No Porn or Prostitution in Sharia Law UK

Sharia law zones appearing in the UK :

A religious scandal is unfolding in Britain after dozens of posters appeared in London and other cities, declaring some areas as “Sharia law zones”. Imam Anjem Choudari, notorious for his extremist and radical remarks, has claimed responsibility for the Sharia law zone campaign.

As Europe recovers from the shocking bloodbath staged by anti-Islamist Anders Breivik, UK-based Islamists have seized the opportunity to score political points. Bright yellow posters on buses, lamp posts and the walls of houses warned pedestrians and drivers that they were entering a Sharia controlled area. Distributed by activists of the Muslims against Crusades group, the posters carried an inscription “Islamic rules enforced” along with the no alcohol, no drugs or smoking, no porn or prostitution, no music concerts and no gambling pictograms.

Some fear the Sharia poster campaign that Imam Choudari says aims at planting the seeds of an Islamic Emirate may kindle anti-Islamic sentiments in British society. Russian analyst Anton Chernov shares his view:

“I don’t think that this is an attempt to set anyone against anyone. Such campaigns are actually a demonstration of force. The Muslims thus want to show that there are quite a lot of them in Foggy Albion. A similar peaceful demonstration demanding a tougher immigration policy and anti-Islamic restrictions seems to be a likely response.”


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Should Femiservatives be banned from this site?

I get a number of femiservatives visiting this site and leaving comments.  These women represent the conservative wing of the sexual trade union.  Like the left wing feminists, all that matters to them is raising the market price of their vaginas, but what differentiates them is that they are clear and open in their belief that the free sexual market has to be closed completely (whilst proclaiming themselves economic libertarians), and that Christianity and the banner of social conservatism is the only way to achieve this.

Many of them arrive at my site due to the fact that I’m at number 2 in Google for the search term ‘anti-feminism’ (behind Wikipedia), and no doubt assume that I’m going to be a conservative beta male who believes that trapping men into life-long relationships with aging women is the only way that I or any other beta male can be guaranteed a sex life.

There are plenty of men’s rights sites that will allow femiservatives to comment, and even to write articles.  Debate is welcomed at this site, and when intelligent male readers like ‘Ian B’ offer (possible) criticisms of sexual trade union theory then I find it rewarding, stimulating, and helpful in clarifying my own beliefs.  But when ‘sympathetic’ femiservatives do so, it’s invariably just another attempt to set the men’s rights agenda in their own sexual favour.

But if regular readers here enjoy debating with femiservatives I’ll continue to allow their comments.

Should Femiservatives be banned from this site?

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Do 40 Year Old Men Really Want Relationships with 16 Year Old Girls?

If men are really hardwired to prefer teenage girls, why are there so relatively few men having relationships with (legal) 16 and 17 year old girls?

I’ve been pleading with loyal and highly-esteemed reader ‘Highwayman’ to write a guest post here, or at InMalaFide, for some time, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  Reading an old comment of his this morning made me realise I can do the next best thing – publish one of his best comments as a post.

Highwayman is replying to a comment from a femiservative reader – Danica – who questions whether  many 40 year old men would really want to have a relationship with a 16 year old girl, by pointing to the fact that the age of consent is still 16 in many places and yet such relationships appear quite rare.

QUOTE: “Do 40 year old men really want relationships with 16 year olds? No.”

Well 16 year old girls are illegal in many US and Australian States. Furthermore, as the Age of Consent is 18 in California the meme that 16 year olds are “jailbait” and “16 will get you 20″ has spread throughout the Anglosphere and beyond as a lot of entertainment media is produced in Southern California. Even in jurisdictions where 16 year old girls are legal there are many ways for a man to get into trouble via laws against “grooming”, laws criminalizing men for taking a sexy photograph of their under-18 girlfriend, vaguely written “sexual exploitation” laws such as we have in Canada, laws against having sexual relationships with under-18s if the person over 18 is in “a position of authority”..etc. Given this legal situation is it any wonder that older men avoid relationships with young girls? Also keep in mind that in many jurisdictions laws governing sex with “minors” are strict liability offences where the adult will be punished even if he reasonably believed that the girl in question was over 16/17/18 (depending on the jurisdiction) therefor not only do men generally avoid under 18s but they also tend to avoid under 21s as well (to avoid the risk of an underage sex charge should the girl turn out to be under 18).

On top of the legal situation described above you also have a cultural environment where the definition of pedophilia has been extended to include sexual attraction to girls under the age of 18. Thus a man with a 16 year old girlfriend (or a man who desires one) will be branded a “sick pervert” or a “pedophile” and risk serious social ostracism.

Another thing that prevents many relationships between older men and young girls from happening are laws such as the legal drinking age ( 18 or 19 in Canada depending on the province and 21 in all US States) legal driving ages and laws/practices WRT how old you have to be to participate in certain recreational activities (nightclubs..etc) these laws and practices encourage a high level of age segregation.

Finally there is the fact that many 16 year old girls today are brought up in a culture of extended childhood and the result of this upbringing may make a number of 16 year olds unattractive to men (for relationship purposes). While some people may say “just let a kid be a kid” some mental health professionals have noted that this culture of extended childhood is NOT HEALTHY for adolescents.

In conclusion, I am simply trying to drive home the point that while it may be true that many men avoid 16 year old girls, this situation is an artificial one created by age of consent laws, pedohysteria, legal and cultural age segregation practices and a culture of extended childhood…if those factors where to change I guarantee you that there would be a very significant increase in the number of men who would be interested in 16 year old girls.

Reddit MensRights Very Own Version of ‘Dear Woman’

In the very same week that Sharon Osbourne and her female audience chuckled at the horrific castration of a man, came up with its very own version of ‘Dear Woman‘, in an apparent attempt to show that whatever the misogynistic sins of the men’s rights past, under the leadership of Kloo2 the clueless, we are entering into a new era of higher consciousness co-creation with our fellow feminists :


This is what we are fighting for, my fellow MRAs – the right of women not to have to cancel their summer vacations because of inconvenient mistakes like this little fucka :

aborted baby

To be fair, Reddit mensrights might have been pushed into the defensive because of a  new anti-men’s rights sub-reddit  –  – formed by a group of feminists who are such retarded radical anarchists that they want anyone who questions feminist laws put in prison.  One of the ring-leaders is the trans-sexual ‘thepinkmask‘, formerly known as ‘catlebrity’, who earlier this year persuaded Kloo2 to agree that forcing 5 year old boys to dress up as little girls and be paraded around talk shows like a freak is an essential men’s rights cause.

Tomek77 left the most sensible comment underneath the men’s rights Dear Women post :

I upvoted this on principle, but we don’t owe anyone an apology or an explanation. We shouldn’t get shamed into “proving” that we are not “woman-haters” – doing so is playing by the rules of those who hate us (and no amount of apologizing for our gender will ever satisfy them anyway).

Considering that feminists advocating the extermination of men (like Mary Daly) are hailed as heroes by most mainstream media, and show hosts can laugh about sexual assaults and genital mutilation of a man wondering whether “he deserved it”, I think the burden of proof is on women to show that they support men’s rights (and so far I am not impressed).


Sunday Shorts

Government considering ‘Clare’s Law’ that would allow women to check on male partner’s police files for evidence of ‘history of violence’ :

Under ‘Sarah’s Law’, British women already have the right to go to their local cop shop and ask if their partners have had any convictions or accusations of paedophilia on their police record. This was a law campaigned for by a newspaper that at the same time was hacking into the phones of the relatives of the murdered girl – Sarah – who it was named after.  Now it looks like women will soon have the authority to further invade their boyfriend’s privacy on the pretext of ending domestic violence (against womyn).

Footballers who had sex with 12 year olds thinking that they were both 16 are freed from prison on appeal :

Yesterday, in a ruling which freed the men, Lord Justice Moses said: ‘If you have casual sex with someone you don’t know, you run the risk of having sex with someone who is under age.’

Or to put it more precisely, experience the hell of being sent to prison for ‘raping’ entirely willing 12 year old girls who you genuinely believed to be over 16 and legal. And that, of course, is the point of feminists campaigning for ever more draconian punishments for underage sex – to deter men from seeking casual sex with any female who looks remotely ‘young’.

American Apparel advert featuring 23 year old model banned because the woman appeared to be under 16 and ‘semi-nude’ :

american apparel banned ad

Pervert jailed indefinitely for drawings found on his computer :

Steven Freeman, who led the Paedophile Information Exchange (Pie), became the first person to be convicted for making drawings of children being raped.

The 56-year-old admitted charges relating to 3,000 drawings at his home in Bellingham, south London, last May.

He was given an indeterminate term for public protection at the Old Bailey.

I’m never going to defend somebody who fantasises about raping boys (as I make clear here), but it surely is an insane and injust society in which women officially shouldn’t be sent to prison, no matter what crime they commit, and yet in which men can be locked away indefinitely for possessing fuc**** drawings, however vile.  Bear in mind also, that due to the feminist abuse of language that has now become enshrined in law, any sexual contact with a child under a certain age (13 in the UK) is deemed child rape, no matter how willing the girl or boy involved was (as the footballers above found to their cost).

Don’t Miss – Tuesday’s A Voice for Men Radio

Tommorrow’s (Tuesday) A Voice for Men Radio edition look set to be a classic. The superb ‘John the Other’ is guest hosting the show which will be devoted to the theme of ‘The Weaponization of Sex’ :

“Standing in as the show’s host will be JtO in a show focusing on the weaponization of sex. As humans, we are all sexual creatures, and sex is not only a basic biological drive in us, its a fundamental part of each of our identities. For women, sex has become a point of celebration and empowerment, and any expression of women’s sexuality is held increasingly exempt from mainstream criticism.
On the other hand, male sexuality is increasingly demonized. Men “caught” in any expression of their sexuality outside of feminist-approved social framework are increasingly ridiculed, blacklisted and imprisoned. Sexuality has been weaponized, as evidenced by it’s use in the attempted destruction of politically inconvenient men such as Anthony Weiner, Julian Assange, Dominique Straus Kahn, and the unfortunately vilified man whose apparent mistake was to invite a female “rationalist” for coffee during a chance meeting in a hotel elevator.”

Teenage Boys Increasingly Portrayed as Paedophile Monsters

In the week that the primary media agitator of paedohysteria in the UK – the News of the World – was forced to shut down over its hacking into the mobile phone of a murdered school kid, other British newspapers proved that when it comes to the insatiable lust of the British public for purient paedo stories, the show must go on.

The Daily Mail reported that an 18 year old ‘predatory paedophile‘, who was between 14 and 17 at the time of the offences and was found to have a mental age of 12 upon his arrest, has been jailed for 10 years for having sex with girls from 12 – 15.

I’m not defending this scummy individual, but the portrayal of him as a paedophile is simply laughable.  Or rather, deeply disturbing, coming as it does only days after the sickening depths to which the British media were willing to go to provide the public with shocking paedophile stories was revealed.

Paedophile?  No.  Teenage boys, with the mental age of a pre-pubescent child, who fuck other teenagers, however many, are not paedophiles.  To abuse and debase the word to that extent in order to sell newspapers, and to ultimately warn older men not to chase sexy teenage girls, is absolutely disgusting.

Facebook grooming? No.  Grooming is middle-aged men posing as children in order to trick real children into meeting them, not teenage boys chatting with their teenage fuck buddys online.

Did he ply them with drugs before sexually assualting them?  Given the other exaggerations, and the statement that the girls were ‘often under the influence of cannabis’ we can safely say that this is a teenage boy who uses cannabis fucking other teenagers who also smoke cannabis.

I reported on this story earlier in the year, and explained how it appeared conveniently and sensationally in the media the very same week the police, press, and government all need to whip the public into another one of its regular peado hysterics in the wake of the EU ruling that sex offenders could challenge their place on the register.

Meanwhile 18 year old Scottish footballer Craig Johnson has also been the victim of an online witchunt over the fact that he sent a 13 year old girl (that he knew in real life) a picture of his dick.  The leggings wearing large breasted girl (facts dutily noted for male readers of Scottish tabloids) was said to have had her life destroyed by the sight, and advertisers threatened to boycott the boy’s club (Hearts) unless they sacked him (although he had served his sentance, admitted his guilt, and apologised profusely).

This in a country in which middle-aged female teachers can ‘break in’ their 14 year old boy pupils and recieve token jail sentances (and sometimes not even that) and a great deal of sympathy in the press and amongst the public.

And here’s the evil Rebekah Wade announcing to the News of the World staff that they must lose their jobs instead of her…and still defending paedohysteria (the infamous Sarah’s law) to the end :

War on Male Porn Continues as ‘Female’ Porn is Shown to Break Marriages

While feminists and femiservatives appear to be waging a growing campaign to have porn either criminilized or driven underground, a study published yesterday found that Romantic Fiction, or ‘female porn’ to give the genre its proper title, leads to heightened expectations from women and can even lead to marital break-ups :

They are also a cause of marital breakdown, adulterous affairs and unwanted pregnancies, according to a warning published by the British Medical Journal.

Far from being a slice of innocent escapism for millions of female readers, romantic novels are a danger to relationships and sexual health. That is the verdict of an article in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, which said women struggle to distinguish between romantic fiction and real life.

Susan Quilliam, a relationship psychologist and author of the article, said that a “huge number” of problems dealt with in family planning clinics have their roots in romance novels.

(spotted originally at Krauser PUA)

Meanwhile Michelle Bachman, apparently a serious potential US presidential candidate, has signed a pledge vowing to ban all forms of pornography (but presumably not the female kind) :

And the situation is not much better in the UK. It looks as though a femiservative member of the government – Claire Perry (photo below, discretion advised) is determined to push through with plans to make it compulsory to ‘opt-in’ to view pornography online – and no doubt be entered into multiple Big Brother databases :

claire perry
We must protect my vagina!

Has the Feminist Child Abuse Industry Finally Gone Too Far?

rebekah-wade-brooksFeminists, and their brood mare union antics, regularly leave me so angry that I storm around my apartment smashing things in rage.  Today’s development in the News of the World celebrity phone line hacking scandal, has left me simply depressed, disturbed, and lacking in hope for the future of humanity.

Rebekah Brooks, an avowed feminist, is probably the one individual who has done most to create the rabid paedohysteria that is degrading and undermining the fabric of British society. If you are a British man and you daren’t walk in the park alone, or dread small children sitting next to you on the bus, for fear of the looks and the comments that people might give you, simply because you are a man..well, Rebekah Brooks is perhaps the biggest single reason why.

As editor of the News of the World in 2000,  she launched the infamous ‘name and shame campaign’ which intended to publish the names and addresses of every convicted sex offender in the UK (I can’t recall them ever publishing the name of a female sex offender).  This was a shocking testament to the growing power of the tabloid gutter press to determine morals – unlike in the USA, sex offenders in the UK and Europe, at that time at least, were still considered flawed human beings, and to have the basic right not to be put in danger by vigilante mobs.

That name and shame campaign was launched in the aftermath of the murder of 8 year old Sarah Payne by an opportunist psychopath. The anti-paedophile hysteria subsequently generated and exploited by the tabloids, and Rubert Murdoch’s Sun and News of the World papers in particular, quickly turned the UK from a country that fell in love with 16 year old Russian tennis players, to a country where looking at pictures of women with small breasts might get you put away as a nonce. A place where paediatricians live in fear of having their homes burnt down every time the News of the World whips the mob into an anti-paedo frenzy.

But this is where words almost begin to fail me.

Revelations have emerged in the last couple of days that not only did the News of the World hack into the phone lines of celebrities, sports stars, and politicians, in order to boost circulation figures with a ‘scoop’, under the editorship of Rebekah Brooks (then known as Rebekah Wade) they allegedly..

hacked into the mobile phone of a missing British schoolgirl, Milly Dowler, who was later found murdered.

The paper took particular interest in the Dowler case, they have claimed, as  part of their high-profile campaign against paedophile activity – a campaign  launched and closely overseen by the  paper’s then editor, Rebekah Wade (now  Brooks), and her deputy, Andy Coulson, who has already resigned from the paper  (in 2007) and the prime minister’s press office (in January this year) over his   connection with previous phone-hacking scandals.

By deleting messages illegally retrieved from Milly Dowler’s mobile phone,  the paper misled her family into believing she had emptied her inbox herself and  was still alive – when she was not. This  gave the family hope, which was  exploited by the paper in publishing optimistic interviews with them.

In deleting the earlier messages, the paper also removed information that  would have had a direct impact on the police investigation of Milly’s  disappearance.,news-comment,news-politics,milly-dowler-disclosure-puts-rebekah-brooks-in-spotlight

Profile of Rebekah Brooks (Wade) :

News of the World Name and Shame Campaign :


News of the world Hacking Scandal :

Brooks News Corp Woman’s network :
Rebekah Wade arrested for domestic violence :

This is the true face of feminist evil behind the ‘child protection’ industry. The true face behind the mask of concern for children and protecting them from ‘paedophiles’.  Women who compare having abortions to choosing a sofa at IKEA.  Women who run newspapers that are willing to exploit child abuse hysteria to the extent of hacking into the mobile phones of murdered school children, hampering the police investigation, in order to boost their own dwindling circulation figures.

And it will forever be my right, as a men’s rights activist, to question the selfish sexual laws that these creatures make against men under the pretence of child protection.

Beyond evil.

Rebekah Brooks : ‘Don’t Blame me, I’m a victim too!’