Male sexuality classified as a mental illness

Tiger Woods hypersexuality
Will men like Tiger soon be detained under feminist 'mental health' legislation?

Hypersexuality – the desire for multiple partners, i.e. natural male sexuality (polygyny), is to be officially classified as a mental disorder by the ‘bible’ of the psychiatric profession.

The disorders, which also include hypersexuality — the desire for multiple partners, perhaps characterised by the golfer Tiger Woods — reflect changing social patterns. Critics believe, however, that their classification as psychiatric problems may lead them to be exploited for profit by drug companies.

Hypersexuality to be classifed as mental disorder

Such female driven pharmaceutical intervention into male sexuality may be closer than you think. Oxytocin, a hormone whose primary impact on males is monogamous attraction to a partner, is undergoing manifold clinical drug trials at this very moment (you might have seen it being lauded on Oprah or read about it in a thousand female health and lifestyle articles).

Thus the touchy, feely ‘science’ of psychiatry, increasingly the preserve of women bitter at the thought that they wasted their youth in books rather than beds, now officially becomes a medium of feminist shaming language against male sexuality, and likely soon an instrument of formal state control. Tiger Woods disease must and will be eradicated. Men WILL be faithful and monogamous to the female primate who can only give birth once every 9 months and who requires a loyal mate for protection and to obtain for her and her child necessary resources…well at least in the period of EEA (environment of evolutionary adaptation).

The welfare state and draconionly enforced child support payments are apparently not enough to soothe the primal anxieties of the 21st century female, a mind which struggles in vain to free itself from the moral straightjacket of the African savannah.

The only real science in psychiatry is that which is based upon evolutionary theory. Feminists are increasingly being allowed to pevert male science into hocus pocus – and all in order to legitimise their own evolutionary mating strategy – a ‘morality’ that, in an age of free contraception which renders polygyny relatively harmless, ought to have gone the way of belief in fairies and other superstitions. A genuine mental disorder.