The Movement to Disbar Mary N Kellet

By Paul Elam – reprinted as requested :

There are often times that we shake our heads at injustices in the world. Sometimes it seems to be all we can do.  And with so many problems in modern life, and their often systemic, intractable nature, it can be difficult to choose what battles to fight and when.  Because of this we have increasingly become a nation of head shakers, concerned about an array of injustices but often not knowing where to turn or what to do to solve them.

With that in mind we have an opportunity, right here and now, to face down and fight against a terrible injustice, an absolute evil, going on in the state of Maine.

Vladek Filler is about to face trial for a second time on the charge of raping his wife, Ligia.  He was brought to trial the first time by Bar Harbor prosecutor Mary N. Kellett, who has sought to imprison Mr. Filler despite the fact that she knows that there is no physical evidence that he ever committed a crime, and despite the fact that his accuser Ligia Filler, has proven to be a violent criminal, a liar who has been caught in false allegations against her husband, and a physical and emotional abuser of her husband and children with a history of severe psychiatric problems.

Ligia Filler has been referred to as “certifiable” by sheriff’s department personnel who she repeatedly threatened to kill.

Mary Kellett’s professional conduct in this case breeches virtually all canons of legal ethics where it concerns prosecutors, from intentionally misleading jurors to avoiding pretrial discovery to actually asking a law enforcement officer to refuse to comply with a valid subpoena in order to help her conceal exculpatory evidence.

All of this, and many other similar cases, have been conducted under the supervision of Bar Harbor, Maine, District Attorney Carletta Bassano, leading to the almost unavoidable conclusion that the problem is not just one rogue prosecutor, but one in which District Attorney Bassano is an enabling accomplice.

Additionally, all of these events have transpired without so much as raising an eyebrow in local news media.

Given the complicity of her supervisor and the lack of attention by local media, Kellet appears emboldened to continue this reign of terror on the life of Vladek Filler, his children, and other innocents who reside in the community Kellett is supposed to protect.

After having Filler’s first conviction overturned by the Maine Supreme Court, due to her own prosecutorial misconduct, she is coming after him again, putting him through another trial on the same slipshod evidence.

Kellett is not pursuing justice; she is making a mockery of it in ways that border on criminality.  She is out of control and no one with authority over her is doing anything about it.

And given the hubris demonstrated by her actions, it is clear she feels free to proceed with impunity.

We cannot, must not, allow this to happen.

This is a battle worth choosing to fight, and A Voice for Men is not the only place that is happening.  Glenn Sacks at Father’s and Families, the nation’s leader in father’s rights advocacy is speaking out about this story.  You can also read about it at The False Rape Society. This article will also  be running at, with thanks to our good friend Mr. W.F. Price.

The organization Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (S.A.V.E.) has taken an even more significant action, sending a Complaint for the Disbarment of Prosecutor Mary Kellett to the Maine Board of Overseers for the Bar.

They have also authored a letter to Paul LePage, the Governor of Maine, referencing the disbarment complaint and making an appeal for an intervention on Mary Kellett on behalf of Vladek Filler and the people of Maine.

And you can do your part.

Write Governor LePage here and respectfully insist on an investigation to the practices of Mary N. Kellett. The message can be as simple as. “For the sake of justice, please assure that Mary Kellett is relieved of her prosecutorial duties and disbarred from the practice of law.”

Write the Board of overseers for the Bar here, and insist that they respond to the allegations against Kellett with an investigation.

Lastly, try to get the media involved.  Bill Trotter does crime reporting for the Bangor Daily News.  You can write email him at or phone him at 207-460-6318 and ask him to consider investigating this story. This is a very important step as media attention will require political attention and action of some kind.

Don’t wait for others to do this, please, or think that just one person calling and writing is enough. That would be a fatal mistake.

When you have done one or all the suggestions listed here, please come back to this thread and simply put the word “done” in the comments, wherever you are reading this.

What is happening in Maine is only a microcosm of what is happening across the western world. So regardless of where you live, your insistent message to one or all of these people can help force them to consider looking in to Kellett’s activities. And make no mistake about it, Kellett’s actions, if unchecked, are a forecast of own future. We know this is a witch hunt, but because most are ignoring it, it will spread.  If we take this silently, we have lost in the most tragic and disgraceful of ways.

This is a fight worth fighting, people. If you are reading this, you could be another Vladek Filler, or someone who cares about him. Your children could be hurt the same way his children have. And your freedom, even if seemingly secure today, cannot be assured for tomorrow as long as the likes of Mary Kellett are allowed to practice predatory prosecutions against innocent human beings.

And If she is allowed to build a career on doing this, there will be nothing to stop the same from happening where you live.

It is your future, and your move.

[Addendum: A Voice for Men Radio is doing a one hour special on this tonight, March 29, 2011 at 9:00 p.m. EST. You can listen to the show live, or the archives are always available in the sidebar at immediately following the program.]

Please sign the petition at :

Rebecca Black and the Commerical Exploitation of 13 Year Olds

Move over Justin Bieber,  a new manufactured teen sensation is about to steal your naff crown.  Rebecca Black is a 13 year old girl who, whatever talent she has, does raise a couple of interesting issues.  Already she’s being panned worldwide, with the politically correct BBC mocking her debut single as ‘the worst song ever‘.  A day later, and the same BBC journalist is reporting that the negative comments over her song have made her cry – ‘with some newspapers and journalists dubbing it the worst song ever’..err, yes, in fact you and the BBC the day before.

Naturally, the vigilante heroes of 4chan and anon, taking a break from saving wikileaks and online democracy, have switched to the more important task of bringing this little madam down a notch or two, and have been busy plotting ‘operation black friday‘.  To those who think that the internet represents some kind of saviour of free speech and the liberation of the masses against the classes, represented by the anon activities of places like 4chan, perhaps you should look at this as a kind of reality check.  For some reason 4chan declined the bait of the feminist beast rape accusers of Julian Assange, even when Inmalafide dangled it in front of their faces.  Yet the chaotic, schizophrenic, hive mind of anon, happily hunts down 13 year old girl ‘attention whores’.

Even with or without Anon’s intervention, we all know Rebecca Black is going to be commercialised, objectified, exploited, bullied, and then probably left washed up and snorting coke by the age of 20.  Yet it’s ok, so long as she keeps her clothes on.  The feminist child abuse industry has nothing to say about the commercial exploitation of young girls, so long as it’s not done in a way that poses a sexual threat to older women.

The other interesting thing about Rebecca Black is that, if you saw her in a nightclub, you could believe she was 21.  Not because she’s very attractive, she isn’t.  But she could easily pass as being over 18 and thus condemn any unfortunate clubbers who picked her up to 10 years or more of prison ass rape. 

Whilst enjoying the early spring weather the other day, a group of forward American girls came and sat near me, hoping to be chatted up.  Given that they looked around 19 or 20 (cellulite was even visible on one not particularly overweight shorts clad member of the group) I was about to take them up on their offer.  Suddenly the autotune voice of Rebecca Black came into my head like a manic buzzsaw, intent on my castration – ‘it’s friday, then it’s saturday, and then sunday comes after that’ and I realised that they could all be acutally 13.  Thanks Rebecca, I thought to myself, a lucky escape indeed from a possibly misconstrued situation.  A suspicion confirmed when the girl’s male classmates (who did look around 15 years old) and teacher arrived.

It’s Time to Criminilise the Sexual Trade Union Child Exploiters

In what might be a landmark moment in the downfall of the sexual trade union, a feminist study on sex trafficking, which played a key role in persuading the American government to pressurise Craigs List into abandoning erotic service ads, has been utterly debunked in a scathing article by the Village Voice.

None of the media that published Richardson’s astonishing numbers bothered to examine the study at the heart of her claim. If they had, they would have found what we did after asking independent experts to examine the research: It’s junk science.

After all, the numbers are all guesses.

The data are based merely on looking at photos on the Internet. There is no science.

Eric Grodsky, a sociologist at the University of Minnesota who teaches about proper research construction, says that the study is fundamentally flawed.

“The method’s not clean,” Grodsky says. “You couldn’t get this kind of thing into a peer-reviewed journal. There are just too many unanswered questions about their methodology.”

Feminist studies like this are used to harm millions of men, through denying them access to goods, such as the closing down of Craigs List adult ads, or by the outright criminalising of men if they continue to seek those goods, for example legislation which criminalizes the purchasing of sex.  Yet these studies are rarely peer reviewed, at least outside of feminist academia, and are almost never exposed to scrutiny by the media.  Yet whenever some organisation, in this case the Village Voice, does dare to take more than a cursory glance, the studies are invariably found to be pure junk.

Such deliberate lies and bogus research, which are used to promote the financial and sexual interests of those feminist advocacy groups which churn it out, is evil enough in that it results in great harm and injustice being committed against millions of men.  But if that isn’t enough to sicken those outside the men’s rights community, then surely it is the knowledge that these dreadful lies and fake studies involve the cold-blooded exploitation of children for the sexual and economic interests of the middle-aged feminists behind them.

The’ scientific methodology’ that the study made use of appears to have consisted entirely of a random claim that 38% of young looking prostitutes were under 18.  The Village Voice notes the following about Kaffie McCullough, the woman who launched the study and pitched its ‘findings’ to Congress :

In her own online photos, the woman who commissioned the Schapiro Group study looks to be in her 50s, with blue eyes, graying hair, and a taste for dangly earrings.

In fact, the aging Kaffie McCullough outright admits to the bogus nature of her study :

“We pitch it the way we think you’re going to read it and pick up on it,” says Kaffie McCullough, the director of Atlanta-based anti-prostitution group A Future Not a Past. “If we give it to you with all the words and the stuff that is actually accurate—I mean, I’ve tried to do that with our PR firm, and they say, ‘They won’t read that much.'”

She goes on to explain what financial rewards can be gotten by a feminist sexual trade union group that exploits and lies about the issue of child abuse :

“I would say, ‘The research costs money, but we’ve been able to broker—I don’t know what it is now, I think it’s over $1.3, $1.6 million in funding that we never would have gotten,'” McCullough says.

As I’ve said previously, such wicked lying women as Kaffie McCullough, who exploit children in this way, are as vile as the worst kind of child pornographers, in that they don’t just abuse children, they financially and sexually exploit child abuse itself.  Such women should be hanged in the public square, or burnt as witches (all via legal due process of the state justice system) as a warning to other feminists to invest in some good moisturising cream rather than exploit the protection of children in an attempt to keep their husbands from straying.

As a first step, we need to lobby for a law that protects children and vulnerable people from exploitation at the hands of adults, such as Kaffie McCullough, and the NSPCC, who profit from posing as their protectors.  It is encouraging (and surprising) that the mainstream media do seem increasingly more willing to expose feminist bullshit.  However, I fear that such efforts will always be mere pinpricks in the leathery skin of the sexual trade union unless it is ultimately harnessed into a concrete goal – the passing of some kind of legislation that will put a limit on the power of feminists to click their fingers and criminilise millions of men (and younger women, and young people).

I propose that the men’s rights movement campaigns for the following :

It should be made a criminal offence for an adult to exploit issues of child protection and child abuse for their own financial, sexual, or otherwise selfish gain.


Kloo2Yoo Calls the Cops on Men’s Rights Redditor

Kloo2Yoo, the mentally retarded founder and moderator of, exceeded even his notoriously ‘high’ standards of incompetence and sheer infantile lunacy this week.  He actually called the cops on a men’s rights redditor for posting a harmless and well known picture that appears on hundreds of ‘funny pic’ sites, alleging that it was ‘child porn’.  The picture is of a little boy and girl, with the boy peering down the girls pants and a speech caption coming from the girl with the words – “And with this I will control your life”.

I’m not going to publish the photo here, although it is clearly not sexual in any way but simply a funny, innocent picture (although with the caption it does carry a profound anti-feminist message)  but if you Google the girl’s words (as I did) you will find it on hundreds of sites.  Some Redditors claim that the picture has appeared on Hallmark cards.  It’s the kind of innocent picture that only a paedophile could see anything sexual or pornographic in.

As well as reporting the photo to ‘law enforcement’ and potentially causing a men’s rights supporter some unpleasant hassle, Kloo2 also claimed to have seriously thought about locking the men’s rights reddit, which is now by far and away the largest online men’s rights community with over 21,000 members and counting.  This clown, supported by his feminist Men’s Rights Fraud co-moderator Ignatiusloyola, is the biggest single threat to the growth of the movement.  The time has surely come to finally put pressure on these two idiots to hand over the most important men’s rights resource to more able and genuine men’s rights activists.

This is what some of the other outraged men’s rights redditors had to say about Kloo’s actions :

kloo2yoo crazy

Adult Top Level Domain .XXX Approved Despite Objections from Adult Industry

Adult entertainment domain .xxx finally approved by authorities

The new ‘top level domain’ .xxx was finally given the go ahead last week – to the consternation of the adult entertainment industry.  The fear is that governments will soon force all pornographic websites to switch from other TLDs (such as .com or on the basis that .xxx would be easier to filter out in browsers or even at the level of the ISP.  This, in effect, would lead to the ‘ghettoisation’ of porn, as well as driving another nail into the coffin of the online adult industry.

Six Footballers Caged for ‘Gang Rape’ of Lying ‘Lolitas’

Six footballers jailed over gang rape of 12 year old girls

Six footballers who had a midnight sex orgy in a park with two 12-year-old girls, have been jailed.

Courtney Amos,19, Ashley Charles, 20, Dennis De Sousa, 18, Jahson Downes, 20, Jahvon Edwards, 19, and Luke Farrugia, 21, have all admitted rape of a girl under the age of 13.

Well, there’s no defending that is there?  The gang rape of two innocent little 12 year old girls by a pack of wild animals.  Surely the antifeminist isn’t going to sink to new depths by defending this savagery?  No, I’m not, but wait a minute.  First of all, these girls lied about their age, told the footballers that they were 16 (i.e. legal in the UK), and were completely willing.  One of the girls texted the footballers saying that each girl would ‘take three of them’.  And why would the footballers disbelieve them?  Who would believe, even in broken Britain, that tarted up girls walking the streets at 2 am in the morning, begging to be fucked by random black meat, could only be 12 years old?

Note also that the most eager girl of the two, who called each man out in turn to perform sexual acts on their black manhoods, was under investigation for making a false rape claim, and had a Facebook profile in which she lied about her age.

Note, furthermore, that in the UK, the NSPCC (scroll down the page to read about that vile feminist fake child protection charity) recently successfully lobbied the European parliament (i.e. sent them a single letter) to force all member states to define sex with a willing girl below a certain age as rape (not just statutory rape, but rape).  In fact, the NSPCC wanted this to be defined as any willing sex below the age of consent, and specifically asked for a minimum sentance of 14 years jail throughout Europe for any man who slept with a girl under 16.  The EU replied back to the NSPCC apologetically (I have read the original but unfortunately do not have the link) that they didn’t have the power to do that, but ‘compromised’ by bringing in the directive telling member states to define sex under a certain age as rape.  This has had certain curious results.  For example, in Germany the age of consent is still 14, but if you have sex with a willing 13 year old, you will be charged with chld rape.  However, in the UK, where the age of consent is 16, only if you have sex with a girl under 13 will you be charged with rape.

So, no, I am not defending these black men having a 2 am orgy with a pair of 12 year old girls, I am saying that it is obscene that they should be branded and caged as child rapists when the only ones who should be being punished are the girls and their parents.  Once again, the message proudly trumpted by the Daily Mail and the courts is ‘don’t have casual sex with any female who looks under 25, or else this might be your fate’.

The Sex Offender’s Register and the Feminist Creation of Value

The deepest evil that feminism commits, is not the discrepancies in sentencing that men and women receive in the courts, manifold and heinous though these unquestionably are.  Rather, it is the creation by feminists of the set of values and priorities that define the very essence of our ‘civilisation’ itself.  Equal injustice is no justice for men, and the true rape of the male stems not from double standards and unfairness in the court room, but from the ability of feminism to shape even morality into its own selfish sexual image.

Consider the sex offender’s register, and the primacy we give as a society to sex crimes above all others.  Why is there no violent offender’s register? Such a register would cover violent sex offenders as well as other violent criminals. Why is a sexually incompetant man, caught exposing himself to an old lady in the park, any more reprehensible and in need of branding than a man who mugs and beats that old lady for her wallet?  It is not because non-violent sex offenders are any more recidivist than a burglar or a mugger is (in fact, they are less likely to re-offend).  No, it is because it is in the interests of women for a feminist society to reifie and strictly control something as natural as the male sexual urge, and to give moral primacy to sex rather than violence, just as all primitive societies do.

Feminists may occasionally call for domestic violence offender registers, and all feminists often use the supposed inherent male propensity for violence as a way to demonise men and promote the spiritual superiority of women, but when push comes to shove, feminists do not want to build a society in which violence as such  is treated in the same taboo and hysterical way as sexual crime.  After all, most male violence is performed for women, either to protect their honour or to win their favour.  Only misguided, idealistic manginas, who misjudge what their feminist overlords really want, would really like to put an end to male violence completely.

Our present medieval demonisation of the ‘sex offender’ is a backward symptom of the atavistic, irrationalist, and nihalistic nature of a gynocratic society.  A society that has few moral standards left aside from those that relate, in a decietful and hidden manner, to maintaining the sexual and economic value of the female.  An advanced high-tech society in which the fake mask thinly hiding ultimate evolutionary reproductive explanations behind ‘rational’ proximate ones is held up only by hysteria and political correctness – the secular forms of medieval witchhunts and accusations of blasphemy and heresy.  The focus upon ‘sex offenders’ is the feminists way of controlling male sexuality though a ‘liberal’ version of the Nazi’s pink triangle – a method that still allows feel good liberals to sleep at night..and to feel superior to the mob.

on a leash

The great Jonathan King, whose ‘victims’ were essentially groomed by the tabloids into making allegations against him, speaking on the absurdity of the sex offender’s register :

Good read : The Rape of Mankind

See also from this site :

Turning the Tables

Of course the tables aren’t really turned because the guy would be in even more trouble for ‘sexual harrassment’ than he would be for looking at semi-exposed breasts.  I think the very first time I questioned the societal assumption that women have it worse than men was when, as a teenager, reading a Sunday tabloid column by the politically incorrect ‘doctor’ Vernan Coleman, I came across a similar example of blatant sexual double standards that the author highlighted. : If a man looks out from his window and is transfixed by the sight of a female neighbour undressing in front of her window, then he could be arrested for voyeurism.  On the other hand, if she looks out of her window and stares incredulously at the sight of him undressing in front of his bedroom window, then HE could be arrested for indecent exposure.

I think that was the moment I began to realise that feminism was just a crock of entitlement bullshit, a sexual trade union even.  By the way, don’t you think the cartoon above would make a great t-shirt?  Maybe it would provoke a few such ‘epiphanal’ moments in other young men?

Meanwhile Hank Pellissier wants to talk.  He’s suggested that could publish an article containing men’s rights criticisms of his ‘estrogen utopia’ plan :

HI — I have an idea for an article that might get run at IEET but there’s no guarantee — an article called: “Estrogen Utopia? or XX Dystopia? – feminist vs antifeminist debate”
It could be set up as a double-interview with each side answering questions and responding critically to each other’s statements. Let me know if this interests you, via facebook