Reddit Men’s Rights has become a joke…and is now becoming a danger to our movement

Is there really a men’s rights forum whose members consist mainly of ‘sympathetic’ feminists supported by white knight manginas who claim also to be ‘men’s rights supporters’. Men’s rights supporters who will downvote you, call you an extremist, and tell you to fuck off if you ever dare to criticise feminism in any way? Notice I said ‘criticise feminism’, not criticise ‘women’. We all know that the men’s movement has a vociferous and public wing who firmly believe that our cause is not served by baiting cheap accusations of ‘misogyny’ through crudely expressed, if understandably motivated, verbal attacks on women. I have no problem with such a position, although I think that the concern is sometimes a little overstated.

But can there really be a men’s rights page that actively denounces as heresy any mere finger pointing at feminists and their role in the decline and fall of the contemporary male?

Yes, incredibly, there is. It’s called Reddit Men’s Rights, and it is the fastest growing men’s rights resource on the web, proudly numbering 8,000 readers and counting. And it’s a place where newcomers to our young movement will ‘learn’ that the likes of Angry Harry and The Spearhead are ‘ crazy extremist sites’ morally equivalent to feminazi blogs that call for the entire male sex to be burned alive (and we shouldn’t post links to feminazi blogs at Reddit because they ‘misrepresent feminism’!).

Reddit, in terms of the comments section and the constant downvoting, is clearly a joke and a travesty to our movement. The question is – is it now becoming a real threat to our movement?

The first thing I should say is that there are a lot of intelligent and genuine men’s rights supporters on Reddit who I respect and admire. A couple of very important MRAs – MGTOW and Pierce Hanlon, of the false rape society, also post important and relevant links there. In fact, between them, they post nearly all of the important and relevant links. Having said that, only Pierce Hanlon and JayHammers are MRAs who participate in discussions there who I recognise from elsewhere in the movement (and JayHammers is also tired to death of what Reddit is sadly becoming).

To those of you unfamiliar with it, Reddit is a social ‘bookmarking’ site, in which members post links in suitably defined categories which are then up or downvoted according to how readers view their relevance and interest. Thanks largely to the hard work of MGTOW and Pierce, Reddit had become an unmatched source for up to the minute stories relating to men’s rights issues. Over the last few months, however, it has become noticeable that perfectly good links immediately get downvoted (they are then automatically removed from the front page and become near invisible). More recently still, it has become apparant in the comments sections below the posts, that there are clearly more feminists now visiting ‘our’ Reddit than genuine men’s rights supporters. And the ‘men’s rights discussion’ at Reddit is becoming proportionately crazier and crazier and out of touch with mainstream men’s rights as a result.

Before I give a couple of brief examples, I should explain why I feel that this issue is important, and why Reddit could become a real danger to men’s rights. As I’ve already said, however twisted the viewpoint there is becoming, it is the fastest growing men’s rights resource on the web. At least in brute numbers. Attracting over 1,000 readers each month is impressive, even if most of those numbers are feminists (and the others don’t seem to hang around). If you google ‘mens’ rights’ you will find that Reddit already appears on the second page of results. With the massive page rank that Reddit enjoys, it probably won’t be long before it sits right at the top of the Google mountain, the unofficial ‘homepage’ of our movement. The demographic of Reddit is also different to most other men’s rights places online. I assume it is a lot younger. It certainly sounds younger. Whichever way you look at it, this subreddit is many people’s first encounter with men’s rights, especially those of young people. A place for men’s rights beginners that is overpopulated (infested might be a better description) with ‘sympathetic’ feminists and chivalrous white knights who forbid even the slightest criticism of feminism, is potentially a threat to our nascant movement if it is teaching those newcomers a completely erroneous view of what most men’s rights activists believe and struggle for.

In a sense the Men’s Rights Reddit is irrelevant in terms of real activism (I’ve tried to set up a ‘call to action’ system there, which was largely ignored). However, in terms of demographic and sheer weight of numbers, there is a very real possibility that it could begin to mould the future agenda and outlook of the men’s movement. And it is an agenda that feminist trojan whorses there, such as CryptoGirl and Inabook, are only too willing to pervert.

Take the following example. A highly relevant post was submitted consisting of a news report stating that over two thirds of murder victims in the UK last year were male. Men’s rights? Of course it is. Just as much as it is accepted that the fact that a disproportionate number of male homicide victims are black is a ‘black rights issue’.

But not for feminist male rights supporter CryptoGirl, who immediately denounced the irrelevance of the post by pointing out that most of the murderers of males were also males. Men killing men is not men’s rights. His/Her comment (‘she’s’ a transvestite waiting for the snip), since deleted, swiftly recieved the customary barrage of upvotes, other MRAs promptly agreed with her, and her position as the independent arbiterer of what is and isn’t men’s rights was further cemented – with a final comment consisting of ‘now, back to equal rights! 🙂‘ . Yes she actually did make that last comment (whichReddit MRAs naturally again upvoted).

Except that men killing men is a men’s rights issue. If men are more than twice as likely to be the victims of murder than women are, then that should at least be a cause to question the feminist dogma that society is better for men than it is for women, no matter who is doing the killing. And you can’t have your cake and eat it. If we have to blame ‘society’ on the need for men’s rights rather than feminists, then we should also be able to blame a society that is unfair to men on such gender imbalances as the likelihood of being a victim of murder. In fact, there is a strong case for arguing that it is women, and not ‘society’, let alone men, who play a dominant role in the greater incidence of male homicide – especially when so many of those murders are the results of gang feuds, typically between young, urban black males, who have had their sense of masculine worth defined and perverted by the grotesque and racist sexual needs of white females.

Another example. Only yesterday another sympathetic feminist (inabook) praised a senate bill that will prevent teenagers from being jailed as sex offenders under feminist created statutory rape laws. Nothing wrong with that you might say. It is indeed a welcome and long overdue initiative to stop a child abusing practice that puts the American justice system into disrepute and was only serving as an increasingly embarrassing reminder that such laws have nothing to do with child protection. But is the following comment really worth 10+ upvotes on a men’s rights page? :

This sounds like an excellent step forward– focusing on age difference rather than purely on age of consent.

So a 16 year old slut can quite happily bang a similarly immature 16 year old boy, but if it happens to be a 25 year old who knows how to put on a condom but is perhaps a little emotionally immature and is attracted to younger girls, then lock him away and throw away the key? If a 16 year old can consent to sex with a boy her own age, why is she mysteriously unable to consent to sex with an older male? Studies have proven time and time again that young people are far more likely to be sexually abused by their peers than by older partners. In fact, it seems that inabook and the asshats who vote her inane comments up don’t even understand the concept of peer pressure…or perhaps just conveniently forget it when it justifies them stopping their boyfriends or husbands ever being tempted by nubile younger flesh.

In fact, surely it follows, if consent only becomes invalid if there is a percieved possible imbalance in power, that crazy feminist laws that lock professors up for sleeping with 21 year old students or that criminilize men as rapists for having sex with tipsy women, are also justified? Well, actually the crazy gang at men’s rights reddit probably think that those laws are justified. After all, only extremists think that men’s rights has any connection with anti-feminism…

As well as illustrating the danger that Reddit has become, the above two examples clearly showcase one of the fundamental errors of the men’s rights movement in general. Allowing feminists to set our agenda by chasing a ridiculously naive and simplistic conception of the notion of equality. As I have stated here many times, equality is not just about the distribution of goods, but about the valuation and selection of those goods in the first place. I keep half-expecting to see CryptoGirl make a post declaring her disappointment that society has been slow to accept the right of men to have an abortion….and no doubt that too would get dozens of upvotes from the simple-minded equality whores at Reddit.

Men’s Rights is about speaking up against the abuse and discrimination suffered by men in an increasingly misandristic society created by feminists and their supporters. Our movement is still very young and still, all too depressingly, very small. Reddit Men’s Rights is one of the few places (and in sheer numbers, the largest) where the future outlook and agenda of our cause is being decided and debated.

We must not let feminists decide what that agenda should be. This isn’t about silencing opposition to our cause (in the expert manner of feminists). It’s about allowing our nascent cause to develop its own true voice. Surely we deserve that dignity at least?

A new Reddit Men’s Rights has been created and all genuine men’s rights supporters are welcome to join and participate :