning without being able to recall the last 17 years of her life.  Upon waking, effectively as her 15 year old self, she had to experience the horror of discovering that she was no longer an attractive young girl but a hideous woman of 32 :

‘When I woke up, I looked in the mirror and had the fright of my life when I saw an old woman with wrinkles staring back at me. Then this little boy appeared and started calling me mum – that’s when I started to scream.


What must be doubly disconcerting is the fact that she was a teenage girl from the UK of 1992 – waking up inside the worn out body of a woman in the year 2009.  This I guess, has both its horrors and its consolations.

In 1992, paedophillia had still not been invented.  So as a 15 year old girl, she would have had not only boys but men of all ages admiring her every time she walked down the street.  Now she has woken to find that even those 30 and 40 year old men probably don’t give her a second glance.

On the other hand, she will have quickly discovered that a strange sickness has since taken over the entire male population of the world.  At least she can console herself with the fact that men no longer dare to look at those pretty 15 year old girls in the street anymore.  In fact, that we pretend that 32 year old woman are not only more attractive than 15 year old girls, but that any man who says otherwise is a sick disgusting pervert – a ‘paedophile’.

Naomi Jacobs 32
Aged 32