Study Confirms Paedocrisy – ‘Men downplay their attraction to adolescent girls’

Scientists have finally gotten around to studying paedocrisy, one of the most interesting sociological/psychological phenomenons of the 21st century. And what did they find? That men downplay their attraction to adolescent girls, rating the same girls hotter when told they were older. Whoever would have predicted that?

[T]he consistent finding that the same photographs of younger females, but with different age labels, were assigned significantly different levels of attractiveness suggests that cognitive factors beyond biologically driven sexual attraction were involved in making these ratings. In all the three samples, apparently younger girls were rated as less attractive than older girls despite being the same photographs. We hypothesize that this difference reflects some self-censoring mechanism involved in making such judgments. This may involve a form of comparison between participants’ own sexual attraction to the individual girl and the likely social norms surrounding this judgment.

Thus paedohysteria and the coming sexual holocaust is built on a lie.

Men find adolescents sexy, but deny it for fear of being labelled paedos. As I said, no surprises there, you only have to read the comments section even here to see that sexual hypocrisy is part of what it means to be a man, as much as having a dick.

It would be interesting if a further study is made to investigate equally obvious links between the men who displayed the biggest discrepency in ratings (i.e. rating the girls lower if thought to be younger) and the most strongly held views on ‘paedos’.

Bodi PUA – ‘Once a Women’s Body is Ruined..’

BodiPUA recently had his first article published at ROK

On the other hand, let us consider Anglo piglets: by and large badly reared. Drive around an average British town and take a look at the girls under sixteen. Quite a lot of slim, pretty ones aren’t there? Now repeat this exercise for twenty year olds. WHERE DID THEY ALL GO?

The sad truth is that most British people shovel poor quality slop into their mouths from the day they develop the motor-control neccessary to do so. When parental control is diminished at age sixteen this process escalates quickly. Girls start guzzling booze and eating junk food and within a few years their precious, fragile gift from nature is ruined. Add three years of college onto this: living off cheap, poor quality food and regular tri-weekly binge drinking and their free gift from nature is gone forever.

I’d been struck by this observation myself ever since I started visiting Eastern Europe a couple of years ago. Like Bodi, I’d noticed the sharp decline in female attractiveness that is present in British teenagers, but far less marked in their Slavic peers, and naturally, I drew a conclusion regarding paedohysteria. Paedohysteria (or ‘paedocrite hysteria’) is strongest (and began) in the anglo-skank countries, because the contrast in feminine beauty between an adolescent teen and a supposedly ‘peak SMV’ women in her early to mid twenties is much greater than elsewhere, and this is due to the difference in lifestyle and dietry habits.

That’s my dick sizing theory of the week, anyway.

And while we’re on the subject of ReturnOfKings, this funny tweet from a parody account pretty much nails on the head the hypocrisy present in the manosphere regarding ‘sexual permissiveness’ and civilizational decline :

New Savile Revelations – ‘He May Have Abused Himself As A Child’

Shocking new revelations were revealed by Operation Yewtree officers as to the extant of the depravity of Jimmy Savile, deceased, and not here to defend himself in a court of law.

Just when the great British public thought they couldn’t fap any harder be more outraged at Savile’s sick depravities, it has now been revealed that police suspect Savile may even have abused himself as a child, repeatedly rubbing his own 15 year old underage penis whilst shockingly left unsupervised by his future BBC bosses.

It is not known whether Savile may be eligible for a massive payout under the make false allegations against men, dead or alive, and win the lottery ‘victim compensation’ scheme.

Study Finds Watching Porn Doesn’t Desensitise Men But Makes Them Better In Bed

For years researchers have claimed that watching porn makes men so desensitised to sexual images that they struggle to perform with their partners.
But new research has found that the opposite may be true – watching sexual films makes men more aroused generally.
Researchers also found no link between viewing sex films and the number of participants suffering from erectile dysfunction.

JudgyBitch – ‘In “defence” of pedophilia’

In 100 years time, when future historians are looking back at the feminist driven ‘pedo’ inspired sexual holocaust against men, the great crime against humanity of the 21st century, one of the most intriguing and disturbing questions they will be asking is ‘how was this able to take place against the backdrop of the emerging men’s rights movement?’ When those same historians see that there were a few individuals within that movement as brave as Janet Bloomfield (JudgyBitch) able to speak out against it, the question will seem even more puzzling..

Pedo-hysteria has absolutely nothing to do with “protecting” children and everything to do with demonizing male sexuality. It is perfectly natural for adult humans to find other adult humans who have matured to the point that secondary sex characteristics are visible, sexually attractive. Germaine Greer herself had no problem perving out on extremely young men and most of North America continues to turn a blind eye to women who sample very young men sexually.

Outrage at the Sexist Catcalling Male Tennis Players Endure

There wasn’t widespread outrage last night, after a video emerged highlighting the horrendous sexist abuse that male tennis players have to endure when changing shirts during matches.

The disturbing video clearly shows top player Rafa Nadal being subjected to a barrage of horrific catcalls and lewd comments from female spectators at a match in Indian Wells in 2013. Nadal, who it is believed survived the abuse, which happens to him and other top stars regularly when changing shirts during matches, was unavailable for comment, but a leading butch faced femicunt did not say ‘this disturbing video demonstrates how public attitudes have to change regarding the sexual objectification of men in sport. We encourage the public to report to the authorities any female spectators you see making lewd gestures or comments at hunky male stars. All women are sex starved cunts who think with their vaginas.’ However, leading lovely looking sheila TyphonBlue, representing the men’s human rights movement, did say that the horrific video proves beyond doubt that 5 out of 4 men are sexually abused during their lifetimes, fucked up for life, and can you donate some of your money to her now please?

The Nadal video comes only days after there was widespread hysteria generated by the BBC over fairly innocuous chanting by a few men out of a crowd of thousands of tanked up male spectators directed at a busty female linesman and a 25 year old ‘teenage’ football player :