We all know that the Sexual Trade Union has some genuine monsters involved in the rape and criminilization of male sexuality, but Rashida Manjo, 'UN Special Rapporteur' on sexism, may just top the gruesome list. Manjo is here in the UK in order to attempt to artificially raise the sexual market price of women even as hideous as herself. The methods employed are the usual ones - shaming men and demanding even more legislation that criminilizes or censors the healthy male desire for youthful female beauty. Manjoo is so ugly that the BBC even appeared to drop its picture of her after numerous complaints from male readers in the comments section of their article : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27034117

Is Rashida Manjoo the ugliest femihag in the world? Vote now and scroll down if you want to see some more pictures to help you decide (disclaimer - theantifeminist.com takes no responsibility if any readers are literally turned into stone whilst looking at these images).

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Brain Bleach :



The following is a short clip highlighting the amazing realism and beauty of the latest sex dolls from Japan. Orient Industries are the world's leading manufacturers of realistic sex dolls. With the advent of 3D scanning and 3D printing, as well as advances in artificial skin tech, these dolls will continue to become ever more life-like and viable substitutes for real women.

The dolls could also be controlled over the internet for 'virtual sex' (or 'telepresence sex'). Eventually, you will be able to print out these at home, choosing from a near infinity of designs, including any female on Earth who has more than a couple of pictures of herself (at 2 or 3 different angles) online. There will be applications written that can quickly analyse your biometric responses to a variety of female faces and bodies in order to construct your 'ideal woman', ready for you to download and print out in your bedroom as an incredibly realistic sex doll that no female on Earth could compare with.


Angry Harry writes of the day when men will have a surplus of perfect women to choose from, and notes that this will simply be the end point of the trend that has begun with the ubiquity of online images of female flesh a mere mouse click away. I think Angry Harry is right, and I can see the day when there is a sexual 'economy of abundance' for all men. In fact, the 80's comedy film 'Weird Science', in which a pair of horny teenage boys create the perfect sex object in their home laboratory, might eventually not seem so very far-fetched.

And this is why those traditionalists who appear to long for the day when men are happy to settle down with a sweet young woman, and then be forced by moral (if not legal) norms to stick with her exclusively for her entire aging life*, are believing in dangerous fantasies - and probably self-decietful ones at that. Likely as deceitful as the manosphere PUAs who claim they are hate fucking their way around the world in order to 'defy feminism' and to restore traditional morality, when they could far more easily support traditionalism by simply moving permanently to Russia and marrying a faithful local woman in a non-feminist society that appears very much to be trying to maintain or restore traditional sexual norms.

Henceforth, I will call this fantasy, genuine or deceitful, the 'Jay Hammers Delusion'. Jay Hammers, the author of the excellent and infamous 'Age of Consent is Misandry', commented here quite recently (after his mental breakdown) expressing his conviction that in 50 years time, while 'sluts' are being 'righteously' stoned to death in order to preserve family values, men are going to be legally free to download as much holographic tactile porn and ultra-realistic sex dolls as they want. Although, of course, most men won't want to, fortunately enough, because like Jay and all the other PUAs and even MGTOWs, all they really want is a nice faithful non-slutty woman to marry and raise children with.

Good luck with that Jay, and to all the other MRAs who share your delusion.

*Presumably such traditionalists will be turning down the radical life extension therapy that will be widely available in as little as 10 or 20 years time, unless they believe in sharing the same bed for 1,000 years.

The futurist and 'Dark Enlightenment' blogger Michael Anissimov recently pointed out the obvious deciet involved in the manosphere believing in pua AND traditional sexual values :


Roosh responded with :


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In recent years, the behaviour and operation of the criminal-justice system in relation to issues like domestic violence, sex crimes and child abuse has acquired a morally disoriented and obsessive character. When it comes to engaging with these issues, the police do not so much fight law-breaking and catch criminals as devote resources to uncovering crimes that have not been reported. Perversely, at a time when the police have a dismal clear-up rate of real, reported crimes, they prefer to devote resources to unearthing or constructing crimes that have not been reported. That’s what trawling operations are all about. And, as Nigel Evans discovered, police-trawling operations, designed to encourage individuals to come forward to accuse an individual of a crime, are not confined to big national initiatives such as that of Operation Yewtree.


We always knew it would take senior politicians to be destroyed by the abuse industy for any hope of change to emerge..


MP Nigel Evans, who was cleared of rape and sexual assault on Thursday, has said the Crown Prosecution Service should pay his £130,000 legal bill.

The former deputy speaker of the House of Commons told the Mail on Sunday the case had cost him his life savings.

He called the case a "very public execution attempt", and said rules granting anonymity to alleged victims of sex crimes were unbalanced.

The CPS has said taking Mr Evans to court was the "right decision".

Mr Evans told the newspaper he had considered suicide in the "darkest moments" since allegations against him were made.



Eleanor of Aquitaine

I stumbled yesterday across an online book by Jacob Abbot; a prolific writer of the nineteenth century. The book is about King Richard I of England (1157-1199) who is often known as Richard the Lionheart because of his bravery in fighting in the Christian Crusades of the time

I only read the first 25 pages, and I found myself laughing at some of the descriptions of Richard's mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine.

But it also revealed another example from history that exposes the current-day feminist nonsense that women were treated as second-class citizens in those far off days - in this case, some 800 years ago.

In the preface to the book, the author makes the following claims about his study, which seem quite credible to me. This is what he says ...

The author of this series has made it his special object to confine himself very strictly, even in the most minute details which he records, to historic truth. The narratives are not tales founded upon history, but history itself, without any embellishment, or any deviations from the strict truth so far as it can now be discovered by an attentive examination of the annals written at the time when the events themselves occurred.

In writing the narratives, the author has endeavored to avail himself of the best sources of information which this country affords; and though, of course, there must be in these volumes, as in all historical accounts, more or less of imperfection and error, there is no intentional embellishment.

Nothing is stated, not even the most minute and apparently imaginary details, without what was deemed good historical authority. The readers, therefore, may rely upon the record as the truth, and nothing but the truth, so far as an honest purpose and a careful examination have been effectual in ascertaining it.

And here is part of his account as it relates to Eleanor and her coterie of female friends ...

She spent a considerable portion of her time in Paris, at the court of her husband, but then she often returned to Aquitaine, where she held a sort of court of her own in Bordeaux, which was her capital. She led this sort of life for some time, until at length she was induced to form a design of going to the East on a crusade.

... Her motive was a love of adventure and a fondness for notoriety. She thought that by going out, a young and beautiful princess, at the head of an army of Crusaders, into the East, she would make herself a renowned heroine in the eyes of the whole world. So she immediately commenced her preparations, and by the commanding influence which she exerted over the ladies of the court, she soon inspired them all with her own romantic ardor.

The ladies at once laid aside their feminine dress, and clothed themselves like Amazons, so that they could ride astride on horseback like men. All their talk was of arms, and armor, and horses, and camps. They endeavored, too, to interest all the men—the princes, and barons, and knights that surrounded them—in their plans, and to induce them to join the expedition.

A great many did so, but there were some that shook their heads and seemed inclined to stay at home. They knew that so wild and heedless a plan as this could end in nothing but disaster. The ladies ridiculed these men for their cowardice and want of spirit, and they sent them their distaffs as presents. "We have no longer any use for the distaffs," said they, "but, as you are intending to stay at home and make women of yourselves, we send them to you, so that you may occupy yourselves with spinning while we are gone." By such taunts and ridicule as this, a great many were shamed into joining the expedition, whose good sense made them extremely averse to have any thing to do with it.

The expedition was at length organized and prepared to set forth. It was encumbered by the immense quantity of baggage which the queen and her party of women insisted on taking. It is true that they had assumed the dress of Amazons, but this was only for the camp and the field. They expected to enjoy a great many pleasures while they were gone, to give and receive a great many entertainments, and to live in luxury and splendor in the great cities of the East. So they must needs take with them large quantities of baggage, containing dresses and stores of female paraphernalia of all kinds. The king remonstrated against this folly, but all to no purpose. The ladies thought it very hard if, in going on such an expedition, they could not take with them the usual little comforts and conveniences appropriate to their sex. So it ended with their having their own way.

The caprices and freaks of these women continued to harass and interfere with the expedition during the whole course of it. The army of Crusaders reached at length a place near Antioch, in Asia Minor, where they encountered the Saracens. Antioch was then in the possession of the Christians. It was under the command of the Prince Raymond, who has already been spoken of as Eleanora's uncle. Raymond was a young and very handsome prince, and Eleanora anticipated great pleasure in visiting his capital. The expedition had not, however, yet reached it, but were advancing through the country, defending themselves as well as they could against the troops of Arab horsemen that were harassing their march.

The commanders were greatly perplexed in this emergency to know what to do with the women, and with their immense train of baggage. The king at last sent them on in advance, with all his best troops to accompany them. He directed them to go on, and encamp for the night on certain high ground which he designated, where they would be safe, he said, from an attack by the Arabs. But when they approached the place, Eleanora found a green and fertile valley near, which was very romantic and beautiful, and she decided at once that this was a much prettier place to encamp in than the bare hill above. The officers in command of the troops remonstrated in vain. Eleanora and the ladies insisted on encamping in the valley. The consequence was, that the Arabs came and got possession of the hill, and thus put themselves between the division of the army which was with Eleanora and that which was advancing under the king. A great battle was fought. The French were defeated. A great many thousand men were slain. All the provisions for the army were cut off, and all the ladies' baggage was seized and plundered by the Arabs. The remainder of the army, with the king, and the queen, and the ladies, succeeded in making their escape to Antioch, and there Prince Raymond opened the gates and let them in.

As soon as Eleanora and the other ladies recovered a little from their fright and fatigue, they began to lead very gay lives in Antioch ...



Superb article :


This morning the Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders appeared on the Today programme to defend the handling of the case. She said the CPS basically worked on a 50 per cent evidential threshold, which needed to indicate any prosecution would have a “realistic prospect of conviction”. On what basis can anyone expect a realistic prospect of conviction if almost all of the alleged victims themselves claim no crime has been committed?

How much longer are we going to tolerate the current situation where the police and Crown Prosecution Service are able to persecute innocent men? Time and time and time again, high-profile prosecutions are brought. And time and time and time again, they are thrown out.

There is misconception that a miscarriage of justice only occurs when an innocent person is jailed, then subsequently found to have been not guilty of the crime. But the truth is a miscarriage occurs every time an innocent man like Nigel Evans finds himself in the dock, publicly accused of the most heinous crimes.

It’s no good everyone patting themselves on the back and saying “Oh well, the system worked”. The system isn’t working. The police and the CPS are dragging the names of decent, honest, innocent people through the dirt on a weekly basis. And it has to stop.


Nigel Evans, a Conservative member of parliament, has become the latest high profile figure to be cleared of serious sexual allegations. The British police, acting under the guidance and control of feminists in the abuse industry, and ultimately Keir Starmer and then Alison Saunders in their roles as the Chief Prosecuter, charged Nigel Evans with rape and assault charges for making a pass at another man who did not even consider himself a victim, as well as for 'raping' another homosexual man who had climbed into bed with him naked. It appears that at last there is a backlash against the CPS witch hunts on the horizon, with the possibility of Alison Saunders being forced to resign, both her and Keir Starmers being sued, or even hopefully prosecuted and caged.


Attorney General faces demands to launch a review into the way sex offence cases are carried out following acquittal of Nigel Evans.

There were calls for an urgent review of the way sexual offences are prosecuted after former Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans was cleared of rape and sexual assault, ending “11-months of hell”.

The 56-year-old Ribble Valley MP, who resigned the Conservative Whip last year after being charged, had been accused of a string of sex attacks against seven young men between 2002 and 2009.

The charges threatened to wreck the career of a man who has been in Westminster for 22-years and is one of the most widely respected members of the House.

But after a four week trial, in which the jury heard three of the alleged victims describe how they did not believe any crime had been committed, Mr Evans was found not guilty of all charges.

The jury took just four and half hours to acquit Mr Evans, who sobbed in the dock as he was told he was free to go.....

.... Last night former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said the Attorney General should launch an urgent review of how the CPS prosecuted sexual offences.

He said: “This case has highlighted serious concerns over how the police and the Crown Prosecution Service bring sexual offence cases to court. In particular we must now review the process whereby the police and the Crown Prosecution Service put together a large number of lesser, subsidiary cases in order to reinforce one serious case when prosecuting sexual offences.

“It is clear from the way that this case proceeded that there is a risk of a serious injustice being done to an innocent man, and I would call on the Attorney General to urgently review this issue."




A solution to the problem of underemployment among state flunkies was found by the state-subsidized NSPCC. Noting in its annual report that ‘child protection agencies’ were overwhelmed by the reporting of paedophilia which they and kindred paedohysterics had whipped up, and unable to pursue much beyond ‘emergency’ cases, the NSPCC urged that all ‘professionals who came into contact with children’ – hence “our whole public service infrastructure [of] teachers, nursery workers, police officers and nurses” -- should take on paedohysteria as a duty (D.Telegraph, 31 iii).

{Whether this work would happily distract the attention of overpaid bureaucrats who ‘worked’ to ban smoking, branded cigarette packaging, electronic ‘smoking,’ drinking, fat, meat, sliced cheese, commas, crisps, ‘bogof’ supermarket offers, salt, sugar, smacking, ‘emotional cruelty’[as assessed by peecee social workers, with fat profits from disputes to lawyers]], porn, plastic bags, men, free poppadums, cars, coal, ‘unqualified’ sceptics about climate change, doughy pizzas and crispy chips [‘fries’] remained unclear. But it might lead more elderly paedophiles into inexpensive euthanasia rather than endure the form-filling for bureaucrats and the embarrassment of their families and friends before being slung into prison (£50Kpa) for torture by Blacks, Muslies and other self-righteous riff-raff....}


When 57-yr Christian John Craven preached from a Manchester soap box that the Bible condemned homosexuality (though not yags themselves), two boys in his audience started kissing to tease him and complained to police of ‘insult, harassment and distress.’ Peecee-trained cops forced Craven roughly into the cells, where they kept him for 15 hours without food, water or access to medication [for his rheumatoid arthritis]. Subsequently, after three years of wrangling, a court awarded the preacher £13K in compensation and £50K for his legal costs {sums to come out of the taxpayers’ pockets, of course} (D.Telegraph, 1 iv).


Unap leader Nige Garage, fresh from trouncing LibDim Cleggy on TV, made unexpected progress by realistically criticizing the West’s fooling around in the Ukraine and announcing his realistic + liberal belief that the ‘war on drugs’ had been lost {as any blind dog could have seen in 1965} and that drugs should be legalized and taxed – apparently a true national liberal in the making.


New statistics from HMG revealed that large parts of London’s East End were now majority-non-White. Barking & Dagenham now had 75% of its school pupils non-White – in one school it was 94%. This was a problem arising from the area’s 1990’s failure to follow the BNP; but at least, in 2014, it could be mentioned on the BBC’s Question Time without a riot (D.Mail, 5 iv, Robert Hardman), the cultural Marxists having won their battle to destroy the free-speaking, hard-working, fun-loving heartlands of British culture and now resting on their laurels and pretending they had never run peecee terror.


The Japanese government started funding matchmaking events in a desperate attempt to boost a birth rate that had halved over the past six decades (Bloomberg, 20 iii). Prime Minister Shinzo Abe allocated an additional 3 billion yen (£17.7 million) in the 2014 fiscal year’s budget for birthrate-boosting programmes as part of a strategy to reverse the nation’s shrinking population. Japan was home to one of the fastest ageing societies in the world, with the population shrinking at a record 244,000 in 2013 alone, according to government figures.The support of marriage - and the active encouragement of young people to settle down – had come to be regarded by government policy-makers as a key strategy for boosting the nation’s birth rate. {Could eugenics be far behind?}