How the Penis Powers Progress (Make Love Not War)

If having nearly 1 million American men under threat of indefinite detention isn’t enough to satisfy feminists, some are now openly debating whether merely complimenting a woman in the street should earn you a place on the sex offenders register.  Of course, what these green eyed monsters made flesh can’t handle is the sight of watching other, more attractive women, being complimented instead of them.

The Erotic EngineBut before the femi-beasts drive you to hack your own penis off in shame at its inherent evil and through fear at the possible trouble it might land you in, perhaps you would do better to give it a pep talk.  You could do worse than start by reading it aloud passages from the following intriguing book : ‘The Erotic Engine’ : How Porn Powers Progress’ written by a Mr Patchen Barss.  In the book (which I haven’t yet read), Barss claims that porn has pretty much driven forward everything since the days of erotic cave paintings and crude fertility carvings to VHS and the Internet.

This all seems quite reasonable to me.   I’ve been reading a lot on Futurism and the Singularity lately. Although the notion of a looming technological Singularity seems to me questionable, it does encapsulate a far more undeniable truth – that we are on the brink of technological advances that will transform society and our apparent control over nature.  I say apparent, because whether or not the human being, or whatever post-human being that emerges in the next couple of centuries, is or can ever be separate from nature (a condition of being able to truly ‘control nature’ and certainly to ‘control evolution’) is a deep philosophical question.  John Gray, an English philosopher usually left out of these discussions, has penned by far and away the most persuasive case that the idea of the human animal ever taking control of its own evolution is inherently absurd.

But there is one element in this fascinating debate that Singularitarians, Transhumanists, and their sceptics such as Gray, can often all agree upon.  And this is that the Singularity (and astonishing future technological progress in general) will likely be driven by basic needs and desires that we have had in common with other primates since we shared an ancestor with the chimpanzee.  In particular, fucking and fighting.

There is a plausible case to be made that if the Singularity does indeed take place, it is likely to occur in some top secret Pentagon, or perhaps Chinese, military research facility. 

And that should be a prospect enough to chill anybody.

But there is a happier alternative.  That our desire for sex, in particular the relatively simple male need for visual and tactile satisfaction of his sexual needs, is what gives rise to the Singularity, or at least A.I. and related technologies.  We’re already seeing a glimpse of this in the progress towards humanoid robots that you would want to interact with, as well as in the field of telepresence (of which teledildonics is the sexual form -see the RealTouch).

As the saying goes – ‘Make Love, Not War’. 

It’s also another reason, the ultimate reason, to oppose the sexual trade union’s war against male sexuality.  The future of humanity, or at least the speed and moral outcome of technological progress, could well depend upon it.

The Future is Now (yiippeee!) : Breast Augmentation to Lead Stem Cell Revolution

Stem Cell therapy promises to be a medicinal ‘magic bullet’ for just about…everything.  From restoring sight in blind people, to replacing cancerous or worn out organs with healthy new ones that have been grown to order.

And it appears that the evil male objectification of female boobies might enable it all to happen, or at least to get there a lot faster :

It makes sense to apply Cytori’s technology to enhance breasts instead of, say, repair urinary sphincters as a strategic way to move the patented technology out of rats and into people as soon as possible. Hearts, kidneys, and even sphincters have to work in order for us to survive. But we can live just fine without breast tissue, and, outside of feeding offspring, breasts don’t have to do much. The fact is, the scientific and regulatory hurdles to getting Cytori’s cells into clinical use will be easier to clear for breasts than for other tissue: Breasts simply aren’t as necessary as other organs, so the bar for proving to regulators that the technology works will be lower.

It’s also a booming market. In 2009, women forked over $964 million to plastic surgeons for breast augmentation, which edges out nose jobs as the most commonly performed plastic surgery in the US.

Top Heavy
Racing towards the future. Exactly!

 Of course, sex doesn’t just drive technology, as we have seen with the contraceptive pill, technology drives sex – or at least the rules and ethics that accompany it.  This week it was announced that a contraceptive cream that carries no apparent side-effects will soon be on the market and which will effectively replace the pill.  What possible social effects might this have?  And in the coming years there will be many such developments, far greater than this. 

Highwayman posted the following typically intelligent observation of what a possible consequence might be :

I remember reading some articles about The Pill that stated that usage of the pill had a tendency to alter women’s sexual preferences in men. If this is proven to be true I wonder if this might be a factor in our current high divorce rates (women make choices in men while their preferences are altered by the pill…then when they eventually stop using the pill and return to their normal preferences they loose interest in their mates). If this new cream were to not have this alleged side-effect then I wonder if it would mean more stable long term relationships (for those that prefer to pursue them).

Dr Helen Fisher on ‘The New Mogonomy : Forward to the Past’

The good doctor comes out with far more feminist nonsense than she customarily does here.  Nonetheless, anything that Helen Fisher writes about on sex is always worth reading, and her piece neatly rounds off the theme of this post.

Marriage has changed more in the past 100 years than it has in the past 10,000, and it could change more in the next 20 years than in the last 100. We are rapidly shedding traditions that emerged with the Agricultural Revolution and returning to patterns of sex, romance, and attachment that evolved on the grasslands of Africa millions of years ago.

Let’s look at virginity at marriage, arranged marriages, the concept that men should be the sole family breadwinners, the credo that a woman’s place is in the home, the double standard for adultery, and the concepts of “honor thy husband” and “til death do us part.” These beliefs are vanishing. Instead, children are expressing their sexuality. “Hooking up” (the new term for a one-night stand) is becoming commonplace, along with living together, bearing children out of wedlock, women-headed households, interracial marriages, homosexual weddings, commuter marriages between individuals who live apart, childless marriages, betrothals between older women and younger men, and small families.

Our concept of infidelity is changing. Some married couples agree to have brief sexual encounters when they travel separately; others sustain long-term adulterous relationships with the approval of a spouse. Even our concept of divorce is shifting. Divorce used to be considered a sign of failure; today it is often deemed the first step toward true happiness.

These trends aren’t new. Anthropologists have many clues to life among our forebears; the dead do speak. A million years ago, children were most likely experimenting with sex and love by age six. Teens lived together, in relationships known as “trial marriages.” Men and women chose their partners for themselves. Many were unfaithful—a propensity common in all 42 extant cultures I have examined. When our forebears found themselves in an unhappy partnership, these ancients walked out. A million years ago, anthropologists suspect, most men and women had two or three long-term partners across their lifetimes. All these primordial habits are returning….

‘Borderline Paedophilia’ – Women in Mid-Twenties Dressed as Teenagers

As the carefully manipulated hysteria over child abuse continues to grow ever more intense and irrational, the sexual trade union deftly shifts the goal posts, knowing that the mob, both proles and ‘rational progressives’ alike, are too blinded with nihilistic self-righteous fury to even notice or care.

The Daily Sexual Trade Union Mail reports with gleeful approval over the outrage generated in bible thumping America at a pair of grown women in their mid-twenties dressed up as teenage schoolgirls – shockingly posing..errrm…well, shockingly posing as women in their mid-twenties.. I guess.

Despite the fact that all three cast mates are over the age of 21, the row stems from the fact they are shot as their high school characters.

The Parents Television Council released a statement condemning GQ for publishing the pictures.

‘It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for adult men, is sexualising the actresses who play high school-aged characters on Glee in this way.

Glee GQ Paedophilia

Protected from the perverted lusts of evil men, American girls would clearly be so wholesome and virginal, they wouldn’t know the difference between apple pie and hairy pie until their 18th birthday’s….or their 21st.  Or 25th.

Or maybe this forced ‘innocence’ is why they have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world – eight times as high as Japan?

No, what’s freakingly disturbing is the blatant and shameless way that the sexual trade union is continuing to extend and cheapen the notion of what constitutes paedophilia – the abuse of pre-pubescent children, to encompass grown women in their mid-twenties posing sexily for middle-aged men.

And of course, if certain pussy begging progressive and fair minded rationalists get their way, when the global age of consent is eventually raised to 21 or 25, it will be an act of obscene heresy punishable by death to so much as question such laws.

As one commentator underneath the article put it well :

Huh ! WTH are they talking about……? Pedophilia? These are grown *** teenagers not preteens or children. The girl is 24 years old and looks good-it could be A LOT worse. And anyway its GQ magazine, which last time I checked doesn’t cater to the preteen demographic. So EPIC FAIL.

In the light of such lunacy, it’s hardly surprising that feminist and mangina fascists would like to silence anybody who would even seek rational debate over paedohysteria or the age of consent.  For such irrational, hateful idiocy is only able to exist in an atmosphere of medieval witch hunts and the looming specter of gulags and concentration camps.

Paedohysteria, the obsession with ‘sexual innocence’, and the very idea of teenagers being non-sexual children, was virtually unique, until very recently, to the most backward theocratic segments of American society.

As little as a decade ago in the German speaking nations, the idea of even 15 or 16 year olds being considered ‘children’ was faintly ridiculous.  About as inappropriate and demeaning as describing 21 year olds as children still is today in the UK.  This distinction is actually embedded into their language, in the difference between ‘kinder‘ (children) and ‘Jugendiche‘ (young people – teenagers).

I remember visiting a sex shop in Hamburg and seeing a girl who could have been no more than sixteen years of age serving behind the counter. It wasn’t shocking.  Why would it be, when many of her customers were 15 year old schoolgirls eager to try out the latest must have vibrator?  Das Bild, the national working-class tabloid, regularly published photographs of ‘Jugendliche’, who were under 18, topless or fully naked. And back in the 1970’s, the most popular ‘saucy’ comedy film franchise was ‘Schulmädchen Report’, which would often feature scenes involving teachers carressing the breasts of their 15 year old pupils or spying on them as they undressed in the showers.  These films were considered family entertainment, and were as popular in Germany as the Carry On films were in the UK.

Only ten years ago, the very idea of a sex offenders register would have been taboo in Germany, evoking painful reminders in the collective consciousness of homosexual uentermenschen being forced to wear pink triangles as they awaited their appointment with Herr. Zyklon B.

Now of course, as we saw last week with Angela Merkel’s previously unthinkable criticism of multi-culturalism, Germany has ‘moved on’.  That a million Jewish kids came to be butchered upon the sacred alter of ‘child protection’, is no longer a living memory, but rather ancient history.

Why should Germany worry about what the outside world thinks of anything it does – anything that might provoke memories of the initial steps of the Nazi era?  Certainly not when applied to Untermensch paedophiles.  Not when America has already got nearly a million men dehumanized to the extent of being one small step away from a final solution, any discussion or criticism of which will get pederast senators and progressive humanists alike making threats against your retrograde and deviant thought crime.

So it’s no real surprise to learn that German television has now launched its own version of the boyish lovinglooking Chris Hanson’s Dateline USA.  Just a little sad to think where it will inevitably all lead to (again).  This time, likely on a global scale.  In the words of a male German politician a couple of years ago, when Angela Merkel and her female ‘justice’ minister were trying to criminilize even kissing between under 18s, (and being forced to speak on condition of anonymity) :

“everybody can see that it’s a crazy law, but we’re all too afraid to speak out against it in case we’re accused of defending paedophilia.  It’s just an act of sexual colonialism on the part of America”

Which of the two females below is most attractive?  Now, be careful, don’t rush your answer.’s not as…ahem…obvious as it looks.  Well actually, it must be blindingly obvious (hint, the one in the mini-skirt). Because if you make the wrong choice, you are a subhuman perverted mentalist monster in deserve of death.  Isn’t radiant skin, piercingly bright eyes, and lush, glowing hair all rather overrated anyway?

Ava Sambora

Source : Ava Sambora, 13, looks just like mother Heather Locklear. (except 25 years younger, obviously).

I wonder what poor Heather Locklear must be going through?  Something like this woman, I imagine.

Whereas getting turned on by 25 year old women, 14 years post pubescent, is now close to being considered paedophilia in America, 15 year old girls dressed in short skirts dancing around a 40 year old man in his red underpants is considered a sure fire no.1 pop hit in Japan. Or at least it still was only 5 years ago, until they too were conquered by the American feminist/puritan axis of ignorance.  I wonder how it is, if paedohysteria and the sexual trade union in America is doing such a fine job protecting children from abuse, that the Japanese Prime Minister was almost run out of office for his failure to get rid of the US army in Okinawa. In the eyes of Japanese voters, thus ensuring that small Japanese children continue to be unable to walk to school without fear of being raped by products of an American society no longer able to tell the sexual difference between a 5 year old and a 25 year old?

Prepare to be outraged:

In fact Daily Mail readers might be surprised to learn that it was acceptable even in the UK, until very recently, for thirty something pop singers to have naughty schoolgirls dancing around them.  The shocking scenes captured in the following video represent the UK’s 2006 entry for the annual Eurovision Song Contest – Daz Sampson’s ‘Teenage Life’.  A poignant ode to lost adolescence, innocent school days that were never going to end….and the transient joys of being able to bang 16 year old sluts in school uniform on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, Daz’s cheeky and tuneful ditty received mainly null pwoint from the Euro Judges…obviously acting under the orders of the sexual trade union…

The outcome of rationalist progress at its finest :

Italy Will Chop Down Forest to Stop Prostitution

Italy plans to denude forest to fight prostitution

(Oct. 17) — An Italian region struggling with policing the sex trade along a heavily wooded road has come up with a novel solution: Just chop down the forest.

According to the Guardian newspaper, the regional government of Abruzzo in central Italy has tried 24-hour patrols, raids and cameras to curb the rampant sex trade on the Bonifica del Tronto road — all to no effect.

Finally, Angelo di Paolo, the regional government’s notoriously decisive public works chief, decided that fighting the forest would be much easier then fighting the sex trade. He declared that all the vegetation on or around the banks of the River Tonto would be cut down.

Environmental groups are protesting, saying the plan would destroy 69 acres of woodland vital to local ecosystems

Upholding the market price of the average vagina is far more important than eco-systems and preserving ancient forests.  Obviously.

The article then goes on to make the interesting observation that Mara Carfagna, the  sexual trade union ‘equality’ minister,  who first made it illegal to buy and sell sex in Italy, was herself a former topless model. 

…the Italian state has traditionally had a hands-off approach to the sex industry. Street prostitution was legal until 2008, when the minster for equal opportunities, former topless model Mara Carfagna, introduced a national system of fines and jail time for people caught buying or selling sex. She called it the first substantive action against the sex trade in 50 years.

Well, what a surprise.  No, not really.  Women, being the children that most of them are, are incapable of seeing even themselves as enduring selves, existing over time.  An attractive 20 year old woman believes passionately that the free sexual market is a liberal right.  The same woman at 40 can ‘clearly see’ that it’s an exploitative form of barbarism.  For more examples of the menopausal flip see Mandy Smith , Joan Bakewell, and of course, Madonna.

And more bad news from loyal reader the Highwayman, who informs us that Canada is again revealing itself to be just another sexual colonialist outpost of Dumbville USA, this time by pressurising Craigslist to follow loony tune America and drop its erotic ads service :

Ontario says it’s only fair that the online service Craigslist stop carrying ads for prostitutes in the province under its erotic services section, just as it has done in the United States. 

Three Ontario cabinet ministers signed a Sept. 14 letter to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster applauding the service for agreeing to requests from attorneys general south of the border to shut down links to prostitution-related ads.

 Not only that, but an intriguing plan by Canadian beurocrats to help unemployed women work in the sex trade has predictably been ripped up :

Ryan Sparrow, a spokesman for federal Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, sought to distance his boss from the initiative, saying she had absolutely nothing to do with it. But with no one taking responsibility for the proposal, it remains unclear why someone in government sought the changes.

The Harper government has made it clear in the past that it is not in favour of measures that would lend more legitimacy to the adult-entertainment industry. But it appears from a draft bulletin sent to all the provinces that the bureaucrats were trying to do just that by updating the job bank to include all legal occupations.

Trauma therapy industry descends on Chilean miners :

Fox’s fortune-teller says it could spawn ‘divorces, violence, terrible despondency, panic attacks, plays for celebrity that fall short and lead to suicide, addiction to alcohol and illicit drugs and gambling, and wild allegations levelled by one miner against another’. For the mental-health lobby, it seems, every silver lining has a cloud.How will these men who coped remarkably well in a 32 degrees Celsius underground cavern for more than two months now cope with the temptation to descend into a drug-addled world of violence and backstabbing? On this question, the experts are unanimous: as one of them sums it up, the freed 33 will require ‘all the skill of the very best mental-health professionals available’. Is it just me or does this look like a brazen job-creation scheme? At a time of recession and cutbacks, I guess even the mental-health lobby has to find ways to earn a crust – even if that means cynically re-presenting 33 fairly hard, robust miners as men on the verge of a nervous breakdown who will need professional help for the rest of their lives.

Sexual Trade Union Fueherin Angela Merkel forced to speak out against the Islamification of Germany :

Angela Merkal must be tired of this Chancellorship of Germany lark.  When she was first elected, she probably thought it was all about trying to send 17 year old boys to Auschwitz for kissing their 17 year old girlfriends.  Now she finds that if it’s not dealing with a wrecked global economy, she’s being forced to pretend to oppose Islam – just to keep her arayan conservative voters happy :

Mrs Merkel told a meeting of the youth wing of her party: “Multikulti, the concept that we are now living side by side and are happy about it.

“This approach has failed, utterly,” she said just days after a new poll showed a third of all Germans viewed immigrants as welfare cheats.

It’s been far too long since we published an outrageous picture of Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus Street Walker

Miley Cyrus believes in the free sexual market, evidently.  In 25 years time, she’ll want to rip to pieces morally protect every attractive 17 year old girl dressed like that.

Snark and Human-Stupidity on Gynocentrism

A brilliant comment by Snark spotted at (the-spearhead) – on ‘Gynocentrism Theory’

Women who are not feminists are not feminists because they do not need to be; i.e. they do not lack the power over men which they covet.

Hence, among the younger women, it is usually neurotic and/or ugly women who tend to be feminists; and women tend to become feminists once they are older, i.e. they have passed their Wile E. Coyote moment; their power in all these cases is threatened because they lack the physical attractiveness required to control men. Hence they seek it in other ways (affirmative action, penal, etc.) and are as motivated by vindictive rage (perhaps stemming from self-hate at the realisation of no longer being ‘worthy’ enough to control men through their own assets) as by self-gain. On older women seeking to disempower younger women’s use of said assets, see

BUT, back to the women who control men but are NOT nominally feminists. I.e. young, attractive women.

There is a whole different game of misandry being played here. They already hold the power – sexual power – and so have no need to engage in things like feminism. They already have everything feminism could offer them, that is, control over men.

Gynocentrism Theory teaches us that even when those individuals in powerful roles are mostly men, they are doing the bidding of women, not of men en masse; thus the lie is given to Patriarchy Theory, which suggests ridiculously that the few men in power stick up for all the ‘little guys’ out there, against the interests of women.

Gynocentrism Theory then tells us what women – either the non-feminists who sexually control men, or successful feminists – actually do with this power over men. They get men to fight each other. They create conflict between men where there is and should be no conflict. Why? To determine the stronger, of course. It’s the cause of primitivism at the pinnacle of civilisation and it’s why we have so many of the enduring social problems we still struggle with.

Men aren’t naturally violent or aggressive; they simply have the potential to be these things. It is the fact that women reward with sex those who prove themselves to be the most violent and aggressive which makes men act violently and aggressively.

The price of a woman’s titillation is an innocent man getting his head smashed in as he walks home. This, just so that the perpetrator can be sexually selected. Woman’s role in the crime is concealed; she didn’t perform the act, after all; she only manipulated the man’s natural stimulus and response system to get him to perform a violent display for her sexual benefit.

On the other hand, the women with power which is not sexual – i.e., older feminists – motivated by the same basic psychosexual forces but unable to manipulate men any longer using their bodies, having faced years or decades of internal torment from the aforementioned rejection and self-hate, engage in a whole different kind of manipulation. That is, exponentially increasing penalisation for masculinity and maleness itself.

The outcome of all this is that men today are being ground between two millstones: on the one hand, non-feminist women demand that men must act aggressively and violently if they are to be sexually selected; on the other, their feminist sisters demand increasingly brutal punishments for men who act precisely in this way.

Further: today we are subject to the new phenomena ambient porn, that is, the promise of sexual rewards from desirable young women at every turn. Women who decry pornography do so while dolled up to look like porn stars themselves, and don’t you dare criticise them for it. There is no escaping the pink wurlitzer: male sexuality is provoked everywhere you look, whether in images from your TV screen, or in magazines, adverts at bus stops, billboards, and more pervasively and perversely than all of this, in the flesh, walking around absolutely everywhere from your home to the local store to the place you work. Just think about how standards of decency have changed throughout the last hundred years and you’ll realise that we really are living through a previously untested social experiment – we are oversaturated with female flesh to the point that it’s surprising a man can find the time to think straight outside of his ‘cave’. To reiterate, our sexuality is being forever provoked, taunted, prodded at. All to ensure that we react in that ‘real manly’ way that the young non-feminist women demand, so that we can promptly be caught and brutalised by white knights employed by institutions controlled and run by or for the benefit of feminist women.

That, in a nutshell, is the problem, and although I am generally uncomfortable with ideas of historical inevitability, this was all quite possibly set in stone from the moment women were granted the vote. This is, unquestionably, the tyranny of the majority that De Tocqueville and John Stuart Mill warned us of. Men are the 49% minority, and women are the 51% majority, empowered by democracy to abuse us as they will.

Extract from another essential anti-feminist piece by Human-Stupidity :

Get a Lawyer before sex : 27 precautions every man should take

Check ID for Age & Identity :

3) Check ID of your prospective partner for age Make sure your partner is above age of consent.
It does not matter if your prospective parter looks like 70 years old, s/he could suffer from Progeria, which makes 7 year olds look like 70. The disease is admittedly rare, but do you want to go to jail for 20 years and get special attention because you are labelled a “child rapist”?
4) Verify the ID for authenticity The ID could be fake. So check the ID for authenticity.
No matter how well you checked, how well she falsified her ID, this will not keep you out of jail. This should be known since the times of Tracy Lords
5) Make sure the ID does not belong to someone else. The ID could be authentic. But it could belong to another person. So check the photo, compare it to the person. If there is a signature, have the person sign a piece of paper. Get a graphotechnical (handwriting expert) analysis to assure the signature in the ID matches the signature in the ID. If there are fingerprint and other features, have an expert check this.
6) Hire a detective to run a background check, to independently to confirm all data on ID, to make sure she is off age and really over the age of consent Even if s/he has a government emitted ID, if she deceived or bribed government officials to give her a false ID, that is no excuse.
So the detective, ideally, should check out the family, school records, birth certificate, verify records at her birth clinic. Ideally he should run a DNA test to make sure there is no stolen identity.

Human-Stupidity is a rare MRA who understands that feminist generated paedohysteria is as much about middle-aged women stopping men having sex with 20 year olds (for fear that they might turn out to be underage) as it has to do with stopping sex with 15 year olds (and nothing at all about stopping genuine perverts having sex with pre-pubescent children).

Promptly added to my list of essential anti-feminist aticles (see sidebar on the right).  As has been Roissy’s classic 2007 article on sexbots and the future of the sex market.  (I honestly only became aware of Roissy and his brilliant article this year.  Likewise with the brilliant Anti-Feminist Tech, who also writes about the impact that sexbots and other future sex tech will have on the balance of power between the sexes).

There is only one hope for men’s rights, as I have stated here often.  That technology makes the sexual trade union redundant or impotent.  Ironically, the fact that the single invention of the contraceptive pill has had such a blind and uncontrollable effect upon society and the relationship between the sexes (i.e. the free sexual  market and second wave feminism), is our most inspiring piece of evidence that this hope is not futile.

Lionel Tiger Proven Right : Birth Control Pills Alter Structure of Female Brain

….a recent study in the journal Brain Research comparing the brains of women on birth control pills with brains of other women and men. When the study’s authors examined high-resolution images of participants’ brains, they found the women on hormones showed more matter in some areas of the brain, including the prefrontal cortex, which is associated with cognitive activities like decision-making.

The Brain Research study prompted breathless news reports suggesting that the pill makes you smarter. But Kinsley and Meyer point out that the brain works like a “neural beehive,” and disturbing one part of the hive could impact the other. The fact that one brain region becomes larger than the next does not mean a woman on hormones is more intelligent or effective. It is also possible that her brain is going haywire. (Kinsley and Meyer actually use the word “catawampus.”)

It would be good to have a drug that could make women as smart as men.  Or perhaps it would just make them even more devious and cunning in defence of their selfish sexual mating strategies.  Anyway, essential reading is the latest article from Satoshi Kanozawa : Girls are more intelligent than boys, men are more intelligent than women

As other MRAs have noted, girls don’t really mature much past the age of puberty.  Or in the words of Schopenhauer :

Women are suited to being the nurses and teachers of our earliest childhood precisely because they themselves are childish, silly and short-sighted, in a word big children, their whole lives long: a kind of intermediate stage between the child and the man, who is the actual human being, ‘man.’

Feminist Hysteria, Old Men Fighting Back..and Japanese Prostitute Vending Machines!

More Bullshit on Sex Trafficking – Sex Enslavement at the Ryder Cup!

As golf fans count down to the first ever Welsh-hosted Ryder Cup, teeing off this Friday, Wales has been told to brace itself for an influx of sex-trafficking victims.

A recent Welsh Assembly report concluded that it is ‘highly likely’ that the Ryder Cup will result in a surge in sex trafficking to Wales. As evidence, it pointed to how Greece licensed new brothels ahead of the 2004 Athens Olympics to meet demand and said that ‘mega-brothels’ were built to satisfy sex-seeking football players and fans during Germany’s 2006 World Cup.

The media has repeated the assembly’s claims without question, predicting that the Ryder Cup will ‘fuel a boom in women and children forced here from abroad to work in the Welsh sex industry’.

But there is one problem with all this: the claims around the Athens Games and the World Cup in Germany in 2006 are based on myths that refuse to die.

Sex Trafficking for the Ryder Cup is about as real as a Japanese Prostitute Vending Machine :

Japanese Prostitute Vending Machine

Japanese Prostitute Vending Machine 2

We can dream.

Feminist hysteria and bullshit over sex trafficking might be as strong as ever, but could we be seeing an effort by Britain’s coalition government to finally stem the destructive tide of paedohysteria?

Gove to tackle school’s ‘no-touch’ rules

The myth that England’s teachers are not allowed to touch pupils when they need to restrain or comfort them is to be tackled, the education secretary has said.

Michael Gove said the clarification was part of a “new deal” for teachers.

They would also be given some anonymity when facing allegations from pupils.

Sexual Trade Union Rages at Call to Scrap Anti-Paedo Vetting Scheme Which ‘Poisons The Relationship Between the Generations’

The Government must scrap the vetting system for people working with children and vulnerable adults or risk creating a broader culture of fear that will “poison the relationship between the generations”, a think-tank has said.

The atmosphere of suspicion created by the vetting and barring scheme (VBS) decimates the Government’s Big Society concept and “actually increases the risks to children”, Civitas said.

But charities warned that while it may be nicer to believe the scheme was not needed, and while it “might be unpleasant to stomach”, in reality it is “necessary to protect our children”.

Meanwhile, the UK’s self-appointed Pedo-Finder General – Jim Gamble – has resigned after his anti-paedophile organization was forced to give up its independence.  No more posing as sexy 15 year old girls and luring lonely men to their doom for him then.  Well, maybe now and then for ‘research’ purposes only.

Police chiefs, campaigners and politicians are urging the Government to reconsider plans that would affect the independence of the agency combating online paedophiles after its boss quit in protest.

Jim Gamble, chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) Centre, tendered his resignation over a proposal to incorporate it into a new National Crime Agency.

He felt the decision was not in the “best interests” of vulnerable children despite Home Secretary Theresa May saying the country did not need “another quango”.

The only thing that will end the paedohysteria and child abuse industry that is eating away at our society, and which is turning young people into ferral, self-loathing, adult-loathing animals, is some kind of law to stop it.  I propose something along the lines of this :

It be made a criminal offence to exploit the natural concern for the welfare and protection of children and young people by an adult or adults for selfish gain, be it financial, sexual, or psychological.

Hopefully, the punishment for the ‘child’ victimisers breaking such a law would be a good old fashioned witch burning.  Anything to stop the shameless exploitation of real child abuse and the erosion of the values (such as respect for older people) upon which every prior civilisation has been built.

“There was a lot of stuff about paedophillia in the papers that year.  It was as though somebody had put the word out – ‘come down hard on the paedophiles’.  And all because they hate old people and the idea of growing old themselves.”

Michel Houellebecq – Atomised


You’ve had it. Vile. Buggered, really. Boring, smelly, grunting, boring, droning, snoring, droning… hang on.

Couple of questions. Male? Check. Older? Check. Right. You’ve had it. You can’t cook. You do something terrible and unspecified with your socks. You have no conversation. You may be living longer but is that necessarily a good thing? Or better you die (quietly, without smells, grunts or droning) and reduce the surplus population. You’re just taking up space. Worse, you’re failing to please women. So get lost. NOW. Women insist on it.

Older Men Chasing Younger Women is Good for the Species!

It turns out that older men chasing younger women contributes to human longevity and the survival of the species, according to new findings by researchers at Stanford and the University of California-Santa Barbara.

Evolutionary theory says that individuals should die of old age when their reproductive lives are complete, generally by age 55 in humans, according to demographer Cedric Puleston, a doctoral candidate in biological sciences at Stanford. But the fatherhood of a small number of older men is enough to postpone the date with death because natural selection fights life-shortening mutations until the species is finished reproducing.

Madonna Blinded by Rage at Un-Retouched Photos!

Madonna Rage at Un-Retouched Photos

There’s something uniquely sad and degrading about the growing phenomenon of women in their 40’s and 50’s re-touching their Facebook photos to look like a beautiful teenager again.  And usually, when the re-touching is not done via professional hands, the results are quite grotesquely alien and unnerving.

Fortunately, even feminism can’t stop nature constantly renewing itself and for every withered flower there is always another blossom revealing its natural beauty to the sunlight.

Sugihara Anri, Japanese busty idol  – female perfection embodied

Sugihara Anri
look and weep femi-beasts

Ernest Belfort Bax on the Feminist Obsession with Raising the Age of Consent

Ernest Belfort Bax, the first men’s rights activist, writing over 100 years ago, talks about the sexual trade union’s eternal obsession with the age of consent :

If there is one demand which is popular with the Feminists, it is for
raising the age of consent from sixteen to eighteen or twenty-one years,
at which latter age, presumably, the right to the Franchise, if conceded,
would come into operation. They are therefore evidently of opinion that the woman who has only just ceased to need the protection of the law in the control of her own body becomes immediately fully qualified to have a voice in the management of public affairs!

(Problems of Man, Mind and Morals)

Note that the effective age of consent throughout the EU is now 18, yet Austrian 16 year olds are judged capable of voting in national elections. Last year an Austrian man was jailed for viewing an American website which contained, it was accepted in court, only nude photographs of adults who were no less than 19 years of age. Nevertheless, he was jailed as a paedophile under feminist progressive ‘virtual child pornography’ laws. A law voted in by the same government which had determined that 16 year olds were rational and mature enough to decide matters of state.  Can there be anything more degrading to the female sex than the feminist idea that they have less judgement regarding what they do with their own bodies than they have over complex matters of government, economics, and international affairs?

The age of consent has always been central to feminism. In fact, it has been its primary driving force right from the beginning. The purpose of this website is not to campaign for a reduction in the age of consent from the present feminist age of 16. For one thing, there is little or no chance of that happening in this author’s lifetime. However, I have no shame whatsoever in stating my clear belief that the age of consent ought to be what it still technically is in the majority of major civilised nations – namely, 14. And I will never be morally shamed for this by creatures who compare killing defenceless children to shopping for couches at Ikea. Nor by the disgusting manginas who support such views as ‘progressive’ and ‘tolerant’ in order to get laid with those creatures.

Perhaps there is a slim chance that this website might have a role in building a resistance to the gradual feminist increasing of the age of consent to 18, to 21, or even beyond.  But I recognise that even this isn’t a realistic goal.  So in all honesty, the only reason I talk about the age of consent is because this site seeks to explain feminism.  And in a very real sense, the age of consent is what feminism largely is.  The defining goal of the brood mare trade union.

I would also make clear that the opinions expressed on these pages, regarding the age of consent and related issues, are not representative of ‘the men’s rights community’.  A community that I do not particularly identify with.  In particular, leading men’s rights activists such as Paul Elam and Angry Harry are in no way associated with and have both gone on record to declare their strong support for present age of consent laws.

By the way, to those MRAs fearful that any discussion of this topic may be suicidal to the cause, I suggest you just throw back at the child murderers the names of Germaine Greer and Natasha Walter.  These two delightful hypocrites will be the subject of a forthcoming post.