Good Men Project’s Shaming Language on Porn

The Good Men Project is yet another one of those sinister attempts to create a castrated ‘male voice’, a website fronted by well-intentioned shame filled manginas as a cover for the broody interests, and easy manipulative skills, of the sexual trade union.  In this article, they decided to ‘ask the nation and thought leaders’ their opinions regarding online porn.

Is Internet pornography really turning us all into sex addicts? Will boys who grow up on degrading porn be unable to form healthy sexual relationships as adults? Is repetitive porn viewing really changing our brains?

And, most importantly in my mind, are we—as guys—talking honestly about any of this? Are we ready to have a frank discussion about the role that online pornography plays in our lives? Are we ready to man up and tell the truth?

Well,  judging from the few answers actually published, they mostly asked women and a handful of white knights.  There is sadly no doubt that men, as a whole, are hypocritical as can be when it comes to being honest about their porn compulsions, but I am sure that this magazine could have found a few more openly porn positive men to interview.  Judging from the article, the 99% of us who look at porn are all so shame ridden at ‘objectifying’ women that we are constantly having to justify to ourselves why we haven’t yet cut our own dicks off.

Jesse Kornbluth, the former editor of AOL, gives the following typical self-vaginalizing judgment :

The scale of porn is huge. What causes the acceleration? It’s not abundant supply. It’s demand. Porn and teenaged boys have been inseparable since the beginning of time. The Internet offers more extreme porn than the airbrushed Playboy images I grew up on, but that’s not a reason to get unduly riled. I’m much more concerned about porn and adult males, many of whom seem to use it as a substitute for real relationships. Substitution quickly becomes distance, and distance becomes an unbridgeable chasm—and the porn-obsessed masturbator develops an unhealthy view of sex and women. Millions and millions of sick men out there. If I were an American woman, I’d be very cautious.

Cautious of what?  Why is she cautious of men who have found a substitute for the perils and traps that real relationships bring to a man in modern America?  Actually, the only thing she, and all the other women questioned, are cautious about is the sight of their sexual power over men diminishing.  As she makes clear, she isn’t afraid of teenage boys turning into perverts, only growing up not being addicted to having ‘real relationships’ with women. In other words, she fears a generation of independent and content masturbators.

Another women questioned opined :

“The inherent problem with porn, from a female perspective, is there is minimal kissing or tenderness, much less sensuality. How many women want to wear high heels to bed? I would like to view what transpired between Rhett and Scarlett after he carried her up those stairs.”

Well, actually there already is a multi-million pound female porn industry – it’s called ‘romantic fiction’.  And when it does get really racy, it’s not called porn at all, but ‘erotica’.

Meanwhile China has proven what feminists, commies, and femiservatives all have in common by closing down 60,00 pornographic websites and arresting 5,000.

China has shut down more than 60,000 pornographic websites this year and arrested 5,000 people as it steps up a campaign against obscene material.

Beijing has run a highly publicised drive against lewd online content which it claims is overwhelming the country’s internet and mobile phones and threatening the emotional health of children.

Critics have accused the Chinese government of deepening the crackdown, launched last December, and said censorship had blocked many sites with politically sensitive or even user-generated content.

Female Daily Mail Reader : “Well done China. Shame we can’t do this in the UK, oh of course we can’t too many blokes in the UK need porn to survive.” – Hilary, London, 30/12/2010 13:42

Male Daily Mail Reader replies : “And as to Hilary’s statement ….looking at the state of some of the women in McDonalds we probably do…..”-RobD, Grays, Essex, 30/12/2010 14:20

Why can’t China be more like Japan – the porn paradise where 100,000 women have appeared in porn?

Can you imagine that? A combined Asian force that could stand up to both the sexual trade union and castrated Western Conservacrites and manginas?

A happy new year to all my readers!

After the brutal murders of at least 3 prostitutes, police and sex workers call for debate on legalisation – silence from feminists

In the week that a British serial killer who murdered at least three prostitutes was jailed for life, the Association of Police Officers called for a debate on the relaxation of prostitution laws.


There is more chance of hell freezing over than the sexual trade union ever allowing men easier access to cheap, anonymous sex.  What on Earth, in their selfish brood mare eyes, has preventing the slaughter of sex workers got to do with  promoting the ‘rights’ of women??

some people involved in sex work want more fundamental changes to the legislation surrounding prostitution, such as designated red-light zones or decriminalised brothels.In the UK selling sex in itself is not illegal, but brothels and street prostitution are against the law.

“It means the people that are there to protect you, can also arrest you,” said Rosie Campbell of the UK Network of Sex Work Projects, “so [sex workers] can be reluctant to go the police.”

In Blackpool the authorities have been cracking down on prostitution.

Joanne Andrew, who owns a massage parlour in the town, was recently convicted of running a brothel.

The law only allows one person to sell sex in a property. To avoid a further prosecution she says women have had to leave the relative safety of her building, to work on the streets.

“I had a girl who worked for me a while ago, who was assaulted and dragged into a van by three guys,” said Ms Andrew.

“She came back and asked me for a job but I couldn’t give her one.”

No one from Blackpool Council was available to discuss the issue of safety but in a statement they said: “We are committed to cleaning up Blackpool and that includes a zero tolerance approach to illegal activities such as prostitution.

“This will involve taking the strongest possible action, including prosecution.”

For most police forces prostitution is not a priority.

With shrinking budgets the police tend to concentrate on cases where they suspect people have been trafficked or forced into sex work – although different forces have different strategies.

Appeal from the Foundation of Male Studies

  Dear Supporter of Male Studies,

This is the second and final mailing, requesting your help and support for a very important cause – a cause that will have a profound impact on boys and men across the country.
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These statistics prove that looking away will ultimately lead to a meltdown in our society:
  • According to the US Census Bureau, more women are going to college today than they did a decade ago, while the percentage of men attending college is decreasing relative to women;
  • The suicide rate for males is 300% higher than that of females, according to the National Institute for Mental Health. From the most recent data available, there were 24,672 male suicides and 5,950 female suicides during that year;
  • Boys regularly fail academically, repeat grades and are punished more often than girls in elementary and secondary schools;
  • Boys are expelled from high school in record numbers, and in some districts have only a 50% graduation rate;
  • Men accounted for 82% of the US jobs lost in the current economic downturn and now for the first time in US history comprise a minority (49%) of the nation’s work force—according to the US Department of Labor;
  • International politics continue to require the service of American males in the military. Those who die or are maimed become an outgrowth of the attitude that males are disposable;
  • Our legal and family systems fail to honor the importance of men in families by awarding 90% of custody of children to mothers, effectively limiting fathers from family participation;
  • Boys now represent 73% of children diagnosed with learning disabilities and 76% of those classified as emotionally disturbed—according to the US Department of Education;
  • 8 out of 10 children being medicated for behavioral problems are boys. Often these drugs are prescribed to quash the kinetics of boys in schools, while the real problem lies in the schools themselves—geared to the learning styles of girls.
How can we start turning things around for the benefit of everyone in our increasingly global society?
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British Government to ‘expunge’ gay sex offenders criminal records

Now, given that in the liberal and tolerant United Kingdom of the early 21st century you can be sentenced to 7 years in prison for merely discussing the ethics of homosexuality, I have to tread extremely carefully here.

I have nothing whatsoever against homosexuals, or homosexuality.  In fact, I sometimes wish I was gay.  When the liberal’s hate figure Silvio Burlusconi recently stated ‘it is better to like a pretty girl than to be gay’, he was wrong.  At least in today’s world.  And it’s news stories like the following that reveal him to be so clearly wrong.

Men with historic gay sex convictions to have crimes expunged

Lynne Featherstone, the Liberal Democrat equalities minister, will announce firm proposals for new legislation within days, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

The move will benefit thousands of men who were prosecuted for gay sex with someone over 16 during decades when the practice was against the law.

Currently, they must disclose the information as part of the programme of Criminal Records Bureau checks if they apply to work or volunteer for charities and other organisations.

Again, I wish to make clear, and not just because I want to avoid being imprisoned for thought crime, but because I genuinely believe this, that the historical persecution and discrimination of homosexuals throughout much of history has been an abomination.

But it does seem to me that there are some absurd elements here that only the crazed and convoluted mind of a ‘liberal rationalist’ could likely make sense of..

If sex offenders registers have any justification, it is surely because they are based upon the assumption that a willingness to break sex laws once makes it more likely that you are going to break them in future (that is, more than those who have never broken any sex law).

And yet a man, who once took a 16 year old boy up the ass when he was in his thirties, knowing that the age of consent for homosexuals was 21, now has his criminal record removed, and is deemed no threat to children.  A man, in other words, who was willing to have sex with a child 5 years under the legal age of consent – to, according to the law and the social norm at the time, sexually molest that child.  A man, who is apparently far less of a threat to children than is a hetrosexual man caught sleeping with a girl just shy of her 16th birthday.

In fact, it seems Theresa May, the woman who orginally drafted this new law, doesn’t think that 16 year old males are boys at all :

It is not fair that a man can be branded a criminal because 30 years ago he had consensual sex with another man

Despite all the evidence from psychology and neurology that teenage boys mature later than teenage girls, in the eyes of liberal progressives, 16 year old males are men, despite the growing persistant media (and feminist) reference to females in their late teens and even early twenties as being ‘girls’ (Angry Harry has been noting this recently with reference to the ‘girl’ student rioters aged over 18 – the same aged male rioters are never referred to as ‘boys’).  Obviously, preventing discrimination against homosexuals is more important than protecting children from sexual abuse.  Or at least it is if the age of consent is supposed to be about preventing immature teens being traumatised from having sex with older men – which is the feminist justification for such laws, after all.

But whether or not such unequal ages of consent were fair or unfair to homosexuals, the fact is that they were in law to (ostensibly) protect children, supposedly the highest value in today’s progressive world.  As readers of this site are well aware, I believe that the present age of consent in the UK (16) is manifestly absurd in a society which has free contraception, legal access to abortion, a welfare state (in case of unplanned and unsupported pregnancy), and a set of values that permits and even promotes casual sex as something good, or at least morally neutral.  However, I’m hesitant to suggest that any man up in court for sleeping with a 15 year old, uses as his defence his belief that in another 20 years, in a more enlightened and rational time, the age of consent will be lower than it is today, and therefore the crime of which he is being tried for likely to have come to be seen as a historical barbarism and any resulting conviction quashed.  Let’s just say it’s unlikely to wash with the jury or the judge.

Perhaps you might maintain that the point here is simply that homosexuals were being discriminated against.  Men who had sex with underage teenage boys 30 years ago weren’t really nasty paedophiles all too willing to break child sex laws – they somehow knew that morally what they were doing was o.k, because they could predict the future and see that in the UK of 2010, discrimination against homosexuals would be considered a great evil, even greater than breaking historical child sex laws.

Well then what about a teacher who goes to prison as a paedophile scum for having consensual sex with a 17 year old girl, 1 year over the age of consent in the UK?  Surely such laws discriminate against teachers?  Why should your profession determine who can and can’t consent to sex with you, and whether you should go to prison for who you put your dick inside, anymore than your sexuality does?

In Spain, the age of consent is still 13.  And it wasn’t just a ‘nominal age of consent’.  Up until very recently, you did see men in their 30’s and 40’s quite regularly walking hand in hand with young teenage girls, girls who obviously weren’t their daughters.  Yet, as a British citizen, if I slept with a 15 year old Spanish girl in Spain, I would face extradition to the UK for child sex abuse.  Doesn’t that discriminate against me according to my nationality?  Isn’t it, in fact, a little bit racist, that I can be arrested for doing something in Spain that is perfectly legal for a Spanish man to do, just because of the accident of my race and nationality?  Note that the same government that originated this law of forgiveness for homosexual child sex offenders (Nu Labour) wanted to criminilize hetereosexual men for sleeping with even 16 and 17 year old girls abroad, even when the age of consent in the UK is still 16 (presumably, they had to settle for 16 for ‘sex crimes’ abroad because they were told that any higher would be quite manifestly breaking EU fundamental citizen rights).

And again, in the mysterious mind of a liberal rationalist, a 15 year old girl can happily consent to drop her panties at a party in order to ‘explore’ her sexuality by going to bed with an equally ‘clueless’ 15 year old boy.  Yet such tolerant liberal defenders of teenage sex will, at the same time, happily call for men who sleep with the same 15 year old girl to be locked up for child abuse, even tortured and executed.  

In the UK we have laws that prevent discrimination based upon age, just as we have for discrimation against ‘sexual orientation’. Yet liberals feel it unnecessary to articulate just why it is right, in the case of having sex with teens, that the law should discriminate upon age but not sexuality.  Usually, they simply appeal to some kind of mysterious mystical insight – ‘it’s totally different if you’re not the same age’.   Well, I could come up with a 200 page essay as to why the age of consent should be different for heterosexuals than it is for homosexuals.  I won’t, and not only because I could possibly face 7 years in prison, getting to know homosexuality on a more intimate and unwanted basis.  The point is, I could construct a plausible and coherent devils advocate argument for ‘discrimination’.  However, these liberal rationalists don’t seem able to even put into words any concrete justification for the manifest discrimination based wholly on age that allows a 15 year old boy to boast to his mates that he has finally gotten Ashley to give up her virginity, but imprisons a 30 year old man as a ‘dirty old’ paedophile for doing exactly the same thing, or even, more likely, for having a considerate and genuinely loving relationship with that 15 year old girl.

Yesterday, I came across a highly disturbing claim, posted in a Thailand ex-pat forum, that the government there was planning to raise the age of consent to 20.  Thankfully, hopefully, there is no basis to this story, as the original poster refuses to provide any link that would confirm it.  But what is disturbing is the attitude of many of the other (British) forum members.  An attitude of, ‘so what? If you can’t keep it in your pants, you should get it cut off.’ However, when it comes to homosexuals, if the law is unjust, and they can’t keep it in their pants, they deserve official apologies and sainthood rather than castration. I posted this forum link on the new men’s rights reddit.  Somebody by the handle of ‘commentbot‘ left the following underneath :

Sounds like it would only be a problem for those sad old perverts you see around the (Thai) islands who wouldn’t get laid other than via prostitution. You know the ones who try to claim ‘I didn’t know she was only fourteen’. Yeah that’s them – child raping paedophile scum.

Just another troll you might think.  But looking through this redditer’s previous comment history, it appears that he is a typical liberal progressive rationalist atheist.  In fact, he had this to say about Alan Turing, the homosexual genius castrated by the British government for getting dirty with a 19 year old boy after winning them the war :

What piffle! It was homophobia plain and simple. He was well accepted amongst his class, in fact it was an open secret – absolutely nothing wrong with being a ‘nancy-boy’ – many of his contemporaries were also. People in the Service are top-class, very intelligent, and quite unlike politicians and judges who are more capable socially. He had his moods but none who knew about such things thought him a real security risk. He knew Cairncross and Blunt but they all did. It is a complete misunderstanding of his contribution to think that he was some sort of cryptographic key-man. edit: Hormone treatment wasn’t offered to Turing alone.

It got out of hand, when it got out to the oiks.

The ignorant, ingrate mob he helped to save from the Nazis killed him because he was a homosexual.

When it comes to heterosexual men having sex with 19 year old women, errr, I mean ‘girls’, then cut their paedophile dicks off.  Homosexual men having sex with 19 year old boys, ahem, I mean ‘men’, then they deserve a place in heaven and a state apology on behalf of the ignorant, sex hating, God fearing mob.

I was recently asked by a men’s rights supporter if we could learn anything from the gay rights movement.  And it’s a question that is certainly worth pondering.  How is it that only 100 years ago, homosexuality was (disgracefully) a crime considered so ghastly that it could hardly even be discussed, and yet today, in the midst of medieval paedohysteria, even homosexual ‘child sex’ offenders are given state pardons?  The answer, it seems to me, is simply that homosexuals have been useful to feminists

Gay men didn’t win their rights. Feminists decided it was in their interests to give gay men their rights.  Promoting gay rights, as well as rights for transgendered people, serves the agenda of the sexual trade union.  When that ceases to be the case (and it will likely soon when feminists begin to see conservatives and even Islam as more useful or necessary allies), homosexuals will once again be persecuted by society, probably in a far worse manner than anything they have previously suffered in European history.  But at present, championing gay marriage, and the right of gays to serve in the military, allows the sexual trade union to appear ‘sexually progressive’ and ‘tolerant’, whilst at the same time conducting a savagely repressive war against ordinary heterosexuality – the sexuality of the vast majority of men. 

America can be held up as a beacon of liberal progress and toleration, and feminism can seek further false credit as a champion of Enlightenment values.  Gays can now serve in the military, and even get married.  Meanwhile, nearly 1 million American men are officially regarded as subhuman, described by the lesbian Supreme Court Judge Elena Kagan as ‘bacteria, a plague’ of whom the state should have ‘unlimited power to contain’.  Even after serving their sentence, and after having taken their prison beatings and rapes, sex offenders in America can now be told that they are not free men, and can be held in prison until the day they die – for as little as the original crime of clicking a mouse upon an image of 17 year old girl in a thong.

And the ultimate irony is, homosexual men in progressive and tolerant America, and the UK, are already probably just as criminalized as they have ever been.  In the double-think world of the politically correct, we are supposed to believe that the hebophile Alan Turing, a man who picked up and had casual sex with a 19 year old boy despite knowing the legal consequences (how many others did he fuck, and how old?), if alive today would never, in all the thousands of hours he would no doubt spend on the computers that he invented, ever so much as once click upon an image of a young looking 19 year old boy in a pair of underpants – and thus criminalize himself, and potentially be jailed for life, for breaking feminist ‘virtual child pornography’ laws.  Laws made and approved by those very same progressive and rationalist arseholes who gave him a state pardon for sodomizing a 19 year old ‘man’.

Julian Assange : ‘Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of Feminism’

He said he believed his accusers became angry when the younger woman, Miss W, contacted Miss A and they realised he had been to bed with both of them in swift succession. They went to the police station together, apparently to seek advice. A policewoman who heard their stories is said to have suggested they could pursue criminal charges.

Mr Assange is now wanted on suspicion of rape, sexual coercion and sexual assault. It is important to him that it is known he has not yet been charged with any crime anywhere else.

Mr Assange regards himself as a victim of radicalism. “Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism,” he said. “I fell into a hornets’ nest of revolutionary feminism.”

More breaking anti-feminist news stories at :

See also ‘The Julian Assange False Rape File’

A Very Happy Anti-Feminist Christmas from Sid James and the Carry On Team 1973

sid james christmasI promised my loyal and esteemed reader ‘Highwayman’ that I’d compile a list of the most anti-feminist music videos ever made, as a kind of ‘Christmas Special’.  Unfortunately I haven’t yet gotten around to completing it.  So by way of recompense, here’s a video that would probably make the sexual trade union scream in outrage more than every politically incorrect music video made in the last 20 years put together.

Disclaimer : Video shown for anthropological/cultural history lessons only.  And maybe a good, un pc belly laugh as well – it is Christmas after all.  (I am not the uploader of this video to YouTube, btw).

So step right inside the anti-feminist time machine. It’s Christmas Day 1973. Gather round the box with your family, and 25 million other turkey stuffed Brits, and enjoy a brief glimpse of an English land that time forgot….

Craigslist Drops Erotic Ads Internationally

Feminist and conservative pressure groups have finally succeeded in blackmailing Craigslist into closing down their erotic services sections in all of their international editions.

HARTFORD (Connecticut) – CRAIGSLIST has confirmed that it removed its controversial adult services section from its international sites, Connecticut’s attorney general said on Tuesday, four months after it did the same for its US sites.

The US move in September came under pressure from officials, including Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, over whether Craigslist was adequately policing illegal ads.

Mr Blumenthal, who is also a US Senator-elect, says Craigslist representatives confirmed to his office on Tuesday that it had removed erotic services listings from hundreds of sites in dozens of other countries.

Representatives of San Francisco-based Craigslist did not immediately return messages on Tuesday about when the change went into effect. The removal was first reported on Wired magazine’s website.

Mr Blumenthal called the company’s decision a victory against sexual exploitation of women and children, and against human trafficking connected to prostitution.

‘This move is another important step in the ongoing fight to more effectively screen and stop pernicious prostitution ads,’ he said. — AP  (

Here We Go…Femiservatives Raise it Another Notch

Older Teenagers ‘Unsafe Online’

The mother of a murdered teenager who was groomed online by a stranger, says not enough is being done to protect older teens on the web.

Ashleigh Hall was 17 when she was killed by Peter Chapman, who was dubbed the Facebook Murderer, in 2009.

He had used a fake photo to pose as a teenage boy online.

Her mum Andrea says there’s not enough help for teenagers once they turn 16.

“There isn’t enough safety online,” she said.

“If there is any it’s just there for people who are under 16. What about keeping over 16s safe?” she said.

Expect to see the British government make it a criminal offence to talk to a ‘girl’ under 21 online.  To hell with the effect that this will have on the already broken relationship between the generations in this foul and foresaken land – as long as it wins the ruling Femiservative party the crucial floating votes of the older, sexually threatened female in a free sexual market.  Shameless exploitation of an individual tragedy, and one mother’s tragic grief and victimhood, that feminists of both political stripes now excell at.

Meanwhile, as if just to highlight how much danger to the rights of men the right-wing ‘femiservative’ really is, the same British ruling party is set to block ALL internet porn in the UK :

UK Conservatives Want to Block ALL Internet Porn :

A conservative member of the British Parliament has made a move to block all pornography from reaching Internet subscribers in the UK.The British government plans to meet with Internet() service providers in the country next month to discuss the idea of censoring all Internet connections and requiring users to specifically request access to pornographic materials from their ISPs.

Not surprisingly, children are being trotted out as the reason for this mass censorship. Conservative MP Claire Perry said to the Sunday Times, “We are not coming at this from an anti-porn perspective. We just want to make sure our children aren’t stumbling across things we don’t want them to see.”