The Roman Ideal Woman

For the Roman male, the ideal woman would be a buxom 16 year old with ‘skin as white as wax, sparkling eyes, sweet breath, lustrous dark or auburn hair’ – no blondes or redheads – ‘a scented, sensuous, lissom body and a shaved clitoris, glowing like a pearl’. 

Taken from ‘Sex Lives of the Roman Emperors – Nigel Cawthorne’ (entertaining read).

So male sexuality hasn’t changed much in 2,000 years then.

Two years too late with this one, but it’s still funny if  you haven’t seen it before :

And, yes, you can now legally get your hands on her :

Finally Miley

First article posted on : The History of Feminism as a Sexual Trade Union Thanks to Ferdinand for publishing it (and as a featured post).

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Naked Sex Workers Set Themselves on Fire in Seoul Protest

Look at these abused and exploited sex workers.  They have been so brainwashed and traumatised that they set themselves on fire in the street rather than accept the truth that they are the victims of an evil patriarchy.  See how they paint their faces in the manner of clowns, with exaggerated happy smiling faces, as if to lie to their feminist older sisters, who really know best, that they are happy in what they are doing, in the jobs they have chosen, and that they really do prefer opening their legs a few times a day instead of slaving away 16 hours a day in a sweatshop factory to afford barely enough to eat.  What a tragic act of denial!  Their traffickers must have threatened them with rape and death if they didn’t make such obviously staged protests!   Hail to the sexual trade union which wants to save such unfortunate victimised women from themselves! All women and girls have the right to do with their bodies what their older less attractive sisters please!

In the Femiverse, Women and Girls are Always the Victims

The Tragedy of Teenage Girls Attracted to Boys with Knives

Even more alarming is the way boys feel under pressure to engage in violence because some girls prefer “bad boys” and not neeks.

Another 15-year-old schoolboy just emailed me: “Do girls want to go out with boys who are neeks? Women and girls are attracted to confidence and strength and these characteristics are common with boys who use them badly.”

Race on the Agenda, a social policy think tank, recently compiled a report on the impact of youth violence and criminal gangs on women and girls across the UK. The extraordinary thing is that some of the girls confessed to seeking relationships with boys who are known for wielding knives. To be a thug has prestige. They all agreed that “bad boys” were attractive because they offered protection. One 17-year-old girl told researchers that if a boy “could kill someone or people thought he could then yeah I’m not gonna lie, he’s gonna be more attractive to me.”

Of course, I’ve stated it here often enough, but this rare admission, of the role that wet teenage pussy plays in the horriffic knife gang culture plaguing the UK, and which is eating away at the black community, was actually made by a woman.  

 But whereas even the slightest and most ropiest causal link between male behaviour and female harm is enough to warrant the demonisation of all men and consequent draconian legislation, even to the extent of teaching 5 year old boys not to be domestic abusers or transphobics, or leading to men being imprisoned for looking at cartoons, there will never be any government think tanks, policies, or campaigns that seek to curb female behaviour that harms boys or men.   The disgusting culture of attraction to ‘bad boys’ that has such damaging consequences for young males in this country, especially young black males. 

Teenage girls are the largest demographic feeding the violent black rap music industry.  Yet, instead of such tastes being denounced as the root cause of the culture of black male violence, rap videos have been the subject of legislation on the grounds that they degrade and harm young girls! (

Watching rap music videos that are overly sexy and violent can lead to alcohol abuse and promiscuity among young black girls, according to a study into sexual stereotypes in rap music footage.The research was based on a survey of 522 African-American girls aged 14 to 18 who were asked how often they watched rap videos, questioned about their sex lives and asked to provide a urine sample for a marijuana screening.

U.S. researchers found young black girls who spent more time watching rap music videos were more likely to binge drink, have sex with multiple partners, test positive for marijuana and have a negative body image.

See also : :

Another unfortunate stereotype of smart people is that they’re socially awkward nerds who are doomed to lives of celibacy until they get out of high school hell. Unfortunately, that one turns out to be totally true.

Kristina Semenovskaya Levi Spaceman Ad 1995

In the future, the sexual trade union has been crushed, at least in outer space… according to the following successful Levi Spaceman advert that appeared back in 1995, anyway (6 weeks and 2 days before paedohysteria swept the world and men suddenly realised that perfect skin, hips and waist were never up to much…and never had been, or are you a sick f***** nonce or sumfink?) :

The space girl in the video is Kristina Semenovskaya, who presumably was 15 or 16 at the time, given that she was born in 1979. The massively popular ad also gave Babylon Zoo their one hit wonder – ‘Spaceman‘.

Joking aside, as I’ve argued here previously, in the future, most women will choose to look like this girl i.e. a perfect 16 year old teen.  And when science gives them that capability, through stem cell facelifts, nano-technology, virtual surrogates etc, then the sexual trade union becomes pointless.  Although, as Michel Houellebecq would point out, nature will then only find tortuous new methods of sexual competition.

Brazil Officially Recognises the Gay – Feminist Faustian Pact

Brazil last week awarded gay couples the same legal status as married heterosexuals.  The decision by the nation’s Supreme Court was seen as a victory for the newly elected female President Dilma Roussef.  She apparently saw this as an essential plank of her intended social policy reforms, which will turn Brazil into a modern and sexually tolerant civilised society, and which no doubt include plans to send any man who clicks on a youngish looking cartoon character to rot inside a rat infested prison cell.

Gay activists in Brazil are delighted.  One claimed that “the degree of civilisation of a country can be measured by the way people in a nation treat their homosexual community”.  It seems that Brazil can continue to have 12 million kids sleeping on the streets, hundreds of whom are killed and mutiliated by death squads each year, but so long as we pretend that gay men have as much innate desire as heterosexual women do to spend their entire lives monogamously with one partner, then Brazil shall be proudly awarded a place amongst the 21st century liberal progressive club of civilised nations. 

Nor does the mark of a civilisation seemingly depend on the way in which ordinary heterosexuals are treated by society.  Men are biologically programmed to find fertility and youth, as well as physical markers of virginity, sexually attractive in females.  Girls increasingly begin puberty well before they are even into their teens, yet through feminist lobbying, conservative puritanism, and media hysteria, we have created a society that defines men who openly show attraction towards 16 and 17 year old females as the worst kind of subhuman sexual devient, and even pursuing an interest in young women aged between 18 and 25 now carries with it the risk of falling foul of ‘anti-paedophile’ legislation or social ostracisation.

And are gays themselves really treated much better by society than before?  The supreme act of denial behind the more ‘tolerant’ treatment of homosexuals is that the worship of youth and beauty has not been central to homosexual culture throughout history.  I don’t wish to denounce or degrade this love – after all, through the ancient Athenian thinkers and the Florentine renaissance artists, it gave us our very civilisation….twice.  But it is in an undeniable fact, and it would be harder to name a homosexual in history who wasn’t attracted to youth than it would be to reel off the great rollcall of homosexual ephebophiles – from Socrates to Morrissey (celibate).

Recently, the out-going British Labour government awarded a state apology to the deceased Alan Turing, the inventor of the computer and arguably a man who did as much to save the world from the Nazis as Winston Churchill himself.  A man who picked up and sodomized a teenage boy (he was 19, but I wonder if he asked him for his ID?) knowing full well the social attitude to such a crime (at the time) and the risks to himself if caught – which he was, and then chemically castrated and imprisoned, causing him to commit suicide soon after release.  We are supposed to believe that if alive in one of our progressive civilised societies today, such a man would never once in his lifetime, likely spent largely at the computer which he invented, succumb to temptation and click on a picture of a boyish looking man in his underwear – a crime soon to be punished by a minimum of 2 years in prison throughout Europe under absurd and evil virtual child porn laws created by feminists.

So why have gay men sold their souls to the feminist devil, and why does society pretend that homosexual men have been liberated, now that they can legally marry (which 99% of gay men probably have not the slightest inclination to do) and yet, just like heterosexual men, face a 5 am boot through the door if they so much as idly click once on a cartoon picture of a sexy manga ‘boy’?

The truth is feminists need to maintain the pretence that they are a civilising, progressive, and ‘sexually tolerant’ force, rather than the brutal anti-enlightenment illiberal fascists that they are, conducting a brutal war upon ordinary and healthy male sexuality.  They do this by promoting the rights of gays and transexuals, a tiny minority of the population, whilst criminilising as perverted monsters the vast majority of heterosexual men.

They have carefully engineered a situation whereby homosexuals have been granted escape from decades of formal and open prosecution, but only on condition that they renounce and disown their own culture and history – that of the love of youth.  A love that twice inspired the dawn of western civilisation.  Thus the feminist controlled United Nations only allowed homosexual lobby groups priviliged access when they agreed to denounce and reject any gay rights groups in their ranks that supported the lowering of the age of consent.  The sexual trade union has expertly ensured that the success of gay rights is almost dependent upon the ever increasing hatred and savegary towards ‘paedophiles’, something only possible through collective amnesia towards the fact that virtually every great homosexual in history was such a ‘paedophile’.

This is a true faustian pact with the devil on the part of homosexuals, but it is a short-sighted one.  Already a gay Austrian man has been jailed for looking at pictures in the privacy of his own home which involved, in the admission of the court, not one person under the age of 21.  The story of Jonathan King reminds us of the absurdity of believing that ever more savage paedohysteria can possibly be consistent with fairness towards gays – here was a 1960’s icon and gay man punished mercilessly by the courts and the media for allegedly having sex with boys in the free love era of the 60’s and 70’s – a time when every heterosexual pop star worth his name was banging every 14 year old groupie they could get hold of (witness how Americans still worship Elvis Presley, despite his predilection for pink pantie clad 13 year old girls being well documented).

Not only will homosexual men increasingly face criminalization as a result of paedohysteria, but feminists will soon drop their gay allies of convenience as the power of Islam grows, and they are forced to choose between the two.  This is already happening at the United Nations, where thanks to Islamic lobbying, reference to sexual persecution was dropped from the definitions of genocide.

Gay men have gone along with this Faustian pact in the manner of the granny muggers who spit on the sex offenders in jail.  Simple relief and self-esteem that society has found somebody to hate even more than them.  It ignores the great history of homosexuality, and it ignores fundamental issues of real justness and true sexual tolerance.  They would be wise to understand that, as Orwell observed, the object of the irrational mob’s torchbeam of hatred can be switched by the leaders at any moment.  You cannot build a lasting sexual tolerance upon the most vile and savage sexual intolerance that the world has ever known, a hatred that would make the average medieval flat-Earther blush at its very ignorance and stupidity.

Sixties Supermodel Jean Shrimpton Not Such a Heartbreaker Now

The Daily Mail regularly carries stories ‘proving’ how hot modern women over a certain age are.. sandwhiched between advertisements for beauty cream promising to make their (mainly over 40 and female) readers look 17 again, and news stories trimumphantly proclaiming that another pervert paedo has been rightly locked up for looking at pictures of 17 year old children in bikinis.  But occasionally, in a kind of sado-masochistic manner, it does like to remind its aeging readers of the truth.  This week it published a picture of the 1960’s supermodel Jean Shrimpton as she is today, the girl who once captivated playboy photographer David Bailey’s heart with her teenage beauty :

Jean Shrimpton 1960's

jean shrimpton today
Jean Shrimpton today

 Of course, this is a little cruel, especially for Jean Shrimpton, but in the Daily Mail’s case it is simply sado-masachistic cruelty as entertainment.  The reason why I have the right to stress how ugly older women generally are is because older women are raping men through their legislation and hysterias that have little basis or justification other than sexual jealousy and bitterness at what nature has done to them, and where the free sexual market has left them.  All the while, resting upon the pretence that men who prefer ripe fertile youth to old hags are subhuman perverted monsters.  The only interesting question is why the male response has thus far been confined to a handful of ‘offensive’ blogs such as this one.

Meanwhile, the same paper reveals with indignation that most British women think that females over 35 are too old to wear mini-skirts.

I’ve noted here before that girls and women aged from 13 – 45 are going about everywhere these days in lycra leggings so thin and figure hugging that they may as well just be painting their bottoms and legs black.  Men similarly garbed would be arrested for indecent exposure.  Perhaps women should be as well, but only after a certain age.  After all, I guess the justification for such indecent exposure laws is that such clothing would be outrageous and repulsive to most members of the opposite sex.  But that’s equally true for men when the woman is over 30 and clothed in such skimpy attire. 

Given that, as I revealed earlier, evolutionary psychology would predict that older women are more ‘harmed’ by casual sex than teenage girls would be, perhaps it’s time to switch the focus from the supposed sexualisation of girls (actually the enforced de-sexualisation of teenage girls by their older rivals), to the sexualisation of older women, embodied in the ‘Cougar’ phenomenon?  Should we introduce a maximum age of consent for women?  Should we arrest any woman over 30 who wears semi-transparent leggings in the street or wears skimpy bikinis on the beach?  What age would mark the right cut off point?

At what age should the law stop women from dressing 'sexily', seeking casual sex etc?

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‘Brave’ Mexican Girl Cop Admits She Had No Intention of Fighting Drug Gangs and Saw DV as Top Priority

Marisol Valles, the crime fighting super girl who took the job of police chief in one of Me-hi-co’s most violent towns..and then fled across the border weeks later, has now admitted that she had no intention of taking on the ruthless drug gangs, and instead saw promoting feminism and tackling domestic violence as the number 1 priority (ahead of preventing men being skinned alive or 15 year old boys being left dismembered in the streets) :

Six months ago, they called Valles Garcia the bravest woman in Mexico. The petite but fiery 20-year-old student took a job no one else wanted: police chief in a border region terrorized by the drug war, where police chiefs have become an endangered species. Her predecessor was tortured by drug cartels and then beheaded.

…Unfortunately, fear and intimidation have scored another victory along the U.S.-Mexican border, and Valles Garcia is now in the United States, pleading for political asylum.

“I want tranquility … for my family,” she said.

As police chief, Valles Garcia hired more officers, increasing the number of women on her team of 12, but with three shotguns — not to mention one squad car in a city of 10,000 — few were armed. “Our weapons will be principles and values,” she said when she took the job, although Valles Garcia did have two armed bodyguards. She was the first police chief to crack down on domestic violence, and vowed not to get involved in the drug war.

But it was hard to avoid.

Many said Valles Garcia was too young and naive for the job — warring Mexican drug cartels have made Praxedis one of the most violent spots in the world. In the past year alone, 2,500 people were killed in the Juarez Valley.

You might also like the following Spearhead article that covered the original story :

Two Swedish Men Jailed for Life in Phillippines for Running Sexcam Business

Two Swedish men running a sexcam business out of the Philippines have been sentenced to life imprisonment by a local court there :

Two Swedes have been jailed for life in the Philippines for violating human trafficking laws by running a live Internet porn operation in a southern city that catered to foreigners.

The convictions were the first legal victory in the battle against foreign-operated porn operations in the Philippines, said Lalae Garcia of the Tubaga movement, a women and children rights group on the southern island of Mindanao.

“This is definitely a major victory for abused and exploited women,” she told reporters after a court in Cagayan de Oro sentenced the Swedes and three Filipino accomplices.

Law enforcement agencies say cybersex, or providing sexually explicit material over the Internet, is a growing industry in many parts of the world, including in the Philippines, where there is perceived to be a low risk of arrest and high returns.

The court, in a May 6 judgment that was released on Tuesday, also fined the Swedes, Emil Andreas Solemo and Bo Stefan Sederholm, 2 million pesos ($46,500) each. The three Filipinos were jailed for 20 years and fined 1 million pesos each.

“Disrespect for Filipino women and violations of our laws deserve the strongest condemnation from this court,” read part of the 25-page court decision.

Justo Yap, National Bureau of Investigation regional director, said 18 women, aged 19 to 24, some of whom were naked and sending live feeds to clients abroad, were rescued after a raid on a premises in April 2009.

A couple of things should be noted.  The two men were jailed under human trafficking laws (no doubt lobbied for by Western feminist NOGs).  Thus we see again the feminist abuse of language which becomes translated into criminal law.  Paying local Asian girls to chat to American men via webcam is now legally considered a form of human trafficking.  Secondly, we see further confirmation of Sexual Trade Union theory – as I predict, feminist lobbying, sentencing, and outrages against male sexuality will become increasingly frenzied and severe as new technology (particularly the ‘cyber sex’ possibilities afforded by the internet) continues to open up the global free sexual market at an ever increasing speed.

At some point there will surely be a backlash from men.  In 10 or 20 years time, when every man can click his fingers and have tactile interactive virtual sex with a life-size HD hologram of his dream sexual partner…and then have to live in fear of the police breaking down his door to be carted off to jail as a sex offender for the rest of his life…then surely something will snap in the consciousness of men.

See also this article that appeared in a Swedish newspaper and note the complete absence of sympathy for fellow countrymen condemned to spend the rest of their lives in a third world rat infested prison cell :