1 in 6 Boys Has Been Abused = 1 in 4 Men Are Paedophiles

The Men’s Human Rights Movement claims that 1 in 6 boys have been sexually abused. Now let’s be charitable and assume for the moment that their intentions in supporting this claim (that comes from a radical feminist study) are noble, with the genuine interest of men and boys at heart, rather than the selfish desire to grab for themselves a share of the trillion dollar profits generated by the feminist child abuse industry each year.

Are they doing more harm than good in spreading this message?

Is claiming that 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused something that will help men? In particular, will it lead to fewer false accusations? Fewer pointing fingers at fathers walking their 5 year old sons in the park unaccompanied by their wives?

Perhaps it will lead to a reduction in the general demonization of men as ‘potential paedophiles’, or perhaps it will have no effect on these things, and simply be a good thing in itself if society becomes aware and takes more action to stop 1 in 6 boys being abused, and as we all know, being emotionally crippled for life.

Well let’s start with some simple mathematics.

AVfM claims that a feminist study has revealed (and then supressed the fact) that 1 in 6 boys have been sexually abused, and that half of the paedophiles who abused those 1 in 6 boys were women. They (AVfM) made great play of this ‘fact’, presumably with the conviction that if such knowledge can be made available to the wider public, the demonization of men as paedophiles will indeed come to an end.

But hold on a moment. If half of those boys were abused by women, then that means half were abused by men, and that means that around 1 in 12 boys have been sexually abused by men.

Yes that’s right, one of the leading goals of the men’s human rights movement appears to be to spread the message that 1 in 12 boys are sexually abused by men.

Now we know that each individual paedophile may abuse many victims. But it’s also true that many paedophiles commit their crimes in cohort with other paedophiles, via ‘child sex rings’ and such like. Many may even act individually, but abuse the same unlucky or vulnerable boy. For example, one underage male prostitute could be abused by hundreds or even thousands of male clients. This is made even more possible by the advance of technology. One 17 year old boy could strip on webcam for the illicit pleasure of countless male ‘paedophiles’ around the world. Under the definition of child sexual abuse that the radical feminists used, and which AVfM supports, every one of those men watching the boy strip would be party to his abuse (at least if they were more than 5 years older than him).

So I think we can fairly say that if 1 in 12 boys have been sexually abused by men, then there are probably at least 1 in 12 men out there who took part in the abuse.

That’s a whole lot of men abusing boys. Not only that, but the implications of this in particular for homophobia and the demonization of homosexuality are truly horrendous. If we go by even the most liberal estimate of the percentage of the male sex who are homosexual – say 10% – and we assume that it is homosexual men who abuse boys, just as it is heterosexual men who abuse girls, then it means that nearly every homosexual male in America has sexually abused a boy.

Now I have to state categorically that this is NOT MY VIEW. It is CLEARLY FUCKING RETARDED NONSENSE that only a fucking simpleton with a strategic or intellectual IQ of minus 50 could possibly believe. I have stated categorically also that the claim of 1 in 6 boys being abused is UTTER NONSENSE THAT WAS FARTED OUT OF THE ARSEHOLES OF A BUNCH OF RADICAL FEMINISTS. But, nevertheless, if AVfM believes that 1 in 12 boys have been abused by a man (i.e. a homosexual) then it appears to follow that AVfM believes that most homosexuals are child sex abusers. Given that most of the male leadership of the MHRM is openly homosexual, this is somewhat bizarre. But no more bizarre than holding that you believe in ending the social demonization of men (misandry) and yet at the same time thinking it makes sense to spread the message that 1 in 12 boys are abused by men and that therefore 1 in 12 men are likely child sex abusers.

But our exercises in mathematics and logic should not stop here.

Accepting feminist figures on the abuse of boys means we must surely accept and validate feminist figures on the abuse of girls. Here, those same feminists who think 1 in 6 boys are abused, claim that at least 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused, but unlike with boys, feminists claim that it is men who are overwhelmingly the abusers – 92%, in fact.

So if 1 in 4 girls are being abused, almost entirely by men, then it follows that close to 1 in 4 men are abusing those girls. If we combine this with the idea that 1 in 12 men are abusing boys, then it is hard to deny that at least 1 in 4 men is a child abusing paedophile.

Yes, the official position of the men’s human rights movement appears to be that at least 1 in 4 men is a child abusing paedophile.

And this is men’s rights. Or at least, men’s ‘human’ rights.

God help us.

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  1. @theantifeminist
    Thank you. What an excellent, well written and direct to the TRUTH this post is. I hope you will continue to regularly churn these sorts of posts out for us to discuss as loyal, esteemed readers, as well as for the benefit of Paul Elam and his gang of fucktarded paedocrites, manginas and card-carrying ugly femihags (aka lovely sheilas); from his mangina’s Human Rights Movement forum: A Voice for manginas…

    The pathetic attempt by two trolling manginas – one a dedicated AVfM supporter and believer, who tried in vain to refute your claims that they are doing precisely what you’ve explained in the above post, using Human-Stupidity.com as their platform, was truly classic entertainment!
    They asked for it – YOU delivered… LOL!

    We will NEVER support the feminist abuse industry in any way whatsoever and we will do our best to silence any man or woman proclaiming to be a men’s rights activist, who tries to advocate any aspect this dangerous feminist rubbish.

    Keep the blog online, but use it as a platform to publicly humiliate any feminist trolls, manginas, paedocs and other feminist obedient scum who support the 1 in 6 feminist abuse industry meme LIE and / or ANY other feminist horse-shit.
    I.e. the most recently scapegoated aspie troll – Dog Meat!

  2. The “MRHA” are trying to use judo, using their opponent’s force by leveraging it against them. Trouble is, they haven’t realised it’s a gunfight.

    The definition of “abuse” has been lowered so far, that in truth we all must be “survivors” or “victims”, whilst at the same time guilty of abuse ourselves.

    As you rightly point out, it’s all self-serving bollox, the only ones benefitting are the compensation lawyers and the “therapists”.

  3. @antifeminist: I repeat my offer to take over your blog, in a closed state, just to preserve the contents for posteriority.

    Much better, of course, if you keep it up. But please, don’t take it down, don’t delete it. At the most, keep it closed but leave it all up for posteriority.

    Still hoping someone will help me posting at this subreddit

    And always awaiting comments at Human-Stupidity.com

    For the moment, I am trying to focus on topics of interest to the readers here



  4. Aren’t the feminist’s and their conspirators worried that creating this huge pile of hysterical bullshit is eventually going to topple inwards leaving a black hole of emptiness and achieving nothing more? The feminist’s will die out, childless and alone since no man will touch them and they have kept off having children for too long wasting their withered husks barren. What a shame. And all they leave behind is hysterical nothingness without any genuine substance. Hurry up and die out, feminist’s. I’ve heard the female abortion rate is up. What a surprise. That’s what I call a preemptive strike against feminism.

  5. Fighting lies with more lies.

    The philosophy is “fight fire with fire”.

    If my house was on fire – I certainly would not be looking for a flame-thrower – I’d be looking for a water hose.

    But – I am silly like that.

  6. MHRM=Feminism With a Smiling Face.

    It’s hard to imagine that the MHRM leaders—who seem to pride themselves on their intellectual superiority—could have overlooked the simple math. Let’s say for the sake of argument the numbers are correct: there are approximately 100 million children under 12 in the United States. This would mean about 25 million of them are abuse victims.

    According to the US Census figures, about 21.2 million Americans are military veterans, about another million are on active duty. How many Americans know a current or former military guy? Yet about the same number should know personally of a victim of ‘child abuse’.

    To put this in perspective, the Huffington Post reported that about 4 million American adults are homosexual and about 19 million are bisexual. I’m sure most Americans know someone gay—but do they personally know as many victims of child abuse?

    Again, it’s hard to believe that the MHRM embracing such junk science was an innocent oversight on their part; but as we’ve seen, Dean Esmay is no stranger to junk science:


  7. By the way, today on HS’ blog there’s a link from some retarded blog, probably an AVfM spinoff, called ‘A Voice for Male Students’. to an article written there by some prick named Jonathan Taylor. He’s gloating over the fact that a 30 y/o woman was sentenced to prison for having sex with a lucky (oops, I mean ‘abused’) 16 y/o boy. Mangina Taylor is very upset at the lenient sentence (4 months) and that she doesn’t have to register as a sex offender.

    “The Age of Consent in California is 18!” Taylor fumes. This despite the factor that the woman and the 16 y/o apparently had a long-term relationship. “We’ve got damn good reason to be angry!”

    The dorks among the commentators of course puffed similar outrage. Taylor himself defends statuatory rape laws against the skeptics: a real supporter of Men’s Right there, for ya!

    The prize chump comment, however, goes a Mr. Darren White:

    “OMG This is really cruelty against men and boys, those innocent boys from whom this witch has snatched their innocence!”

    Yeah, the subject of witch-hunting came into my mind too, Darren. But for a different reason.

  8. As if it isn’t getting even more shameless, it seems the MHRM is now stooping to Fraudtrelle-like plagiarism of this site:

    http://avoiceformen.com/feminism/propaganda-by-trust-law-1-out-of-6-women-are trafficked-for-prostitution-in-india/

    “A back of the envelope calculation by a 5th Grader could show this statistic is complete bullshit…what pained me the most is the stupidity of thousands of sociologists and journalists across the world who failed to do a simple calculation.”

    LOL—15 days into the New Year and they’re already front-runners for Paedocrite of the Year!

  9. Lord McAlpine has died. This was the former Conservative chairman who last year was subjected to false allagations that he sexually abused boys (and successfully sued his accusers).

    Now this is going to be very interesting, because as we know, dead men can no longer sue.

    Will those accusers now repeat their allegations – and will the police, the media suddenly believe them uncritically, as they did with Jimmy Saville?


    Wouldn’t be surprised if the stress he must have went through contributed to his death.

  10. They’re still playing catch-up with the Feminists. I had one the other day (at the Telegraph) proudly announce that “60% of men are on the paedophile spectrum” so I presume that’s the latest stat doing the rounds among the unhinged old baggages. No doubt “MHRA” will soon catch up.

    Also, please keep blogging. I was very sad to see you considering stopping. Historically we’re in a thankless “keep buggering on” stage where it seems pointless; but eventually you/we will get traction if we keep at it; compare the decades in the wilderness for critics of open immigration- they are only now starting to make headway. And if anything I say in a comment is inappropriate or annoying, just tell me to fuck off, that’s what I’m here for.

  11. Also,

    “Given that most of the male leadership of the MHRM is openly homosexual.”

    Is this true? TBH this MHRM formation isn’t something I’ve followed closely as I’m more interested in Feminists as a group.

  12. Also, please keep blogging. I was very sad to see you considering stopping.

    Thanks Ian!

  13. “Given that most of the male leadership of the MHRM is openly homosexual.”

    Is this true? TBH this MHRM formation isn’t something I’ve followed closely as I’m more interested in Feminists as a group.

    Dean Esmay and John the Other are both openly homosexual. Others are clearly homosexual are not even man enough as men’s human rights supporters to admit to their sexuality.

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