Two Alternative Resolutions to the Sex War

Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, recently upset the feminists again with a blog post that laments the fact that, in the conflicting reproductive needs of men and women, society’s sexual morals are near completely tuned according to those of the woman. The most interesting thing, satirical or not, is his prediction as to how this conflict will shortly be resolved by technology :

Long term, I think science will come up with a drug that keeps men chemically castrated for as long as they are on it. It sounds bad, but I suspect that if a man loses his urge for sex, he also doesn’t miss it. Men and women would also need a second drug that increases oxytocin levels in couples who want to bond.  Copulation will become extinct. Men who want to reproduce will stop taking the castration drug for a week, fill a few jars with sperm for artificial insemination, and go back on the castration pill.

That might sound to you like a horrible world. But the oxytocin would make us a society of huggers, and no one would be treated as a sex object. You’d have no rape, fewer divorces, stronger friendships, and a lot of other advantages. I think that’s where we’re headed in a few generations.

The transhumanist David Pearce, who has begun a Facebook campaign petitioning for women only governments, makes oxytocin central to his philosophy.  In fact, he has a website – – where he outlines his vision of the salvation that the ‘cuddle hormone’ will deliver unto us.

As the sexual trade union take over of political and social power becomes near complete, and as men become ever more distracted by high-tech sexual alternatives to bonding with a real woman, from holographic porn to sex bots to virtual sex, it’s not difficult to imagine that oxytocin will soon be used as a ‘medication’ to treat the increasing pathologization of every element of male sexuality.  In fact, it already is being used as a treatment in marriage therapy.  If women have the power, it’s easy to assume that the male square peg will be modified to fit the round hole of women’s sexual needs.  The future, for men, could well be a combination of castration and the cuddle hormone.

An alternative view would be that the sexual urges of men and women are so fundamental and powerful, no government or human power can ever hope to direct their shape and form, particularly not when the ever increasing speed of technological progress is rapidly giving new forms of expression and fulfilment to those urges.  Such an alternative view believes in the power  of the free market to drive the future even of human nature, rather than government control.

With the advent of the pill, female sexual behaviour suddenly became more akin to that of men – women were told that they were liberated in that they could now enjoy sleeping around without worrying about having to pick up the bill, in the manner that men had always enjoyed (shotguns and irate fathers aside).  In fact, a single technological breakthrough, combined with sexual pressure from men and intrasexual competition between women themselves, had led to a sudden and near universal change in female sexual behaviour.  Feminism since then has been the history of women trying to cope with that suddenly altered sexual landscape, with the second wave largely a sub-conscious means of coming to terms with it, and the present third wave activities of the sexual trade union actually trying (vainly) to reverse it.

But in the very near future, new technology, combined with the same inter- and intra- sexual competititive pressure, might not only lead to changes in the sexual morals of women, but also the very sexual psychology of women.  In a humorous post, Krauser PUA recently revealed that he’s been trying to scientifically narrow down the sexual availability of his targets to the brief window of their ‘peak ovulation’.  Just as the pill lead to pressures for women to sleep around, and just as the ubiquity of internet porn (as well as intra-sexual competition) leads females from 13 to 40 to go about in skin tight see-through leggings, like bonobos exposing their ovulating behinds to all comers, forthcoming innovations such as ‘female viagra’ will lead to women trying to raise their ‘psychological horniness’ in an attempt to make themselves the most attractive to men.  Popping a pill each morning to make yourself both show AND really believe that you’re ready to fuck every man in sight, might soon be as unavoidable for women as putting on lipstick and mascara.  Perhaps the freedom of the market will ensure that the round hole is made to fit the square peg, whatever the sexual trade union might wish?

Marty Klein : Everything is Now Potential Child Porn

Marty Klein is an American sexologist critical of the growing sex hysteria in western society. Unfortunately, typical of American anti-sex hysteria writers, he appears obstinately oblivious to the role that feminism plays in generating it, even if it is a little bit more ‘behind the scenes’, or rather ‘behind the right wing religious fruitcakes’, than it is in Europe.

Nevertheless, he makes some good points regarding child porn in the following article :

This is the decade of destroying children to protect them. It’s the decade of arresting teens for emailing sexy photos of themselves, turning them into Registered Sex Offenders. It’s the decade of arresting teens for having sex with each other, turning them into Registered Sex Offenders. It’s the decade of arresting and expelling 6-year-olds for “inappropriately hugging” classmates, turning them into “at-risk juveniles.”

It’s a disgusting Moral Panic. The Fear of Child Porn has gotten completely out of hand.
* * *
We know it’s a Panic, because laws that were designed to protect kids are now being used to destroy them, along with some of the basics of our adult system of government. And most people don’t even feel bad about it.

However, the understanding of child porn hysteria is incomplete if it ignores the sexual trade union motivation behind opposition to porn in general (and prostitution, and more recently, sexbots), and ‘paedophilia’ in particular.  A picture of a flawless 15 year old in a bikini does not make it more likely that a man will abuse a child, but it does make it less likely that he will seek a relationship with an average looking woman. This is why courts jail 15 year olds for sending each other sexy pics that may end up online. The real ‘supply and demand’ logic behind child porn laws is that the supply reduces the demand for women, not that the demand increases the number of abused children.

This is why feminists continue to criminalize virtual child pornography, even when it has been proven that such porn lessens the rate of real child abuse.  Absurd child porn laws have little to do with protecting children, but everything to do with preserving the sexual value of women. The supply of child porn (in this case, sexy self-shot pics of teens, or Japanese manga art) brings down the price of women, in that it gives men a premium and cheap masturbatory alternative to seeking a relationship with a woman. If 14 year old girls have to go on the sex offenders register in order to preserve the sexual value of older females, so be it.

And this is why feminists ban sex dolls that appear under 18, and are already trying to have young looking sex bots outlawed, if not sex bots themselves. It does not interest a feminist whether a man having sex with a Japanese ‘lolita’ sex doll is more or less likely to want to have sex with a real child. All that interests her is the fact that he is less likely to want to have sex with her. Unfortunately for the feminists and manginas who create these laws, sooner or later they are going to be prosecuted or sued for child endangerment, if not attempted rape.

Meanwhile, the nation that jails 14 year olds for taking pictures of themselves naked has decreed that the right to sell ultra-violent video games to 9 years olds is enshrined in its constitutional fabric :

Petition to Have Kaffie McCullough & the Schapiro Group Prosecuted for Fraud & Racketeering

Please sign the following petition at GoPetition to have sex trafficking liars Kaffie McCullough and the Schapiro Group investigated and prosecuted for fraud and possible racketeering. This demand is based upon their knowing use of false data and fake research in order to gain funding and donations, and which they used to knowingly deceive Congress, in the hope of seeing laws and regulations passed that were in their own selfish interests.

Background information at : (external)

It’s time to criminilize the sexual trade union child exploiters (internal)

also : The Myth of Sex Trafficking (internal)

U.S. Department of Justice
Criminal Division
Fraud Section
Bond Building, 4th Floor
10th and Constitution Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Att: Denis J. McInerney

Chief, Fraud Section

Recently the Village Voice exposed the Schapiro Group, a private consulting firm in Georgia, and the Women’s Funding Network of California, a women’s charity, for knowingly deceiving both congress and the public using false data manufactured through fraudulent research. These groups presented alarming reports of a sudden rise in trafficking and sexual exploitation of girls.

This false data was used to justify funding from private foundations, corporate donors, and potentially the government.  No one would deny that the prevention of sexual trafficking of minors is vitally important.  The safety of children is a commitment we share.

Unfortunately the false information propagated by the Schapiro Group and anti trafficking non profits does more harm than good.

Fraudulent research negatively impacts the crucial efforts of legitimate organizations that serve exploited and trafficked minors. When these organizations are not able to report that they have reached numbers of youth comparable to the inflated numbers of victims reported by the Schapiro Group, it jeopardizes their credibility and funding.  Bogus data misrepresents not only the quantity of trafficked minors, but also their demographics.  Boys and transgender youth are not appropriately included in the study.  Additionally, we are concerned that increased funding for law enforcement efforts to combat a vastly inflated threat of the trafficking of minors is channeled instead into police actions directed not at traffickers, but rather against consenting adult sex workers, a vulnerable population that already suffers from social stigma, criminalization and unequal access to protection.  We reject the concept that criminalizing members of any population is an effective way to rescue them.

Exploitation of children is an important issue that should never be lied about.  To do so represents a greedy and cynical funding grab at the expense of frightening the public, deceiving donors, and misdirecting resources.  To do so knowing that this effort will undoubtedly result in law enforcement targeting of adult women consensually working in the sex industry would surely not be consistently endorsed by the supporters of a large women’s fund.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, call on the United States Dept. of Justice to investigate the Schapiro Group and the Women’s Funding Network for conspiracy to commit fraud against their donors, the public and the US government.  To the degree to which they received public monies, and provided false testimony before congress, we call for an investigation for fraud against federal and state governments as well.

Maxine Doogan
Erotic Service Providers Union

Hot Beach Reads 2 – Why Everybody (Else) is a Hypocrite (Robert Kurzban)

BiarritzI’ve left San Sebastian behind, crossed the Spanish/French border which splits the Basque nation in two, and am now walking along the sandy beach of surfer’s paradise Biarritz.  As I search for somewhere to sit down with my Kindle, I notice a pair of bikini clad young blonde girls, around the just legal age, sunbathing in my path. One of them sits up and fixes her hair as she sees me approaching, virtually beckoning me to lay down my sun towel next to hers.  Unfortunately several aggressive looking arab youths are sitting close to them.  I don’t think they are with the girls, but their menacing glares, as they see the attention the girl is giving me, deters me even more than the fact they might both be jail bait.  I decide that I’ve come here to read and relax, and walk on past.

But there doesn’t seem to be many nice relaxing spots to lie down on here today.  All I can see is row after row of Moroccan and Turkish flagged beach towels, marking the territory of hundreds of equally menacing and aggressive looking youths.

I decide that if I’m going to feel like I’m on Istanbul pleasure beach, I may as well sit myself next to some Muslim eye candy, and so I plonk myself down next to a huge group of dusky skinned girls. They look in their late teens, and are all wearing extremely skimpy bikinis, some with tops that are fighting to conceal and constrain their huge breasts.  At least they seemed integrated well enough into French society.

Almost immediately a football lands next to my head.  A tall and muscular Arab youth waves and shouts aggressively for me to throw it back.  Go f*** yourself, I think to myself.  One of the girls gets up and returns it, and I get a good look at her ass too.

About 50 meters in front of us on the crowded beach, I notice a Frenchman and his wife sitting near a trio of Basque jailbait.  While his wife lies sunbathing with her head facing the other way, the husband seems unable to take his eyes off of the butt of one of the girls, who clearly notices and appears to enjoy the attention.  Every time she sees him staring, she lifts it in the air, as well as untying her bikini top, but each time stops just shy of taking it off.

Suddenly, the wife sits up, and as I expected, the husband immediately stops staring at the jailbait, and no doubt tells his wife how disgraceful it is that young girls wear such skimpy outfits on the beach these days.  Hey, wait a minute.  This is France.  Re-wind.  Suddenly, the wife sits up, and the man doesn’t appear to give a f*** and continues staring at the jailbait.  The wife doesn’t look too happy, but c’est la vie, and I still turn my head away in disgust anyway.

But if he had been a hypocrite, it would have served as a much better intro for the book I was reading on my Kindle that day :

Why Everybody (else) is a Hypocrite (Robert Kurzban).

Father’s have been sequestering daughters and older women have been curbing younger women’s sexual expression and behaviour for millenia.  From an evolutionary point of view, sex is fundamental..         (Robert Kurzban)

I’m not going to write much of a review here, actually, because the extreme radical masculist Human-Stupidity has already written an extensive piece (in fact, he recommended it to me).  But essentially, it’s an excellent Evo Pop Psy book that explains how the human brain is hardwired for hypocrisy. The mind has evolved to be ‘modular’, which means different bits of the brain can perform their specialised functions almost in complete ignorance (or denial) of each other.  Not only that, but whereas ‘truth’ might be an essential feature of the algorithm running in one part of the brain, it might actually be a hindrance for another part.  This is why male anti-pornography feminists like Kyle Payne can film themselves violating sleeping college girls, only ending their white knight activism when they get arrested for downloading child pornography whilst on parole.  This is why male feminists who scream paedophile at others are most likely simply deflecting internal and external attention away from their own boy rape fantasies or girl guide fetishes.

As I switch off my Kindle and begin walking out of the beach and back to my hotel, a football flies at speed within inches of my face, hitting instead the head of an elderly Basque lady walking hand in hand with her husband, almost knocking her over.  I turn to see the same muscular Arab youth as earlier, staring menacingly and with an evil grin on his face, and with a dozen or so of his equally threatening compatriots at his side.  I once asked an old Basque Gentleman in San Sebastian why there is no trouble from immigrant youths on his side of the border.  ‘ETA would quickly re-home them at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean’ was his reply.  ‘Where the hell are ETA when you need them?’, I thought to myself, as I continued walking back to my hotel.

40% of Mexican Schoolgirls Dream of Romance with a Drug Gangster

Adolescentes Mexicanas

Translation from Spanish original :

40% of the female students who attend high school in the Mexican state of Michoacan (west) dream of having a romance with a drug trafficker, said Maria Luisa Calderon, the district’s policy co-ordinator and sister of the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, reports the newspaper Milenio .

“A shocking statistic reveals that 40% percent of girls in secondary Michoacán, dream of having a dating relationship with a drug dealer,” said Maria Luisa Calderon at a public ceremony in the state, citing private polls.

To see what sort of (primarily, male against male) violence the female attraction to ‘bad boys’ is breeding in Mexico, see my recent post : ‘In Mexico Men are Being Routinely Skinned Alive’.

Meanwhile, still no word on whether the Transhumanist movement plans a campaign to eliminate this disgusting sexual attraction to violent males from the female DNA code.

Hot Beach Reads 1 : The Case Against Adolescence (Robert Epstein)

la conchaI’m sitting on the beach in San Sebastian, Spain.  In this part of the country, the Summer weather alternates between baking hot sunshine, and the Atlantic trying furiously to empty its entire contents above your head….often several times in the same hour.  But today it’s sunny and hot, and looks set fair, so I’m lying on the beautiful sands of ‘La Concha’, together with it seems the entire population of the Basque country, reading contentedly as the sun’s rays wreak havoc upon the DNA inside the cells of my Celtic skin.

As I look up from my Kindle, I see a completely naked sun bronzed man, around 50, walking towards a group of young Basque girls, maybe 13 or 14, one of whom is topless.  He sits down directly in front of them, a grin fixed to his face.  The girls immediately start giggling and teasing each other.  The topless girl pulls down the bikini top, and then the bottom, of her cute friend, who has a pigtail on either side of her hair.  The pretty pig-tailed girl, who looks like a character straight out of a Japanese anime comic book, barely resists, and is even giggling uncontrollably whilst this happens, as are her friends.  The man, meanwhile, just sits there grinning fixedly.

I begin to think about the flashbacks that the girls will suffer from in adult life.  The trauma, and the inability to form relationships, when they come to realise that they were abused, objectified, and sexualised by the naked man’s presence that day on La Concha beach.  One day, I think to myself, that man will be unlucky enough to sit next to the teen-aged children of British ex-pats, who no doubt will get their boyfriends to carve the sick  paedo up in an instant.  I turn my head away in disgust, and resume my Kindle reading.

The Case Against Adolescence (Robert Epstein)

One of the arguments I’ve often repeated on this site is that adolesence has been conflated by feminists with childhood, largely because it is in their sexual interests to conflate paedophilia (the sexual attraction to pre-pubescents) with normal male sexuality (which clearly finds teenage girls attractive, probably even the most attractive).  I’ve stated many times that this artificial conflation, which results in the sexual, moral, and intellectual infantalisation of teenagers, will likely have serious consequences for young people in their ability to become adults, and for the retardation of society as a whole.  In ‘The Case Against Adolescence’ Robert Epstein goes further than this, and claims that there is no such thing as adolescence at all – teenagers ARE adults, full stop.

According to Epstein, adolescence is a relatively recent social construction that American culture has imposed upon the youth of the world, fuelled by numerous self-interested groups, including Hollywood and the multi-billion dollar toys and games industry.  Although adolescence is artificial, unnatural, and unnecessary, it is very real in its devastating effects upon young people.  Kurzban makes a convincing and exhaustively argued case that all of the problems we associate with the teenage years, and see as an inevitable process of ‘growing up’, such as mood swings, aggression, reckless behaviour, are in fact caused by the lack of responsibility we give young people, and the way in which we isolate them from adults to the extent of trapping them inside an artificial bubble of  ‘youth culture’, with young people mixing with and learning almost exclusively from their equally infantalized peers.

The book details numerous studies which find that intelligence and reasoning skills all peak in the early to mid teens.  It also makes practical suggestions as to how we can give back responsibility to teens, central to which is the replacement of arbitary age defined laws, such as the voting age, or the age of consent, with a universal test of relevant ‘competancies’.

I will write a longer review of the book for InMalaFide, but two brief points regarding it might be of interest to readers of this blog.  Firstly, a disappointing, but hardly surprising aspect is the book’s complete lack of recognition for the part played by the sexual trade union in extending the definition of childhood.  This is a little curious, given that Kurzban very convincingly posits that the child-labor laws of the 19th century were the biggest single cause of the extension of childhood, and that the chief motivating factor behind these laws was the desire of labor unions to keep younger and cheaper competition out of the job market (under the pretence of ‘protecting children’).  Given that Epstein, I’m sure, would have read greatly on the efforts of the Social Purity Movement in the same period, it is difficult to see how he could not extend the same argument and motivations to the early feminists and their decisive campaigns to raise the age of consent.  I did e-mail Robert Epstein recently to ask why he had omitted this element from the book.  He replied back promptly (and politely) that although he thought these things were all ‘intertwined’, other factors were more prominent.

On the other side of the coin, as mentioned above, the book is clear and brave in calling for a reform in the age of consent laws, as well all the other arbitrary laws based upon the infantilization of young adults.

On the whole, a superb and important book that I recommend to everybody.

Tomorrow’s hot beach read (in Biarritz) : Why Everybody (Else) is a Hypocrite (Robert Kurzban).

Yet More Sex-Trafficking Lies Coming Soon

An independent Conservative think-tank has declared that slavery is as big a problem in the UK today as it was 200 years ago, when first formally abolished.  A new review is promised, focusing particularly on the ‘fact’ that over 6,000 women and children have been trafficked into the UK and forced into prostitution.

The head of the review is to be one Andrew Wallis, the director of an anti-trafficking charity that appears to focus near-exclusively on ‘sex-trafficking victims’.  If you read their ‘about us’ blurb, you’ll see the same kind of ‘fallen woman’ language reminiscent of the Social Purity feminists of the 19th century :

The driving force behind the work of unseen(uk) is the desire to see women who have been freed from the sex-trafficking industry here in the UK, regaining their dignity and self-worth.

You might also notice, if you click on the prominently displayed ‘Donate’ link, that there are no less than seven different ways you can maintain the lifestyles of the parasites running that organisation.

I thoroughly recommend you visit today’s Heresy Corner’s blog posting on the proposed review :

The 6,000 figure might be true: it depends on the timescale.  If the starting point it the beginning of time, or a hundred years ago, it may be too low.  But as a current estimate, it is almost certainly too high.  Unfortunately, the press release doesn’t source this or any other statement, or explain what evidence there is for the claim that “the true numbers” of slaves in Britain are “much higher”.  True domestic slavery, for example, is likely to be quite rare in the UK, and many of its practitioners probably have diplomatic immunity.  In any case, the suggestion that slavery is as much a problem in the UK as it is in some other countries has nothing whatever to do with evidence.  It’s just bonkers.

By appointing Reg Bailey of the Mothers’ Union to head the “sexualisation” review, the government was choosing someone whose likely emphasis was already well known.  And he didn’t disappoint.  So who have the CSJ asked to front up their trafficking review?  One Andrew Wallis, who is described as the director of “anti-trafficking and victim support charity Unseen UK”.  Someone, in other words, already in the campaign business – just as Bailey was – rather than a disinterested lawyer or academic who might just question the assumption that trafficking is a major problem.  Personally, I’d like to see Laura Águstin on the panel.  Fat chance.

And it turns out that describing Unseen UK as an anti-trafficking organisation is a bit misleading.  It’s an anti sex-trafficking organisation.  To be more specific, an anti-female sex-trafficking.  At the very least, the appointment suggests that the inquiry risks giving overdue weight to the minority of trafficking and forced labour that has a sexual dimension.

See also : The Myth of Sex Trafficking

Marianne Hester (NSPCC) Lewd Women and Wicked Witches

Marianne Hester gets paid to be the ‘Professor of child sexual exploitation’ at the NSPCC.  Like most of the other senior figures in that alleged child protection charity, she is a radical feminist, and once infamously published ‘research’ claiming that women are more likely than men to be arrested for domestic violence (even though, according to her, women are almost always the victims in domestic violence cases).

I found the following academic review of a book she published back in 1992 : Lewd Women and Wicked Witches – A Study of the Dynamics of Male Domination.  If anyone still think that laws that women like this make to supposedly protect ‘children’ from abuse are unquestionable, and never men’s rights issues, consider that it is women like this who are behind the legislative creep that is leading to ever more thousands of men being beaten and raped in prison as sub-humans, and perhaps millions more fearing imprisonment.  All in an atmosphere of medieval hysteria which prevents even men’s rights supporters from speaking out too loudly on these things.  Truly, the revenge of the wicked witches.

Here are a few excerpts from the review :

How do men dominate women, and what light can a fuller understanding of this process throw upon the early modern witch-hunts? Marianne Hester sets out to answer these questions in what are in effect two linked studies. She uses ‘what
may be called a revolutionary feminist approach’. The essence of this approach is that it sees sexual relations between men and women as the key to the latter’s subjection. Male sexuality, as currently ‘constructed’, makes these relations acts of mastery, of colonisation of women’s bodies by penile penetration. It is by focussing its attack on the most intimate area of heterosexual relations that ‘revolutionary’ feminism distinguishes itself from
other analyses of the dynamics of male dominance. Marxism, even in its refined forms, gives men an alibi by emphasizing class and economic roles. Nor do some other feminist approaches, Hester believes, quite get to the heart of the
matter. Women’s reproductive and nurturant functions have in the past been used to justify their unequal position. For this reason the problems they pose have occupied a prominent place in much feminist writing. But Hester believes that
too much emphasis has been laid on the part which reproduction plays in women’s lives. Such an emphasis, along with an evolutionary explanation of greater male
aggression in terms of hormonal activity are, she thinks, unhelpful and ill-founded elements in the ‘socio-biological construction of sexuality’ (pp.81-2).
Males may not be innately aggressive, and male pride in ‘brute strength’ is only once, obliquely, referred to in this book (p. 16). But violence nevertheless lies at the heart of male supremacy: not just indiscriminate violence, but an eroticised violence, central to the ‘socially constructed’ male sexuality of the present day. In a discussion of rape, Hester argues against making any distinction between ‘sex’ and ‘violence’. Rape ‘turns
men on’. What women experience as violence, … ‘is actually normal heterosexual sex: not only do rape and normal heterosexual relations have common characteristics, but they are part and parcel of the same act (sic) of sexual
activities’ (p. 66). ‘The effect of rape’, moreover, ‘is to control women socially, and it is men who benefit’ (p. 68).

…The witch-hunts were a form of sexual violence against women because it was only by ‘constructing’ women as inferior to men in a sexual way that women became primary targets. Any woman might be accused of witchcraft, just as any woman
might be raped today, even though certain types of women were particularly vulnerable. Sexual violence, then as now, was made possible by a certain kind of male supremacy, and served to reinforce that supremacy.

….The picture of male sexuality painted in the first half of this book is a caricature. It takes one section of an immensely varied range of male sexual feelings, attitudes and responses and claims that it represents male sexuality as a whole. Tenderness and consideration are excluded, let alone the idea that
sexual love can give women any sort of mastery over men. Generalisations of breath-taking crudity and boldness are made about heterosexual relationships.
These statements seem to be based in the main on the partisan testimony of militant feminists, the confessions of a few of their would-be allies among ‘anti-sexist’ men, and the theories of a handful of sexologists. The construction of the male sexual stereotype which plays so important a part in
this section of the book is itself deeply sexist. Despite her harshly
androphobic tone, however, Hester leaves males a glimmer of hope. Their behaviour towards women, she believes, is not innate, but learned, their male identity ‘socially constructed’. But how a reconstructed male would behave sexually is never made clear. What are the alternatives which the revolutionary
feminists have in mind? If indeed present male sexuality is a ‘social construction’, under what circumstances was it created? How did it come into being?

…The most fundamental flaw in the book is the lack of any effective link between its account of present day feminist ideas and its analysis of early modern witch trails. Hester clearly believes that the former illuminate the latter, while the latter offer an outstanding example of that male malignity which the former combat. But the attempt to interpret a remote and unfamiliar period through the lens of a militant late twentieth-century ideology is unconvincing. Hester never tries to chart the changing relations of men and women since 1700 in a way which might demonstrate the continuing relevance of the witch trials to feminist preoccupations of the present day. This book is a classic example of the forcing of facts into the moulds of preconceived ideas. It twists evidence to fit theory, and merges categories best kept separate. Bad sociology and worse history, it will convince few save the gullible and those who already share its author’s stand-point. But it would be a mistake to dismiss it with a sneer. It throws little new light on witchcraft, but offers a valuable if chilling view of the closed mind of revolutionary feminism.

R.A. Houlbrooke
University of Reading